Prometheus Burning

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Significantly Altered 06:24 Tools
Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken 05:57 Tools
Confronting Pandora 03:49 Tools
BlackMagick Tongue 04:50 Tools
The Box (Whispers From Within) 05:09 Tools
Mother of Abominations 04:16 Tools
Ouroboros Deathride 05:05 Tools
Plague called huMANity 06:36 Tools
Beyond Repair 04:55 Tools
When The Past Becomes Present 05:05 Tools
Deanimate 03:59 Tools
False Prophets (Interlude) 01:25 Tools
Squelch 04:15 Tools
leave it to fate 05:31 Tools
The Needle's Eye 02:54 Tools
Realm Of Thee Divine 05:19 Tools
Deluge 05:20 Tools
For Every Action There Is A Reaction 05:44 Tools
You Know What You Are 04:35 Tools
Genovese Syndrome 05:07 Tools
Deconstructing Scar Tissue 05:34 Tools
The Weeping And Gnashing Of Teeth 03:22 Tools
Overture Fusillade 03:36 Tools
Amorphous Anthropoid 05:03 Tools
Elpis (Hope Is Not Enough) 05:09 Tools
Kill it with Fire 05:09 Tools
Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken (Hypofixx Remix) 07:42 Tools
Mimetic Drift 7 05:18 Tools
Quiddity 04:59 Tools
We R the Gods 05:24 Tools
s33d 05:11 Tools
Mindbenders 04:37 Tools
Shescorpion Skin 05:46 Tools
Beyond Repair (Xanopticon Remix) 04:22 Tools
inTerrupt0r 04:19 Tools
Beyond Repair (Suicide Inside Remix) 04:41 Tools
Deanimate (Abelcain Remix) 04:01 Tools
Miserchordia 03:57 Tools
Suffering In Silence 03:27 Tools
Some Things Are Meant To Stay Significantly Altered (Scrap.Edx Remix) 07:26 Tools
Violator (V2) 04:04 Tools
Kill it with Fire (Portion Control Remix) 03:54 Tools
Boilermaker 05:16 Tools
Squelch (Edgey Remix) 05:51 Tools
Tiny Death 02:06 Tools
Eevilution 04:50 Tools
Anonymous Death Threats 04:11 Tools
a liVing obliVi0n 05:46 Tools
Significantly Altered (Atomhead Remix) 04:58 Tools
Victim Complex 04:56 Tools
Unpleasant Presence 05:02 Tools
Flesh Addict (Nikki's Big Flapping Vagina Mix) 04:25 Tools
When The Past Becomes Present (Bombardier Remix) 05:41 Tools
Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken (Fanny Remix) 03:30 Tools
Significantly Altered [Iszoloscope Remix] 06:39 Tools
Battery Drain [Unreleased] 04:39 Tools
Malignant Disco 04:30 Tools
Nausea 04:15 Tools
Left Hand Down 05:05 Tools
Squelch (Mc Arra Remix By Proyecto Mirage) 04:41 Tools
The Ultimate Evil 02:31 Tools
Violator (Remixed by Imminent) 06:16 Tools
Tuning Out 03:29 Tools
Miserchordia (I, Parasite Remix) 06:50 Tools
Broken Faith 05:17 Tools
Invisible Enemy -v2- 05:08 Tools
For Every Action There Is A Reaction [Endif Remix] 03:16 Tools
No Known Cure (Scrap.edx remix) 08:23 Tools
c0ld sw3at 05:24 Tools
hyperventilation 02:21 Tools
no known cure 04:50 Tools
fever 0nset 06:21 Tools
Robitussin Relapse 03:55 Tools
meRcury rising 05:30 Tools
Porcelain Pillow 04:11 Tools
October (Bonus Track) 07:49 Tools
fuseflux 02:59 Tools
Battery Drain 04:39 Tools
cevlar 02:08 Tools
payne uv syl3nce 04:04 Tools
spotweld 01:51 Tools
eprom 1394 03:21 Tools
cathode 04:27 Tools
flourescence 02:59 Tools
Significantly Altered (Iszoloscope Remix) 06:37 Tools
hook hands c0ld as 1ce 05:16 Tools
For Every Action There Is A Reaction (Endif Remix) 03:16 Tools
valve cycle 04:19 Tools
downstream 04:33 Tools
jeneRator 04:11 Tools
trinity 03:56 Tools
final sequence 04:51 Tools
Negative Insulin 04:30 Tools
lymphn0de 05:51 Tools
Attack Of The 0Taku 03:14 Tools
She Is A Maniac In A K-Hole 02:57 Tools
