Gold City

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When I Get Carried Away 02:52 Tools
In Time, On Time, Every Time 03:46 Tools
Get Up, Get Ready 02:50 Tools
Amazing Grace 02:44 Tools
He Said 03:29 Tools
Calvary's Hill 05:44 Tools
I Believe 03:40 Tools
In Time On Time Every Time (Live) 02:47 Tools
The Old Rugged Cross 03:15 Tools
I'm Not What I Was 02:41 Tools
My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me 02:47 Tools
Silver Bells 03:17 Tools
White Christmas 04:19 Tools
Saved 03:05 Tools
When We Sing Around the Throne Eternal 02:38 Tools
God Will Take Care of You 01:37 Tools
I'm Rich 02:57 Tools
Everything You'll Need 03:06 Tools
God Handled It All 03:09 Tools
I Love To Tell The Story 03:28 Tools
When He Calls I'll Fly Away 06:26 Tools
He Lifted My Burdens Away 02:46 Tools
Isn't He Wonderful 02:42 Tools
Pass Me Not 03:47 Tools
Hide Me, Rock of Ages 02:46 Tools
God's Building A Church 03:25 Tools
He Took The Hill 03:59 Tools
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah 02:13 Tools
Everything You Need 03:09 Tools
I Cast My Bread Upon The Water 03:53 Tools
It's Gonna Be a Good Day 03:08 Tools
Mercy Rescues Me 03:27 Tools
Signed, Sealed, Delivered 02:39 Tools
Midnight Cry 04:44 Tools
I Love My Savior, Too 02:11 Tools
Since Jesus Touched Me 03:20 Tools
Livin' Forgiven 02:46 Tools
When He Knocked on the Door of My Heart 02:58 Tools
Hide Me Behind The Cross 04:49 Tools
Gonna Take It And Leave It 03:07 Tools
It's Been Worth It All 02:42 Tools
My Savior's Precious Feet 03:42 Tools
After Awhile 03:32 Tools
The Lamb Upon the Throne 03:57 Tools
Land of No Time 02:49 Tools
Choose God 02:37 Tools
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 04:30 Tools
What Children Believe 04:02 Tools
John Saw 03:28 Tools
When He Touched Me 04:52 Tools
When the Holy Ghost Shows Up (We'll Have Church) 03:25 Tools
Mighty Army Band 03:02 Tools
I'm Free Again 02:25 Tools
I'm Not Giving Up 04:06 Tools
In Christ Alone/The Solid Rock 03:34 Tools
Teach Me Lord To Wait 00:00 Tools
Truth Is Marching On 04:11 Tools
Preach The Word 04:09 Tools
Turn Your Back 03:23 Tools
Peter, James and John 03:41 Tools
Carol Of The Bells 01:38 Tools
More Like Jesus 02:46 Tools
Some Glad Day 02:25 Tools
Touch This Child Again 04:01 Tools
By Your Grace, For Your Glory 03:20 Tools
Nothing But The Blood 00:00 Tools
He Lives 02:43 Tools
Keep Me on the Wheel 03:45 Tools
In That Sweet Forever 02:53 Tools
Heaven 02:32 Tools
Are You Ready? 04:47 Tools
Victory in Jesus 04:17 Tools
Standing by the River 02:43 Tools
Power In The Blood 02:42 Tools
The Christmas Song 03:52 Tools
God Will Provide 03:30 Tools
Don't Get Me Started 03:22 Tools
It's A Matter Of Grace 03:11 Tools
It's Still The Cross 03:49 Tools
Power of the Cross 04:47 Tools
Are You Ready 05:07 Tools
Walkin' And Talkin' With My Lord 03:05 Tools
Mercy Came Running 04:23 Tools
Look Who Just Checked In 02:38 Tools
There Rose A Lamb 03:59 Tools
For The Sake Of My Heart 04:05 Tools
Grace 04:24 Tools
I'll Just Praise You 03:52 Tools
I Love This Land 04:00 Tools
Merry Christmas All Year Long 03:52 Tools
There's a Light Guiding Me 01:46 Tools
I Get Down 04:05 Tools
That Old Time Preacher Man 02:58 Tools
