Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Across 110th Street (Taken From 'Across 110th Street') 03:50 Tools
Kig Forbi 03:35 Tools
Det Passer 03:26 Tools
Dream 03:00 Tools
Nasty 03:49 Tools
Bawler hele dagen 03:48 Tools
Teriyaki 03:35 Tools
Ik Hate 02:32 Tools
Det Her 03:05 Tools
Ryge Og Knep 03:37 Tools
Time to Go Home 04:19 Tools
Disco 09:46 Tools
Bloody Flower 07:40 Tools
Intro 00:48 Tools
Kender Du Det 03:55 Tools
Push The Feeling On 01:42 Tools
Sexy Birds 08:21 Tools
Dankort Blues 02:57 Tools
Total Lokal 03:41 Tools
Drama 03:13 Tools
Say You Love me 03:36 Tools
Bite Mit Shit 03:48 Tools
Sui Sui 02:14 Tools
Push The Feeling On - Radio Edit 03:08 Tools
Borte Med Blæsten 03:45 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter 03:39 Tools
Fact-Fiction 02:48 Tools
Tatoos 03:51 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter (feat. L.O.C.) 03:36 Tools
Begge Lommer Fyldt 03:55 Tools
Båb Marley 03:49 Tools
Jyske Dollars 02:50 Tools
Piedestal 03:24 Tools
Aaay! 03:10 Tools
Harlem Love Theme (Instrumental) [Taken From 'Across 110th Street'] 03:11 Tools
Hovedrollen 03:29 Tools
Ingen Regning 02:50 Tools
Jeg Groover 03:25 Tools
Læner Pænt 04:54 Tools
Bag Lukkede Døre 03:31 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter - Feat. L.O.C. 03:36 Tools
How You Swear 08:25 Tools
De Drømmer 06:09 Tools
Forelsket 02:48 Tools
Pengeskabet 03:28 Tools
Deadstock 03:28 Tools
Pengeskabet - Feat. ALEX 03:28 Tools
You're All I Need To Make It 03:18 Tools
Make It Alright 03:02 Tools
The Enemy 02:44 Tools
You Can't Blame Me 03:28 Tools
V8 05:45 Tools
Fuck Dance Let's Art 02:23 Tools
A Good Man 02:16 Tools
Joggingsættet 04:04 Tools
Alt Mit Shit... 03:46 Tools
Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer 02:06 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter ft. L.O.C. 03:36 Tools
Kig Forbi (Main) 02:06 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter feat. L.O.C. 02:06 Tools
Min Bitch 03:46 Tools
Ved Det Nu (feat. USO) 04:05 Tools
De Drømmer - Feat. U$O 06:09 Tools
Nek Je Die 06:09 Tools
We Stand Alone - Soarsweep presents Smooth Stab Remix 07:36 Tools
Waterman 03:57 Tools
a world without you 03:17 Tools
F.A.N. 03:57 Tools
Tattoo 03:51 Tools
Pengeskabet ft. Alex 03:28 Tools
Fine Forhold 03:36 Tools
Joggingsættet (Feat. Alex) 04:05 Tools
OldSkool 03:18 Tools
V8 (Feat. Khao) 05:46 Tools
F.A.N. (Feat. Alex) 03:58 Tools
Hovedrollen - (Toppen Af Poppen) 02:12 Tools
Sandheden (feat. L.O.C.) 07:36 Tools
Fine forhold (Feat. U$O) 03:38 Tools
Bawler Hele Dagen - Radio Edit 03:52 Tools
Push The Feeling On (Radio Edit) 03:08 Tools
Goe Råd 03:52 Tools
Wide Sun 03:08 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter - Featuring L.O.C. 03:36 Tools
Push The Feeling On - Club Mix 06:49 Tools
Fendi (Remix) [feat. Venlo-Zuid Soundsystem] 03:36 Tools
It Will Stand 02:40 Tools
Pavane And Galliard 00:30 Tools
Hvergang 03:05 Tools
AlFor Lang Tid 03:36 Tools
Outro 06:52 Tools
All My Love 04:11 Tools
4x4 02:25 Tools
Hanrej 03:42 Tools
Truck Nigga 03:18 Tools
Sick House (Rich Lane Chug Dub) 05:01 Tools
Scratcher 07:49 Tools
Eased 04:01 Tools
Tom K 02:30 Tools
På Det Næste (feat. Marwan) 01:16 Tools
