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With Glowing Hearts 08:07 Tools
Hope... 07:44 Tools
Astralagus 06:31 Tools
A Snowflake in Her Hand 06:20 Tools
Early Evening Bleeds Into Night 06:19 Tools
The Ocean Between You and Me 10:14 Tools
Every Passing Hour 03:45 Tools
The Owls Won't See Us In Here 07:15 Tools
Motorik 04:59 Tools
Pacific Coast Highway 07:29 Tools
Ghosts Of Electricty 05:36 Tools
Sterile World 05:27 Tools
Two and a Half Thousand Miles 09:51 Tools
life's road movies 06:31 Tools
Pacific Coast Highway (Twelve Remix) 06:09 Tools
Motorik (Matt Bartram Remix) 04:48 Tools
Life's Road Movies (Winterlight Remix) 05:36 Tools
Ghosts Of Electricty (Electric Loop Orchestra Remix) 04:31 Tools
Sterile World (Polysicness Remix) 06:24 Tools
Two and a Half Thousand Miles (Oppressed by the Line Remix) 09:21 Tools
Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames 09:21 Tools
Superbug 05:44 Tools
Fear Of Music 05:44 Tools
Alpha Beta Gamma Delta 05:44 Tools
Nuclear Winter 05:44 Tools
Life’s Road Movies 06:31 Tools
Sci-fi Rising 03:09 Tools
Early Evening Bleeds Into Night (Clem Leek Remix) 03:09 Tools
Space Junk 03:09 Tools
Immortal Engines 03:09 Tools
The Light Shining From A Window Behind Us 02:54 Tools
Flight Paths 06:51 Tools
every passing hour [threethings remix] 05:28 Tools
All Watched Over... 05:28 Tools
Motorik - Matt Bartram Remix 04:49 Tools
the owls won't see us in here [snoblind remix] 05:06 Tools
transmitter/receiver 04:34 Tools
With Glowing Hearts (Cathal McBride Remix) 07:01 Tools
Pacific Coast Highway - Twelve Remix 06:08 Tools
astralagus [agrestis remix] 06:09 Tools
the ocean between you and me [a dancing beggar remix] 05:35 Tools
Ghosts Of Electricity - Electric Loop Orchestra Remix 04:32 Tools
Life’s Road Movies - Winterlight Remix 05:38 Tools
Snowflakes For Airports (Remix) 06:10 Tools
A Snowflake in Her Hand (Pie Are Squared Remix) 06:34 Tools
Hope... [Russel.M.Harmon Remix] 07:11 Tools
Sterile World - Polysicness Remix 06:26 Tools
Two And A Half Thousand Miles - Oppressed By The Line Remix 09:23 Tools
Sweet Snowflakes For Planet Earth (Remix) 05:10 Tools
The Owls Won´t See Us In Here 07:15 Tools
Ghost of Electricity 05:36 Tools
...All Watched Over 04:31 Tools
Ghost of Electricity (Electric Loop Orchestra) 04:31 Tools
Snowflake : Canon in E - Remix 05:40 Tools
Life’s Road Movies (Winterlight Remix) 05:36 Tools
Snowflake Mainlined - Remix 07:02 Tools
Hope 07:48 Tools
A Snowflake For New Zero Kanada (Remix) 05:53 Tools
A Snowflake For New Zero Kanada - Remix 05:53 Tools
Snowflake - Canon In E (Remix) 05:40 Tools
Snowflake Mainlined (Remix) 07:03 Tools
Machine Strategies 07:03 Tools
Nuclear Winter (II) 07:03 Tools
Sci-Fi Rising (DropD Demo) 07:17 Tools
The Owls Won’t See Us In Here 07:17 Tools
Stockhausen 06:24 Tools
Leather 04:41 Tools
a snowflake in her hand [pie are squared remix] 06:37 Tools
Hope... (An animation by John Davide) 08:24 Tools
Dekker 08:24 Tools
See The Blue Man. Kill! Kill! (Kontakte Vs. Ran By Photon) 08:24 Tools
Astralagus (Agrestis Remix) 06:09 Tools
The Owls Won't See Us In Here (Snoblind Remix) 08:24 Tools
Light Aircraft Attack (2006) 08:24 Tools
Soma (2010) 08:24 Tools
Last Outpost (2008) 08:24 Tools
Radiothek (Data Tune) (2007) 06:09 Tools
Earth Turns To Sky (2006) 08:24 Tools
Every Passing Hour (Threethings Remix) 06:09 Tools
Drifting Signals (2006) 06:09 Tools
The Incursion (2009) 08:24 Tools
The Secret Life Of Buildings (2011) 06:09 Tools
Hope 'threethings Remix' (2011) 08:24 Tools
"Untitled" (2009) 08:24 Tools
Heart Lake Road (2012) 07:45 Tools
Through Broken Eyes (2012) 06:09 Tools
Waiting For The Birds To Return (2015) 07:45 Tools
Celestial Mechanics (2009) 06:09 Tools
Astralagus 'Punk TV Remix' (2011) 06:09 Tools
Analog Future (2013) 07:45 Tools
Synthetic Music Machine 06:09 Tools
02 Hope... 07:45 Tools
02Geographie 07:45 Tools
08 the ocean between you and me 10:17 Tools
hope... [russell.m.harmon remix] 10:17 Tools
06Das Auto-a 10:17 Tools
The Owls Wont See Us In Here 10:17 Tools
Snowflakes For Airports - Remix 10:17 Tools
03 With Glowing Hearts 10:17 Tools
06 The Owls Won't See Us In Here 07:17 Tools
Sweet Snowflakes For Planet Earth - Remix 07:17 Tools
05 A Snowflake In Her Hand 07:17 Tools
21Einkaufen und Kochen-A 07:17 Tools
09Reiseerlebnisse-B 07:17 Tools
3Transportmittel-A 07:17 Tools
20Haushaltsgeräte 07:17 Tools
22Einkaufen und Kochen-B 07:17 Tools
08Reiseerlebnisse-a 07:17 Tools
07Das Auto-B 07:17 Tools
02 07:17 Tools
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Conceived in 2005 from a string of old 4-track demos and further realized via a labyrinth of digital workstations and computer software, Kontakte emerged in early 2006. The concept was to blend organic instrumentation within an electronic and hypnotic framework of programmed beats and pulsing synths. Inspired by the walls of sound of bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai, Kontakte’s other main passions were the ambient sounds of Brian Eno, mid-late 70’s German electronica and the early 90’s shoegaze scene. Taking elements from all of these things, Kontakte have endeavoured to create a sound that is uniquely and deservedly their own. Having released two albums to date - ‘We Move Through Negative Spaces’ (2011) & ‘Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies’ (2008) plus the already SOLD OUT Limited Edition EP Superbug (2010) and two early 7” vinyl singles - Kontakte continue to deliver on their initial promise of their own brand of ‘hypnotic, textural, cinematic noise’. Kontakte have been remixed by such luminaries as Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas, Chris Olley of Six. By Seven, Clem Leek, Winterlight, A Dancing Beggar, Russel.M.Harmon and labelmates Oppressed By The Line & Matt Bartram. An appearance on the Northern Star Records compilation series ‘Revolution In Sound’ continued in 2011. The Kontakte live experience is a blistering wall of guitar noise with shimmering electronics and ethereal melodies – a band to savour. Kontakte have toured the UK and Germany, headlined the Feedback Fever Festival in Hamburg and consistently play intense live shows. 2012 see's Kontakte playing live as a duo with a raw, stripped back, more electronic approach. Kontakte are currently writing and recording the bands third album. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.