Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Who's the Nigga? 03:58 Tools
Scarecrow 01:41 Tools
Reuptake 03:39 Tools
Imago 04:20 Tools
Sunday Bloody Sunday 00:00 Tools
Downtown 04:57 Tools
Idle Contact 03:41 Tools
K Y Re:amin 04:49 Tools
And When 04:26 Tools
The Daze 05:13 Tools
Crackhead Waltz 03:01 Tools
Exfoliate 05:14 Tools
imagine...walk on the wild side 00:00 Tools
For Dusts and Mists 04:36 Tools
Dick Is a Killer 00:00 Tools
White Lines 00:00 Tools
My Name Is Rx 00:00 Tools
my generation rx 02:57 Tools
RX - Malt Liquor [feat Chae Hawk] 02:57 Tools
kgb-tv 00:00 Tools
Birthday (partypartymix) 00:00 Tools
H.I.V. AIDS 03:52 Tools
Boys & Girls 00:00 Tools
Bumble 04:29 Tools
Happy RxMas & a Whole Lotta Love 03:26 Tools
i'm john kerry 00:00 Tools
Let's Get Fucked Up! 06:16 Tools
Broken 06:37 Tools
Closer 06:37 Tools
Jazz'n Motion 06:37 Tools
Five more minutes... 04:21 Tools
Back Bone 04:21 Tools
Bumble (Tony Rocky Horror Remix) 04:45 Tools
MLK (rise again) 09:56 Tools
Tempo 04:45 Tools
Temper (Part 2) 04:45 Tools
O Poeta 04:45 Tools
Bumble (DJ Donna Summer Remix) 04:35 Tools
K y Re: Amin 00:00 Tools
Quilombo 07:00 Tools
Bumble (Naifian remix) 07:25 Tools
Temper (Part 1) 00:00 Tools
Just a Fine Day 00:00 Tools
Sleepy Shore 07:25 Tools
Exfoliate (Order Of Death Mix I) 04:50 Tools
Downtown (happy again dub) 06:27 Tools
Big and Blue 06:27 Tools
S.T.F. 05:13 Tools
Bumble (Nate Day Remix) 04:41 Tools
WAR CLOUD 06:37 Tools
Exfoliate (Sparce Mix) 05:56 Tools
Rain Drop 04:41 Tools
Idle Contact (Twitch Scratch Mix) 08:38 Tools
Give Me Some 08:38 Tools
KY Re:amin 04:49 Tools
And When (Are You Home, Are You There Mix) 05:05 Tools
Imago (Drum and Vocals Up Mix) 08:01 Tools
K Y Re-amin 00:00 Tools
Ridim Shooter 08:01 Tools
Zone Of Alienation 06:07 Tools
Reuptake (Synth And Drums Mix) Instrumental 03:44 Tools
TEA FOR THREE 04:27 Tools
Imagine 00:00 Tools
Melodrumz 00:00 Tools
DEVIL'S TONGUE 04:28 Tools
For Dusts And Mists (Hero + Sedo) 09:12 Tools
BAD AGAIN 03:39 Tools
K Y Re:amin Dub 06:53 Tools
ARCADIA 05:40 Tools
Moonshine 06:53 Tools
Synthesize 06:53 Tools
ORANGE RAIN 05:47 Tools
Orbit (Archie Pelago Remix) [Rad Summer](clip*) 05:47 Tools
Something Wonderful 05:40 Tools
Strung Out 05:40 Tools
Hungry Cloud 06:03 Tools
Who I Was 06:03 Tools
Just 4 u 06:03 Tools
Two Prayings 06:42 Tools
CHICKEN OR BEEF? 06:25 Tools
Tempest 05:37 Tools
RX - Boca 06:42 Tools
Tractor Romance 05:40 Tools
Endless Spiral 05:42 Tools
ALBATROSS 04:39 Tools
Prescriptions 00:00 Tools
I am innocent 05:14 Tools
Skip Jack 05:26 Tools
Film noir 05:33 Tools
Polar Bear 05:43 Tools
CORAL 07:11 Tools
Stage 2 05:40 Tools
get it! get it! 00:00 Tools
Imagine... Walk on the Wild Side 00:00 Tools
K Y Re amin 00:00 Tools
Orbit - Archie Pelago Remix 04:57 Tools
LOVE FLIGHT 03:34 Tools
Shining Crazy Man 05:18 Tools
