Melissa McClelland

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A Girl Can Dream 00:00 Tools
O Holy Night 00:00 Tools
Passenger 24 00:00 Tools
Rooftop 00:00 Tools
Glenrio 00:00 Tools
Cry on My Shoulder 00:00 Tools
Cinnamon Girl 00:00 Tools
Skyway Bridge 00:00 Tools
You Know I Love You Baby 00:00 Tools
Brake 00:00 Tools
Solitary Life 00:00 Tools
God Loves Me 00:00 Tools
Segovia 00:00 Tools
Go Down Matthew 00:00 Tools
Good as Gold 00:00 Tools
Jaded 00:00 Tools
Seasoned Lovers 00:00 Tools
I Blame You 00:00 Tools
Victoria Day (April Showers) 00:00 Tools
Factory 00:00 Tools
Goodbye to You 00:00 Tools
Glimpse Into Hell 00:00 Tools
When the Lights Went Off in Hogtown 00:00 Tools
Pretty Blue 00:00 Tools
Picture Postcard 00:00 Tools
A Price To Pay 00:00 Tools
Intermission 00:00 Tools
Money Shot 00:00 Tools
Victoria Day (May Flowers) 00:00 Tools
Come Home Suzie 00:00 Tools
The Taxi Ride 00:00 Tools
Blue Farewell 00:00 Tools
Iroquois Street Factory 00:00 Tools
White Lies (Stranded in Suburbia) 00:00 Tools
Smoke Signals 00:00 Tools
Encinitas Rainstorm 00:00 Tools
Little Birds 00:00 Tools
Oh, Love! 00:00 Tools
You Know I Love You Baby (Jeff Trott Mix) 00:00 Tools
Whisper (Jeff Trott Mix) 00:00 Tools
Jaded (Ogilvie/Fu Remix) 00:00 Tools
Dayton Ohio 00:00 Tools
Outro 00:00 Tools
Rooftop (Time Stands Still) 00:00 Tools
Dayton Ohio, 1903 00:00 Tools
White Lies 00:00 Tools
Brake [Feat. Sarah McLachlan] 00:00 Tools
[Untitled Track] 00:00 Tools
Victoria Day [April Showers] 00:00 Tools
Victoria Day [May Flowers] 00:00 Tools
Whisper 00:00 Tools
Un canadien errant 00:00 Tools
Oh Love! 00:00 Tools
Melissa McClelland - Passenger 24 00:00 Tools
Two Snowbirds 00:00 Tools
Factory (Springsteen cover) 00:00 Tools
Thumbelina's One Night Stand 00:00 Tools
You Know I Love You Baby (Jeff Trot Mix) 00:00 Tools
Jaded (Ogilvie-Fu remix) 00:00 Tools
Brake (feat. Sarah McLachlan) 00:00 Tools
Victoria Day (May Showers) 00:00 Tools
Past Lives 00:00 Tools
Garden Of Eden 00:00 Tools
When the Lights When off in Hogtown 00:00 Tools
What If 00:00 Tools
Dayton, Ohio 00:00 Tools
Should I Stay Or Should I Go 00:00 Tools
20-05-01 00:00 Tools
GoodbyeTo You 00:00 Tools
Silence 00:00 Tools
You Know I Love You 00:00 Tools
Dreaming Awake 00:00 Tools
Yesterday 00:00 Tools
It Comes And Goes 00:00 Tools
Bonus Track 00:00 Tools
Iroquois St Factory 00:00 Tools
Murder Inc. 00:00 Tools
Victoria Day 00:00 Tools
Skyway Bridge (OST Одна неделя ) 00:00 Tools
Rooftop [Explicit] 00:00 Tools
I'm Leaving You [Part 2] 00:00 Tools
I'm Leaving You [Part 1] 00:00 Tools
White Lies (Stranded in Suburb 00:00 Tools
A Girld Can Dream 00:00 Tools
Skyway Bridge (featuring Greg Keelor) 00:00 Tools
O Holy Night MST 00:00 Tools
Melissa McClelland - White Lies - Should I Stay Or Should I Go 00:00 Tools
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Melissa McClelland (born c. 1979) is an American-born Canadian singer-songwriter who lived in Burlington, Ontario, in her youth and now bases her career from Toronto. McClelland's music is influenced by blues and americana. A writer on CMJ's staff blog wrote that McClelland has "a persona reminiscent of a female Tom Waits." Biography Melissa McClelland was born in Chicago, Illinois. She spent her youth in Burlington, Ontario before developing her career in Toronto. McClelland married Luke Doucet on June 24, 2006; the two have played together on numerous stages, including at the 2006 Calgary Folk Music Festival. He has produced three of her records, Stranded in Suburbia, Thumbelina's One Night Stand and Victoria Day. In 2006 McClelland opened for Matthew Good's solo acoustic tour across Canada. During the tour the two singers closed Matthew Good's set with a duet performance of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt". She also works with Sarah McLachlan, providing backing vocals at her live shows. McLachlan makes a guest appearance on the song "Go Down Matthew" from McClelland's album Thumbelina's One Night Stand. Performing live. "Skyway Bridge" (off of Thumbelina's One Night Stand) features Greg Keelor from Blue Rodeo. Additionally, McClelland is the only guest artist on Blue Rodeo's 2008 live album, "Blue Road". In 2007 McClelland opened a tour with Jesse Cook and sang on his recording of "It Ain't Me Babe" (a Bob Dylan cover) which was released on his 2007 album Frontiers. "It Ain't Me Babe" was released as a single from that album, which spent 3 weeks in the top position on Billboard's world music charts. Also in 2007, McClelland's "Passenger 24" won in The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Americana Song. McClelland's song "Rooftop" was featured on the 2005 soundtrack CD of the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. The song was played on the ending montage of the 2004 episode "Time Stands Still Pt. 2", in which a main character, Jimmy Brooks (Aubrey Graham) was shot by a bullied student, Rick Murray (Ephraim Ellis). She also performed the theme song for the children's reality show This Is Daniel Cook. Discography 2001: Melissa McClelland (Daddy Warbucks Records/independent) 20 April 2004: Stranded in Suburbia (Orange/Universal) 23 May 2006: Thumbelina's One Night Stand (Orange/Universal) 14 April 2009: Victoria Day (Six Shooter Records) Stranded in Suburbia In 2004 McClelland released Stranded in Suburbia on Orange Record Label. In the same year, her side-band Ladybird Sideshow released a live album entitled Ladybird Sideshow Live at the Orange Lounge'.' Thumbelina's One Night Stand McClelland's followup album, Thumbelina's One Night Stand was released in 2006. Reviews drew attention to the eclectic nature of the album. Exclaim! Magazine described the album as "impossible to pin down stylistically, as it segues from roots-y rock ("Passenger 24") to country ("Taxi Ride") to chamber pop ("Solitary Life") to folk (a cover of Randy Newman’s "Dayton Ohio") and blues ("Go Down Matthew")." Victoria Day In late 2008 Melissa McClelland began work on Victoria Day, her fourth album, and first for Six Shooter Records. Victoria Day was scheduled for release on April 14, 2009. The album was recorded at Canterbury Music by Jeremy Darby, and was produced by Luke Doucet. Victoria Day has a vintage 1950s sound, combining dixieland with "high lonesome twang". "Seasoned Lovers", from Victoria Day, features vocals from Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.