Lenny LeBlanc

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
There Is None Like You 03:27 Tools
Above All 05:20 Tools
We All Bow Down 04:01 Tools
All For Love 06:51 Tools
Portrait Of My King 04:12 Tools
Breathe On Me 06:19 Tools
Let It Be 05:49 Tools
Make Way for the King 05:25 Tools
Here I am To Worship 06:21 Tools
The Rain 04:07 Tools
Glory To Your Name 06:07 Tools
Walls Come Down 05:05 Tools
Holy 07:06 Tools
I Can't Resist You 04:54 Tools
Great Is Your Love 04:25 Tools
Ascend 08:45 Tools
I Dance 03:14 Tools
Born to Worship 03:40 Tools
Rainbow Song 04:13 Tools
You Are The One I Love 03:30 Tools
One Desire 04:57 Tools
That's Why I'm Here 04:37 Tools
No Not One 04:19 Tools
Falling 03:08 Tools
I Believe 04:24 Tools
O Little Town Of Bethlehem 03:50 Tools
Say Your Name 04:02 Tools
A Shadow In Your Light 05:49 Tools
Lord You Have My Heart 04:09 Tools
Love Like No Other 04:45 Tools
Closer 03:42 Tools
Look My Way 04:29 Tools
What A Wonder 02:41 Tools
Whiter Than Snow 03:56 Tools
Love You Forever 09:38 Tools
Love Came Down 04:23 Tools
Only Love 04:47 Tools
Hallelujah 03:51 Tools
All For You 04:27 Tools
Into Your Courts 04:33 Tools
I'm Crazy 04:11 Tools
Inspiration of My Heart 03:36 Tools
All My Dreams 03:27 Tools
One Day 03:55 Tools
You First 03:05 Tools
River of Forgiveness 04:04 Tools
Whatever It Takes 03:35 Tools
Worthy Is The Lamb 03:09 Tools
You Have Been So Good 06:09 Tools
You Reign 04:13 Tools
O God, You Are My God 03:42 Tools
The Bridge 03:46 Tools
Under the Shadow 03:41 Tools
Candle In The Rain 06:08 Tools
Treat Her Right 03:59 Tools
Show Me Your Way 04:24 Tools
Heaven Is 06:08 Tools
pure in heart 03:39 Tools
Everybody Needs Love 03:31 Tools
You Are Lifted High 03:45 Tools
Unchained 04:02 Tools
Father Knows Best 03:53 Tools
Praise Him 03:00 Tools
you are my rock 03:09 Tools
Be Exalted 03:03 Tools
Rise 03:55 Tools
With My Whole Heart 02:46 Tools
With Our Hearts 03:17 Tools
Silent Stars 03:36 Tools
The God Who Saves 04:07 Tools
Message to You 03:40 Tools
Praise The Lord 04:09 Tools
Hope 03:35 Tools
I'll Be There 03:57 Tools
This Thing Called Love 03:22 Tools
Take a Look 03:12 Tools
Enough Of You 03:59 Tools
How Can I Keep from Singing 07:44 Tools
There Is None Like You - Live 07:44 Tools
A Carpenter's Son 03:17 Tools
Looking Up 03:35 Tools
Strong Arm 04:44 Tools
Christmas Night 03:11 Tools
Keiner Ist Wie Du 03:11 Tools
The Savior's Hand 04:05 Tools
This Year 03:20 Tools
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus 03:08 Tools
Sing Hallelujah 03:51 Tools
When The Rain Comes 03:08 Tools
Somebody Send My Baby Home 02:41 Tools
Jesus, Draw Me Close 03:08 Tools
Looking For Jesus 03:37 Tools
Prisoner Of Love 03:15 Tools
The Christmas Song 03:36 Tools
O Come O Come Emmanuel 03:07 Tools
Be Thou My Vision 03:28 Tools
There Is None Like You (live) 03:40 Tools
The Good Who Saves 04:07 Tools
What A Wonderful World 02:41 Tools
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 04:24 Tools
Above All - Live 04:45 Tools
Come Just as You Are 04:38 Tools
In The Presence Of The Lord 03:23 Tools
Say A Prayer 03:59 Tools
Once And For All - Exclusive 03:55 Tools
You Were Thinking Of Me 03:35 Tools
That’s Why I’m Here 00:00 Tools
Beans and Rice 04:06 Tools
Rainbow 03:56 Tools
Lenny LeBlanc - 04 - Born To Worship 03:40 Tools
Asleep In The Boat 04:04 Tools
This Love Is A Mystery 04:23 Tools
Sometimes It Rains 03:08 Tools
Savior's Hand 04:06 Tools
Away In A Manger - feat. Susan Ashton 03:07 Tools
New Tomorrow 03:50 Tools
Angel Of The Lord 03:37 Tools
Lord, You Have My Heart 03:23 Tools
I'll Be Home For Christmas 04:23 Tools
Blue Eyed Lady 04:15 Tools
Have Mercy 03:42 Tools
Midnight Mourning 03:37 Tools
Above All [Album Version] 05:20 Tools
Send Down Your Glory 03:07 Tools
Soul Searching 03:42 Tools
I Don't Understand 04:23 Tools
Preacher Man 03:57 Tools
Champagne Lady 02:54 Tools