Ain't That What It's All About 03:39 Tools
That Little Baby 03:52 Tools
He's a Personal Savior 03:04 Tools
Longing for Beulah (Land) 02:32 Tools
He Who Was And Is To Come 04:34 Tools
Awake My Soul 03:05 Tools
I Think I'll Read It Again 02:53 Tools
Redeemed 03:47 Tools
New Born Feeling 02:21 Tools
One Scarred Hand 04:47 Tools
I'm Saved 02:04 Tools
I Go To The Rock 05:41 Tools
Under Control 04:40 Tools
Christmas Time's A Comin' 03:30 Tools
Not Anymore 00:00 Tools
I'll Walk On 03:30 Tools
Leave That Burden 04:16 Tools
Lord of Life 04:57 Tools
Never Too Broken To Belong 03:40 Tools
Footprints On the Water 03:57 Tools
Heaven's Jubilee 03:08 Tools
Longing for Beulah - (Land) 02:33 Tools
Medley: Silent Night / Away In A Manger / O Holy Night 03:57 Tools
In My Robe of White 03:31 Tools
He's Still On The Throne 03:55 Tools
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel 02:48 Tools
Sittin' Round the Table 01:49 Tools
When Jesus Saves 04:10 Tools
He Lifted My Burdens 03:44 Tools
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah 02:10 Tools
God's Still Good 02:38 Tools
Meet Me in the Promised Land 01:56 Tools
I Have An Anchor 04:21 Tools
It Won't Be Long 03:47 Tools
His Name is Wonderful 02:44 Tools
Who But God 02:26 Tools
Once Upon A Hill 03:30 Tools
If God Be For Us 02:48 Tools
Alone in the Garden 02:57 Tools
Somebody's Coming 01:30 Tools
What Child Is This? 02:44 Tools
O Little Town of Bethlehem 02:57 Tools
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear 02:38 Tools
What A Lovely Name 02:15 Tools
Showers of Blessings 03:01 Tools
When He Reached Down His Hand 03:33 Tools
Then I Met the Master 03:44 Tools
Four In The Fire 00:00 Tools
I Must Tell Jesus 02:32 Tools
How Deep Is the Water 03:33 Tools
Child Of The Light 00:00 Tools
Hide Me Rock of Ages 02:50 Tools
Sing With the Angels 02:26 Tools
Farther Along 03:09 Tools
He Hideth My Soul 02:46 Tools
Medley: O Come All Ye Faithful / Joy To The World 03:25 Tools
Come On In 02:29 Tools
Gettin' Ready To Leave This World 02:57 Tools
In the Sweet Forever 02:53 Tools
I Have Seen The Light 03:10 Tools
Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus 01:38 Tools
Show Me The Cross 04:14 Tools
Hello in Heaven 03:34 Tools
Movin' Up 02:36 Tools
We're Gonna Rise 02:33 Tools
A Good Old Gospel Song 02:42 Tools
Shoutin' Ground 02:20 Tools
That's What I'm Talkin' About 02:49 Tools
Great Is Thy Faithfulness 03:22 Tools
Not Made With Hands 02:14 Tools
Windows Of Home 04:54 Tools
He'll Do It Every Time 03:28 Tools
I Am Thine, O Lord 02:32 Tools
Between Me and the Storm 04:27 Tools
This Old Sinner Testifies 02:45 Tools
I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy 02:49 Tools
Grave Clothes 02:44 Tools
Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song 03:21 Tools
When He Blessed My Soul 03:33 Tools
About The Cross 04:16 Tools
Flying First Class 02:58 Tools
Oh What A Day 03:44 Tools
Do It By The Book 03:11 Tools
Fountain Of The Father 00:00 Tools
He'll Never Let Go Of My Hand 03:09 Tools
Cool Drink Of Water 03:05 Tools
Calvary Conquers It All 04:07 Tools
My Child Enter In 02:53 Tools
It's Only Faith 03:27 Tools
I'm Saved, I'm Sure, I'm Ready 02:35 Tools
