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I'm On To You 03:27 Tools
Here I Am (Rock You Like a Hurricane) 03:04 Tools
Hurricane 03:44 Tools
Ay Bay Bay 05:04 Tools
Over The Edge 04:43 Tools
Next To You 03:37 Tools
Reign of Love 04:47 Tools
Dance Little Sister 04:51 Tools
I'm Eighteen 04:14 Tools
Messin' With A Hurricane 05:01 Tools
We Are Strong 04:43 Tools
Temptation 03:13 Tools
Young Man 03:52 Tools
Spark In My Heart 04:56 Tools
Insane 03:48 Tools
Take Me In Your Arms 04:12 Tools
In The Fire 03:28 Tools
Don't Wanna Dream 05:06 Tools
Shout 04:45 Tools
Give Me An Inch 04:16 Tools
Hot and Heavy 03:54 Tools
Smiles Like A Child 04:15 Tools
The Girls Are Out Tonight 03:32 Tools
Lock Me Up 03:41 Tools
River Gold 04:03 Tools
Take What You Want 03:37 Tools
Let It Slide 04:36 Tools
Baby Snakes 04:29 Tools
It's Only Heaven 06:46 Tools
10,000 Years 05:45 Tools
A Bay Bay 05:08 Tools
LA Luna 02:31 Tools
Four Fly Guys 03:35 Tools
Favorito 03:35 Tools
Bay Bay - Main 05:08 Tools
In My Dreams 05:10 Tools
Shine 03:34 Tools
Stick 'Em Up 02:50 Tools
Elbow Room 03:10 Tools
Happy to Be Your Fool 05:57 Tools
Heart Made of Stone 06:06 Tools
Now You Do 03:23 Tools
New God 04:59 Tools
Bleed for Me 04:30 Tools
Intro 00:26 Tools
It's Your Life 04:36 Tools
Shelter 04:15 Tools
Torn 05:37 Tools
aye bay bay 05:07 Tools
Pass Me The Gun 03:44 Tools
Can We All Get Along 03:30 Tools
The Hurra 01:03 Tools
First Day Out The Feds 02:25 Tools
Hey Bay Bay 05:08 Tools
Comin' Off 03:16 Tools
Pat Your Foot 03:26 Tools
Chew Lips (XXXY Remix) 00:00 Tools
Ms Mr 03:42 Tools
10, 000 Years 05:43 Tools
Get Blind 02:56 Tools
Baby Snakes (Instrumental Version) 03:47 Tools
Feel The Blast 03:38 Tools
FX 01:06 Tools
Where's My Niggas At 03:32 Tools
What's Really Going On 03:31 Tools
Interlude 01:06 Tools
Ay BayBay 05:04 Tools
Bay Bay - Inst 05:04 Tools
On + On (Miami By Night 12" Mix) 04:57 Tools
Livin' Over The Edge (Single Version) 04:42 Tools
Bay Bay 04:57 Tools
Bob Dylan 00:00 Tools
Japanese Eyes 03:06 Tools
On & On 04:02 Tools
Hurriane- Ay bay bay 00:00 Tools
Machine Sound Interlude 01:06 Tools
Step Into My World 06:12 Tools
Don't Dream It's Over 03:16 Tools
Rock Of Ages 04:01 Tools
Livin' Over The Edge 04:42 Tools
Comin' Off (Central Coast Vibe) 03:20 Tools
You Give Love A Bad Name 03:43 Tools
Avantura 03:43 Tools
Birthday Anthem 03:20 Tools
hey babay 03:20 Tools
Panic! At The Disco - Lyrics 03:49 Tools
Welcome 01:10 Tools
A Bay Bay (Dirty) 01:10 Tools
Stick 'em Up (feat. Beastie Boys) 02:58 Tools
Hurricane-Ay Bay Bay 04:22 Tools
Rock Of Ages [Def Leppard] 04:01 Tools
Billionaire Dreams 02:25 Tools
Knock Knock 04:01 Tools
Sunday Night 04:01 Tools
BAP 00:00 Tools
Severe Damage 01:07 Tools
About Bread 00:00 Tools
Panic! At the disco 03:00 Tools
Bridgit Mendler 00:00 Tools
Chris 04:41 Tools
Jack Move 04:41 Tools
Halsey 04:49 Tools
A Made Man 04:59 Tools
Row Ya Boat (remix) 01:07 Tools
30 Seconds to Mars 00:30 Tools
Ms. Mr. 00:30 Tools
Be a Man 04:49 Tools
a bay bay (highly requested) 04:59 Tools
Promises 03:49 Tools
