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Endless War 03:26 Tools
Eleanor Rigby 01:59 Tools
Slay the Oppressor 03:41 Tools
Eminence 05:24 Tools
Fate's Wind 03:42 Tools
This House Is Burning 02:23 Tools
Root of Evil 05:06 Tools
Second Coming 04:34 Tools
All Heads Will Turn to the Hunt 04:23 Tools
Poisoned Minds 04:17 Tools
Mang 00:47 Tools
Theseus and the Minotaur 04:19 Tools
Shallow 04:16 Tools
Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder) 04:05 Tools
Fragile Earth 03:40 Tools
Energetic Discontent 03:50 Tools
Gateway 03:28 Tools
Final Solution 03:45 Tools
The Brainchild 05:02 Tools
Dick 03:41 Tools
La Flemme's Theory 05:04 Tools
Knee Deep in Blood 03:17 Tools
Suiciety 09:43 Tools
Haunting You 04:16 Tools
Rise 00:49 Tools
Afterlife 04:09 Tools
No Sweat 03:39 Tools
Crowded Room 05:09 Tools
Clarity 02:10 Tools
Coming Home 02:10 Tools
One More Red Nightmare 05:14 Tools
This Is Not A Breakdown 02:10 Tools
Come My Way 00:00 Tools
Mind w/ Calli Boom 03:30 Tools
Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover) 00:00 Tools
Aloha Maui 00:30 Tools
Ion 00:30 Tools
Mind 01:59 Tools
Infernal Machine 03:39 Tools
One More Red Nightmare (Bonus) 05:13 Tools
The Colour of Money 03:30 Tools
Hypnotize 04:23 Tools
The Rising 03:30 Tools
Requiem 03:56 Tools
Rocking Me 03:33 Tools
A Walk in the Park 03:39 Tools
Ocean Eyed Woman 04:23 Tools
Seven 04:23 Tools
Inception Shards 02:01 Tools
Red Clay Dead River 05:24 Tools
Leh Esh 02:01 Tools
One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson Cover) 05:14 Tools
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover) 02:01 Tools
Smoke and Stone 05:24 Tools
Self loops and voices 05:24 Tools
After it All 04:53 Tools
Vorpal sword 04:53 Tools
Gypsy Trail 05:35 Tools
Lonely Day 02:30 Tools
Eidolon 05:24 Tools
Theseus and the Minotaur (Bonus) 04:19 Tools
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) 01:59 Tools
Intro 00:53 Tools
Eleanor Rigby - Thrash Version 00:30 Tools
Same Journey (Mark Sherry rmx) 04:19 Tools
The Temple 05:35 Tools
Terminator 05:24 Tools
Theseus and the Minotaur (Bonus Track) 05:24 Tools
Cosmologer 03:40 Tools
Khalas 01:58 Tools
Endless War [Untitled Track] 03:25 Tools
Celestial Resonance 00:30 Tools
One More Red Nightmare [*] 05:13 Tools
Mad Wandering (bonus track from a good friend.) 04:58 Tools
The Omen 00:30 Tools
Night of the Jugular 00:30 Tools
Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter 04:00 Tools
One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson cover) Bonus 05:14 Tools
Realm 03:13 Tools
Walpurgis Night 03:13 Tools
Signal 04:58 Tools
Beyond The Realm 04:35 Tools
Mentat 03:40 Tools
Sovereign 03:40 Tools
Lost in Space [Original Version] 03:13 Tools
Aloha Maui - Blue Metheny RMX 04:00 Tools
Slay The Opressor 03:40 Tools
Urban Nocturnal 04:58 Tools
Cain Rose Up 03:12 Tools
Sentinel 04:58 Tools
Fallen Skies 05:39 Tools
Mad Wandering 04:58 Tools
Forgive 05:39 Tools
red, clay, RCDR - Red Clay Dead River 05:39 Tools
Blood of the Imperial Night 03:12 Tools
Kingdom of Nightfall 01:58 Tools
Elixir 01:58 Tools
Crave 05:14 Tools
Master of Centuries Black 04:08 Tools
Echo Lake 04:58 Tools
Cast the First Stone 05:14 Tools
Welcome to Buckeye City 04:58 Tools
Lost In Space (Original) 05:39 Tools
Self-Loops and Voices 01:58 Tools
Cain Rose Up (Screaming Bloody Murder), Part 1 00:49 Tools
Cain Rose Up (Screaming Bloody Murder), Part 2 03:12 Tools
One More Red Nightmare (Bonus Track) 03:12 Tools
One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson Cover) (Bonus) 05:14 Tools
Cycles 05:14 Tools
Make You Mine 09:55 Tools
The Path 09:55 Tools
Waterfall 09:55 Tools
The Final Argument Of Kings 04:08 Tools
One More Red Nightmare [Bonus Track] 05:13 Tools
Gypsy Trai 05:13 Tools
Little Bottle 05:39 Tools
Mother Earth, Father Sky 05:39 Tools
Airglow 03:12 Tools
Hypnotize (feat. Kate Wild) 04:08 Tools
Lost In Space 05:39 Tools
Core 01:58 Tools
Pretend 04:08 Tools
Synesthesia 04:23 Tools
Endless war - 1988 04:08 Tools
Elanor Rigby 01:58 Tools
Desert King 04:08 Tools
For You 04:23 Tools
Fat Man 04:08 Tools
BringUr DaughterToTheSlaughter 04:08 Tools
Pride 04:23 Tools
Deceived 04:23 Tools
House of Toys 04:08 Tools
Brainchild 05:02 Tools
Ohrwert 04:08 Tools
Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles cover] 04:08 Tools
Growing Sick 04:23 Tools
Hope 04:23 Tools
Unsure 04:23 Tools
Failure 04:23 Tools
7 04:23 Tools
Eleanor Rigby (orig.The Beatles) 04:08 Tools
Cain Rose Up (Screaming Blood 04:08 Tools
Battle's End 04:08 Tools
Eleanor Rigby *[Requested by loafy666]* 04:08 Tools
Self Loops & Voices 04:23 Tools
One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson) 04:23 Tools
Ion ( Remix) 04:08 Tools
All Heads Will Turn To The Hu 04:23 Tools
Bring your daughter ... 04:23 Tools
Final Solution (Demo) 04:23 Tools
sola luna 04:23 Tools
Witches are for Burning 04:23 Tools
The House is Burning 04:23 Tools
Sleeper 04:23 Tools
H.B.B. 04:23 Tools
01 Rise 05:02 Tools
Scream Bloody Murder 05:02 Tools
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There is more than one artist using the name Realm. 1) Realm is an American thrash metal / progressive metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that formed in 1985. They released two underground demo tapes at first; "Perceptive Incentive" in 1985 and the landmark "Final Solution" in 1986. In 1988, the band signed to the up-and-coming Roadrunner Records label and released their debut album, "Endless War", later that year. The album featured a classic cover version of The Beatles' song "Eleanor Rigby" that they converted into speed metal form. In 1990, Realm released their much anticipated second album, "Suiciety". It contained a more unique progressive sound than the band's earlier releases. After fulfilling their 2-album deal with Roadrunner, the band searched for a new label. They recorded another album's worth of material, but it remains unreleased to this day. In 1992, Realm disbanded. "Endless War" and "Suiciety" were digitally remastered and re-released worldwide under the Metal Mind Productions label in 2006 and in 2007 in the United States. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.