Invisible Enemy 05:15 Tools
Initializing Kernel 01:22 Tools
Irakattak 04:16 Tools
The Train Wreck Effect 03:55 Tools
The Day That Never Came 03:08 Tools
this hurts me more than it hurts you 04:28 Tools
Lymphnode 05:53 Tools
Hook Hands Cold As 1ce 05:17 Tools
Battery Drain (Previously Unreleased) 04:38 Tools
As Blue As The Day Is Long 08:31 Tools
Squelch (Proyecto Mirage- MC Arra Remix) 04:40 Tools
Violator [v2] 04:04 Tools
Invisible Enemy (V2) 05:07 Tools
Battery Drain (Unreleased) 04:39 Tools
inVisible eNemy [v2] 05:07 Tools
KILL IT WITH FIRE [Portion Control remix] 03:54 Tools
October 07:49 Tools
Raining Ashes 03:39 Tools
False Prophers (Interlude) 01:26 Tools
Flying Goat Eye 04:15 Tools
Significantly Altered v2 06:21 Tools
Gathering 03:22 Tools
Hairline Trigger 03:07 Tools
Banishing Ritual 08:31 Tools
CrazyGeorgeDotCom 04:58 Tools
Black Essence 05:10 Tools
The Shadow People Take Control 04:34 Tools
Malignant Disco (feat. Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced]) 04:32 Tools
Acid Rephlux 03:23 Tools
The Beast Growls 05:00 Tools
KILL IT WITH FIRE [remixed by Portion Control] 03:54 Tools
Without Reason or Justification 05:00 Tools
untitled 05:00 Tools
October [bonus track] 01:00 Tools
Paradise Inside / Punishment Defined remix 03:54 Tools
No One Can Hear You 05:14 Tools
Exiting the Spiral 04:57 Tools
as the s0ul escapes 00:00 Tools
Suffereing In Silence 03:27 Tools
Kill it with Fire 2012 00:00 Tools
The Bishop, The Duke, The Magistrate, The President (Bonus Track) 00:00 Tools
Hurt 00:00 Tools
Malignant Disco (Featuring Jimmy Semtex Of Rein[Forced]) 04:32 Tools
We R the Gods 2012 05:24 Tools
We 'R the Gods 01:30 Tools
No One Can Hear Me 05:14 Tools
Invisible Enemy V2 01:30 Tools
The Bishop, The Duke, The Magistrate, The President 07:11 Tools
Kill it with Fire - Portion Control Remix 2012 00:00 Tools
Kill it with Fire (Portion Con 03:39 Tools
Miserchordia (I, Parasite Remi 06:50 Tools
Exiting Spiral 00:00 Tools
Eevilution 2012 00:00 Tools
miserChordia [I, Parasite remix] 00:00 Tools
No Known Cure (Remix By Scrap.Edx) 00:00 Tools
When The Past Becomes The Present 00:00 Tools
Squelch (Proyecto Mirage - Mc Arra remix) 00:00 Tools
Live at Schizophrenia 3 00:00 Tools
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Formed in 2001, Prometheus Burning is a renegade Electro duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With visual artist Nikki Telladictorian delivering lyrical lashings on the frontlines while producer Greg VanEck mans the electro battlestation of drum machines, modular synths, and circuit bent devices, Prometheus Burning attacks you with a full scale sonic assault upon the senses. Operating from the fringe and defying definition, they forge an aggressive and eccentric sound that often blurs the line between electronic genres, from dancefloor killing beats to complex chaotic noise. With nearly 100 live performances during the last 5 years, Prometheus Burning has toured extensively within the United States and Canada. Their live shows often exhibit heavy use of disturbing theatrics and uninhibited erotic themes. From underground raves to midwest hardcore parties, from club nights to fetish balls, Prometheus Burning has set the stage on fire time and time again, making every show a uniquely head banging mind bending experience. Website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.