I'm Willing To Live For Him 04:12 Tools
(Speaking) 02:32 Tools
Lord Do It Again 03:28 Tools
One More Time Will Do It 03:29 Tools
Walk The Talk 03:00 Tools
This Poor Man Cried 02:58 Tools
God Is Unwilling 03:25 Tools
I've Been to Calvary 03:10 Tools
Angels from the Realms of Glory 04:00 Tools
Go Tell It On The Mountain 03:15 Tools
Band Introductions 00:28 Tools
A Little Down Payment 00:00 Tools
It Feels So Good 02:46 Tools
When The Lamb Becomes The Light 03:40 Tools
That's What I'm Talking About 02:55 Tools
It's Just Another Red Sea 03:27 Tools
I'm Gonna Move 03:14 Tools
I'll Say Thanks 03:22 Tools
Part the Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour 04:51 Tools
Still Small Voice 04:51 Tools
Ever Since That Wonderful Day 03:07 Tools
I Want To Walk With My Lord 00:00 Tools
Born to Praise the Lord 00:00 Tools
A Strong Hand 04:30 Tools
He Threw Out A Lifeline 00:00 Tools
Touch The Hem 04:16 Tools
What a Great Lifestyle 03:04 Tools
Beneath This Armour 00:00 Tools
You're at The Well 02:22 Tools
No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus 03:25 Tools
Somebody Touched The Lord 02:50 Tools
When I Move 02:10 Tools
Jesus Cares For You 04:54 Tools
I Can Tell You the Time 03:32 Tools
How Big Is God 03:21 Tools
Help is on the Way 03:03 Tools
All That I Am 03:14 Tools
Getting Ready to Leave This World 02:56 Tools
The Gospel Truth 00:00 Tools
God Unlimited 03:14 Tools
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God 02:01 Tools
Holy Annointing 02:47 Tools
He Sent Me Running 03:19 Tools
I'm Losing My Mind 03:08 Tools
What A Great Homecoming Day 03:08 Tools
Won't It Be Wonderful There 01:41 Tools
Drink From The Well 02:41 Tools
Answer the Call 00:00 Tools
I Hold A Clear Title 03:02 Tools
Shine Through Me 03:44 Tools
Then We Shall Sing 03:03 Tools
Because He Lives 00:00 Tools
Pray 03:32 Tools
When I Stand In the Presence 03:31 Tools
I Can't Do Without The Lord 03:17 Tools
Silent Night 00:00 Tools
Jesus Will Lead Me 02:37 Tools
Walk On 00:00 Tools
Shoutin Ground 00:00 Tools
Only God Knows 00:00 Tools
We Shall See Heaven Someday 03:10 Tools
Holy Anointing 02:49 Tools
On The Sunny Banks 03:41 Tools
On Victory Road 03:15 Tools
The Dearest Friend I Ever Had 02:26 Tools
New Grace 03:15 Tools
God Would Be Good For You 02:35 Tools
Calvary Came Through 04:47 Tools
Surely 02:55 Tools
The Boneyard 00:00 Tools
Every Moment 03:16 Tools
Higher Than The Moon 02:16 Tools
Be Not Afraid 02:46 Tools
So Close to Home 04:03 Tools
Love Went Deeper 03:51 Tools
What a Glad Day 02:37 Tools
Longing for Beulah 02:32 Tools
When He Calls (I'll Fly Away) 06:27 Tools
Nobody's There 02:34 Tools
Love Bigger Than Heaven 03:43 Tools
It's Not In Vain 04:03 Tools
The Saving Kind 04:27 Tools
Let It Snow 01:41 Tools
Are You Ready? (Acapella) 00:28 Tools
Have You Been Born Again 02:24 Tools
Just Like You 00:00 Tools
I Love To Pray 02:10 Tools
No Other Word For Grace 00:00 Tools
Hello, Mama 00:00 Tools
The Rocks Shall Not Cry Out 00:00 Tools
God Handed It All 03:09 Tools
Guilty Of Loving Me 04:19 Tools
He Sat Down 02:42 Tools
Beyond The Sunset 00:00 Tools
God of All Gods 06:00 Tools
The Wind Blew in 00:00 Tools
I Know What Jesus Did For Me 00:00 Tools
