Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
New York Midnight 00:00 Tools
Midnight Plaza 03:15 Tools
Hyporeel 04:59 Tools
Makine 05:02 Tools
Gel Gör Beni 04:19 Tools
Fly 03:32 Tools
Her Cennet 04:20 Tools
The dark side of the night 04:55 Tools
Sunset Drive 04:09 Tools
Never Look Back 03:43 Tools
Metropolis 03:56 Tools
Sükut-u Hayal 03:55 Tools
Time of War 06:11 Tools
Tek Gece 03:19 Tools
Güzel Şarkı 03:35 Tools
Wild and Blue 04:06 Tools
fırtınalı şarkı 03:16 Tools
Downtown Lights 03:28 Tools
Mlyny 03:13 Tools
Bekle 04:32 Tools
see no reason 03:11 Tools
I Love Ny 04:18 Tools
Whatever It Is 04:00 Tools
I Love New York 04:16 Tools
Walk Through the Fire 03:55 Tools
kankabunasi? 05:36 Tools
Running After a Dream 03:37 Tools
Tüm Kanallar Dolu 04:28 Tools
The Best Is Good Enough 04:33 Tools
D.K.A. 03:29 Tools
hatasız kul olmaz 05:16 Tools
A millionmiles away 00:00 Tools
Metropolis (analog) 00:00 Tools
Metropolis (Sueto Mix) 05:35 Tools
Arrival 00:00 Tools
After Hours 04:06 Tools
The Power Of The Night 05:19 Tools
South Beach Run 03:09 Tools
Restless Moon 05:07 Tools
Escape from Miami 02:58 Tools
Svine 03:29 Tools
Metropolis (original) 00:00 Tools
Owce 03:02 Tools
The Eyes Of Love 05:12 Tools
Mojamamasamafasa 03:04 Tools
With Or Without Me 03:42 Tools
Adam F 04:02 Tools
Ruka Do Ohňa 03:25 Tools
New York Is My Kind of Town 07:10 Tools
Birth 05:25 Tools
Pohreb bielej vrany 03:34 Tools
I'M Not Going Down 03:15 Tools
Zrkadlo Doby 03:21 Tools
Luminary 04:23 Tools
Superplasticclub 09:56 Tools
Voodoo 04:26 Tools
SUNSHINE 07:10 Tools
Už asi nebude 04:10 Tools
Right now 03:11 Tools
Welcome To My Hell 03:55 Tools
Poznám 03:00 Tools
American dream 03:16 Tools
Kámo 03:16 Tools
Is This Love 03:30 Tools
I Only Have Eyes For You 03:16 Tools
Waiting 03:45 Tools
Dreamweaver 06:27 Tools
False icon 00:38 Tools
Angstpolitiek 03:58 Tools
El Bombero 09:56 Tools
poseidon 07:11 Tools
Rada pod pás 03:15 Tools
Livin' On The Edge 02:48 Tools
Pokrstený ohňom 03:22 Tools
The Greatest Show On Earth 07:03 Tools
Ziggurat 02:48 Tools
St. James Infirmary 06:27 Tools
Tonight 04:13 Tools
Glass Roofed Courts 04:51 Tools
Sniper 06:27 Tools
In Despair 00:37 Tools
Foreboding 00:37 Tools
Go Get It 03:57 Tools
Spúšťam sa 03:28 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12-Inch Mix) 05:09 Tools
After All 00:00 Tools
Run 00:00 Tools
Dance Scene 00:30 Tools
Going to "Zone" 03:29 Tools
Prvi a posledni 03:29 Tools
Destination 04:09 Tools
Rain 03:21 Tools
Void 06:43 Tools
Sympathy 04:09 Tools
Take Control 03:34 Tools
Don't need you 02:48 Tools
David Guetta & Nicky Romero 04:23 Tools
Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam 04:23 Tools
Hide Out 03:29 Tools
"Zone" Rhapsody 03:29 Tools
Drawing Closer 02:56 Tools
Ecliptic 09:31 Tools
Three-Faced of "Zone" 06:43 Tools
Snow 06:43 Tools
Chase 06:43 Tools
Fury 06:43 Tools
Awakening 04:19 Tools
Kazdy z nas 05:06 Tools
