Nasty Idols

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Westcoast city rockers 03:24 Tools
House Of Rock N´Roll 04:17 Tools
Sheila 03:42 Tools
Cool way of living 03:21 Tools
Method To My Madness 03:18 Tools
American nights 03:47 Tools
Rock Out 02:39 Tools
Dance of the wicked 03:29 Tools
Head's down (in tinseltown) 04:01 Tools
House Of Rock N' Roll 04:14 Tools
Electric wonderland 04:46 Tools
The Way Ya' Walk 04:36 Tools
No More Rules 04:26 Tools
Boys Town 04:38 Tools
Kalifornia 03:09 Tools
B.I.T.C.H. 03:51 Tools
Scar For Life 04:34 Tools
Nite Like This 04:40 Tools
Crashlanding 03:49 Tools
48 Hours 03:39 Tools
No time 03:05 Tools
Evil One 03:05 Tools
7 Year Itch 04:04 Tools
Blackshot 05:20 Tools
It's Not Love 03:32 Tools
Night By Night 03:45 Tools
Don't tear it down 03:46 Tools
Need The Nite 02:54 Tools
Sister Sin 03:46 Tools
Alive n' Kickin' 04:06 Tools
It Ain't Easy 06:04 Tools
Devil In Disguise 05:11 Tools
Pleasure of the Pain 04:20 Tools
Hellhouse 03:12 Tools
Heroes for Sale 05:07 Tools
Too drunk to fuck 03:08 Tools
Blind leads blind 04:23 Tools
Trashed and Dirty 04:05 Tools
Killing stuff 03:13 Tools
Sweet Suicide 04:05 Tools
Roadtrip 04:12 Tools
Nightstalkin 05:12 Tools
Pretty cut wild 03:16 Tools
Jack in the Box 02:50 Tools
Dead by dawn 04:50 Tools
Gimme What I Want 05:00 Tools
Cool runnings 03:54 Tools
Hellout shakeout 03:31 Tools
Since U Been Gone 06:03 Tools
No More Mr. Nice Guy 03:29 Tools
Can't Get Ya' Off My Mind 05:00 Tools
Can't Get Enough 04:21 Tools
Alive 'n Kickin' 04:21 Tools
She's On Fire 04:46 Tools
Don't Walk Away 06:32 Tools
Must Be Love 04:13 Tools
1969 04:47 Tools
Shy China 03:23 Tools
Lonely 04:54 Tools
The Way Ya´Walk 04:36 Tools
For The Good Time 04:15 Tools
Down 03:32 Tools
R.I.P 04:00 Tools
R.I.P. 04:00 Tools
Ain't got nothin' 03:47 Tools
Too Drunk To Fuck [Dead Kennedy's Cover] 03:10 Tools
1969 (This Ain't The Summer Of Love) 04:47 Tools
Can't Get Ya' Off My Mind #2 04:16 Tools
Do You Want Another 03:17 Tools
Wish you were alive 05:24 Tools
Can´t Get Ya´off My Mind 05:09 Tools
When the blood runs cold 05:40 Tools
Do Ya' Want Another 03:16 Tools
Generation landslide 04:30 Tools
Alive 'n Kickin' - Live 04:12 Tools
Give me no lip 04:02 Tools
Alive N´Kickin´ 04:07 Tools
Over n' gone 04:01 Tools
Intro 00:54 Tools
Hurt Me 03:14 Tools
Don´t Tear It Down 03:47 Tools
Forrest Of Cries 03:47 Tools
Down In One 03:40 Tools
Alive 05:27 Tools
SexShooter 00:54 Tools
Intro (Side A) 00:54 Tools
Over N´gone 03:58 Tools
Sexshooter (Live) 04:01 Tools
Blood Runs Cold 05:52 Tools
Can't Get Ya Off My Mind 05:12 Tools
Gimme What I Want (Intro) 00:54 Tools
No Lip 00:54 Tools
Men In Chains 04:44 Tools
Head´s down, In Tinseltown 04:02 Tools
Trashed N´Dirty 04:12 Tools
Homebound Angels 05:10 Tools
Generation Landslide (Bonus) 04:33 Tools
Needle Park 03:04 Tools
Heads Down In Tinseltown 04:04 Tools
Ain´t Got Nothing 03:48 Tools
Ain't Got Nothing 03:48 Tools
Room 16 03:48 Tools
My Generation 02:46 Tools
Get Ya' Off My Mind 03:48 Tools
Do Ya Want Another 03:16 Tools
Can´t Get Ya´Off My Mind #2 04:29 Tools
Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys Cover) 03:13 Tools
Do Ya´Want Another 03:13 Tools
Ain´t Got Nothin´ 03:48 Tools
Til' Death Do Us Part 04:39 Tools
The Way Ya´ Walk 04:37 Tools
Easy Come Easy Go 04:39 Tools
House of rock n'roll 04:16 Tools
Possessed To Seduce 05:03 Tools
Cant´t Get Ya´ Off My Mind 05:13 Tools
SexShooter (Live Bonus Track) 04:01 Tools
Alive N´ Kickin´ 05:03 Tools
Can't get ya'off my mind 05:12 Tools
Cant Get Ya Off My Mind 05:13 Tools
Sexshooter(live bonus track) 04:01 Tools
Do ya'want another 04:21 Tools
Electric wonderland(bonus track) 04:21 Tools
Cant´t Get Ya´ Off My Mind #2 04:28 Tools
Head's Down 04:28 Tools
Head´s Down (In Tinseltown) 03:37 Tools
Electric Wonderland (Bonus Track) 03:37 Tools
Trashed n'dirty 04:15 Tools
Get Ya' Off My Mind #2 03:37 Tools
Can't get ya'off my mind #2 03:58 Tools
Heads down (In tinseltown) 03:58 Tools
Over n'gone 03:58 Tools
Easy Come, Easy Go 04:28 Tools
Cant Get Ya Off My Mind 2 04:28 Tools
Possesed To Seduce 03:48 Tools
Can't Get You Off My Mind 04:28 Tools
Head's Down In Tinseltown 03:59 Tools
Til Death Do Us Part 03:48 Tools
Ainґt Got Nothing 03:48 Tools
Alive N' Kickin 03:48 Tools
Over N´ Gone 03:48 Tools
House of rock'n'roll 03:48 Tools
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper) 03:29 Tools
House Of Rock & Roll 03:48 Tools
Can't Get Ys' Off My Mind 03:48 Tools
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper Cover) 03:48 Tools
Over NґGone 03:29 Tools
Electric Wonderland (Bonus Tra 03:29 Tools
Head's Down (In Tinseltown) *[Requested by loafy666]* 00:00 Tools
Can't Get You Off My Mind #2 00:00 Tools
07 - B.I.T.C.H 00:00 Tools
Hurt Me (Bonus) 00:00 Tools
Can´t Get Ya' Off My Mind (Remix) 00:00 Tools
House of Rock 'n Roll 04:06 Tools
Hurt me (bonus track) 04:06 Tools
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The Nasty Idols mixed elements of Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper to produce their own brand of straightforward, sleazy glam rock. Formed in Malmo, Sweden by Andy Pierce (vocals) and Dick Qwarfort (bass). The group went through several line-up changes before recording a self financed single that lead to a record deal. Jonnie Wee (guitar), George Swanson (drums) and Roger White (keyboards) rounded out the band for the debut album. The record helped them become one of the hottest rock acts in Sweden. For Cruel Intention, Peter Espinoza replaced Wee. It would prove to be their biggest album, as "Cool Way Of Living" received limited airplay on MTV's Headbanger Ball. Unfortunately, Swanson got sick while on the supporting tour, and was replaced by Stanley. The band decided to go in an even heavier direction for Vicious, and fired White (thinking keyboards would no longer fit into their music). By 1995 the band decided to break-up, thus cancelling the release of an album they had recorded called Heroes For Sale (it would finally see the light of day some seven years later). Pierce and Stanley formed Machinegun Kelly while Espinoza pursued a solo career. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.