While Ages Roll 00:00 Tools
Where The Roses Never Fade 02:48 Tools
Angels Move Over 02:06 Tools
Only Love 00:00 Tools
I'm Going Over 03:04 Tools
I'm Going Home With Jesus 02:35 Tools
New Jerusalem 01:57 Tools
The Search is Over 04:25 Tools
Separated 02:57 Tools
God's Still God 02:38 Tools
Stand 04:51 Tools
You Gotta Live It 03:01 Tools
Heavenly Parade 00:00 Tools
Look Around 03:28 Tools
When They Hammered The Nails 00:00 Tools
I Can Tell You Now the Time 00:00 Tools
Reunion In Heaven 03:09 Tools
That's What I Am 04:16 Tools
One More Chance 02:47 Tools
One More Time 02:41 Tools
It's Good To Be On The Devil's List 00:00 Tools
A Wonderful Time Up There 01:59 Tools
The First Noel 02:15 Tools
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 03:48 Tools
All My Hope 03:48 Tools
Holly Jolly Christmas 03:06 Tools
Glory Is Waiting 00:00 Tools
Over In The Gloryland 02:45 Tools
Jesus Is Coming Soon 03:08 Tools
When We Gather at the Table 00:00 Tools
Just Beyond 03:53 Tools
Way Down Deep In My Soul 03:20 Tools
Without A Word 00:00 Tools
Ready To Leave 00:00 Tools
I Wanna Walk With My Lord 01:48 Tools
Where Is God 02:45 Tools
Angels Are Encamping About Me 03:29 Tools
Keep On Sailing 02:42 Tools
When I Need Him Most 02:37 Tools
God's Got Other Plans For You 00:00 Tools
Forgetfulness Sea 05:49 Tools
Only One Ship of Zion 02:25 Tools
I've Got A Feeling 02:48 Tools
Death Ain't No Big Deal 03:49 Tools
I'm Not What I Was - Gold City 02:41 Tools
Sailing Towards Home 02:44 Tools
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow 00:00 Tools
Whosoever Will 02:52 Tools
Champion Of Love 03:55 Tools
Im Free Again 02:25 Tools
The Patriotic Medley 04:55 Tools
Thank My Savior For It All 03:34 Tools
One Day At A Time 02:41 Tools
Signed Sealed Delivered 00:00 Tools
Liberated 02:59 Tools
Just Over In The Gloryland 02:12 Tools
Until He Comes 00:00 Tools
Wayfaring Stranger 04:01 Tools
What A Day 03:07 Tools
When He Knocked On The Door 02:58 Tools
Well Of Grace 00:00 Tools
Canaanland 03:12 Tools
When I Hear That Trumpet Sound 02:34 Tools
I'll Have A New Life 02:56 Tools
Just In Time 02:54 Tools
At Calvary 03:08 Tools
Thank God I Am Free 03:10 Tools
Life's Railway To Heaven 02:56 Tools
I'll Love To Pray 02:13 Tools
We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials 02:37 Tools
Wonderful Time Up There 02:00 Tools
Winter Wonderland 03:44 Tools
I Will Stand 03:44 Tools
Won't It Be Wonderful There? 01:41 Tools
Looking for a City [DVD] 02:32 Tools
He Looked Beyond My Faults 03:00 Tools
For God Is Love 03:51 Tools
Sittin Around The Table 01:49 Tools
Gaining Ground 02:50 Tools
Zaccheus 02:14 Tools
First Flight Out 02:52 Tools
He Was There All The Time 04:05 Tools
Just Any Day Now 03:03 Tools
O What A Day 03:45 Tools
Touring That City 02:20 Tools
Soon And Very Soon 03:16 Tools
Plenty Of Time 04:00 Tools
Longing For Beulah Land 02:32 Tools
My Hiding Place 03:45 Tools
Have A Little Talk With Jesus 03:48 Tools
John The Revelator 02:24 Tools
I Remember The Day 02:33 Tools
Walk On For Jesus 03:39 Tools
I Thank You Jesus 02:32 Tools
Midnight Cry [DVD] 04:47 Tools
My Lord Will Send A Moses 02:25 Tools
Lamb Upon The Throne 03:59 Tools
He Brought Me Through 00:00 Tools
