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In A Glimpse 04:52 Tools
Elephants 03:30 Tools
Backseat Driver 03:23 Tools
Confused 03:13 Tools
Insanity 03:35 Tools
Political Animals 05:04 Tools
Just pray 03:50 Tools
Solitude 04:32 Tools
Mild disease 03:45 Tools
Ready For It 03:57 Tools
Addiction 02:50 Tools
In Your Eyes 03:59 Tools
Different Color Shoes 03:18 Tools
Time To Be Good Friends 04:53 Tools
Face the Light 02:55 Tools
Started 03:13 Tools
Promise 03:35 Tools
Priveste-ma 03:16 Tools
The Hell I'm In 03:55 Tools
Spacegirl 04:04 Tools
Umbre 04:02 Tools
Vanity 03:02 Tools
Decimation 03:29 Tools
Cave 03:26 Tools
High 02:38 Tools
Nature Falls 03:08 Tools
Fool 02:55 Tools
Fingerprints 03:18 Tools
Without Master 03:44 Tools
Tunguska 02:15 Tools
Friend For (N)ever 03:51 Tools
Egretta (As If It's Real) 04:51 Tools
I, Destroyer 03:09 Tools
The Situation 03:02 Tools
Emergence 03:02 Tools
In The Gutter 03:51 Tools
Attracted (to people who look like us) 03:15 Tools
Albatross 04:00 Tools
Weird Disco 03:25 Tools
Morning Stars 05:21 Tools
Mild Disease (live Club A) 04:22 Tools
The Hut of Extinction 03:52 Tools
I.V.A.N. 05:39 Tools
The Vulture 03:17 Tools
Draped in Fear 04:21 Tools
Pale Hands 03:56 Tools
Cradled By Misfortune 03:54 Tools
Satellites 04:02 Tools
Legends 03:22 Tools
We Don't Live Here 04:02 Tools
Planemo 03:06 Tools
Within Isolation 04:15 Tools
Haze 04:10 Tools
Peregrine 02:32 Tools
Vitriol 02:09 Tools
Crashing to Earth 04:10 Tools
Last Chance 03:20 Tools
Disclaimer 04:10 Tools
Bait 02:57 Tools
A Tyrant's Nightmare 02:32 Tools
Shadows 04:00 Tools
The Hell I´m In 02:32 Tools
These Eyes 03:38 Tools
With Every Struggle 04:22 Tools
Vom lupta 04:22 Tools
Carelessly 03:45 Tools
Solitude (demo) 04:22 Tools
Heart To Break 03:15 Tools
Sunrise 03:45 Tools
Piblokto 03:45 Tools
omul recent 03:28 Tools
Selfie 03:21 Tools
Addiction (live) 03:21 Tools
You End I 03:13 Tools
Ain't No Grave (Johnny Cash cover) 03:10 Tools
Ultima oara 03:13 Tools
Dysfunctional 03:13 Tools
Pierdut 03:22 Tools
Grimus - Just pray 03:23 Tools
Egretta - As If It's Real 04:50 Tools
Attracted - To People Who Look Like Us 03:16 Tools
Just Pray (live) 03:23 Tools
In Somn 03:45 Tools
Illusions Have No Flaws 03:23 Tools
FREGATE 03:23 Tools
Friends For(N)ever 03:53 Tools
Egretta (As If It Were Real) 04:52 Tools
Palehands 04:50 Tools
Ronove 03:53 Tools
Attracted 03:15 Tools
TV & Booze 03:23 Tools
Abandoned 03:13 Tools
Over the Rail 03:13 Tools
The Green River 03:13 Tools
Fan the Flames of the Abyss 04:52 Tools
I, Destroyer (Pre-Pro) 03:13 Tools
Backseat Drivers 03:23 Tools
ULTIMA OARĂ 03:23 Tools
CULOARE (cu Alexandra Ungureanu) 00:59 Tools
PRIVEŞTE-MĂ 03:17 Tools
Privește-mă 03:16 Tools
True Love Waits (Radiohead cover) 04:34 Tools
In Your Eyes (acoustic in Transylvania) 04:02 Tools
Egretta 04:50 Tools
Haos 05:35 Tools
Time to Be Good Friends (feat. Byron) 05:35 Tools
Panikon 04:50 Tools
Vanity (acoustic in Transylvania) 03:04 Tools
Addicition 03:38 Tools
Guerrilla 00:59 Tools
Priveste 03:04 Tools
Prorokot Na Zboguvanjeto 03:04 Tools
Cave (acoustic in Transylvania) 03:34 Tools
Lilavo 03:04 Tools
Departe de lume 03:04 Tools
Satellites (unplugged) 03:22 Tools
Nature Falls (acoustic in Transylvania) 03:06 Tools
08. Departe de lume 03:22 Tools
03. Efect 03:22 Tools
PedalZoo Rock 'Em All Contest 03:22 Tools
Egretta (As If It's Real) - acoustic in Transylvania 03:22 Tools
Attracted (unplugged) 03:38 Tools
Insanity (unplugged) 03:39 Tools
Political Animals (unplugged) 05:05 Tools
Just Pray (unplugged) 02:36 Tools
Mild Disease (unplugged) 03:38 Tools
TV Booze 03:03 Tools