Moritz 06:52 Tools
Sonidero - Fusi & Johnson Remix 07:31 Tools
Hækspoil 03:05 Tools
push the feeling on (club mix) 06:43 Tools
Autobahn 02:40 Tools
Huppie Puppie 06:43 Tools
Allover 01:38 Tools
600 BENZ 03:42 Tools
Mekanikeren 01:16 Tools
Anybody Out There 03:52 Tools
Kangoroo 07:43 Tools
Makes Me Blue 07:49 Tools
Alle Kigger På Os 03:44 Tools
På Det Næste (feat. Marwan) 01:14 Tools
A Mother's Love 02:43 Tools
MR CLEEEN 03:09 Tools
Push The Feeling On ( 03:10 Tools
Op På Et Hjul 02:35 Tools
Så Brian 01:38 Tools
Tender Higher 04:40 Tools
High 04:24 Tools
I Jool Omo 04:09 Tools
Wishes of the Messenger of Spring 05:01 Tools
Mmmbop 05:47 Tools
Until the Sun 00:00 Tools
Fra mit kvarter - feat. LOC 03:35 Tools
Adura 04:09 Tools
13. Pengeskabet feat. Alex 04:24 Tools
Guccinocoogi 04:24 Tools
Witchdoctor 00:00 Tools
Try 03:52 Tools
Sick House - Rich Lane Remix 02:13 Tools
Sick House 04:51 Tools
Astral Boy 03:19 Tools
Watusi 00:00 Tools
Tatoo 02:43 Tools
Lord Morocco 04:17 Tools
Alone 03:45 Tools
Under The Moonlight 04:40 Tools
幻想奏震電 05:13 Tools
Magic Fountain 04:56 Tools
It Could Be 04:17 Tools
Liebe Safe 03:51 Tools
Border Loop 07:35 Tools
Say You Love Me (Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix) 03:46 Tools
Monster Electronics 03:46 Tools
Over Drive Rock Disco 04:39 Tools
秒針ナイフ 04:05 Tools
Ire 03:35 Tools
We Stand Alone - Beat Service Remix 07:25 Tools
I Won't Let You 03:35 Tools
Sick House (Rich Lane remix) 04:10 Tools
A You Momma 03:46 Tools
I Sing the Birth 05:47 Tools
満月の演奏会 06:24 Tools
ドーピングライド 05:32 Tools
push the feeling on (clubmix) 03:35 Tools
God Bless Me 03:42 Tools
春風ノ香リ 03:56 Tools
四千年夜行 03:41 Tools
悲シキ演奏家 04:58 Tools
地下鉄からの眺め 05:47 Tools
New Kind of Love 02:15 Tools
Not For You 04:10 Tools
Hi Life 04:10 Tools
幻想響瞑電 04:10 Tools
Hüppie Püppie 05:47 Tools
Pengeskabet feat. Alex 03:31 Tools
Silvertape 04:07 Tools
Poper Beat 2024 05:27 Tools
A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid 03:08 Tools
AlFor Lang Tid - track version 06:09 Tools
僕ノ望ミ天ノ恵ミ 04:29 Tools
鼓動、秒針、メトロノーム 03:31 Tools
道化師の綱渡り 03:24 Tools
De Drømmer feat. USO 04:58 Tools
12. De Drømmer feat. U$O 03:08 Tools
Alege 04:07 Tools
De drømmer - feat. USO 03:24 Tools
黎明の歪 03:38 Tools
G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again 03:01 Tools
Kig Forbi (Acapella) 03:24 Tools
Allover (Remain Remix) 06:09 Tools
Allover - Remain Remix 02:35 Tools
Border Loop (Human Traffic Remix) 07:37 Tools
黄砂ノ国から 03:14 Tools
Breeze 03:31 Tools
Full fathom five 01:26 Tools
Bawler Hele Dagen - Instrumental 03:49 Tools
Kig Forbi (Main Version) 03:37 Tools
Sick House (Really Sick Mix) 06:48 Tools
Bawler Hele Dagen (Radio Edit) 03:28 Tools
Perfect Human Specimen 01:26 Tools
Get Ready To Jump - Vocal 08:11 Tools
Electrophyde 01:26 Tools
Tattoos 03:51 Tools
Pengeskabet (feat. Alex) 03:28 Tools
Sick House - Really Sick Mix 02:13 Tools
Sweet Home Chicago 06:09 Tools
Say You Love Me (Frankie Knuckles Club Mix) 04:15 Tools
Pseudopod 321: I Am The Box, The Box Is Me 41:45 Tools
De Drømmer (feat. U$O) 06:09 Tools
Where the bee sucks 01:14 Tools
Get Ready To Jump - Instrumental 06:48 Tools
Lucky Star 03:12 Tools
Ability of girls 04:51 Tools
