Quinn Fox

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Zelda Gold Cartridge OC ReMix 02:47 Tools
Mega Man 2 Oxygen Flare OC ReMix 04:04 Tools
Final Fantasy 6 Smooth Alexander OC ReMix 02:51 Tools
Final Fantasy 6 Umaro Uematsu OC ReMix 03:13 Tools
Final Fantasy 6 modeserpent OC ReMix 02:56 Tools
Strider Vibe Victory OC ReMix 03:50 Tools
Phantasy Star Online Lobby Static OC ReMix 02:01 Tools
Lunar 2 Orange October OC ReMix 02:35 Tools
Phantasy Star 2 Mamabrain OC ReMix 02:37 Tools
Phantasy Star 3 Nial and Nowhere OC ReMix 02:07 Tools
Phantasy Star 2 Boss Uniform OC ReMix 03:28 Tools
Taking Advantage 02:55 Tools
Ballrawg 02:08 Tools
Tetrahedron 03:52 Tools
Combination Lock 04:03 Tools
Shining Force CD Five-Sided Square OC ReMix 03:46 Tools
Five-Sided Square 03:45 Tools
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 How Machines Fly OC Remix 03:11 Tools
Legend of Zelda 'Gold Cartridge' OC ReMix 02:54 Tools
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'How Machines Fly' OC ReMix 03:11 Tools
Final Fantasy VI 'Smooth Alexander' OC ReMix 02:50 Tools
Final Fantasy VI 'Umaro Uematsu' OC ReMix 03:12 Tools
Oxygen Flare 04:05 Tools
Final Fantasy VI 'Mode Serpent' OC ReMix 02:56 Tools
Phantasy Star III 'Nial and Nowhere' OC ReMix 02:07 Tools
Minefield 03:01 Tools
Phantasy Star Online 'Lobby Static' OC ReMix 02:01 Tools
Gold Cartridge 02:46 Tools
Lunar: Eternal Blue 'Orange October' OC ReMix 02:36 Tools
Phantasy Star II 'Mama Brain' OC ReMix 02:37 Tools
Strider 'Vibe Victory' OC ReMix 03:51 Tools
Smooth Alexander 02:36 Tools
Phantasy Star II 'Boss Uniform' OC ReMix 03:29 Tools
Mega Man 2 'Oxygen Flare' OC ReMix 04:05 Tools
Shining Force CD 'Five-Sided Square' OC ReMix 03:47 Tools
Blood Sugar 02:51 Tools
How Machines Fly 03:11 Tools
Patience 02:31 Tools
Director 03:01 Tools
Obliterate Me 03:34 Tools
Edit Automation 03:34 Tools
Graf Comet 03:28 Tools
H20 03:32 Tools
Vibe Victory 00:00 Tools
Prosper 04:52 Tools
Deimos 00:00 Tools
One Third Rachel 04:00 Tools
Modern Problems 00:00 Tools
Umaro Uematsu 03:13 Tools
Somewhat Beautiful 00:00 Tools
Mode Serpent 00:00 Tools
Lobby Static 00:00 Tools
modeserpent 00:00 Tools
Neistar 00:00 Tools
Orange October 00:00 Tools
Diagonal Strafe 00:00 Tools
mamabrain 00:00 Tools
charlatanshire 00:00 Tools
Unexplored Contact 00:00 Tools
Boss Uniform 00:00 Tools
Pistol Whipped 00:00 Tools
Redrun Green 00:00 Tools
Nial and Nowhere 00:00 Tools
Arthur Enhanced 00:00 Tools
Solace in Second 03:14 Tools
Simply Uneven 00:00 Tools
That Car is Dirty 02:53 Tools
howmachinesfly 03:11 Tools
Slick Uniforms 00:00 Tools
Powerup Candles 00:00 Tools
Final Fantasy 6 Umaro Uematsu 00:00 Tools
Ice Moon Airship 00:00 Tools
The Iron Leaf 00:00 Tools
Phillibuster 03:11 Tools
NiGHTS - Somewhat Beautiful 00:00 Tools
Satellite Went Silent 00:00 Tools
Vibe Victory :: OCR Radio 11:06 Tools
Konega 11:06 Tools
System Upgrade 11:06 Tools
How Aliens 02:56 Tools
Terraforming 00:00 Tools
Five-Sided Square [OC ReMix Radio] 03:36 Tools
Zelda Gold Cartridge 11:06 Tools
Final Fantasy 6 modeserpent 11:06 Tools
Phantasy Star 2 Boss Uniform 11:06 Tools
Software Escape 02:56 Tools
Lobby Static :: OCR Radio 02:56 Tools
