Lars Eriksson

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Rejected love 04:06 Tools
One 04:16 Tools
Hey ho, the Road is Long 03:56 Tools
Console 03:36 Tools
Let's go 03:16 Tools
Boredom 02:37 Tools
Sing for the angels 02:53 Tools
Magic life 04:12 Tools
Like the flowing river 02:41 Tools
The lonely journey called life 04:26 Tools
Sorrow enough has every day 04:11 Tools
Ink well dweller 04:01 Tools
Reasons for love 03:23 Tools
Cloud of my own rain 03:01 Tools
Happy days 03:05 Tools
Hey ho the road is long 04:04 Tools
Sorrow Enouhg Has Every Day 04:22 Tools
The lnely journey called life 04:04 Tools
Signs on every door step 02:58 Tools
Listen to your heart 03:51 Tools
Strangely blessed 03:04 Tools
If I Were King Today 03:36 Tools
A Gypsy barber 02:56 Tools
Blueberry Pie (In the Arms of a Woman) 02:43 Tools
It was God that saved me (from the religious fools) 02:47 Tools
let's leave the village 00:30 Tools
Love (Studio Version) 02:39 Tools
Some day 02:54 Tools
Love, where are you now? 04:30 Tools
Rejected Love (Singel) 02:35 Tools
Mad man's blues 01:42 Tools
waiting man 02:56 Tools
Summertime 04:00 Tools
Love (garden version) 02:35 Tools
If I Was King Today 02:35 Tools
Love - Feat. Lars Eriksson 02:35 Tools
Be glad for what you have 03:22 Tools
Kommer du? Eller jag till dig? 02:35 Tools
moving on 02:32 Tools
speaking with the angel 02:35 Tools
Rainbow Drawings 03:22 Tools
Dam Dam Dam 03:22 Tools
Hon behöver inga stora ord 03:22 Tools
Always on my way 03:22 Tools
Everyone is Afraid 03:10 Tools
you don't believe in God 03:10 Tools
roam my mind 03:00 Tools
I Threw It All Away (Bob Dylan Cover) 03:00 Tools
A short song 03:00 Tools
Eden fantasy 03:00 Tools
I want to fall in love 03:00 Tools
Desert trip 03:00 Tools
Raise myself 03:00 Tools
Hard time confusion 03:00 Tools
Don't You Ever Wish That Life Was Good 03:00 Tools
Riding the dragon 03:00 Tools
bom bom bom 03:00 Tools
Emily & Joe 04:10 Tools
Teenager's Life 02:32 Tools
Lonely Journey 02:32 Tools
Broken dreams 02:32 Tools
Strong like fire, weak as a man 02:32 Tools
Get my kicks 02:32 Tools
Mama, save my soul 02:32 Tools
How Everything Is Relative 02:32 Tools
Pissed off blues 02:32 Tools
Smile 02:32 Tools
Relationships 02:32 Tools
Boredom version 2 02:32 Tools
Normal 02:32 Tools
Life is sad and beautiful 02:32 Tools
Alone with my thoughts 02:32 Tools
Golden trash 02:32 Tools
Rejected love, version 2 02:32 Tools
dirge BOB DYLAN 02:32 Tools
Rainbow Tears 02:32 Tools
people of the old 02:32 Tools
Speaking with the angel (Ron Sexsmith) 02:32 Tools
Rainbow Women 02:32 Tools
In the arms of a woman 02:32 Tools
Looking at the Life... 02:32 Tools
Love 02:32 Tools
A wind 02:32 Tools
where light meets dark 02:32 Tools
Pro-aging 02:32 Tools
Smells Like Teen Spirit 02:32 Tools
reasons for love nov07:1 02:32 Tools
Pleasure to be saved 02:32 Tools
Let´s go 03:00 Tools
you are uninteresting nov07:1 02:32 Tools
You're beautiful 02:32 Tools
Bom, bom, bom 03:00 Tools
Bye bye, river 03:00 Tools
Simple traveller 03:00 Tools
time of change nov07:1 03:00 Tools
The winning cards 03:00 Tools
love nov 07:1 03:00 Tools
a friend of mine nov07:1 03:00 Tools
Love (Acoustic Version) - Feat. Lars Eriksson 03:00 Tools
I´m going home 03:00 Tools
Politik 03:00 Tools
Lonely Jim 03:00 Tools
Money Money Money 03:00 Tools
On The Evening Train 03:00 Tools
In A Sea Of Blue 03:00 Tools