Don't Slow Me Down 04:19 Tools
Kaos 06:16 Tools
I'm still waiting 03:09 Tools
Propaganda 03:21 Tools
Uberall Polizei, Nirgendwo gerechtigkeit 03:21 Tools
Judgement 07:11 Tools
Nothing... 03:21 Tools
15. Seconds Agony 04:18 Tools
O cervenej ciapocke 03:51 Tools
Tecktonik 04:06 Tools
Army of hypocrites 00:36 Tools
Time Of War (A.C. Mix) 00:00 Tools
Sakin Ol 03:59 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12'' Mix) 05:09 Tools
So Loud 03:38 Tools
Kriegdienstverweigerer 04:13 Tools
Turn It Down 04:26 Tools
Karabasan 00:00 Tools
My Twilight 04:47 Tools
Mam kam neodist 03:44 Tools
Anlatmak Zor 05:00 Tools
I'm Afraid of the Beautiful Girls 02:50 Tools
No more, no fear 03:49 Tools
There'll Never Be Good-Bye 04:37 Tools
Dont need you 04:37 Tools
Duccu 04:29 Tools
Do you remember me? 02:58 Tools
Is This Love? 04:18 Tools
Unify 09:22 Tools
Silvers 00:00 Tools
No more no fear 00:00 Tools
Space 00:00 Tools
Was That All 04:18 Tools
OK Ve Yay 01:05 Tools
Time of War (Nitendou remix) 05:17 Tools
Kick It 00:00 Tools
Metropolis (Hyporeel) 00:00 Tools
Black Hole 03:51 Tools
İsyandayım 00:00 Tools
Russian Romance 03:49 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12' 00:00 Tools
Do you remember me 02:58 Tools
a K'nex Ball Machine 00:00 Tools
Intro 01:05 Tools
Im still waiting 03:09 Tools
Ne Fayda 03:16 Tools
Ne Kadar 03:51 Tools
Love and Desire 03:51 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12 " Mix) 05:08 Tools
Минута без времени 06:50 Tools
Soul Train 03:49 Tools
Black Motor Boogie 02:05 Tools
Street parade 2001 06:50 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12'' 05:09 Tools
Hapis 03:49 Tools
Street Parade 05:09 Tools
Pokrsteny Ohnom 03:51 Tools
Conquering A Kingdom 03:51 Tools
Ne Ki Bu 00:00 Tools
Gothic Skyscrapers 03:09 Tools
Motorhead 03:37 Tools
Age of Evolution 00:00 Tools
Here's To You 03:03 Tools
Go Get It (Original Album Version) 03:52 Tools
The Gatekeeper 01:57 Tools
A New Beginning 03:03 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12" Mix) 05:08 Tools
Ulga 02:58 Tools
I'm in Love Again/Them There Eyes Medley 02:47 Tools
M.M.R.S 00:00 Tools
Lovin' You 03:58 Tools
Everytime I See Him (feat. The Sweethearts) 03:53 Tools
Here's to You (feat. The Sweethearts) 04:18 Tools
Metropolis & Kuly - Mlyny 00:00 Tools
Play Ya Game 03:53 Tools
Time Of War (DD 1000 Mix) 00:00 Tools
İlk Defa 04:10 Tools
Every Time I See Him 04:10 Tools
Love Me Tender 03:52 Tools
Weight Of The World 05:08 Tools
Toyland 02:37 Tools
One 4 U 04:35 Tools
Hatasız Kul Olmaz (Orhan Gencebay) 00:00 Tools
İstemesen De 09:22 Tools
Dance All Night 04:10 Tools
Secret 06:50 Tools
Joh 08:07 Tools
Metropolis - Part 1: Haven't You Heard?, Part 2 Nostalgia, Part 3: The Dream, Part 4: I'm Leaving the City 09:22 Tools
Metropolis - Duccu 04:23 Tools
It's The Girl 04:23 Tools
Love And Desire (The Power Of The Night bonus) 00:00 Tools
Spustam Sa 09:22 Tools