In A Glimpse G 03:38 Tools
Face The Light (Single) 03:38 Tools
Grimus / Friends_ForNever 03:38 Tools
Fingerprints (live) 03:38 Tools
Fractured 03:38 Tools
Untitled (unplugged) 03:23 Tools
Ain't No Grave 03:03 Tools
Grimus / In_the_Gutter 03:03 Tools
04. Slut 03:03 Tools
Grimus / The_Situation 03:03 Tools
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Grimus is the name of at least three different artists: 1. A Romanian alternative rock band from Cluj-Napoca. 2. An American melodic deathcore band from Elizabeth New Jersey. 3. An Australian artist named Pierre Proske. 1. The alternative rock band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Grimus is the (approximate) anagram of the word "simurgh" (a gigantic bird in Persian mythology). It is also the first novel of the Indian-born writer Salman Rushdie who created this anagram himself. The abstruse and tyrannical character of the novel inspired the name of the band. Line-up: Bogdan Mezofi (vocals), Cristi Csapo (guitar), Vali Răuca (guitar), Lehel Kiss (keyboard), Titus Vădan (bass) and Tamas Adorjani (drums). While students in different universities in Cluj-Napoca, Grimus started out as a 5 piece rock band under the name of Revers. They quickly changed name and expanded their sound with keyboards. Grimus then underwent frequent band member changes; at the time the band also recorded a 3 song demo, which was played by various radios around Europe, notably Solitude which was declared Song of the Year 2006 by CityFM. The band enlarged its perspectives by entering under the auspices of Underdog, building a solid fanbase in Romania. In 2007 the band was invited at all major festivals in Romania and played regularly in various pubs. In 2007 Grimus also won the National Final of the Global Battle of the Bands and represented Romania in the World Final in December that year. In 2008 Grimus released its first full-length album - Panikon. See more on: and 2. The American melodic deathcore band from Elizabeth New Jersey. Hailing from an urban corner in North-eastern New Jersey, Grimus has been hitting the jersey metal/hardcore scene since 2007. The band has gone through a couple line-up changes since their debut in late 2007 leaving the last three original members (Bryan Martinez, Mike Muñoz and Marco Bobadilla) to keep pushing the band forward. In early 2008 the band found itself in need of a new drummer and because of this went on a short hiatus. 2008 brought the addition of drummer Jon Scott (former So I Shot Myself) to the line up bringing Grimus back full force again. Few weeks later however the band suffered another loss and found themselves in need of a bassist. They went on to recruit Michael Gonçalves (guitarist for fellow jersey metal band Skies Devoured) to take on bass duties. With a full line-up again, Grimus was back after a 5 month absence to take over the music scene once again. The band has recently finished recording their debut EP entitled The Progress In Elimination. The 6-song EP was recorded in Clifton, New Jersey by Bobby Torres in Frightbox Studios, a studio for great Jersey bands such as Abacinate, One Brick Down and The Grieving Process. The EP was mastered by the great Alan Douches who has worked on records for national acts such as Mastodon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Unearth and countless more. The Progress In Elimination was released March 28, 2009 and is availablefor purchase at select music stores in New Jersey and through the band at any shows. For more click here 3. See more on Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.