Turn Yourself Around 03:14 Tools
Feel Right 03:14 Tools
Up in Da Club 04:59 Tools
Parachute Cover 03:49 Tools
I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper) 04:15 Tools
Ridin Like a Pimp 03:49 Tools
Push 03:55 Tools
Hurricane Who? 03:06 Tools
Don't Stop 03:14 Tools
Coast To Coast 03:55 Tools
999 03:55 Tools
The Pit 00:00 Tools
Monday Afternoon 03:00 Tools
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 03:34 Tools
5 Stacks 03:00 Tools
A Bay Bay (Remix) (Feat. Big Kuntry) 03:55 Tools
Hot & Heavy 00:00 Tools
Kyuss 03:00 Tools
Back On The Set 00:00 Tools
Stick'em Up 03:00 Tools
Birthday Anthem - Remix 03:00 Tools
Ain't No Love 00:30 Tools
Ay Bay Bay (Remix) (Feat. The Game, Boosie, E-40, Birdman And Jadakiss) 00:00 Tools
Theory of a Deadman 00:30 Tools
Ay Bay Bay (Dirty) 00:30 Tools
Hittaz 00:30 Tools
Handle It 00:30 Tools
East West South 03:48 Tools
Grippin So Hard 00:30 Tools
The Proof 00:30 Tools
Thing 4 U 04:50 Tools
Ay Baby Ay Baby 04:50 Tools
Naxxramas Trailer 2017 04:50 Tools
Ain't From Around Here 03:40 Tools
Eye of the Hurricane 04:50 Tools
Comin Off 03:23 Tools
Pierdolona Era Techno 03:23 Tools
9mm's & Techs 04:01 Tools
Panic! At The Disco [8-bit] 04:50 Tools
Two Piece 04:50 Tools
Baby Snakes (instrumental) 05:40 Tools
Dancing Days (Razed In Black Remix) 03:48 Tools
Anything Goes 03:48 Tools
Blockbuster 55 03:48 Tools
lyrics 04:12 Tools
Only The Strongest Will Survive 04:12 Tools
Ms.Mr 04:26 Tools
Uncensored Scenes 03:48 Tools
Shaftman Smack Dat Ass 00:00 Tools
Bridgit Mendler (Official Lyrics) 04:03 Tools
A Female Vocal Dubstep Mix 03:23 Tools
Hand Clap 03:23 Tools
New Generation 03:23 Tools
Birthday Anthem (Remix) 04:54 Tools
Personal 04:54 Tools
Hurricane- Ay bay bay 05:07 Tools
Dub inc / Album : Paradise 05:07 Tools
Winter Storm 05:40 Tools
My Name Is Hurricane 04:01 Tools
Just Another Illusion 05:40 Tools
Baby Snakes - Instrumental 05:40 Tools
A Bay Bay (Clean) 05:40 Tools
HYPER X'MAS 05:40 Tools
Rule That 05:40 Tools
Four Fly Guys (feat Beastie Boys) 03:34 Tools
Panic! at the Disco + LYRICS 05:40 Tools
EY BAY BAY 05:40 Tools
Hurricane - Ay Bay Bay 05:40 Tools
Ay Bay Bay Remix 05:40 Tools
Wine Yuh Waist 03:26 Tools
Ay Bay Bay (Remix) (ft. The Game, Jadakiss, Lil Boosie, Baby & e-40) 03:26 Tools
A Bay Bay (Instrumental) 03:34 Tools
Run Come Defendit 03:34 Tools
Oh Babe What Would You Say 03:34 Tools
On And On 03:34 Tools
Power To Jump 06:02 Tools
Ay Baby 03:34 Tools
I'm Onto You (Na Na Na Na) super stormin' hook edit 00:00 Tools
I'm On To You (Na Na Na Na Na Na) [Super Stormin'Hook Edit] 03:34 Tools
Seconds To Mars (Acoustic live) 03:34 Tools
Where's My Niggaz At 03:34 Tools
Mindy Smith 00:30 Tools
Baby Snakes Instrumental Version 00:30 Tools
Comin' Off (feat L.O. & Tye Bud) 03:34 Tools
t I'm onto You hook edit 192k. 03:34 Tools
Magic night 03:34 Tools
Feel The Blast (feat Sen Dog) 03:34 Tools
Comin' Off (Coffee Shop Remix) 03:34 Tools
Stick 'em Up (feat Beastie Boys) 02:58 Tools
Shout Baby Snakes 03:34 Tools
HALLE BERRY 03:34 Tools
