Jon Auer

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Beautiful Stranger 04:17 Tools
Green Eyes 03:14 Tools
Six Feet Under 06:20 Tools
Bottom of the Bottle 03:43 Tools
You Used To Drive Me Around 05:56 Tools
Four Letter Word 03:01 Tools
The Likes Of You 03:40 Tools
Angelita 04:06 Tools
Song Noir 02:56 Tools
Josephine 07:24 Tools
Cemetery Song 04:48 Tools
Daytime Lullaby 02:36 Tools
Wicked World 04:01 Tools
Tears 04:04 Tools
My Sweet Unknown 04:40 Tools
Sundown 03:34 Tools
The Year of Our Demise 07:32 Tools
Adios 01:59 Tools
Beyond Belief 03:37 Tools
Baby Bitch 03:28 Tools
Love My Way 03:51 Tools
These Times 02:53 Tools
Bonnie & Clyde 03:26 Tools
Gold Star For Robot Boy 02:38 Tools
Games of Magic 04:52 Tools
The Perfect Size 02:59 Tools
When The Lights Go Up 06:16 Tools
Tuesday 04:39 Tools
Pretty Picture 03:10 Tools
Beautiful 03:47 Tools
One Way Street (demo) 03:17 Tools
Queen Of The Darkness 03:09 Tools
Such Is The Light 03:28 Tools
All U People 03:35 Tools
Fancy 03:04 Tools
Misfit Kid 04:57 Tools
City of Sister Love 02:57 Tools
Speed of Light 03:29 Tools
Thirteen 03:03 Tools
No Consolation 02:46 Tools
Sad To Be Aware 03:56 Tools
Flavor Of The Month 02:46 Tools
Puzzle Missing Pieces 03:02 Tools
Suddenly Mary 04:03 Tools
I May Hate You Sometimes 03:44 Tools
Elena Aria 02:47 Tools
Lights Out 03:02 Tools
Let It Snow! 02:15 Tools
Your Used to Drive Me Around 00:00 Tools
Is She Really Going Out with Him (Joe Jackson cover; live 6-30-2000) 02:15 Tools
23 Below 00:00 Tools
chromewaves radio, Gold Star For Robot Boy 00:00 Tools
Let It Snow 03:27 Tools
Bonnie & Clyde (Instrumental) 03:27 Tools
Live it Down 03:27 Tools
Coming Right Along 04:40 Tools
Twice Tried Advice 04:40 Tools
Bonnie and Clyde 03:26 Tools
Beautiful Stranger (Madonna cover) 04:18 Tools
The Sun Also Sets 03:26 Tools
Daily Mutilation 03:26 Tools
Ballad of a Tolerant Destination 02:36 Tools
Swinging Party 04:59 Tools
I'd Light A Candle 04:59 Tools
Instrumental From The Year Our Demise 04:59 Tools
Dead Summer 03:04 Tools
Northern Sky 04:50 Tools
23 Below (Freezing) 03:39 Tools
Don't You Want Me 04:25 Tools
Ask Me No Questions 04:39 Tools
Beautiful Stranger (Madonna) 00:00 Tools
Pretty Pictures 03:10 Tools
Don't Break the Silence 04:44 Tools
Pop Music of the Future 03:10 Tools
One way street (demo) (bonus track) 00:00 Tools
10:15 06:03 Tools
Prequel 03:29 Tools
Everyone Moves Away 06:03 Tools
You Got It All 03:21 Tools
Such is the light (bonus track) 03:10 Tools
Year of Our Demise 06:03 Tools
Jospephine 06:03 Tools
Games Of Magic [By Jon Auer] 06:03 Tools
City Of Sisterly Love 03:21 Tools
Beautiful Stranger - Jon Auer 04:05 Tools
Beautiful Stranger(Madonna) 04:05 Tools
Gold Star 03:30 Tools
Green Eyes (Husker Du cover) 03:30 Tools
Song 214: Six Feet Under 03:30 Tools
Bonnie and Clyde [Instrumental] 03:21 Tools
Instrumental From The Year of Our Demise 01:25 Tools
Throwaway 03:04 Tools
Perfect Size 01:25 Tools
Back of a Car 06:23 Tools
Baby Bitch (Ween cover) 01:25 Tools
Likes of You 01:25 Tools
Jon Auer - When the Lights Go Up 01:25 Tools
Queen of the darkness (bonus track) 01:25 Tools
Big Black Car 05:26 Tools
Beautiful Stranger (Madonna cover; live 12-15-2001) 06:23 Tools
Waiting For The Day 06:23 Tools
Bonnie and Clyde [Instrumental] [Instrumental] 06:23 Tools
Will You Ever Ease Your Mind 06:23 Tools
overload 06:23 Tools
Jon Auer - Beautiful 06:23 Tools
Is She Really Going Out with Him 06:23 Tools
Dead Summer (demo) 03:04 Tools
I Am The Cosmos 04:02 Tools
I'd Light a Candle (Demo) 02:52 Tools
Somehow Everything 02:52 Tools
Placebo 02:52 Tools
Gold Star for Robot Boy (GBV cover; live 12-15-2001) 04:02 Tools
Fight It if You Want 04:02 Tools
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Jon Auer is most well known for being one half of The Posies creative team, along with Ken Stringfellow. Auer's solo recordings demonstrate his considerable influence to the success of The Posies. In particular, SONGS FROM THE YEAR OF OUR DEMISE achieves new levels of melody and lyrical brilliance. The song "Bottom of the Bottle" will resonate with anyone who has dated someone who drinks a "little too much," and "Six Feet Under" may be one of the most depressing (yet cathartic) break-up songs ever written. SONGS FROM THE YEAR OF OUR DEMISE, BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, and SEA CHANGE are the holy trinity of break-up albums. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.