Oh The Glory Did Roll 02:56 Tools
Somebody's Crying 03:09 Tools
Precious Lord, Take My Hand 03:20 Tools
All My Labors Will Be O'er 02:44 Tools
There Is A River 04:55 Tools
Nothing But the Blood Of Jesus 02:26 Tools
O Come Angel Band 02:30 Tools
I'm A Poor Rich Man 02:22 Tools
When He Calls, I'll Fly Away 03:01 Tools
Father, This One's Mine 03:35 Tools
I'll Sail Away Home 02:10 Tools
I'll Have Faith 03:12 Tools
Don't Ask Me To Apologize 02:34 Tools
Just A Closer Walk With Thee 01:45 Tools
Why Can't Every Day Be Like Christmas 02:45 Tools
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Band Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Who Am I [DVD] 03:33 Tools
When I Wake Up To Sleep No More 02:13 Tools
No One Ever Cared for Me LikeJesus 03:43 Tools
Meet Me At The Table 02:18 Tools
Movin' Up to Gloryland [DVD] 02:17 Tools
Going Going Gone 03:20 Tools
Call Me Gone 03:21 Tools
Jesus Is Right For Whatevers 02:40 Tools
On the Victory Road 00:00 Tools
When Mama Prayed 03:51 Tools
I Know 02:14 Tools
When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan 02:20 Tools
King Jesus 02:36 Tools
What Sins Are You Talking About 02:14 Tools
Oh What A Promise 03:44 Tools
God On The Mountain 03:05 Tools
I Have Passed Over Into Canaan 02:31 Tools
Redemption Draweth Nigh 03:49 Tools
Saved To The Uttermost 02:35 Tools
Special 02:35 Tools
I Lean On You Lord 03:00 Tools
I Will Serve Thee 03:49 Tools
Saved By Grace 03:05 Tools
Mercy Built a Bridge 03:47 Tools
Blood Washed Band 02:09 Tools
Miracle In Me 04:30 Tools
Oh For A Thousand Tongues 03:40 Tools
Surely I Will, Lord 02:20 Tools
Counting Your Blessings 02:24 Tools
Where The Flowers Will Bloom Forever 03:59 Tools
The Old Time Way Of Praising The Lord 02:39 Tools
I Can See The Hand 03:17 Tools
Wind Rain And Fire 02:31 Tools
One Scared Hand 04:47 Tools
He Restoreth My Soul 03:07 Tools
When My Feet Touch The Streets Of Gold 02:18 Tools
Without Him 03:22 Tools
Dearest Friend I Ever Had 02:25 Tools
My Non-Stop Flight 03:18 Tools
Love Will Roll The Clouds Away 03:33 Tools
No Other Word For Grace, But Amazing 06:51 Tools
Old Rugged Cross 00:00 Tools
How Deep is the Water ? 02:47 Tools
Sheltered In The Arms Of God 03:40 Tools
Thanks 02:38 Tools
Master's Degree 02:47 Tools
Anchors Aweigh 02:52 Tools
The Cross Made The Difference For Me 03:37 Tools
Hes A Personal Savior 03:04 Tools
If That Isn't Love 03:35 Tools
The King's Highway 02:43 Tools
He'll Never Let Go 03:02 Tools
I'm Telling The World About H 03:00 Tools
Little David 03:06 Tools
At Sunrise, I'm Going Home 03:07 Tools
I'm Gonna Go There 02:55 Tools
O Come All Ye Faithful 01:35 Tools
Children's Medley 01:35 Tools
Ezekial Saw The Wheel 01:48 Tools
What Child Is This- 00:00 Tools
Everybody's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There 01:58 Tools
Where Is God? 00:00 Tools
Medley - Silent Night - Away in a Manger 01:36 Tools
Put Your Hand In The Hand 02:45 Tools
He Will Roll You Over The Tid 03:44 Tools
Tears Will Never Stain 03:29 Tools
I'm Losin' My Mind 03:08 Tools
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name/Doxology/Revive Us Again 03:54 Tools
Steppin' On The Clouds 02:31 Tools
Let's Have A Revival 02:44 Tools