Bawler Hele Dagen - A Capella 03:50 Tools
Nasty (Club Version) 03:49 Tools
Kig Forbi (Instrumental) 03:49 Tools
Bubble Toes 03:58 Tools
Like This Steps 04:55 Tools
Nocturnal Illusion 05:14 Tools
God destroy science 04:35 Tools
The road to the end 04:53 Tools
Dinner with Gershwin - Bini & Martini Radio Edit 04:54 Tools
Rhythm Devils 04:26 Tools
Border Loop (Original Mix) 03:51 Tools
Jealous scar 04:05 Tools
No.Violin-G 06:21 Tools
push the feeling on (radio edi 04:53 Tools
Say You Love Me [Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix] 01:14 Tools
Too Bad To Forgive - Original Mix 03:36 Tools
Så Brian 01:38 Tools
Splendid Breeze 04:57 Tools
Alt mit shit ... 04:35 Tools
Pengeskabet - Featuring Alex 04:35 Tools
catalust. 04:35 Tools
Across 110th Street (From the Film OST 'Across 110th Street') 03:50 Tools
Harlem Clavinette (Instrumental) [Taken From 'Across 110th Street'] 02:13 Tools
the WHISTLING COON (NIG) 01:55 Tools
Kig Forbi - Instrumental 03:34 Tools
Cliffs of Dover 02:13 Tools
Across 110th Street (Instrumental) [Taken From 'Across 110th Street'] 02:30 Tools
Kig Forbi - Main 02:13 Tools
De Drømmer feat. U$O 03:12 Tools
Drippin 02:45 Tools
Jackpot - Spektre Remix 07:15 Tools
Kig Forbi - A Cappella 03:36 Tools
Alle Kigger På Os 03:45 Tools
De Dagdrømmer ft. U$O 03:12 Tools
It Coould Be 03:12 Tools
Jersey Bounce 03:12 Tools
Roll Em Pete 02:51 Tools
Op På Et Hjul 02:35 Tools
1. Intro 02:35 Tools
10. Dankort Blues 02:35 Tools
Say You Love Me (Radio Edit) 02:49 Tools
Freedom 05:51 Tools
Fantasia 05:51 Tools
Mr. Moonlight 02:45 Tools
If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight 05:51 Tools
House Rent Scuffle 02:49 Tools
Glorious 03:25 Tools
De Drømmer - Featuring U$O 03:25 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter (Featuring L.O.C) 03:25 Tools
Bawler Hele Dagen (Instrumental) 03:25 Tools
Say You Love Me Frankie Knuckles Club mix 01:24 Tools
Sonidero 07:11 Tools
Hovedrollen - Toppen Af Poppen 04:54 Tools
Across 110th Street - Part 2 (Taken From 'Across 110th Street') 02:56 Tools
Say You Love Me (Frankie Knuckles Reprise) 07:11 Tools
Hovedrollen ((Toppen Af Poppen)) 02:12 Tools
Cabellos Con Rulitos 02:12 Tools
Alt Mit Shit 02:12 Tools
Vinderholdet (feat. Johnson) 06:05 Tools
Seem Lak' To Me - 2008 Remastered Version 04:54 Tools
Jeber 07:11 Tools
People Watching 07:11 Tools
Upside Down 07:11 Tools
Prelude Freedom 07:11 Tools
On The Wall 03:05 Tools
I write the songs 03:36 Tools
30 - Det Passer 03:05 Tools
Hovedrollen (Toppen Af Poppen) 03:36 Tools
Camel's Night Out 04:54 Tools
Pengeskabet (Featuring Alex) 04:54 Tools
Hanse Train (Der Dritte Raum Remix) 04:54 Tools
Mental Instrumental 04:54 Tools
Zap 04:54 Tools
Dinner with Gershwin (Bini & Martini Radio Edit) 03:36 Tools
Waiting For Love (Bodega Remix / unmastered Snippet / soon on SUNSUN Records) 04:54 Tools
Galliard 01:24 Tools
Since I Fell for You 01:24 Tools
do you remember 04:54 Tools
I Live for Love 02:06 Tools
Stranded in the Jungle 02:52 Tools
Border Loop - Human Traffic Remix 01:24 Tools
Fra Mit Kvarter (feat. LOC) 03:36 Tools
Push the Feeling 03:36 Tools
Better Together 03:36 Tools
Harlem Clavinette [Taken From 'Across 110th Street'] 03:36 Tools
