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Incomplete 00:00 Tools
Let it Die 00:00 Tools
Enter Dreamscape 00:00 Tools
The Deviant Hearts 00:00 Tools
Miserable Me 00:00 Tools
Try 00:00 Tools
The Lotus And The Willow 00:00 Tools
Crimson Course 00:00 Tools
Carry Me Home 00:00 Tools
The Sound Of Fear 03:27 Tools
Novaturient 03:27 Tools
Runaway Gray 03:27 Tools
Snow Light Night 03:27 Tools
Runaway Grey 03:00 Tools
Flamme Bleue 01:56 Tools
Fall Memories 03:00 Tools
Illumination of the sky 00:00 Tools
Over the frail dream 01:30 Tools
Last Tears 03:17 Tools
Fleeting Fantasy 02:28 Tools
Decipher 03:17 Tools
Canopus 02:44 Tools
Magnificence 01:53 Tools
Last Tears (Original) 03:23 Tools
Fomalhaut 04:31 Tools
Stellate Lights 03:40 Tools
Life 03:40 Tools
Precious Wonder 04:08 Tools
Symphony Of Light 02:02 Tools
cristaux de glace 02:38 Tools
Halcyon 04:00 Tools
Liberate 02:32 Tools
Lively Days 03:12 Tools
Skyscape 02:38 Tools
materialize 02:08 Tools
Gigantic Malfunctions - Original Mix 06:52 Tools
The End of the Tale 02:45 Tools
The Deviant Hearts (Give Us A Story) 03:40 Tools
Come to Me - Sub Antix Remix 04:53 Tools
Little Pleasures 02:04 Tools
I Wanna Be High 04:15 Tools
Pendulum 04:02 Tools
Interlocking Interventions 02:02 Tools
Shameless War (Interlude) 02:24 Tools
Imaginary Sky 05:04 Tools
Everlasting 02:42 Tools
Creating 02:20 Tools
Diligence 03:40 Tools
Let It Die | Napalm Records 02:30 Tools
Eternal Horizon 04:26 Tools
Glaciate 02:33 Tools
Fomalhaut(2step.Edit) 02:34 Tools
We Create 03:25 Tools
Vision 03:29 Tools
Snow Light Night (Outro) 03:28 Tools
Sky Stream Waves(2step.Edit) 02:30 Tools
Mission 03:28 Tools
Depraved 04:03 Tools
Disease Called Religion 03:54 Tools
The Four Demons 04:03 Tools
ルナー・リフレクション 04:17 Tools
Nethermost 02:56 Tools
Oasis of Loneliness 04:20 Tools
You Must Kill Him 04:26 Tools
Ave Sathanas III 01:01 Tools
Noctis 02:18 Tools
Jahve 02:55 Tools
Quadruple 02:30 Tools
Shudder 03:17 Tools
Mangy Dogs 04:47 Tools
Introscope 03:46 Tools
A Shore 03:50 Tools
Their Sword Was Hard Indeed! 04:07 Tools
Last Tears Original 03:25 Tools
We'll Meet In Hell Again 01:21 Tools
Ring 03:38 Tools
Inquisition 03:25 Tools
The Judgement Day 02:53 Tools
The Diversion 03:38 Tools
Pecu-reality 03:38 Tools
Enter Dreamscape | Napalm Records 02:52 Tools
Jesus Is Just A Stone 02:53 Tools
Victory 03:38 Tools
The Holy Writing 03:38 Tools
Get Away! 03:38 Tools
Back from the Past 03:21 Tools
The King Of The Slaves 02:53 Tools
Symphony of Light (Bonus Track) 02:53 Tools
Unnamed Grave 02:52 Tools
Springtime 03:00 Tools
スウィート・ブレンド 04:32 Tools
7th Month 02:52 Tools
I Trust In God Only 02:58 Tools
the march for freedom 03:21 Tools
A Document About Jesus Death 03:21 Tools
Gospel 03:21 Tools
Embers 05:48 Tools
Jazz For Jesus 04:27 Tools
Sans Commentaire 02:52 Tools
movin' 01:49 Tools
Ave Satanas - Songs Of Demons 02:52 Tools
Last Homage 04:02 Tools
No Way Out 04:02 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Sequential One Club Mix) 03:27 Tools
Antigravity 06:11 Tools
Popes Last Dance 03:27 Tools
The Eternal... 04:34 Tools
Confidence 02:31 Tools
MOVIN 02:36 Tools
Come to Me (Sub Antix Remix) 04:53 Tools
A Falling Head 04:39 Tools
The Wedding Night 04:39 Tools
Ave Sathanas IV. 02:36 Tools
Welcome In Heaven Part 2 04:52 Tools
Interceptor 03:47 Tools
Illumination of the Sky (Landscapers Remix) 06:28 Tools
Another Place (with Dylan MacGillivray) 04:34 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Future Sound Mix) 05:45 Tools
Ave Satanas 05:45 Tools
Resolutions 02:33 Tools
Crown (Intro) 02:59 Tools
Welcome To The Club 04:39 Tools
Catching Stardust 04:52 Tools
Angels 04:39 Tools
ハートニング・スマイル 04:39 Tools
The Emotional Dullness (bonus) 02:16 Tools
Dreamtronica 03:21 Tools
Seeds 04:00 Tools
Earthen 05:45 Tools
Lunar Reflection 04:17 Tools
Smoke (with Kasko) 04:21 Tools
Skies 04:54 Tools
Fomalhaut (2step.Edit) 02:16 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Sequential One Edit) 02:16 Tools