The Things Love Makes You Do 03:53 Tools
Just Move 04:10 Tools
Planners & Thinkers 06:59 Tools
Freder 05:21 Tools
Alexander's Ragtime Band 04:10 Tools
Street Parade 2001 [Radio Mix] 03:53 Tools
I Love New York (feat. The Sweethearts) 04:13 Tools
Maria 05:15 Tools
Hit Tha Door 02:56 Tools
A Machine Of Desire 04:20 Tools
Found You 09:22 Tools
When It Comes To Lovin' The Girls 02:56 Tools
Georgia On My Mind 02:56 Tools
Voyage 02:56 Tools
Poseidon (Epplar Mix) 07:11 Tools
Good Man 02:56 Tools
Drunk Love 02:56 Tools
Somewhere Over The Rainbow 02:56 Tools
Sweet Georgia Brown 02:41 Tools
Town In Old New Hampshire 04:02 Tools
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me 04:02 Tools
Oblivion 04:02 Tools
Thunder and Lightning 04:40 Tools
Rada Pod Pas 04:20 Tools
Summertime 04:20 Tools
Slow Down 04:20 Tools
Celebration Of The Vampire 03:36 Tools
Floatin' Down to Cotton Town 02:05 Tools
Prví a poslední 04:20 Tools
Time of Your Life 03:00 Tools
Countdown To Metropolis 04:20 Tools
Metropolis - Gel Gör Beni 04:20 Tools
Feeling Lonely 03:00 Tools
The Flood 06:59 Tools
Robotic Maria 09:26 Tools
Floatin' Down To Cotton Town/I'm Alabamy Bound Medley 05:21 Tools
O červenej čiapočke 05:21 Tools
Don't Blame Me 04:09 Tools
Mr Sandman 03:34 Tools
PART I 04:37 Tools
Crazy Love 03:34 Tools
I Love New York [Original 12" Mix] 05:08 Tools
In My Sole 03:20 Tools
Public Access T.V. 03:20 Tools
The Mediator 07:53 Tools
Yoshiwara’s Nightclub 07:10 Tools
M-Machine 05:27 Tools
The Detective 06:40 Tools
The Mirror 06:40 Tools
Beautiful Dreamer 06:40 Tools
Trust In The 'M' Machine 01:42 Tools
My Metropolis 03:30 Tools
Pokrstený ohòom 04:09 Tools
I Love New York (original 12 inch mix) 01:30 Tools
Seperate Parts 03:51 Tools
Wrong Place Wrong Time 02:22 Tools
Alexander's Ragtime Band/Alexander's Band Is Back In Dixieland Medley 03:51 Tools
Pure Imagination 02:07 Tools
Metropolis - Makine 05:00 Tools
Schwefel 04:13 Tools
Park Myself 05:07 Tools
Workers Of The Underworld 05:08 Tools
Ecliptic - Part 1: Spaziergang, Part 2: Panic, Part 3: Reassurance 09:26 Tools
Motörhead 03:40 Tools
Rotwang 04:18 Tools
Just Because/Shine Medley 06:59 Tools
Yakko's World 01:57 Tools
Lift Your Hands 03:30 Tools
Party 04:13 Tools
Metropolis - bekle 04:34 Tools
Fritz Lang 00:30 Tools
Fritz Lang's movie with music by Kraftwerk 03:18 Tools
Under A Glass Moon 05:07 Tools
Grot 04:18 Tools
Down With Love 09:26 Tools
Mám Kam Neodísť 03:44 Tools
Ducca 07:53 Tools
Liquid Nights 05:25 Tools
Lion Sleeps Tonight 07:53 Tools
Our Day Will Come 01:52 Tools
Alexander's Ragtime Medley 02:38 Tools
Take The Time 04:34 Tools
Another Tommorow Feat Cam The Wizard & Nolto 04:34 Tools
In The Name of God 04:34 Tools
Ytsejam 04:34 Tools
The Roof of the Cathedral 06:14 Tools
The Wild Wild Women 07:53 Tools
Ya Gotta Know How To Love 'Em 07:53 Tools
Darkest Side of the Night 01:42 Tools
I Love New York (A Tom Moulton Mix) 03:30 Tools