turn it up 03:34 Tools
Halsey (acoustic) 03:34 Tools
Four Fly Guys ft. The Beastie Boys 03:34 Tools
Do You Remember 03:56 Tools
You Hear Me? 04:36 Tools
Misterwives 00:30 Tools
M54 (One Republic - Counting stars) 03:56 Tools
Aye Baby 03:56 Tools
Im On To You 03:56 Tools
Messin With A Hurricane 05:02 Tools
Kilburn 03:56 Tools
Oriental Acupuncture 03:56 Tools
Four Fly Guys (feat. Beastie Boys) 03:29 Tools
Ahn'Qiraj Trailer 2016 03:29 Tools
On and On (Miami By Night 12" Mix) 03:56 Tools
Textures 00:32 Tools
Drop Them Draws 03:46 Tools
Kick Door 04:36 Tools
The Fray 03:46 Tools
Nothing Is Sweeter 03:50 Tools
Take Her Back 03:43 Tools
30 Seconds to Mars (Zouk Remix 2012 Dj Kakah) 04:05 Tools
The Promise 03:27 Tools
Ay Bay Bay (remix) 03:56 Tools
LOST SONG 01:01 Tools
Chimes 00:30 Tools
t Hurricane 192k. 03:56 Tools
Comin' Off (LP Version) 03:56 Tools
Introducing Jared 00:32 Tools
Ilse DeLange 00:32 Tools
Ghost 03:56 Tools
Been Such A Long Time 04:36 Tools
Feel The Blast ft. Sen Dog 04:36 Tools
4 Fly Guys 00:30 Tools
Fire & Ice 03:25 Tools
Comin' Off ("Coffee" Shop Remix) 04:07 Tools
Fire And Ice 03:26 Tools
Trial For The Hungry Wolves 03:45 Tools
Rubin Hurricane Carter 04:07 Tools
Monsters 04:05 Tools
Halley Berry 03:45 Tools
Favorito - GK - (TV Grand 23.09.2019.) 03:45 Tools
and i can't sleep... 01:01 Tools
30 Seconds To Mars With lyrics. 01:01 Tools
I'm on to You (Super Stormin' Hook edit) 03:28 Tools
冷たい水 00:00 Tools
Pacific Blue 00:30 Tools
Ain't From Around Here (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
Valesta | FM4 Connected 00:30 Tools
Thrice (Scatolove Mini Cover) 00:30 Tools
Look What Love Has Done To Me 03:58 Tools
La Luna (Bonus Track) 03:58 Tools
East, West, South 00:00 Tools
Freaky 04:04 Tools
I Cried To Many Tears 04:20 Tools
I'm Onto You <Super Stormin' Hook Edit> 03:23 Tools
Rise Of The Phoenix 03:15 Tools
Are You Ready 04:05 Tools
In Vein Of Ruthless Years 03:28 Tools
Wave Of The Dreamer 04:32 Tools
Shakin' An' Breakin' 03:13 Tools
Japanese Title 04:32 Tools
MS MR (TSH FS edit) 00:00 Tools
笹船 00:00 Tools
Can We Get Along 03:29 Tools
galang bad - dz 03:07 Tools
t The Girls Out Tonight 192k. 03:33 Tools
HandClap 03:29 Tools
Rock Of Ages (Def Leppard) 00:00 Tools
Pass Me the Gun (Instrumental) 03:29 Tools
Birthday Anthem Remix 03:29 Tools
AY BABAY 03:29 Tools
Jerry Folk Bootleg || DL in description 03:29 Tools
What's Really Going On ft. MC Breed & L.O. 03:22 Tools
On & On (Miami By Night 12" Mix) 03:01 Tools
Skit 03:22 Tools
Seconds to Mars 00:00 Tools
Shaftman: Smack Dat Ass 03:01 Tools
The Heart You Broke 03:23 Tools
There Ain't Nuthin'Here Yours 04:54 Tools
Hurricane-Ay BayBay 03:23 Tools
A Bay Bay (Inst) 03:23 Tools
Lost 03:46 Tools
A Bay Bay Remix(Feat.The Game Lil Boosie E-40 Birdman Jim jones) 03:46 Tools
Blackwing Lair Trailer 2015 03:46 Tools
Who To Love 03:46 Tools
Ms. Mr. (HQ) 00:00 Tools
くちなし 06:34 Tools
Bang 00:00 Tools
01 - Take Me In Your Arms 00:00 Tools
Trio Hurricane 06:34 Tools
Stick 'Em Up feat. Beastie Boys 06:34 Tools
