Los Fancy Free

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Copycat 03:04 Tools
Honey watch that man 03:55 Tools
Temporary Secretary 04:51 Tools
Jajaja 03:57 Tools
Electric Punk 03:35 Tools
Voltage is ok! 00:00 Tools
Some Vision 02:28 Tools
Never Give In 03:07 Tools
Takeaway Weirdo 00:49 Tools
She's 15 02:38 Tools
Workaholics Anonymous 01:50 Tools
The Strangler 02:46 Tools
Low Battery People 02:37 Tools
Fire 03:18 Tools
Aftermath 03:39 Tools
So Close So Far 02:50 Tools
Menonita Disco 03:00 Tools
El Mundo Me Espera 03:29 Tools
Kill! Kill! Kill! 03:45 Tools
Disco Rat 03:16 Tools
Menonita rock 03:44 Tools
Beatle Suit & Purple Boots 05:11 Tools
hey dude 05:00 Tools
Red Pig Face 00:00 Tools
Fear 03:01 Tools
Bona's Psychedelic Breakfast 01:05 Tools
The Naive Heat 06:18 Tools
Organs of Swing 01:28 Tools
Drama on ice 03:15 Tools
Eumerica 04:49 Tools
Vivir es Fácil 03:24 Tools
Diggin' a Hole 03:28 Tools
Overture 01:06 Tools
High Society 05:16 Tools
Bright noise/light sleep 04:46 Tools
Money Money Money 04:01 Tools
Annoying boy 04:05 Tools
Hope 03:52 Tools
Dinosaurs 05:15 Tools
Sultans of swing 09:51 Tools
Annoying Boy ( Love Will Tear Us Apart ) 04:08 Tools
La nube del amor 03:24 Tools
Happy 04:57 Tools
Voltage is ok (richard cameron 00:00 Tools
Mother 05:02 Tools
Yeah, Yeah, Whatever... 05:02 Tools
Voltage Is OK! (Sonido Lasser Drakar Mix) 05:44 Tools
evol/love 02:46 Tools
Voltage is ok - Sirius Mo mix 03:30 Tools
Voltage is ok (richard cameron remix) 04:41 Tools
Evol Love 02:49 Tools
Evol/ Love 00:00 Tools
What a Wonderful World 02:21 Tools
Follow My Riddim (Ben Human Mix) 03:54 Tools
Voltage Is Ok (Sirius Mo Mix) 03:43 Tools
Low Batery People 02:28 Tools
evol / love 02:47 Tools
evol love 02:47 Tools
Monterrey 03:57 Tools
Evol-love 03:57 Tools
Voltage Is OK! (Sirius Mo Remix) 03:30 Tools
Ink And Pen 03:57 Tools
Voltage Is OK (Sirius Mo remix) 03:30 Tools
Voltage is OK! (Sirius Mo Mix) 03:30 Tools
Voltage Is OK! (Richard Cameron remix) 03:30 Tools
Diggin´a Hole 03:30 Tools
Ja Ja Ja 03:30 Tools
Beatles Suit 03:30 Tools
Bona's Psycodelic Breakfast 03:30 Tools
Yeah, Yeah, Whatever . . . 03:30 Tools
Hey dude! 05:30 Tools
Take Away Weirdo 55:02 Tools
Voltage Is OK (Extended Version) 55:02 Tools
hahaja 55:02 Tools
Ja_Ja_Ja 55:02 Tools
The Stranger 02:47 Tools
Annoying Boy (Love Will "Tear" Us Apart) 19:28 Tools
03-Voltage Is OK 03:39 Tools
copy cat 03:04 Tools
Bona's Psychedelic Breakfasst 03:39 Tools
Intro 00:30 Tools
Voltage (siriusmo remix) 00:30 Tools
Voltage Is OK! [Richard Cameron Remix] 03:30 Tools
Vivir Es Fáci 04:01 Tools
Voltage is ok (richard cameron) 00:00 Tools
voltage is ok <Richard Cameron Remix> 04:01 Tools
Voltage is ok (richard camero 04:41 Tools
Bright Noise 04:41 Tools
Voltage is OK (Siriusmo Remix) 03:30 Tools
Money 04:41 Tools
nevergreens b 03:30 Tools
Ja, Ja, Ja 04:01 Tools
evol_love 04:01 Tools
Beatle Suite And Purple Boots 04:01 Tools
Voltage Is OK! (Siriusmo Mix) 04:01 Tools
Bring Noise/Light Sleep 04:01 Tools
Los Fancy Free - Ja Ja Ja 04:01 Tools
Voltage(siriusmo_rmx) 04:01 Tools
04-Disco Rat 04:01 Tools
Voltage 04:01 Tools
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Los Fancy-Free are from Mexico City. Frontman Martin Thulin - aka Menonita Rock – was born in the State of Chihuahua, Northern Mexico in a Scandinavian Mennonite community called Nueva Escandinavia. Mennonites are like Amish People. They live isolated from the rest of the society with their own rules and traditions. They are not allowed to work regular jobs. Instead they sell the goods they produce themselves as farmers. That’s why you can find these natural blonde Mexicans selling cheese on the streets in Mexico City. His parents were Mennonite hippies, who felt that the community were a little to small for their ideas, so they moved to Sweden and took the little child Martin with them. Growing up in Sweden has been important to Martin and Los Fancy-Free's music, as punk and electro pop were at it’s peak when he was a kid. "This album has been a bit like revisiting my childhood, mixing music styles that back then were impossible to mix. You either listened to electro or punk, not both. But I did, so when I were hanging out with my punk rocking friends I had to hide away my Gary Numan, Soft Cell, Human League, Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget and Bowie records", says Martin. Martin moved back to Mexico after high school and has lived in Mexico City for about ten years now. "I think Mexico City is extremely important to what I do. People in Europe with the same influences as I would probably come up with someting more boutique, for boutique people and fashion designers or whatever. But if you live in Mexico City it's impossible not to mix in the chaos. This city is never quiet, it's hysterical, it's urban planning out of control. Cars all over. At the same time it's really provincial, which is super cool, if you skip going to the pretentious neighbourhoods like La Condesa you walk around in a city completely off-fashion with it's own things going on, that's really liberating. It's also very dificult to find new music, to be up-dated on music. Which is good and bad I guess. Basically what I listen to are the records I bought as a kid and the things I find in the trash here like Bobby Orlando, the Flirts, Trans X, Buiscuit, Lime. High Energy was huge and still is in Mexico, no revival, it's been on forever. Then all the cumbias and norteñas of course, which you really can't hear in my music. I play what for Mexicans would be world music. Actually I listen to a lot to Mexican rock from the sixties, bands like Los Hooligans, Los Rogers and Los Beatnicks etc. They probably wanted to sound like American rock'n'roll bands but turned out garage without knowing... I liked their names, always los plus something in English; for example Los Fancy-Free. Who are the Rolling Stones? Ah, Los Rolling Stones”. (http://www.bungalow.de/losfancyfree/bio) Los Fancy-Free released their electropop debut album "Menonita Rock" on Noiselab Records, Mexico, in December 2002. In 2006 "Out of place" was released, showing a change in direction approaching more to a psychedelic-garage rock sound. A double album is scheduled to come out in May 2007. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.