Brando (Чика из Перми) 04:18 Tools
Lie 02:45 Tools
The Sombre Sombrero 05:22 Tools
Through My Words 01:30 Tools
Too Dope 02:45 Tools
Death Of The Workers 06:05 Tools
306 360 Degrees 03:40 Tools
Desperado's Feat Kaboom 03:40 Tools
Pull Me Under 03:40 Tools
Drum Solo 03:40 Tools
Barbershop Strut/Tango Jiggle/The Hucklebuck/Ballin' The Jack Medley 07:10 Tools
You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch 02:15 Tools
Was That All (Original Album Version) 04:16 Tools
Street Parade 2001 (short radio mix) 04:16 Tools
Istemesen De 04:16 Tools
Fade to Gray 03:44 Tools
Death Of Rotwang 06:05 Tools
I Love New York [Original 12 Inch Mix] 05:08 Tools
Overture 1928 03:44 Tools
As I Am 03:44 Tools
Flooding The Underground City 06:43 Tools
All Grown Up 04:18 Tools
Metropolis Now Feat Ben E Slim 04:18 Tools
Do You Really, Really Love Me? 04:18 Tools
Everything With You 06:14 Tools
The Best Is Good Enough (AOR) 02:04 Tools
Everytime I See Him 05:37 Tools
Fatal Tragedy 05:08 Tools
Attack On The Upper City 04:07 Tools
6:00 05:08 Tools
Burned At The Stake 04:07 Tools
Why Won't Women Give Me A Break? 06:14 Tools
Dole Hlavou 04:29 Tools
Sing, Sing, Sing 06:14 Tools
Caught In A Web 06:14 Tools
Kriegdienstverweiger 06:14 Tools
Strange Deja Vu 06:14 Tools
Trust in the "M" Machine 01:42 Tools
Metropolis - Metropolis 06:05 Tools
Goodbye Pompeii 04:29 Tools
Playing Your Game 01:42 Tools
void (original mix) 06:43 Tools
I Love N.Y. 06:43 Tools
Fade to gray (Remix) 00:30 Tools
waiting... 01:42 Tools
You Gotta Know How to Love 'Em 01:42 Tools
Stay Awake 01:57 Tools
My Honey's Lovin Arms 02:04 Tools
Metropolis - Her Cennet 00:00 Tools
Nothing Heavier Than Hate 02:39 Tools
The Other Life 03:18 Tools
Metropolis - d.k.a 03:29 Tools
Metropolis - Kankabunası 05:37 Tools
Want 03:35 Tools
Güzel Þarký 03:36 Tools
Ilk Defa 04:31 Tools
The Heart Machine 03:18 Tools
Každý z Nás 05:05 Tools
Abgenickt für gut befunden 02:04 Tools
Shine With Me 04:29 Tools
I Can't Stop Loving You 02:04 Tools
HaTaSýZ KuL oLMaZ 02:04 Tools
Metropolis - Güzel Şarkı 03:35 Tools
Metropolis - Sükut-u Hayal 03:35 Tools
Uberall Polizei, Nirgendwo Gerechtigkeit (CHAR06) 04:29 Tools
I Love New York (feat. The Sweethearts) - Radio Edit 04:29 Tools
Spúšam sa 03:35 Tools
Beyond This Life 11:10 Tools
Stephen Walking 04:29 Tools
Metropolis - Original 00:00 Tools
By your side 05:55 Tools
outro-story to tell 04:07 Tools
Rad Der Zeit 04:07 Tools
Gravitate 04:34 Tools
Part-1 04:29 Tools
The Darkest Side of the Night (From Part VIII) 04:55 Tools
dka 04:55 Tools
hyper real 1 04:59 Tools
I Love New York (Original 12 Mix) 04:29 Tools
Billions Of Us! 04:07 Tools
Shoulder of Orion 01:34 Tools
Метрополис - пътуването 04:29 Tools
I Love Jazz 04:07 Tools
Take Control (PBD01) 02:52 Tools
Fall 04:34 Tools
Dr. M (Mix 1) 00:00 Tools
Metropolis - Tek Gece 03:21 Tools
Реальная жизнь 03:56 Tools
Spúšam sa 04:02 Tools
01 - Makine 04:02 Tools