Strong as fire, weak as a man 03:00 Tools
I love you now 03:28 Tools
Everybody Hurts 03:00 Tools
Lars Eriksson - Rejected love 03:00 Tools
Fading (Away from love) 03:00 Tools
A friend of mine 03:00 Tools
you are uninteresting 03:44 Tools
In Between Stages 03:44 Tools
Bright Day 03:28 Tools
The rain is coming through 03:28 Tools
Breadcrumbs 02:15 Tools
Catch The Sunshine 02:15 Tools
Det börjar verka kärlek banne mig 02:15 Tools
Lifeboat 02:15 Tools
Time Of Change 02:15 Tools
I love you now - Ep version 02:15 Tools
Along the Magnolian trail 01:39 Tools
My Fleeing Moment 01:39 Tools
Gustav Hurtigs visa 01:39 Tools
Heaven rules 01:39 Tools
Everybody 01:39 Tools
Det Börjar Verka Kärlek 01:39 Tools
Dirge 01:39 Tools
Money, Money, Money 01:39 Tools
Avskedssång till finnmarksskalden broder Joachim vid hans avresa från Göteborg en höstkväll 01:39 Tools
Like a flowing river 01:39 Tools
Honour my fate/faith 01:39 Tools
Autumn song 01:39 Tools
An Irish Destiny 01:39 Tools
Spår 04 01:39 Tools
Where I am, I am 01:39 Tools
I was dreaming 01:39 Tools
Father and Son (Stevens) 01:39 Tools
I'm Going Away 01:39 Tools
Choosing Joys 01:39 Tools
Antidote cover 01:39 Tools
Gatuljud Granada 01:39 Tools
Ali Baba and me 01:39 Tools
Father And Son 01:39 Tools
Forever Young 01:39 Tools
Tell another tale 01:39 Tools
Vi är alla våldtagna 01:39 Tools
I'm a waiting man 01:39 Tools
A black hole inside of me 01:39 Tools
Mattress Woman Blues 01:39 Tools
Rejected Love (Live) 01:39 Tools
Rejected Love live 01:39 Tools
Losing ground 01:39 Tools
The Inely Journey Called Life 01:39 Tools
A Friend Of Mine 2 01:39 Tools
Forever young (Dylan) 01:39 Tools
It was jesus baby (cash) 01:39 Tools
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Lars Eriksson (born Lars Erik Ludvig Eriksson in Karlskoga, Sweden on 1 April 1980) is a Swedish singer-songwriter who became famous for his participation in Sweden's Idol 2008. Eriksson was just one year old when his family moved to Liberia in 1981, where Lars' father worked at a mining company. Moving back to Sweden in 1984, Lars began playing piano at age 5. He started writing music at age 9 and performed at school. He learned playing the guitar at around age 16. Together with three friends, he formed the band "The Jisreels" for three years (1997–1999). They played mainly in local gigs, and toured the west coast in summer 1998. By the time Eriksson applied to Swedish Idol auditions, he had reportedly written around 200 songs. Eriksson became a favorite of the competition from the day he auditioned when Idol jury member Anders Bagge promised to cooperate on a record after he heard him perform two songs on his audition in Lund. But he created big controversy when he became critical of the competition, even quoted as saying he did not wish to win the race. In November 2008, he was eliminated, finishing 7th overall. He also recorded the single "Love" jointly with Elin Sigvardsson. It reached #5 in the Swedish singles chart. Eriksson also cooperated with Anders Bagge on an album in autumn of 2009. But for unknown reasons, the album was not released until 11 February 2011. In May 2010, a collaboration began between Eriksson and Birger Pettersson Wiik and his record label HGM (High Gear Music) in Årjäng, with the single "Rejected Love" released digitally. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.