I'm Never Alone 00:00 Tools
'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus 03:10 Tools
Medley - O Come All Ye Faithful 00:00 Tools
I'll Fly Away [DVD] 01:36 Tools
Longing For Beulah ((Land)) 02:32 Tools
Looking For A City 02:47 Tools
First Day In Heaven 01:38 Tools
Angels We Have Heard On High 03:44 Tools
If Church Pews Could Shout 01:47 Tools
Merry Christmas With Love 01:35 Tools
Heavens Jubilee 01:47 Tools
Leaning On The Everlasting Arm 01:33 Tools
Those Same Hands 01:33 Tools
Ezekial 01:45 Tools
Away In A Manger 01:45 Tools
I Can Tell You Why 01:45 Tools
Won't It Be Worth It My Child 01:35 Tools
Gold City - Acappella - His Name Is Wonderful 02:44 Tools
Christmas Medley 02:44 Tools
Shouting Ground 01:47 Tools
Count Your Blessings 02:44 Tools
I Want to Walk With the Lord 02:43 Tools
Get Up Get Ready 02:43 Tools
Mumford And Sons - Awake My Soul 03:04 Tools
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now 03:04 Tools
When He Shall Come 01:47 Tools
Ain't No Limit 01:47 Tools
He Brought Me Thru 01:47 Tools
Glory Is Waiting for Me 01:47 Tools
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Early Years The Mississippi based Christianairs were renamed Gold City in Dahlonega, Georgia at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve to begin the year 1980 with Dallas Gilliland singing bass, tenor Bob Oliver, lead singer Jerry Ritchie, and baritone Ken Trussell. The group owner was initially Floyd Beck. Bass singer Tim Riley would replace Gilliland as the permanent bass singer in July of that same year after the group's relocation to Gadsden, Alabama. The group was an instant success in the industry, appearing on the main stage of the National Quartet Convention in October 1981. By 1982, tenor Brian Free, lead Ivan Parker, and pianist Garry Jones had joined Riley to form a consistent nucleus that remained together until the mid-1990s. Their recordings of upbeat tunes like “I Think I’ll Read It Again” and inspirational songs like “No Other Word For Grace But Amazing” and “Midnight Cry” catapulted the group into the upper ranks of Southern Gospel. The last recording by this popular lineup was the critically acclaimed Acapella Gold (1993). The 1990s After the departure of Free, Jones and Parker, baritone, Steve Lacey took over lead duties, while Mark Trammell became baritone, and Jay Parrack became tenor. Lacey left to join The Kingdom Heirs. David Hill became lead singer for a while. His departure lead to the next consistent lineup for the group which included Jonathan Wilburn singing lead, Mark Trammell singing baritone, and Jay Parrack on tenor. Over the years, the group developed a trademark style that relied on brass heavy arrangements for their more driving songs and moving lyrics for their inspirational anthems. Recent History The last few years have brought a period of change and transition to this legendary quartet. Many personnel changes in the front line, as well as the breakup of the Band of Gold have given a new look, as well as a new sound to the group. The most notable, and tragic change occurred in 2006, when Doug Riley, who co-managed Gold City (in addition to playing drums before