metropolis alt 04:19 Tools
05 Prví A Poslední 03:29 Tools
Sirens 07:08 Tools
Walls Of Mystery 03:29 Tools
hyper real 3 04:19 Tools
1516 06:05 Tools
Larry the Looter 07:08 Tools
Metropolis - Fırtınalı Şarkı 03:18 Tools
I Love New York (Long Version) 04:29 Tools
Pytuvane 03:18 Tools
17 metropolis - see no reason2 04:28 Tools
intro-welcome to the city 03:18 Tools
Owl City (Atrocity Vector Remix) 03:18 Tools
interlude-city of metropolis 03:18 Tools
Livin' On The Edge 03:18 Tools
Twister 04:34 Tools
Dr. M (Mix 2) 05:19 Tools
Turnin' Me On 04:02 Tools
10 No More, No Fear 04:02 Tools
Nail 'Em Up 04:02 Tools
Hatasiz Kul Olmaz (Orhan Gencebay Cover) 04:02 Tools
Dr. Pepper/Be Right Back 04:02 Tools
Kriegdienstverweigerer (CHAR06) 04:37 Tools
Faded Paper Figures 04:37 Tools
07 - Makine 00:00 Tools
Impossible Dream 07:08 Tools
Stray Cat 02:21 Tools
Identify 01:34 Tools
Don t slow me down 04:19 Tools
The Curse 07:08 Tools
Intro: Welcome to the City 07:08 Tools
Crystal World 07:08 Tools
Open Late 01:34 Tools
Billions Of Us! (preview) 00:00 Tools
Watching You (Bonus) 04:28 Tools
Be My Girl (Bonus) 04:59 Tools
Addicted 04:02 Tools
Metropolis - Analog 04:02 Tools
They Go Wild, Simply Wild 04:02 Tools
The One I Love 03:25 Tools
Whatever it takes 04:00 Tools
Stay With You 04:36 Tools
Großstadtlicht 04:36 Tools
To Truly Love You 04:36 Tools
Go Get It (feat. The Sweethearts) 04:36 Tools
Too Deep 05:42 Tools
The Great Lake 04:36 Tools
Fýrtýnalý Þarký 03:18 Tools
Save Me Tonight 04:37 Tools
01 Don't Need You 02:48 Tools
テスラにおねがい! 04:37 Tools
Somethin' About Rocks 'N Rollin' 02:52 Tools
There'll Never Be Goodbye 04:37 Tools
Part-3 04:37 Tools
Three-Faced Of ''Zone'' 04:37 Tools
Metropolis - Tüm Kanllar Dolu 04:38 Tools
Už asi nebude 01:34 Tools
06 Pohreb Bielej Vrany 03:34 Tools
Rooms of desolation 07:13 Tools
Bong-O.D.R.I. 05:45 Tools
Part-2 03:34 Tools
going to ''zone'' 03:34 Tools
Part 1 with odd time signatures and tempo 03:34 Tools
Back 06:07 Tools
Mráz 06:07 Tools
09 Do You Remember Me? 02:58 Tools
You Will Accept My Will 05:08 Tools
''Zone'' Rhapsody 05:08 Tools
The Miracle And The Sleeper 04:59 Tools
Metropolis - Sueto Mix 04:59 Tools
new york is my 04:59 Tools
Living Proof 02:52 Tools
Moorish Arches 04:36 Tools
I Love New York (Tom Moulton Short Version) 03:44 Tools
Game Over 04:36 Tools
Saint Judas 04:36 Tools
There'll Never Be Good Bye 04:37 Tools
Street Parade (Original Mix) 04:37 Tools
Straighten Up And Fly Right 04:37 Tools
There'll Never Be Good-Bye ---The Theme of Metropolis--- 04:37 Tools
I Don't Wanna 04:16 Tools
The Dark Mother 04:16 Tools
Ultrawelt 04:16 Tools
Pas La Pour Plaire 04:16 Tools
Feel it 04:38 Tools
EXODUS GIRL 04:38 Tools
Wild & Blue 04:38 Tools
Nothing 04:38 Tools
Therell Never Be Good-Bye 04:38 Tools
firtinali ask 04:38 Tools
Trust in the 'M' Machine [Preview] 01:34 Tools
Into your Eyes 03:21 Tools
07 I'm Still Waiting 03:09 Tools