Love Money 04:16 Tools
Mystery from Greenman 00:00 Tools
Close To Me 00:00 Tools
Mishka presents Northern Lights 04:16 Tools
should i stay or should i go? 02:28 Tools
My Serenity - Endemic Remix 07:09 Tools
Ordinary Days 07:15 Tools
Show of courage 06:14 Tools
Riding Higher 05:44 Tools
SOUL INTRO 00:54 Tools
LOVE FIGHT 03:34 Tools
Crazy Heart 00:00 Tools
Agrion 00:00 Tools
Do You Believe In Music 06:12 Tools
Spring Tone 03:34 Tools
Over the Moon 03:34 Tools
Frozen Flame 06:12 Tools
Orbit - Zeppy Zep Remix 01:59 Tools
Bumble - Naifian Remix 07:25 Tools
SARAH 05:34 Tools
Zappa Fill 04:30 Tools
Yggdrasil 06:45 Tools
Imagine / Walk on the wild side 03:00 Tools
Avalon Hill 05:38 Tools
信天翁 04:39 Tools
Misery 04:39 Tools
Iimagine a Walk on the Wild Side 05:48 Tools
Imagine/Walk On The Wild Side 03:00 Tools
Fox Grindin' 04:48 Tools
オヤマニアン 09:42 Tools
Singularity 06:12 Tools
Stop Being a Bitch 03:55 Tools
Mjollnir 03:01 Tools
Power to the People vs GIVE PEACE A CHANCE 03:01 Tools
Northern Lights 06:34 Tools
Circle 03:45 Tools
Tangerine 04:31 Tools
HIV/AIDS 09:42 Tools
Db 04:44 Tools
Kein Herz 03:02 Tools
K Y Re:amin (Alien Sound Remix) 03:39 Tools
The Sun Will Be Back To Me 06:29 Tools
Silly Bean 06:45 Tools
Mist 10:13 Tools
Poom Poom 04:06 Tools
Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 Cover) 04:31 Tools
Cocktail Child 04:25 Tools
Ice Is Back - Original Mix 03:39 Tools
!HAEY 05:17 Tools
Kiedy jak Nie Dziś 04:06 Tools
From Dawn Till Dusk 07:05 Tools
partyparty 03:33 Tools
Happy ®xmas & A Whole Lotta Love 03:33 Tools
Ky Re: Amin 04:49 Tools
It's the End of the World 02:59 Tools
S.T.F 05:13 Tools
!HA∃Y 00:00 Tools
imagine...walk on the wild sid 00:00 Tools
Between The Blue And The Orange 03:21 Tools
El Terror 03:21 Tools
NS014, Bumble 04:49 Tools
Every Time Eye 03:21 Tools
Tanz Schlampe 05:40 Tools
Singularity - Album Edit 05:17 Tools
21st Century Protest Song 05:13 Tools
Insane 05:17 Tools
Ky Re:amin (dub) 05:13 Tools
Bronson 01:59 Tools
Voodoo Smack! 03:02 Tools
Bleeding Ears 02:59 Tools
Mjöllnir 03:01 Tools
fade. 03:01 Tools
Sunday, Bloody Sunday 01:59 Tools
!HA?Y 05:00 Tools
New Years Day 04:06 Tools
NS014, Bumble (Nate Day remix) 04:06 Tools
Get Stupid 03:36 Tools
Helium 03:21 Tools
Act Out! - Original Mix 04:24 Tools
Why 02:57 Tools
I'll Be Loving You 04:24 Tools
NS014, Bumble (Tony Rocky Horror Remix) 04:24 Tools
NS014, Bumble(Dj Donna Summer remix) 04:24 Tools
bush sunday bloody sunday mashup 04:24 Tools
Strike Ah Pose (DJ Earl Remix) 05:00 Tools
Reputake 04:25 Tools
Słuchasz na Własne Ryzyko feat. Hukos Maskot 03:36 Tools
Between the Blue and the Orange (feat. Maria Solis) 06:09 Tools
NS014, Bumble (Nifian remix) 03:21 Tools
Bang Yer Head 04:27 Tools
Phil Bugs Dub 02:00 Tools
Dawn 04:39 Tools
Albatros 04:39 Tools
Imagine A Walk On The Wild Side 03:00 Tools
