Hanneke Cassel

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Dot the Dragon's Eyes 04:16 Tools
King of the Pipers/Farewell to Tchernobyl/Fairy Dance 05:20 Tools
Scandalous 04:41 Tools
Leila's Birthday 03:10 Tools
Leaving Jp 04:05 Tools
Miss Drummond of Perth's Favorite Scotch Measure 03:44 Tools
Tennessee Quick Cash 02:39 Tools
Ron Burgundy Tribute 04:06 Tools
The Captain 04:20 Tools
Jasmine Flower 04:08 Tools
Ides of March 03:25 Tools
The Crane Estate 04:21 Tools
Blackberry Festival Footrace - For Reals 03:55 Tools
We Are Dancer/The Goat Whisperer 03:09 Tools
The Curse Reversed 03:53 Tools
We are Dancer - The Goat Whisperer 04:18 Tools
Jungle Java 03:55 Tools
Katrina McCoy's Jig / Sierra Fiddle Circle's Compliments To The Girls Of Mudzini Kwetu 04:39 Tools
Disconnect/ Waiting For the Dawn 05:54 Tools
Natasha McCoy's Reel / Lianne Mclean's Revenge 04:39 Tools
Jig for Christina 04:06 Tools
Blackberry Festival Footrace/For Reals 03:54 Tools
Eliana Grace / Dancing with Bryce 04:52 Tools
Lime Hill / Banks of Spey / Lexy McAskill 04:39 Tools
Dusky Meadow/ Sandy Cameron/ Stress Bay/ Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's 05:23 Tools
Cali's Wedding - Alasdair's Jig 05:01 Tools
Brooklyn's Lullaby 04:07 Tools
Silver 04:55 Tools
Fire of Roses - The Key Grip 04:54 Tools
The Shissf Kangaroo 04:20 Tools
Trip to Walden Pond 05:24 Tools
The Phunk Bridge/Glen Road to Carrick/Ben's Nightmare 06:18 Tools
Religulous / Patience 05:55 Tools
Lissa and Corey / The Sunrise 05:55 Tools
Bruremarsj Fra Lom 03:47 Tools
The Marathon (for Boston) 05:55 Tools
For Reasons Unseen - Rong Hua 05:49 Tools
The Important Thing Is / TIDGA 04:39 Tools
November 04:09 Tools
Blue 03:44 Tools
First Goodbye 03:22 Tools
Dianne's Waltz 05:55 Tools
The Cypress/ Le Jig a Ti-toine 04:20 Tools
The Artist and the Dancer 03:12 Tools
Fonix 03:40 Tools
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing 05:01 Tools
Leaving You 03:32 Tools
Pieces of Us/ Marc et Laura 04:39 Tools
Gretl in the Garden / Artsy Smartsy Phoebe 05:02 Tools
My Joy 03:10 Tools
Pauline Conneely's/Arthur Muise/Dog Bites Chapman/The Boston Urb 04:52 Tools
A Shadow and a Thought/ The Lightnin' Bug 05:40 Tools
Strathspey O' Death #1/ Strathspey O' Death #2/ Colonel Thornton 04:21 Tools
The Green Lady/ Olivia's Jig 05:06 Tools
Ron Burgundy Tribute: The Glass Case of Emotion/Sweet Grandmother's Spatula 04:06 Tools
Mothers of the Disappeared/ The Evenstar 06:36 Tools
Tha Mi Tinn Leis A'ghaol - I Am Sick With Love 04:42 Tools
Conchas Chinas / Walks with Yih Wen / Simon Desilets of St. Louis 05:24 Tools
Passing Place / Silver Special 05:02 Tools
The Kitchen Maid/Bancroft's Descent/Arthur's Seat 04:39 Tools
Pigeon on the Gate/ Mrs. Joyscream 04:06 Tools
Waves In The Sand, Flora MacDonald, Johnnie Sullivan's, Kelly's Itsakadoozie 05:24 Tools
Disconnect/Waiting for the Dawn 05:55 Tools
Yulianna / Carley's Glenfinnan Wedding 04:56 Tools
Coilsfield House 04:56 Tools
Buddy's Strathspey / Horse Tigers / Golden Locks 04:56 Tools
King Of The Pipers, Farewell To Tchernobyl, Fairy Dance 05:22 Tools
De Oppresso Liber 04:56 Tools
Tha Mi Tinn Leis A'ghaol (i Am Sick With Love) 04:40 Tools