Street Lover 02:46 Tools
Above All (Original Key With Background Vocals) 02:46 Tools
Fools Dream Away 02:54 Tools
Give Your Heart To The Lord 03:18 Tools
You Can't Run 03:39 Tools
Southern Boy 03:18 Tools
Threat Her Right 04:00 Tools
Desperate Love 03:40 Tools
Why Did You Wait So Long 02:38 Tools
Carpenter's Son 03:13 Tools
001 Above All 03:13 Tools
Once And For All 03:55 Tools
Sing a Song of Sixpence (feat. Lenny Leblanc) 03:07 Tools
Away In A Manger (feat. Susan Ashton) 03:08 Tools
I Believe In You 03:08 Tools
Jesus Draw Me Close 03:08 Tools
No, Not One! 03:08 Tools
How Great Is Your Love 03:08 Tools
Away In A Manger 03:08 Tools
There Is None Like You - Original Key Without Background Vocals 03:08 Tools
God of Wonders 00:00 Tools
039 Love You Forever 00:00 Tools
013 Lord You Have My Heart. 04:09 Tools
I Beleive 00:00 Tools
012 There Is None Like You 02:43 Tools
Into Your Courts - Live 02:43 Tools
Sharing The Night Together 02:43 Tools
Above All [instrumental] 02:43 Tools
Heaven Knows 04:24 Tools
Here I am To Worship (Album Version) 06:21 Tools
069 I Believe 06:21 Tools
The Power of Love 06:21 Tools
Dance Around The Campfire 02:27 Tools
The God Who Saves - Performance Tracks 06:21 Tools
Falling - Performance Tracks 06:21 Tools
Desert Cowboy 06:21 Tools
051 A Shadow In Your Light 06:21 Tools
Whiter Than Snow - Performance Tracks 06:21 Tools
Praise the Lord/upbeat 02:27 Tools
Rainy Nights 06:21 Tools
You Reign - Performance Tracks 04:15 Tools
Show Me Your Way - Performance Tracks 04:24 Tools
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (feat. Lenny Leblanc & Jill Woodford) 04:24 Tools
Rise - Performance Tracks 04:24 Tools
You First - Performance Tracks 04:24 Tools
087 That's Why I Am Here 04:24 Tools
116 You Are The One I Love 04:24 Tools
Lady Singer 03:13 Tools
When The Rain Comes In 03:13 Tools
I Dance - Live 03:13 Tools
Ain't It Funny 03:13 Tools
Rag Doll 03:13 Tools
Hound Dog Man 03:13 Tools
Praise Him/upbeat 03:13 Tools
Who Is The Lord? 02:27 Tools
Hound Dog Man (Play It Again) 02:27 Tools
He Is The One 02:27 Tools
Hallelujah - Performance Tracks 02:27 Tools
Love Like No Other - Performance Tracks 02:27 Tools
Whatever It Takes - Performance Tracks 02:27 Tools
One Day - Performance Tracks 02:27 Tools
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A successful songwriter and singer, it was nearly impossible to turn on the radio in the late 70’s without hearing Lenny LeBlanc’s hit ballad, “Falling.” He was an integral part of the musical epicenter of Muscle Shoals.music. After Signing to Atlantic Records as part of the duo LeBlanc & Carr success came quickly with the release of the romantic ballad “Falling.” which was named one of Billboard’s all time favorite Top 40 hits. Moving on to a solo career with Capitol records, Lenny soon became disenchanted with the music scene but continued to write songs and soon came to know God in a personal, life changing way that altered the course of his career forever. Today LeBlanc’s name appears on dozens of beloved songs of the church, including the highly successful, “Above All” and “There Is None Like You.” His voice and his compositions are featured on dozens of classic worship recordings for Maranatha and Integrity. Lenny continues to write pop and country songs, including hits like “Treat Her Right” for Sawyer Brown and “You First” with two time CMA Musician of the Year, Mac McAnally. He still travels nationally and internationally as a Christian artist and worship leader. His newest release, “Love Like No Other,” releasing through in:ciite and Word Distribution includes a newly-recorded version of “Falling,” as well as nine newly penned worship songs. Looking back over his career and his personal walk, Lenny grins, “It’s amazing what God has done with a life like mine.” Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.