NS014, Bumble (Dj Donna Summer remix) 04:24 Tools
It's the End of the World Rx2222 05:00 Tools
imagine..walk on the wild side 05:00 Tools
Chicken Of Beef 06:25 Tools
Hate (Cummins 6bt Rx-8 build) 06:25 Tools
Double-Crossed By Love 06:25 Tools
k y re:amin (dub) 06:25 Tools
Orbit (Archie Pelago Remix) 04:57 Tools
Don Omar Ft. Kendo Kaponi Con Letra 00:00 Tools
It's Taken Quite Awhile 02:35 Tools
Saliva 00:00 Tools
Escalate 00:00 Tools
Do The Rockalot 02:35 Tools
Desir 00:00 Tools
Fire Flies 02:35 Tools
Manewry Miłosne feat. Bezczel Zbuku 00:00 Tools
WipeOut XL - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Imagine/Take A Walk on the Wild Side 03:00 Tools
Turquoise 05:40 Tools
Dual of the Fates` 03:00 Tools
K Y Reamin 02:35 Tools
Birthday (Party Party Mix) 03:00 Tools
Portrait of a young Moth (Rx 1986-88) 03:00 Tools
You Can't Give It Away 03:00 Tools
All About The Pain 05:40 Tools
Lesbo Rox 03:00 Tools
Freedom 101 00:00 Tools
reuptake (synth and drums mix) 00:00 Tools
Dubspot Podcast #15: Rx 03:00 Tools
Efekt Porozumienia feat. KaeN Zbuku 03:00 Tools
I Don't Care 05:40 Tools
did somebody put sugar in my tea 05:40 Tools
Fox Grindin 05:40 Tools
Aqua Chat 05:40 Tools
For Dusts & Mists 05:40 Tools
Orbit (Zeppy Zep Remix) 05:43 Tools
Stand 05:40 Tools
You've Got To Find A Way 02:42 Tools
I'm A Beast! - Original Mix 05:40 Tools
K y Re- Amin 05:40 Tools
Last Riff 05:40 Tools
Time To Go 02:42 Tools
Nie Zatrzyma Mnie Nikt feat. Rytmus 05:40 Tools
Imagine Walk On The Wild Side 02:42 Tools
Pillbugs ( featuring Mr. Paintbrush ) 00:00 Tools
Disco distortion 02:42 Tools
K y Re:amin (Baggy Pants Mix) 05:17 Tools
Perscriptions 00:00 Tools
Strictly 4 My Ninjas 00:00 Tools
Idle Contact [Twitch Scratch Mix] 08:38 Tools
Malt Liquor (Feat. Chae Hawk) 02:59 Tools
Portrait of a young Moth (Rx 1986-88) volume 2 59:07 Tools
Reuptake (Vocal Experiment Mix 3) 04:26 Tools
rx-imaginewalkonthewildside.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) 02:42 Tools
KY Re-amin [Dub] 02:42 Tools
Mój Własny Porządek feat. Zbuku 02:42 Tools
Get It Get It 02:42 Tools
Haey 05:17 Tools
Imagine ... Walk on the Wild Side 02:42 Tools
Samsara 04:26 Tools
Nie Będziemy Płakać feat. Sobota 05:17 Tools
Malt Liquor 04:26 Tools
And When [Are You Home, Are You There Mix] 05:17 Tools
LOVE FLIGHT -live version- 00:00 Tools
Exfoliate [Sparce Mix] 05:17 Tools
K y Re:amin (Hel.razor Remix) 02:59 Tools
Sacrifices 05:17 Tools
K y Re:amin (Re:animate) 02:59 Tools
Orbit - Original Mix 04:26 Tools
For Dusts And Mists [Hero + Sedo] 04:26 Tools
Exfoliate (Drop Beat Mix) 04:26 Tools
K y Re:amin (Die Rostigen Löffel Remix) 02:59 Tools
NS014, Bumble(Tony Rocky Horror Remix) 04:26 Tools
I'm Still me 02:59 Tools
Reuptake [Synth And Drums] 04:26 Tools
GWB covers 'White Lines' 04:26 Tools
Ulica Ściany Płaczu feat. Mafatih 04:26 Tools
