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Anna Hukkua 04:19 Tools
Sydämeni 02:44 Tools
Hetkille 03:57 Tools
Nimetön 02:43 Tools
Kiinni 03:18 Tools
Suljetut 03:18 Tools
Lähemmäs 03:08 Tools
Ei Kai Kukaan 02:06 Tools
Kaunis Maa 03:20 Tools
Nämä Lauseet 02:46 Tools
Alle Jään 02:53 Tools
Oikea (akustinen) 04:23 Tools
Intro 00:31 Tools
Kaunis maa (Akustinen) 00:31 Tools
Suljetut (akustinen) 03:47 Tools
Oikea 03:47 Tools
Kiinni (akustinen) 03:07 Tools
Ikuisuus 04:31 Tools
Nimi puuttuu 04:31 Tools
Kiinni(akustinen) 03:07 Tools
Suljetut(akustinen) 03:07 Tools
Kaunismaa(akustinen) 03:07 Tools
KaunisMaa (akustinen) 03:07 Tools
Lдhemmдs 03:07 Tools
Nimetцn 03:07 Tools
Avaa 03:37 Tools
Sydдmeni 03:07 Tools
Sydämeni 03:37 Tools
Kaunismaa 03:37 Tools
heijaste_-_kaunismaa(akustinen) 03:37 Tools
Sanojen Taa 02:50 Tools
Oikea_(akustinen) 02:50 Tools
heijaste_-_oikea_(akustinen) 02:50 Tools
anna_hukkua 02:50 Tools
heijaste_-_lahemmas 02:50 Tools
Vaientakaa 02:50 Tools
heijaste_-_anna_hukkua 02:50 Tools
- 02:50 Tools
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When modern and intensely melancholic Finnish rock clashes to the frenzy of punk, the outcome is pure, straight-forward live energy. Heijaste is a four-piece from Tampere, Finland, armed with this growing young energy. Their aim is to be something else than just another Finnish rock’n’roll band with loads of clichés to prove. To grow as musicians, as a band, do loads of gigs, gain experience and be the best they can. Signing to a Sahamusic booking agency in 2005 was the first turning point that gave thrust to a new direction. Hard working and gigging around the country created a loyal fan base; forums started to fill with messages, photos in the web emerged and YouTube now has a fair share of Heijaste material as well. Along came what the band deserved. A record deal with Hype Records (Negative, Flinch, So Called Plan, Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue) was inked in easter 2007 and immediately it was time for studio. The single release “Kiinni” is first preview of what to come: debut album “Silta yli kaiken” will be released this fall 2007. “Silta yli kaiken” will prove Heijastes unconditional love for their music and presents their best achievement so far. This Finnish singing rock band, fueled with devious synth sounds, crunchy guitars and heart-breaking lyrics is ready to give more and more to the public. A great fucking live show. taken from www.myspace.com/heijaste Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.