Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Lost in our Ways 06:59 Tools
Low Volume Lovers 04:13 Tools
Earth Recompile 07:02 Tools
Waking Up 04:57 Tools
Odessa 04:26 Tools
Exposure 83 04:45 Tools
Sordon Escape 04:48 Tools
Her Machine 06:07 Tools
Tra-Fuse III 03:39 Tools
Hunter 05:02 Tools
Mind Travel Method 05:31 Tools
Laugh Track 04:41 Tools
Miami To Brooklyn 04:42 Tools
The Rain Comes Down (Dcast Dynamics remix) 04:50 Tools
Blind World 04:27 Tools
Dritta's Sea 07:47 Tools
Last Night At The Stardust 04:12 Tools
Tra-Fuse II 05:13 Tools
Love Like The Past 04:11 Tools
Short Phase 01:29 Tools
Strange City 03:30 Tools
tra-fuse I 06:43 Tools
The Rain Comes Down 05:52 Tools
Spoon Feeder 04:52 Tools
In The Wind 06:03 Tools
Folding Time 04:13 Tools
We Are Still Searching 05:27 Tools
Outro 01:08 Tools
Deduck 05:44 Tools
in this life 05:48 Tools
Forcequit Your Love 04:55 Tools
Sordon's Love 04:44 Tools
The Sound 04:05 Tools
Message Shadows 01:20 Tools
Init Your Mind 05:50 Tools
Drake Pass 03:48 Tools
Populated Data Cells 04:38 Tools
DSP Trippin' 04:09 Tools
Fuck Satan 01:30 Tools
Heart Breaker 04:11 Tools
Pulse Direction Miami 07:47 Tools
Meter 03:59 Tools
Last Sequence Complete 05:06 Tools
Six of One 05:24 Tools
Ghetto Box (live) 07:27 Tools
Ra Me Eyes 05:40 Tools
Miles from Down 05:40 Tools
Blue in Blackness 05:50 Tools
Missme (Live) 05:29 Tools
anthilia lost 03:45 Tools
The Element II (Metal Beast Mix) 04:25 Tools
Amarna Heresy 05:50 Tools
The Chains of Technology 05:40 Tools
Silo of Mataphila 06:12 Tools
Darkness Modulations 05:50 Tools
The Mountain Of Ru 05:50 Tools
I Know You Know 05:57 Tools
Cz-101 Waves 06:12 Tools
Flight Cage 04:07 Tools
Next To Me 02:57 Tools
Traveling the Mepathal II 03:11 Tools
Half Dozen of The Other 06:38 Tools
Plug-In 05:57 Tools
Eyes of Nimrud 06:12 Tools
Force Quit 04:51 Tools
Satan 04:07 Tools
Plug In 02:58 Tools
Kuba 02:58 Tools
Konch Beams - Rays & Shit 05:53 Tools
Missme 05:27 Tools
The Bronx Network 03:11 Tools
Avoid 01:30 Tools
The Last Time I Saw You 05:20 Tools
Donkey Buck 05:27 Tools
Astral Travel 05:53 Tools
Init 05:53 Tools
You Cant Escape The Present 05:47 Tools
Phase Space 04:50 Tools
Heartbreaker - Sordon's Version 06:09 Tools
Mirror Watcher 04:16 Tools
Ghetto Box (Live) - Live 07:27 Tools
Pulse-Direction - Theme 3 06:09 Tools
Island Drift 04:45 Tools
The Broadcast 03:38 Tools
Search Virus 04:38 Tools
Unwanted - Dcast Dynamics Version 06:09 Tools
Keep It Raw 05:14 Tools
Towards Your Middle 03:28 Tools
Galaxy Ghost 06:20 Tools
A2 - Next To Me 04:46 Tools
Pulse-Direction (Theme 3) 06:09 Tools
The Measurement Problem 06:09 Tools
Unwanted (Dcast Dynamics Version) 04:30 Tools
Black Nova In G 06:20 Tools
You Can't Escape The Present 05:47 Tools
61. Message From The Stars Mixtape 06:09 Tools
The Element 2 (metal beat mix) 06:09 Tools
Half Dozen Of The Oher 03:58 Tools
Blue In Black 05:50 Tools
B2 - The Element II (Metal Beast Mix) 04:30 Tools
61. Gosub - Message from The Stars Mix 04:30 Tools
LIVE @ SOMETHING SIMPLE 03_28_08 MIAMI 56:21 Tools
B2-Half Dozen Of The Oher 05:47 Tools
Anthill Lost 05:03 Tools
Love From Planet X 05:50 Tools
Acid 001 05:50 Tools
"Hunter" 05:03 Tools
The Bronx Netwerk 05:03 Tools
Black Nova - AUX-88 Remix 06:53 Tools
Sunday at Battle Ship Key 06:53 Tools
The Last Time - Return of the Lizard People Remix 06:53 Tools
Within Your Space 06:53 Tools
Sordon's Theme 03:16 Tools
b1 - Lost In Our Ways 06:53 Tools
Miami, 03.28.08 03:16 Tools
Swamp Driver 06:34 Tools
Touch Terrorist 06:11 Tools
Overtown 06:53 Tools
Anthilla Lost 06:53 Tools
Time Ends With Us 05:03 Tools
A2 - Pulse Direction Miami 06:53 Tools
b2 - Waking Up 06:53 Tools
Red Desert 05:03 Tools
Ghetto Box (Live) (Live) 06:53 Tools
B1 - Hunter 05:03 Tools
Folding Time (Dominance Electricity) 05:03 Tools
The Black Sequence II 05:03 Tools
The Last Time (Return of the Lizard People Remix) 05:03 Tools
Heartbreaker (Sordon's Version) 05:03 Tools
Black Nova (AUX-88 Remix) 05:03 Tools
a1 - miami to brooklyn 05:03 Tools
"Tra Fuse 1" 05:03 Tools
B1 - Meter 05:03 Tools
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Starting in Brooklyn, New York over a decade ago Shad T. Scott has been behind the distinctive Gosub sound. Blending his love for Electro-Funk, Jazz and Techno he strives to find the balance to move the listener both physically and mentally. Shad states, "Music is so one dimensional now with not allot of dynamics and soul. I strive to bring musicality and soul back to Electro and Techno.". Currently living in Miami, Florida Shad has built a new analog/digital studio to help increase and capture his creative flow. New 2011 releases are in the works for London's Citinite Records & Abstract Forms. 2011 is looking to be a very active year between releases, remixes, and live shows. Gosub has had much success working with respectable labels such as Frustrated Funk, Isophlux, Kondi, and Point One. Bleep.com placed the 2007 Gosub album "Watchers From The Black Universe" as one of the top ten albums of 2007 and choose Gosub as the next 100 in 2000. Look out for Gosub activity in 2011 with new releases, live European show dates, and remixes. As Gosub states from his upcoming release "I'm not from the future. I'm not from the past. I from right now, the present.". Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.