Dusky Meadow/Sandy Cameron/Stress Bay/Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's 05:24 Tools
These 30 Years (For Jennifer) / Epic and Triumphant 04:56 Tools
Josefin's, Breton Gavotte 05:51 Tools
The Phunk Bridge, Glen Road To Carric, /Ben's Nightmare 06:20 Tools
Fire of Roses/the Key Grip 04:53 Tools
Captain H Munro / Veronica's Trip to Sophia Antipolis 04:56 Tools
Farewell To Mass. Ave, Cello Dude, The Skye Chune 05:04 Tools
Tannen's Wedding March, You And I, Miss Jena 06:05 Tools
Highlander's Farewell/MacLaine of Loch Buie/Bedding of the Bride 05:49 Tools
Josefin's/Breton Gavotte 05:49 Tools
Waves in the Sand/Flora MacDonald/Johnnie Sullivan's/Kelly's Its 05:23 Tools
The Goblin and the Mouse / The Fiddling Twin 05:21 Tools
The Curse Reversed: The Night We Reversed the Curse/Mrs. Stewart of Garth/The Union Street Session 05:51 Tools
Highlander's Farewell, MacLaine Of Loch Buie, Bedding Of The Bride 05:51 Tools
Natasha McCoy's Reel / Lianne 05:24 Tools
The Kitchen Maid, Bancroft's Descent, Arthur's Seat 04:40 Tools
Tannen's Wedding March/ You and I/Miss Jena 06:03 Tools
Farewell to Mass. Ave./Cello Dude/ The Skye Chune 05:03 Tools
The SHISSF Kangaroo: Miss Gordon Fochabers/The SHISSF Kangaroo/The Raivlin Reel/Spinnaker 04:21 Tools
Pigeon On The Gate/Mrs. Joyscream 04:07 Tools
The Green Lady/Olivia's Jig 05:07 Tools
Tha Mi Tinn A' Ghaol (I am Sick with Love) 04:40 Tools
Pieces Of Us/Marc Et Laura 04:40 Tools
Mothers Of The Disappeared/The Evenstar 06:38 Tools
Pauline Conneely's/Arthur Muise/Dog Bites Chapman/The Boston Urban Ceilidh (Chris's Favorite) 04:54 Tools
A Shadow And A Thought/The Lightning Bug 05:42 Tools
Strathspey O'Death #1 And #2/Colonel Thornton/Running Around The Tree 04:23 Tools
Dusky Meadow Set 05:24 Tools
The Cypress/Le Jig Áti-toine 05:24 Tools
Cali's Wedding/Alasdair's Jig 05:02 Tools
For Reasons Unseen/Rong Hua (Velvet Flower) 05:49 Tools
Farewell to Mass. Ave./Cello Dude/The Skye Chune 05:04 Tools
Tannen's Wedding March/You and I/Miss Jena 06:04 Tools
Highlander's Farewell/MacLaine of Loch Buie/Bedding of the Bride/Return to Milltown/Paddy Taylor's 05:50 Tools
Waves in the Sand/Flora MacDonald/Johnnie Sullivan's/Kelly's Itsakadoozie 05:24 Tools
King Of The Pipers / Farewell To Tchernobyl / Fairy Dance 05:21 Tools
Pauline Conneely's, Arthur Muise, Dog Bites Chapman, The Boston Urban Ceilidh (Chris's Favorite) 04:56 Tools
Farewell To Mass. Ave. / Cello Dude / The Skye Chune 05:04 Tools
The Cypress/Le Jig A Ti-Toine 04:56 Tools
A Shadow And A Thought, The Lightnin' Bug 05:44 Tools
Disconnect / Waiting for the Dawn 05:21 Tools
Josefin's / Breton Gavotte 05:04 Tools
Pieces of Us, Marc Et Laura 04:42 Tools
Mothers Of The Disappeared, The Evenstar 06:40 Tools
A Shadow and a Thought 06:40 Tools
Tannen's Wedding March / You And I / Miss Jena 06:40 Tools
Highlander's Farewell / MacLaine Of Loch Buie / Bedding Of The Bride / Return To Miltown / Paddy Taylor's 06:40 Tools
Ron Burgundy Tribute: The Glass Case of Emotion / Sweet Grandmother's Spatula 06:40 Tools
Fire of Roses / The Key Grip 06:40 Tools
Pieces of Us 05:04 Tools