Proceder feat. Mafatih AK-47 04:26 Tools
Then- Well I Guess My Promise Wouldn't Be Our Main Concern 04:26 Tools
K y Re:amin (Icemonkey Mix) 04:26 Tools
K y Re:amin (Ky and Cocaine Remix) 04:26 Tools
Birthday (partyparty mix) 04:26 Tools
K y Re:amin (Transmogrification Mix) 04:26 Tools
Fundament feat. Heavy Mental 04:26 Tools
Find Me A Place (Jupiter One Remixed) 04:26 Tools
!HAヨY 04:26 Tools
Happy Xmas / Whole Lotta Love 04:26 Tools
Theory of a Deadman 04:26 Tools
Wish You Were Her 04:26 Tools
One World Government 04:26 Tools
K y Re:amin (Giorgio Bormida Remix) 04:26 Tools
I'M A Beast! (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) 04:26 Tools
Birthday 00:00 Tools
K y Re:amin (Up the Noise Remix) 00:00 Tools
JaimeLeDubstep_no119_Rx 00:00 Tools
FVCK INDVSTRIAL ft. Combichrist and X 00:00 Tools
Crackhead Walz 02:59 Tools
K y Re:amin (Bend) 02:59 Tools
K y Re:amin (Hospital Smell Mix) 02:59 Tools
K y Re:amin (Nocturne Down Mix) 02:59 Tools
K y Re:amin (Nocturne Down Mix) 02:59 Tools
rx-mynameis.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) 02:59 Tools
Rx - Who's the Nigga? 02:59 Tools
Dubspot Podcast #15 02:59 Tools
Imago [Drum And Vocals Up] 02:59 Tools
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Please note: there are three different artists named Rx. 1: Written as ℞ where the character is available. "Rx" being the closest one can come to literally spelling out the outdated symbol mostly associated with pharmaceuticals, is also known as "Ogre + Atkins". Comprised of Ogre (Skinny Puppy, ohGr) and Martin Atkins (ex-Killing Joke, ex-Public Image Ltd., among other acts), the sound of this one-off (to date, aside from a remix album) collaboration, "Bedside Toxicology", is similar to the work of the two's collaborations on Martin's Pigface band/project. This project was going to be named "Ritalin", but copyrights on the drug of the same name stopped that. 2: rx, based out of NY, NY, is the creator of "The Party Party" sampling & mashup album. He skillfully mixes existing songs and new elements with carefully spliced clips of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, other politicians and media talking heads, satirizing them with their own words. Videos and MP3s are available for free download at: thepartyparty.com. Tracks include "Imagine / Walk On The Wild Side", "White Lines", and "Dick Is A Killer." The same artist is in a group project - (me)™ - and is (as of June 2007) running for president (see the website). 3: RX (the band's proper Last.fm tag is RX, not RX) is also the name of a Japanese jazz band consisting of three ex-members of SEIKIMA-II (聖飢魔II); Yuichi "Kaijin" Matsuzaki, Shunsuke "Xenon" Ishikawa and Raiden Yuzawa. They worked with quite a few English vocalists, including John Wetton. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.