The Heartmachine 03:44 Tools
Informatik - Entropy 01:34 Tools
Metro Mann 05:45 Tools
Headhunter [Front Line Assembly mix] 01:34 Tools
03 - Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam 01:34 Tools
Pt. I ("The Miracle and the Sleeper") 01:34 Tools
Be My Girl 01:34 Tools
DREAMS 01:34 Tools
Watching You 01:34 Tools
The Gargantuan Tower 01:34 Tools
Falling 01:34 Tools
Hyporeal 01:34 Tools
Of Gods and Men 01:34 Tools
La vie normale 04:19 Tools
Tes boucles d'or 03:15 Tools
I Wanna Go High 03:15 Tools
You will accept my will (2013) 00:00 Tools
Billions of Us! (2013) 00:00 Tools
Perfect Strangers 00:00 Tools
Sell My Soul 02:49 Tools
Pars - Pas trop loin 00:00 Tools
Smokin' Part 1 00:00 Tools
I'm In Love Again/Them There Eyes 00:00 Tools
Perfect strangers (Deep Purple cover) 00:00 Tools
Kalte Wand, volle Lunge 00:00 Tools
Butterfly in Space 00:00 Tools
All the Machines 06:10 Tools
01 Fly 06:10 Tools
Is This Love (Remix) 06:10 Tools
Trafalgar 06:10 Tools
Nocturne 04:33 Tools
Fade To Grey 03:44 Tools
Thunder And Lightning (feat. The Sweethearts) 03:44 Tools
Maschinenstadt 03:44 Tools
On Your Own 06:10 Tools
Was That All (feat. The Sweethearts) 06:10 Tools
New York Is My Kind of Town (feat. The Sweethearts) 03:44 Tools
Where People Have Been 06:10 Tools
The Announcement 03:44 Tools
Streetchild 03:44 Tools
Good Bye 05:45 Tools
The Raven 05:45 Tools
The Darkest Side Of The Night (OST Friday, the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) 05:45 Tools
Swag Rave 05:45 Tools
This Place Is Made Of Sunken Ships 05:45 Tools
Hydrogen Jukebox 05:45 Tools
Judgement of Heaven 05:45 Tools
Solitude 05:45 Tools
The Greatest Show on Earth (feat. The Sweethearts) 05:45 Tools
Lunar Tides 05:45 Tools
SKY.FM Radio TSTAG_60 ADWTAG 00:00 Tools
I Love New York (Extended) 00:00 Tools
Time Of War (A.C Mix) 00:00 Tools
Interlude: City of Metropolis 00:00 Tools
Santa Carla 00:00 Tools
Track 1 00:00 Tools
Funkamotto 00:00 Tools
I Love New York (12" Mix) 00:00 Tools
Across the Sea of the Dead 00:00 Tools
They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me 02:49 Tools
Karlsson 03:15 Tools
WIND WHISPER 03:15 Tools
Darkest Side of Night 03:15 Tools
Battleship 707 03:15 Tools
The Thin Man 03:15 Tools
Je m'en grille une 02:49 Tools
Reverse Pulse Envelope 04:19 Tools
Morgane 02:49 Tools
New York Is My Kind Of Town (Slash Fiction Re-Edit) 04:19 Tools
Gel Gr Beni 04:19 Tools
livin on the edge 04:19 Tools
Metropolis - See No Reason 04:19 Tools
Don`t Slow Me Down 04:19 Tools
Kankabunasý? 04:19 Tools
Analysis of an unsuccesful day 04:19 Tools