Strathsprey O' Death #1, Strathsprey O' Death #2, Colonel Thornton, Running Around The Tree 04:25 Tools
The Green Lady 04:25 Tools
Tha Mi Tinn Leis A' Ghaol 04:25 Tools
Pigeon On The Crate, Mrs. Joyscream 06:40 Tools
Klovsjo Brudmarsch - Polska (arr. K.E. Nygard) - Slangpolska 04:45 Tools
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"Exuberant and rhythmic, somehow both wild and innocent, delivered with captivating melodic clarity and an irresistible playfulness," says The Boston Globe about Hanneke Cassel’s playing. Such charismatic fiddling has brought Hanneke Cassel many honors and awards. She is the 1997 U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, she holds a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Berklee College of Music, and she has performed and taught across the U.S., Scotland, Sweden, China, New Zealand, France, England, and Austria. In addition to her solo act, Hanneke has played for the Cathie Ryan Band, and is a member of Boston-based fiddle bands Childsplay and Halali. She has made guest appearances with Cherish the Ladies, Alasdair Fraser, Matt Glaser and the Wayfaring Strangers, Ensemble Galilei, Aine Minogue, and Joey McIntyre (from New Kids on the Block). Her fiddling has graced the stages of Boston’s Symphony Hall (opening for Judy Collins), Mountain Stage, The Plaza Hotel, Lincoln Center, the Boston Hatch Shell, and the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Native of Port Orford, Oregon, Hanneke started playing classical violin when she was 8-years old. She met Portland-based fiddler Carol Ann Wheeler when she was 10 at an Texas-style fiddle contest. She soon quit classical, started taking fiddle lessons with Carol Ann, and began competing in contests throughout the Northwest. A few years later, Carol Ann encouraged Hanneke to learn some Scottish tunes. In 1991, Hanneke entered the Columbia-Pacific Scottish Fiddle Contest in Portland. She won the Jr. contest and went on a year later to capture the U.S. National Scottish Jr. Championship in New Hampshire. With this honor came a scholarship to study on the Isle of Skye, Scotland with the renowned Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser and Cape Breton master Buddy MacMaster. These two quickly became her fiddle heroes and continue to inspire her music to this day. Hanneke’s interest in and exuberance for fiddling is definitely a product of the ever-increasing presence of fiddle camps across the globe. The summers of her teen years were spent between Scotland, Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp in Nashville, and Alasdair Fraser’s Valley of the Moon Fiddle School in California. She was inspired by the amazing musicians at these camps. Among them was Matt Glaser, Chair of Berklee College of Music’s String Department. With encouragement from Glaser and Evan Price (fiddle camp friend, former Berklee student, and current member of the Turtle Island String Quartet), Hanneke set off for Boston in 1996 to attend Berklee College of Music on a string scholarship. She graduated in 2000 and continues to be an active member of the Boston music scene. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.