Come to Me 05:24 Tools
Radial Velocity 02:16 Tools
Symphony of Light [*] 05:00 Tools
Force of the Heart 02:16 Tools
Rotational Authority 04:04 Tools
It’s Trip 04:27 Tools
ƒ‹ƒi[EƒŠƒtƒŒƒNƒVƒ‡ƒ“ 02:16 Tools
Aqua 04:04 Tools
Juice (Original Mix) 04:56 Tools
Heartening Smile 04:42 Tools
Sweet Blend 04:42 Tools
Prophet 05:26 Tools
Sky Stream Waves (2step.Edit) 05:26 Tools
Sky Stream Waves 05:24 Tools
Fomalhaut ~ 2Step Mix 02:34 Tools
Temple [Bonus] 04:48 Tools
I Don't Want It 00:00 Tools
Come to Me (Jake Robertz Remix) 05:00 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Tanks Club Destroy Mix) 04:27 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Sequential One Radio Mix) 03:36 Tools
ƒXƒEƒB[ƒgEƒuƒŒƒ“ƒh 04:32 Tools
Come to Me - Flavours Remix 04:47 Tools
Come to Me - Jake Robertz Remix 05:00 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Sequentia 03:36 Tools
一閃 • f l a s h • 一閃 03:36 Tools
Flamme Bleue & Last Tears 03:57 Tools
Fuck You Man 00:00 Tools
Flamme Bleue (Piano Version) 01:57 Tools
Miserable Me | Napalm Records 00:00 Tools
Syndrome 03:16 Tools
I Wanna Be High [FREE DL] 04:16 Tools
Dolby Digital 05:15 Tools
Riders 03:57 Tools
Warrior 05:29 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Tank`s Club Destroy Mix) 05:29 Tools
Prologue 03:57 Tools
サーフ • s u r f • サーフ (Interlude) 03:57 Tools
飛ぶ • f l y • 飛ぶ 03:57 Tools
Glide 02:31 Tools
Let It Die (Edit) 02:31 Tools
Come to Me - Sweater Fists Remix 05:29 Tools
Ave Sathanas IV 03:57 Tools
Destroyed, Cause He Believed 03:57 Tools
I'm Alone feat. Angela Sheik 03:16 Tools
The Deviant Hearts [8YD] 03:16 Tools
強さ • s t r e n g t h • 強さ 03:16 Tools
Cruising In My Arwing 01:57 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Tank's Club Destroy Mix) 05:29 Tools
Menagerie 01:57 Tools
Dragon 01:57 Tools
Execution 05:29 Tools
Revenge 05:29 Tools
Memories 05:29 Tools
ƒn[ƒgƒjƒ“ƒOEƒXƒ}ƒCƒ‹ 05:29 Tools
Visions of Tomorrow 05:29 Tools
Welcome To The Club (Tank`s Cl 05:29 Tools
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There are at least three artists with the name Phantasma. 1. A death metal band (active from 1994 to present) 2. An electronic producer (active from 2007 to present) 3. A rock opera project by Delain singer Charlotte Wessels, Serenity frontman Georg Neuhauser and Everon multi instrumentalist/producer Oliver Phillips. (2014-2015) The death metal band Phantasma was founded by two pagan creatures Andy and Roland in 1992 Anno Daemoni. Together with Radoslave they recorded their first demo called "Destroyed 'cause he believed", released by themselves. 'twas 4-song creation of raw death metal and the beginning of music career of Phantasma. Andy and Roland invite for the first album Leviathan and Jesus. Album got name "Welcome to Heaven" and it was released by Metal age productions in 1994. The album contained 11 songs include 3 instrumentals. Before line break, 2 years later, Phantasma drew up to release another album called "Jazz for Jesus". The band changed label and 10 songs released Black labyrinth productions. In 1996 Mr. Ryhak changed Roland behind drums and Rudolf out now is instead Leviathan. The sound of Phantasma is enriched by Rastislave's keyboards. The result is "Jahve" from 1999 under Rock extremum records. In 2002 the band expands abroad and "Gospel" have a smell of northern Downfall records. The problems with guitar, and later also with bass, is increasing. In 2002 Darzagh changed Jesus and Rudolf with Rastislave left the band. Andy, Mr.Ryhak and Darzagh played tens of concerts, did interviews and now are creating a full CD. The introduction to this CD is EP "Alternativa 666" containing 3 songs. In May 8, 2009 Phantasma gained fifty white stars. EP Alternativa 666 is a result of cooperation with US extreme metal label Apocrypha records...New full CD "Book of Phantasma" - 2010 is out!!! for more informations send mail to : Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.