9mm's And Techs 06:34 Tools
Gordon Ramsay Yells at Scared Customer 06:34 Tools
Owl-Eyes 03:01 Tools
B.A.P (비에이피) 06:34 Tools
Guitar solo 00:00 Tools
Hurricane (Uncensored) 00:00 Tools
I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper Cover) 04:15 Tools
Anything Goes (THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB Remix) 03:01 Tools
I'm Onto You (Hook Edit) 03:01 Tools
A Bay Bay 77 03:01 Tools 03:01 Tools
Drum Solo 03:01 Tools
Stick 'Em Up (Feat. The Beastie Boys) 04:15 Tools
The Voice 03:27 Tools
Myspace freak remix 03:27 Tools
A Bay Bay (Acapella) 04:54 Tools
Get Out Yo Mind (Feat. Pimp C, Bulletproof-Teflon! And Bay Bay) 04:54 Tools
Comin' Off ft. Tye Bud & L.O. 04:54 Tools
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There are 4 artists that are called Hurricane. 1) a hair metal band formed in the mid-80's featuring Robert Sarzo (guitar), Tony Cavazo (bass), Kelly Hansen (vocals), and Jay Schellen (drums). Quiet Riot's Kevin Dubrow introduced Robert Sarzo and Tony Cavazo (brothers of Quiet Riot members Rudy Sarzo and Carlos Cavazo) in the early 80s. After deciding to form a band, Sarzo and Cavazo recruited singer Kelly Hansen and drummer Jay Schellen. With little label interest, the band decided to release a mini-album themselves, Take What You Want. The album and constant touring led to them getting a major label deal. Hurricane had four albums. Take What You Want (1985), Over The Edge (1988), Slave To The Thrill (1990), and Liquifury (2001). Over The Edge was their most successful album featuring their only top 40 hit, "I'm On To You." In 1989 Sarzo left the group and was replaced by ex Lion guitarist, Doug Aldrich. This lineup recorded one album before Aldrich moved on to House Of Lords and the rest of the group quickly disintegrated with the onslaught of grunge. Schellen recorded with both Unruly Child and Sircle Of Silence while Hansen did a considerable amount of session work. Schellen suggested that Hansen help with the recording of Unruly Child's second release, and shortly after they agreed to resurrect Hurricane. Sean Manning (guitar), Carlos Villalobos (guitar) and Larry Antonino (bass) rounded out the new version of the band, and they released Liquifury. Hansen now sings in the band Foreigner . 2) From 1986 to 1997, DJ Hurricane was the natural fixture behind the turntables at Beastie Boys concerts. The 1997 Tibetan Freedom Concert II was the last official appearance of the Hurra as DJ for the Beastie Boys. He would later return as a guest DJ on stage in Atlanta, GA when the Hello Nasty tour passed through in 1998. Hurricane started off as part of Run DMC's entourage in the mid 1980's. hen the Beastie Boys and Run DMC went on the Raising Hell Tour (1986), Hurricane stepped up and filled the role as DJ when Dr. Dre (of Yo MTV Raps fame) became frustrated with life on the road (i.e. having been left behind in a Florida hotel lobby). Around the same time that Licensed to Ill was being recorded, Hurricane went into the studio with Davy D and