Riff Cohen

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
A Paris 02:17 Tools
Dans mon quartier 02:09 Tools
J'Aime 03:33 Tools
Rotza Prahim 02:44 Tools
Une femme assise 03:39 Tools
Meshoch be gufi 04:51 Tools
Jean qui rit jean qui pleure 04:16 Tools
Sur le macadam 02:38 Tools
Helas 03:33 Tools
Greetings 04:16 Tools
Je cours 02:24 Tools
Marrakech 03:33 Tools
Le rat et la princesse 02:49 Tools
Hine ha or 03:53 Tools
Chut... 03:43 Tools
Tzama nafshi 03:33 Tools
Que du bonheur 03:33 Tools
Dis Moi 02:46 Tools
Tomber De Haut 03:33 Tools
Transition 03:33 Tools
Boi Agale Lach 03:33 Tools
Kav Kaf 03:33 Tools
Nous Déux 03:33 Tools
Taazov 03:33 Tools
Je Cassé De La Caillassé 03:01 Tools
Nous deux 03:33 Tools
Je Casse De La Caillasse 02:11 Tools
Kav Kaf (La ligne de ma main) 02:11 Tools
Taazov (Laisse- moi) 03:34 Tools
à Paris 02:23 Tools
ROTZA PRAHIM ! ריף כהן ֻ- רוצה פרחים 02:11 Tools
BelleMode 02:11 Tools
בואי אגלה לך 02:11 Tools
Jean Qui Rit, Jean Qui Pleure 02:11 Tools
רוצה פרחים 02:46 Tools
Helas (tr altyazı) 02:46 Tools
J'amie 03:34 Tools
Riff Cohen 02:11 Tools
Jaime 03:39 Tools
צמאה נפשי 03:43 Tools
משוך בגופי 04:51 Tools
Sycamore Trees (Twin Peaks soundtrack) 03:34 Tools
Chut 03:43 Tools
Que Due Bonheur 03:43 Tools
Jean qui rit jean qui pleuré 04:17 Tools
הנה האור 04:17 Tools
Hélas 04:17 Tools
Meshoch (Masa Beikvot Halev OST) 04:17 Tools
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Riff Cohen (born in 1984 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is an Israeli singer, songwriter, actress, and musician who performs songs in Hebrew and French. She grew up in the Ramat Aviv Gimmel neighborhood of Tel Aviv, but moved to Paris after winning an artistic scholarship. In 2012, she performed as the opening act for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' I'm with You World Tour in Tel Aviv, Israel. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.