Hospital Ships

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Come Back To Life 04:48 Tools
Bitter Radio Single 02:16 Tools
Love or Death 02:35 Tools
Reprise 02:04 Tools
I Want It To Get Out 04:06 Tools
Phantom Limb 04:03 Tools
All Yr Gold 05:09 Tools
If It Speaks 05:03 Tools
Bird in Furs 02:51 Tools
Carry On 03:15 Tools
Joan of Arc 02:46 Tools
Galaxies 04:30 Tools
Honey, Please 04:38 Tools
The Shots I Drank 02:51 Tools
Baby For J. 03:34 Tools
I Do Not Understand 02:27 Tools
Old Skin 03:12 Tools
Desolation Waltz 05:44 Tools
Lost Folk Song 08:06 Tools
Little Dead Leaf 04:02 Tools
New Life 03:48 Tools
Sink Your Teeth Into Me 02:42 Tools
Servants 06:08 Tools
Oh, Ramona 03:14 Tools
Girls 01:58 Tools
Mockingbird 02:36 Tools
Oh, No 01:14 Tools
Remaining Light 03:14 Tools
More than you know 02:33 Tools
Tired of Growing Old 02:48 Tools
Your Heart 01:30 Tools
Honey Please 04:38 Tools
Yellow Rubber Nails 01:41 Tools
Anyone, Everyone 03:10 Tools
Anyone Everyone 03:10 Tools
You and I 03:24 Tools
The Shots I Drank (SayMyName remix) 02:36 Tools
All in Time 05:05 Tools
Long May You 05:05 Tools
Little Flower 05:05 Tools
Mary of Quito 03:24 Tools
Oh My Light 05:05 Tools
Hospital Ships - Bitter Radio Single 02:17 Tools
Nothing to Hide 05:05 Tools
Hammer Down 02:11 Tools
Hospital Ships - Reprise 03:26 Tools
Let Me In 03:08 Tools
all of the drugs 03:22 Tools
Hospital Ships - The Shots I Drank (SayMyName remix) 03:22 Tools
The Shots I Drank (Alternate Mix) 04:06 Tools
01 Love Or Death (lofi) 02:46 Tools
Love or Death (lofi) 02:46 Tools
Oh, Ramona (Old Version) 04:06 Tools
Honey, Please (lofi) 03:58 Tools
The Shots I Drank (Congleton Mix) 02:33 Tools
Bird in Furs (lofi) 02:55 Tools
Galaxies (lofi) 04:06 Tools
02 Honey, Please (lofi) 03:58 Tools
05 Phantom Limb (lofi) 03:47 Tools
Phantom Limb (lofi) 03:47 Tools
Little Dead Leaf (lofi) 02:57 Tools
Anyone, Everyone (lofi) 02:57 Tools
Old Skin (lofi) 03:20 Tools
03 Bird In Furs (lofi) 02:55 Tools
09 Reprise (lofi) 02:01 Tools
04 Galaxies (lofi) 04:06 Tools
Carry On (lofi) 03:30 Tools
Reprise (lofi) 02:01 Tools
New Life (lofi) 04:08 Tools
06 Carry On (lofi) 03:30 Tools
Save Me A Place (Fleetwood Mac) 02:56 Tools
07 Anyone, Everyone (lofi) 02:57 Tools
10 Little Dead Leaf (lofi) 02:57 Tools
08 Old Skin (lofi) 03:20 Tools
11 New Life (lofi) 04:08 Tools
More Than You Know from the album Oh, Ramona 02:33 Tools
Gallows 03:28 Tools
Seed Song 03:11 Tools
5. Sink Your Teeth into Me 02:43 Tools
7. Girls 01:58 Tools
9. Oh, No 01:15 Tools
NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert 10:50 Tools
4. The Shots I Drank 02:52 Tools
12. More than you know 02:33 Tools
14. Yellow Rubber Nails 01:41 Tools
Desolation Watlz 03:49 Tools
8. Mockingbird 02:36 Tools
03-I Do Not Understand 10:50 Tools
Paul’s Letter to St. Job 10:50 Tools
You and I ISRABOX.EU 10:50 Tools
Bitter 10:50 Tools
Dani, Love Of Mine 02:18 Tools
02-Baby For J 02:18 Tools
05-Sink Your Teeth Into Me 02:18 Tools
04-The Shots I Drank 02:18 Tools
12-More Than You Know 02:18 Tools
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If Oh, Ramona was Jordan Geiger's bedroom-pop debut album, then Lonely Twin is the sound of Geiger's Hospital Ships solo project moving up to a three-room suite. Exploding outward on album opener "Love Or Death," Geiger gives voice to those "...on the outside, always looking in," while injecting enough electronic beats, buzzing organ riffs, and joyous handclaps to elevate this sophomore Hospital Ships album from modest humility to self-assured confidence. Perhaps that's because Geiger, a native of Lawrence, Kansas, former member of Shearwater and the Appleseed Cast, and principal member of the now-defunct Minus Story, has taken the fractured Midwestern influences of The Flaming Lips and Bright Eyes to fresh new heights. "Honey Please" is a rollicking slice of queasy, off-kilter rock, but tender tracks like "Bird In Furs" and "Phantom Limb" revisit Geiger's bedroom strengths: intimate, majestic moments of indie-pop beauty that rise and fall with the crescendos and valleys of his high-pitched tenor. First album single "Carry On," available in a limited run of 300 pink vinyl units, is pristine and sparse, a classic for any musical age that hinges on Geiger's appeals to live life without reservations: "We will laugh till we cry and drink till we're drunk… To all of the songs that I wished I had sung, you will ring in my ears till my days are done." Yet the song rises up from Geiger's bedside table, climaxing with buzz saw electric guitars that hint at stomping anthem "Reprise," which implores the attuned Hospital Ships listener to "Hold this hope in your heart." Lonely Twin also alights in AM pop, doom rock, and dusty folk territory, but through it all, Jordan Geiger maintains a balance between optimism and desperation, both necessary attributes to survive in these turbulent times. With Lonely Twin, Geiger ventures out of his comfort zone and into the delightful yet dark surrounding world. It's a journey on which you'll definitely want to join him. File under: Midwestern Existential Fuzz-Pop. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.