taking over running the sound when the group streamlined their operations),was killed in an auto accident on the way to the recording studio early in the morning of January 31, after not being able to sleep. In March 2006, bass singer Bill Lawrence (who had been hand picked by former bass, Tim Riley) left the group. Tim Riley filled in for several months while the search for a replacement was underway. Aaron McCune, who at the time was the bass singer with the Palmetto State Quartet, joined Gold City in May 2006. McCune brings to Gold City the trademark smoothness and deep range that has long been a standard for this quartet. In February 2007, it was announced that the group had returned to The Beckie Simmons Agency from The Harper Agency. Beckie Simmons, while at Century II and her own agency, has handled the quartet's bookings for the majority of its existence. Full Gold City Discography * 1981 First Day In Heaven * 1981 We Believe * 1981 Sing Golden Nuggets * 1981 Songs Of Days Gone By * 1982 I've Got A Feeling * 1982 Gold City: Live * 1983 I Think I’ll Read It Again * 1983 Hymns Sung By The Gold City Quartet * 1983 Higher Than The Moon * 1984 or 1984 Walking With Jesus * 1984 Walk On * 1985 Sing With The Angels * 1986 Gold City Gold * 1986 Double Take: Live * 1986 Your Favorite Hymns * 1986 Top Hits Volume 1 * 1986 Top Hits Volume 2 * 1987 Favorites Volume 1 * 1987 Favorites Volume 2 * 1987 Favorites Volume 3 * 1987 Movin’ Up * 1988 Portrait * 1988 Voices Of Christmas * 1989 Chartbreakers Volume 1 * 1989 Chartbreakers Volume 2 * 1989 Favorite Hymns Volume 2 * 1989 Goin’ Home * 1990 Windows of Home * 1990 Instrumentals Volume 1 * 1990 Indiana Live * 1990 Favorites Volume 4 * 1990 Chart Breakers Volume 3 * 1991 Super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol. 1 * 1991 Super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol. 2 * 1991 Super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol. 3 * 1991 10 Year Celebration * 1991 Answer The Call * 1992 Kings Gold * 1992 Masters of the Gospel * 1992 Pillars of Faith * 1993 Kings Gold 2 * 1993 Acapella Gold * 1993 Requested Hymns Volume 1 * 1993 Requested Hymns Volume 2 * 1993 Requested Hymns Volume 3 * 1994 Renewed * 1994 Lord Do It Again * 1994 Classics * 1994 Kings Gold 3 * 1995 Standing In The Gap * 1996 Kings Gold 4 * 1996 Having Fun * 1996 Preparing The Way * 1997 What A Great Lifestyle * 1997 Home For The Holidays * 1998 The Collection * 1998 Within The Rock * 1999 Signed, Sealed, Delivered * 1999 Amazing Grace: A Hymn Collection * 2000 20th Anniversary Celebration: Vol. 1 * 2000 20th Anniversary Celebration: Vol. 2 * 2000 Are You Ready? * 2000 Through The Years * 2001 Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over * 2002 The Very Best of Gold City * 2002 Camp Meetin' * 2003 Walk the Talk * 2003 24K Gold * 2003 Pillars of Faith/Acapella (Double Album Reissue) * 2003 A Gold City Christmas * 2004 First Class * 2005 Heaven * 2006 Gold City - Their Best * 2006 Revival * 2007 Classics Volume 2 (unofficial title, upcoming release featuring new cuts of Gold City standards * 2008 Moment of Truth Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.