City! Break Or Fast 03:36 Tools
De Drømmer (Featuring U$O) 03:36 Tools
Alman 03:36 Tools
My Queen 03:36 Tools
almaine 03:36 Tools
Pavin 03:36 Tools
Jyske Dollars - track version 03:36 Tools
Have You Seene But A White Lilly Grow 01:24 Tools
Bawler Hele Dagen (Acapella) 01:24 Tools
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There are four acts that go by the name Johnson: 1. Marc Johnson (også blot kendt som Johnson) er en dansk rapper med øgenavnet NiggerenISlæden. Han har tidligere været medlem af den hedengangne gruppen B.A.N.G.E.R.S. sammen med U$O, L.O.C. og DJ Rescue. Sammen udgav de en EP, som blev kaldt for V.I.P. EP'en i et meget lille oplag med fire tracks. Sidenhen har han udgivet en EP med barndomsvennen Ralle Malone som fik navnet Johnson & Malone og en single - Ingen gør som vi gør - med gruppen J.A.Z. (sammen med Alex og sin storesøster, Zindy Laursen). Johnsons første soloalbum blev udgivet den 29. maj 2006 og har titlen Det passer. På dette album gæsteoptræder bl.a. L.O.C., U$O og Alex. 2. Johnson (ജോണ്‍സന്‍ in Malayalam) is a two time National Award winning Indian composer of film scores who has given music to some of the most important motion pictures of Malayalam cinema. He is noted for his lyrical and expressive melodies together with simple but rich tonal compositions of thematic music. Johnson is the one of two composers of Malayalee origin who has won a National Award for the best composition (the other being Ousepachen). 3. Johnson was also a band from Sydney, Australia. Band members met in 2000, and formed a group in 2001 with Simon R. Berckelman on vocals/electrical guitar, Mr C. E. Southwood on the drums, Rabone Hogan on vocals/bass guitar, and Joel Beeson on vocals/organ/clavinet. Their music draws inspiration from the 70's funk/psychedelic soul/black rock era (from They were signed to indie label Motherlovin' Records. They have since released 3 recordings; one disc was named "White Boy Funk", and the most recent was called "Motown Won't Return My Calls". They have played sell-out shows at a number of local pubs and clubs around Sydney, including The Annandale Hotel, The Gaelic Club, The Hopetoun Hotel and The Metro, which saw them quickly rise in popularity, gaining attention for their quirky on-stage personalities and addictive tunes. They also received considerable airplay on radio stations such as FBi, Triple J and 2SER, which helped to push them further into the limelight. They had a tour planned for Spring 2005 as well as the release of an upcoming full-length album, however it is difficult to find information regarding the success of these two events; and indeed there are no online sources that indicate clearly whether they are still active or have since disbanded. Their band name derives from the Latin 'John' - that is, one who solitics the services of prostitutes - and 'On' - short for 'on-the-one,' which refers to the use of rhythms that rely heavily on the first beat of each bar (from 4. Johnson is also a band from The Netherlands. 5. Johnson is a dutch plug rapper from anbu gang Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.