Wanderlust 02:56 Tools
When And How I Feel 03:14 Tools
No Proper Time of Day 03:14 Tools
Gold Cartridge OC ReMix (Zelda 1) 02:47 Tools
Hull Design 03:29 Tools
Nial and Nowhere [OC ReMix Radio] 03:29 Tools
Mega Man 2 Oxygen Flare 02:47 Tools
Air Machine 11:06 Tools
Lunar 2 Orange October 02:47 Tools
Rigor Dominae 02:47 Tools
Dayspender 02:47 Tools
Signs Fiction 03:29 Tools
Zelda 'Gold Cartridge' OC ReMix 03:29 Tools
Five-Sided Square :: OCR Radio 11:06 Tools
Zelda: Gold Cartridge (OC ReMix) 11:06 Tools
Nial and Nowhere :: OCR Radio 11:06 Tools
Vibe Victory [OC ReMix Radio] 03:43 Tools
Mama Brain [OC ReMix Radio] 02:57 Tools
Orange October :: OCR Radio 00:30 Tools
Final Fantasy 6 Smooth Alexander 00:30 Tools
Strider Vibe Victory 00:30 Tools
Mamabrain :: OCR Radio 00:30 Tools
Master Alarm 04:23 Tools
Frantic Firepower 04:23 Tools
Trace Elements 02:31 Tools
Dead Reckoning 02:31 Tools
Cleaned Stripes 03:36 Tools
Orange October [OC ReMix Radio] 02:46 Tools
modeserpent OC ReMix 02:56 Tools
Ristar With Lasers 11:06 Tools
tyom 01:11 Tools
Phantasy Star Online Lobby Static 01:11 Tools
Zelda - Gold Cartridge 01:11 Tools
Boss Uniform :: OCR Radio 11:06 Tools
Remain Confident 11:06 Tools
More Than Enough 11:06 Tools
Seagulls Screaming 11:06 Tools
Ninja with glasses 11:06 Tools
Saber Rattler 03:37 Tools
Oxygen Flare OC ReMix 03:37 Tools
Pretty Neat Girl 03:43 Tools
Automatic Manual 03:15 Tools
Taikonaut 03:30 Tools
Smooth Alexander OC ReMix 02:51 Tools
Thousand Year Old Message 02:51 Tools
Moonlight Alone 02:51 Tools
Sega Rally - Snow Tires 02:51 Tools
Phantasy Star 3 Nial and Neptune 02:51 Tools
Phantasy Star 1 Phillibuster 02:51 Tools
Phantasy Star 2 Iceblink Alto 02:51 Tools
Origin of Ruin 02:51 Tools
Dig Similar 02:51 Tools
Charlatan Shire 02:46 Tools
Mad Marionette 02:46 Tools
New Skills 03:20 Tools
Lobby Static [OC ReMix Radio] 03:20 Tools
Empty Collections 03:01 Tools
Leave it There 02:36 Tools
remainconfident 03:22 Tools
How Machines Fly (Sonic the Hedgehog 3) 03:11 Tools
Gold Cartridge OC ReMix 03:11 Tools
deadreckoning 03:22 Tools
Final Fantasy 6: Umaro Uematsu (OC ReMix) 03:22 Tools
Gold Cartridge :: OCR Radio 00:30 Tools
Hamco Hustle 00:30 Tools
Role Swaying 00:30 Tools
Nial and Neptune 02:57 Tools
How Machines Fly [OC ReMix Radio] 02:57 Tools
Mama Brain 02:57 Tools
Oxygen Flare (Mega Man 2) 02:57 Tools
Final Fantasy 6: Smooth Alexander (OC ReMix) 02:57 Tools
modeserpent :: OCR Radio 11:06 Tools
obliterateme 11:06 Tools
Phantasy Star Online Lobby Static OC ReMix (ocremix) 11:06 Tools
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Dennison Quinn Fox. It's a music style that is built on video games and the progressive rock he grew up on (such as mid-late 80's game music, and early-mid 1970's prog rock.) In other words, 'Yes,' 'Tears For Fears,' 'Genesis,' and other touches such as 'The Cure,' 'Duran Duran,' and 'The Cocteau Twins,' make their listener known. There ARE better musicians, but Quinn retains his own sound no matter his level of growth, pick of genre to slay, or shooter to end all shooters.... In other words, think what you like, but no one makes music like Quinn does. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.