Mr. Pauli

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Don't want to be you 00:00 Tools
Jap Fab 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (Feat. Mariana) 00:00 Tools
Show You Why 00:00 Tools
Lo Mas (Feat. Mariana) 00:00 Tools
Pick Up The Phone 00:00 Tools
Der Alte 00:00 Tools
Metalbass 00:00 Tools
Le Crunch 00:00 Tools
Questions 00:00 Tools
Lo Mas (Feat. Mariana) - 64 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (Feat. Mariana) (Viewlexx V-019) Info - 063 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (Feat. Mariana) - 04 00:00 Tools
Jap Fab (Tyrell Semi Remix) 00:00 Tools
Eva W. 00:00 Tools
935 Lies 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction 00:00 Tools
Le Crunch (I Do Not Need The Bad Things You Do To Me Remix) 00:00 Tools
Lo Mas 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (featuring Mariana) 00:00 Tools
Le Crunch - Alden Tyrell I Don't Need The Bad Things You Do To Me Remix 00:00 Tools
Lo Mas (featuring Mariana) 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (featuring Marian) 00:00 Tools
Together 00:00 Tools
Eva W 00:00 Tools
Eva W. - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Neu Grau 00:00 Tools
At Night 00:00 Tools
EBM3 00:00 Tools
Jap Fab - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Questions feat. Nancy Fotune & Fred Ventura - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Robodance 00:00 Tools
Pick Up The Phone feat. Redulce - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Questions (ft. Nancy Fotune & Fred Ventura) 00:00 Tools
Weird 00:00 Tools
Nebraska 00:00 Tools
Hydra 00:00 Tools
935 Lies - Instrumental Version 00:00 Tools
Live @ Lunar Disko, Dublin 031107 00:00 Tools
Weekend Warrior 00:00 Tools
Night Fashion 00:00 Tools
Le Crunch (Alden Tyrell I don't Need the Bad Things you do to Me Remix) 00:00 Tools
After Hour Boogie 00:00 Tools
935 Lies (Instrumental Version) 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (Feat. Mariana) ( 00:00 Tools
In The Mix 2006 (Extended) 00:00 Tools
Pick Up The Phone (ft. Redulce) 00:00 Tools
In The Mix Oh Six 00:00 Tools
EBM 3 00:00 Tools
Pick Up The Phone feat. Redulce 00:00 Tools
Questions feat. Nancy Fotune & Fred Ventura 00:00 Tools
EBM 1 (Demo Italo Version) 00:00 Tools
Jap Fab (Tyrell Semi Remix). 2007 00:00 Tools
Weird (Clone 45.2) 00:00 Tools
Satisfaction (Feat. Mariana) (Viewlexx V-019) 00:00 Tools
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Biography written by Mr. Pauli himself (taken from My Space). It must have been around 1982 when i figured out how to mix, using two of those 60's portable turntables with built in speakers and no pitch control, by calculating the BPM's and then only mix records wich are roughly the same BPM. On top of that my record collection then consisted primarily of 60's 7" singles wich are rarely metronome tight, so i really had to stay focused to keep things in sync. This was also when i found out music is the only thing i can keep my mind to for everlasting periods of time... There are not many music genres that really turn me off and i can always apreciate a good piece of music, even if i don't like the genre or the people behind it. Plus there are things to learn from every kind of music. Growing up in the 80's in The Hague made me like italo disco because that's what was playing on the radio. Always !! It is probably rammed in my subconciousness forever. Around 1985 i started playing bass guitar in a school band because there was already someone playing drums. After a few years of playing in bands i liked the fact i was playing music myself, but didn't like it the songs were mostly covers. In 1991 in a band called Kuntebe wich also included Turntable Wizzard dj OVERDOSE, my homeboy for some 25 years by now, we were playing self written material sounding like a mix of the Doors, the Peppers and 24-7 Spyz, but it never really worked out. It was after OVERDOSE bought his first SP-12 it really emerged to me you don't necessarily need other people to produce music ( learn more about Prince ) Not much later i got myself an Akai S-900 and an Atari 1024st, and never left my room again. Amazing what you can cramp out 1 MB of sampling space if that's all you have! Encouraged by the very fast producing and releasing of 12"s by Roland Klinkenberg (whom i shared a house with at that time) and because i finally managed to actually finish some songs, and not just fiddle along for days and months with beats and a Juno 106 that i by that time had added to my set up, in 1996 i released my first 12". After three follow ups, i started working with OVERDOSE again, in 1998 crowned ourselves NOVAMEN, and in 1999 debuted on MURDERCAPITAL records. Released our fifth EP in 2006 and are still rocking the planet! In 1999 i also met this funky dude called Geoffrey T, who seemed to share my love for 80's drummachine-funk from the likes of ZAPP, PRINCE, CAMEO etc. We formed a project called BUMPER and bumpy-bassline-vocodered ourselves through life ever since. We debuted on the californian label MDEX in 2004, and are still dropping jams ! Around 2002 original Miami Bass Bending dj TECHNICIAN, a friend for close to 20 years, and me decided to share our passion for italo with the world, suddenly became MATZO&PAULI, and debuted in 2004 on VIEWLEXX. The follow up is sceduled in 2008 on CyberDance. Since, also as occasional dj back in the days, i never adapted an artist alias, in 2005 i decided to just keep my real name as a name: Mr PAULI ... Also already being half of MATZO&PAULI... So september 2006 the first Mr PAULI EP was released on VIEWLEXX, thanks to ALDEN TYRELL who applied some amazing mastering black magic techniques, to convert the tracks to these day standards. Mastering will never be a quality of mine... It is also mr TYRELL who rearranged and updated my track 'little' that early 2006 got released on Clone records under both our names. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.