recorded the "Davy's Ride" LP. Davy D would later be an opening act for the Beastie Boys during parts of the 1987 tour. In 1990, Hurricane teamed up with some old friends to put out the Afros Kickin' Afrolistics LP. The Afros generated a fair amount of buzz for themselves and even made an appearance on Howard Stern's WWOR New York cable talk show to promote the album. However with the birth of Grand Royal Records in the early 1990s, DJ Hurricane began working on what would become his first solo effort entitled The Hurra.During 1994 and 1995 Beastie Boys concert performances, DJ Hurricane would step out from the turn tables and perform two to three vocalized songs. Usually he would rap original lyrics to the Beastie Boys' instrumental "POW", as well as run through either "Elbow Room" or "Four Fly Guys". The Hurra which was later released in 1995, might as well have been a companion piece to Ill Communication as the two albums sound somewhat similiar due to that fact that "the Hurra" features guests along the lines of Mario Caldato, Money Mark Nishita, Eric Bobo, and yes, the Beastie Boys. In 1997, DJ Hurricane released another full length album Severe Damage in Japan. Unlike the Hurra, this release did not have close ties to the Beastie Boys. The closet thing to a Beastie Boys guest appearance on this album was Adam Horovitz's production work on the track "Japanese Eyes." Three years later Hurricane put out his strongest album Don't Sleep which featured a legion of guest stars. Back again on this one were vocals from Adam Horovitz and keyboard work by Money Mark. Most recently DJ Hurricane has lent his name to a new computer gaming company called 404 Gaming. In fact, the 404 Gaming website states that Hurricane is one of the company's co-founders. It appears as though Adam Horovitz is also involved to a lesser degree. With the success of Def Jam's "Fight For NY" game, it will be interesting to see what comes of this new project. 3) HURRICANE is a 4 piece hardcore/punk/metal oufit from Tampin , Malaysia. This band was formed in the early of 2011 from the ashes of Devilica and Kinsfolk with Malik on Drum, Razly ( ateng) as vocal , Razak on guitar and Ijam on bass. In the middle of 2011, after their first show in Tampin, the band replaced Ijam with Aizat from Channeling Mahatma. The band recorded their 1st demo contained 2 songs in the end of 2011 at Seventh Heaven Studio and released it in 2012. On March 8th 2012, the band got a chances to open for 1 of their biggest influenced, The Dillinger Escape Plan live in Kuala Lumpur. After playing a few shows the band already recorded 10 songs at Green House Studio between August to November 2012 and plan to release it on April 2013. Musically the band are influenced by lots of chaotic, mathcore, screamo ,neo crust and 90’s hardcore sound Discography: *In Venin (2013) 4) a Japanese hardcore punk band. Known releases are: 2 demos Barmy Army CD-R 4 songs on the Terro Rhythm #5 comp. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.