Little Big League

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Lindsey 04:18 Tools
My Very Own You 02:11 Tools
Dark Matter 03:31 Tools
Tropical Jinx 02:10 Tools
Summer Wounds 03:09 Tools
Brackish Water 03:53 Tools
Sportswriting 05:59 Tools
Property Line 02:10 Tools
Tokyo Drift 03:24 Tools
Sucker 03:09 Tools
Settlers 03:28 Tools
Deer Head 03:53 Tools
Year of the Sunhouse 03:09 Tools
Dixie Gun 03:28 Tools
Never Have I Ever Walked Away When the Time Was Right 03:10 Tools
Boyish 03:10 Tools
Miss AC 03:28 Tools
Old Time Fun 03:28 Tools
Take It To A Weird Sad Place 03:28 Tools
In Air 03:10 Tools
Pure Bliss Choices 03:10 Tools
Never Have I Walked Away When The Time Was Right 03:10 Tools
St. Johns 02:40 Tools
Deer 02:33 Tools
St. John's 02:33 Tools
Bird 02:33 Tools
Propery Line 04:18 Tools
St John's 02:40 Tools
Never Have I Ever Walked Away When 04:18 Tools
Holes and Shape 04:18 Tools
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Little Big League, formerly hoop dreams, is a band from Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A featuring Michelle Zauner (vocals/guitar) and Kevin o'halloran (guitar), as well as Deven Craige, on bass, and Ian Dykstra on drums. they won a contest to record some stuff Releases include full-length 'These are Good People' (2013), 'Tropical Jinx' (2014) on Run for Cover Records, and a 7" split with Ovlov. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.