Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sans Doute 03:20 Tools
The Great Apart 04:51 Tools
Combray 04:24 Tools
Forget The Knights of Faith 03:07 Tools
A Certain Blindness 03:10 Tools
To Another 03:28 Tools
A Book Unto Himself 03:35 Tools
In Dialogue 03:29 Tools
As Long As Your Life Is Long 02:47 Tools
More Awkward than Silence 02:21 Tools
The Sea. A Reckless Dream 04:22 Tools
But A Beat From Your Bones 03:03 Tools
Cold Words, No Poem 04:03 Tools
End, As In Aim 04:18 Tools
And So I Tell Myself To Myself 02:59 Tools
All Paths To The End 03:13 Tools
Should A Word 04:53 Tools
...There Grows the Hours' Ladder to the Sun 04:53 Tools
Saying As Showing 02:51 Tools
Treading 02:47 Tools
A Line of Flight 04:14 Tools
...Last King of the Old World 03:23 Tools
...There Grows the Hours Ladder to the Sun 05:03 Tools
The City. Four Minutes Older 04:08 Tools
Long Vigilance. Waking Life. 05:08 Tools
Long Vigilance, Waking Life 05:07 Tools
Catastrophising 02:51 Tools
And So I Tell Myself 02:51 Tools
Is Not Ought 03:25 Tools
Is, Not Ought 04:16 Tools
End As In Aim 03:08 Tools
To Make Use Of Fate. To Take Care Of Time. 03:25 Tools
Forget the Knights of Faith. 03:48 Tools
Sans doute. 03:48 Tools
A Certain Blindness. 03:48 Tools
Second New 03:48 Tools
In Dialogue. 03:48 Tools
...There Grows the Hours' Ladder to the Sun. 03:48 Tools
The Great Apart. 03:48 Tools
Four Categories 03:48 Tools
Affect Effective 03:48 Tools
Long Vigilance, Waking Life. 03:48 Tools
A Book Unto Himself. 03:08 Tools
Withstood, Withstanding 03:08 Tools
The Sea. A Reckless Dream. 03:08 Tools
scattered islands of a shattered idea 03:08 Tools
Wear a Name 03:08 Tools
To Another. 03:25 Tools
A Dream To Sleep 03:25 Tools
Past Present Habits 03:25 Tools
Closer 03:08 Tools
For Solatium 03:08 Tools
To Make Use Of Fate. To Take Care Of Time 03:25 Tools
Throw Out Thoughts 03:25 Tools
Roads 03:13 Tools
Sacred 02:52 Tools
Celebration 03:09 Tools
02 - The City. Four Minutes Older 04:09 Tools
07 - The Great Apart 04:52 Tools
The Sea A Reckless Dream 04:52 Tools
Long Vigilance Waking Life 04:52 Tools
Today 04:55 Tools
05 - Combray 04:24 Tools
...There Grows The Hours' Ladd 04:53 Tools
06 - Sans Doute 04:53 Tools
The Weary Debts * 04:53 Tools
The Weary Debts 04:53 Tools
Bauhaus 00:00 Tools
Viktor Frankl vs the World 01:52 Tools
The Sea, A Wreckless Dream 04:22 Tools
Post Diana Emotional Literacy 03:49 Tools
02 - Viktor Frankl vs the World 03:49 Tools
03 - Post Diana Emotional Literacy 03:49 Tools
... 03:35 Tools
To Make Use Of Fate. To Take C 03:25 Tools
mp3.com 02:39 Tools
04 - mp3.com 02:39 Tools
To make use of fate, to take care of time 02:39 Tools
To Make Use Of Fate, To Take Care Of Time. 02:39 Tools
The Sea.A Reckless Dream 02:39 Tools
Kaddish - To Make Use of Fate, To Take Care of Time. 02:39 Tools
Kaddish - Catastrophising. 02:39 Tools
Kaddish 02:39 Tools
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Kaddish are a screamo band from Dundee, a city on the North East coast of Scotland. United Kingdom Collectively, they are Chris, Mark, John and Dom. Kaddish have been a band for a very long time. It is in the past few years, however, that they have been at their most active, releasing a seven song demo, a split 7” with Battle of Wolf 359 (2008), and, most recently, a ten song LP (2010). Kaddish released their LP with the support of four UK based labels: Parade of Spectres, Autumn Jams, Internationale, and This One’s for the Crew. Inside the LP they include song explanations and an essay on some of the issues that motivate their thinking as a band. It is a matter of recorded fact that Kaddish intend these words as an invitation to dialogue. Infrequently, Kaddish can be found manipulating the third person in an attempt to subvert the rules of websites that alienate them from the means of direct expression. It is reputed that they understand the necessity for such rules, but that they view them as part of a wider insidious tendency to convert human relations into impersonal data transfers. Kaddish do not, however, have any problem with people freely downloading their music. Rather, they would simply like to suggest that the tendency towards impersonal data transfer be viewed as means, and not as an end. That way, direct contact is made through impersonal means, and the subversion becomes all the purer for it. If you’d like to make contact with Kaddish, they can be found at: www.myspace.com/kaddishuk Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.