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Multiple artists are known as Metropolis. 1. An AOR band from Canada by Stan Meissner and Peter Fredette. They released the album "Power of the night" in 1999. 2. A short-lived progressive rock band from Berlin - 1973 initiated by Michael Duwe who has been an early member of AGITATION FREE and produced "Seven UP" with ASH RA TEMPEL. Other members to have former collaborations with wellknown bands were drummer Thomas Hildebrand (MYTHOS) and Michael Westphal (ASH RA TEMPEL). Their eponymous debut was recorded December 1973 in Munich. Very rare as vinyl and in the early 90s also released by the Germanofon label as an unauthorized bootleg on CD. A concept album with clear musical influences because 'Mickie' Duwe also participated at the Berlin "Hair" performance. So there is a special vocal emphasis (Duwe's voice was close to Bowie) combined with a blend of several styles like Symphonic, Folk, Blues, Jazz- and Krautrock, very innovative and unique at that time. Afterwards METROPOLIS disbanded and all musicians went to other bands or worked solo. 3. A Nu-Metal band from Nitra, Slovakia. Formed in 2002 they play hard rock / nu metal music. They combine various features from diffrent genres and do not wish to be labelled by some specific music style. The name of the group was inspired by a cult German movie Metropolis. They have already released two albums Radioactivity (2005) and Vodoo (2007). They are working on the third album. It is expected to be released in spring 2009.; 4. Hardcore band out of Aurora, Ontario. 2008-2010 5. A progressive metal band from Belgium, their influences are drawn from different genres. One of the members is the son of Daniel from Univers Zero . Listeners of prog like Riverside & Porcupine Tree will appreciate their music. ( 6. A four piece indie rock band who formed in Cheltenham, UK in September 2012. Members Ollie Weikert (vocals, guitar), Bradley Hutchings (guitar), Thomas Muddle (bass), and Andy Burgess (drums) met as students at the University of Gloucestershire and have been drawn to writing material covering a broad and eclectic spectrum of influences, from modern rock bands such as Weezer, through to hip hop acts such as De La Soul and Mos Def. The band kicked off what promises to be a busy 2013 by releasing their debut EP 'Where People Have Been' and playing a show in the Czech Republic. 7. An alternative rock, grunge, indie band from Ankara, Turkey; 8. A progressive metal band from Gävle, Sweden. 9. A vocalist for international hip hop crew, Foreign Beggars 10. An Bulgarian electro comunity/organisation 11. One of the aliases used by The Future Sound of London, an electronic band from Manchester, England. 12. A solo recording project (and later a live band) by Ben Hardwidge in the late 1990s in the UK. 13.A barbershop quartet from the US. 14. Avant-jazz group from Leeds associated with LIMA. 15.A Progressive metal act from the U.S with many acoustic and jazzy influences released only one excellent album "Unsure Destination" (1994) then unfortunately disbanded some time later 16. A minimal synthpop band that released a 7" in 1982. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.