Robin Foster

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Roads (Disko Kameled) 04:48 Tools
Forgiveness 04:26 Tools
A collapsing light 05:52 Tools
Pen Had 04:51 Tools
Happy/Sad 04:18 Tools
Pick Your God Or Devil 04:29 Tools
Disco Ouessant 09:14 Tools
Concrete skies 06:19 Tools
Wait For Her 03:29 Tools
Kerloc'h 03:48 Tools
This Is Not an Exit 04:50 Tools
Left Turn 06:32 Tools
Deadwood 05:58 Tools
Finis Terrae 03:00 Tools
Sheriff Of Lagatjar 04:04 Tools
Sad/Happy 05:11 Tools
PenInsular 03:00 Tools
Blue Lights At Dusk 04:25 Tools
Life Is Elsewhere 04:35 Tools
Pen Hir 01:04 Tools
Black Mountain 04:07 Tools
Loop 06:02 Tools
Magellan 03:00 Tools
Hercules Climbs the White Mountain 04:50 Tools
D.A.D.O.E.S. 03:00 Tools
Last Exit - Brest by Night 04:50 Tools
Save the Cheerleader 04:50 Tools
Prelude (to the End) 01:29 Tools
Goodnight & God Bless 03:57 Tools
Down (By Law) 03:29 Tools
Vauban 03:29 Tools
Argentina 03:29 Tools
Roma 03:29 Tools
Wait for Her (feat. Dave Pen) 03:29 Tools
Empyrean 06:14 Tools
Man on Fire 06:14 Tools
Last Exit/Brest by Night 06:14 Tools
In Ghent 06:14 Tools
The Hardest Party (feat. Pamela Hute) 06:14 Tools
Life & Death (feat. Dave Pen & Emiliana Torrini) 05:15 Tools
Forgiveness (feat. Dave Pen) 04:26 Tools
The Crypt 05:59 Tools
Everlast 09:10 Tools
Down 00:00 Tools
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' 09:10 Tools
A Collapsing Light (feat. Dave Pen) 05:52 Tools
Disco Ouessant - Version 2 09:10 Tools
Pick Your God or Devil (feat. Ndidi O) 04:29 Tools
Concrete Skies (feat. Dave Pen) 05:57 Tools
Arriving in Prague 05:50 Tools
The Drop 05:50 Tools
Goodnight and God Bless (Instrumental) 03:58 Tools
Leaving Banaue 00:30 Tools
L'aber 00:39 Tools
The Hardest Party 03:17 Tools
Disco Ouessant (version 2) 09:07 Tools
Black Mountain (feat. Dave Pen) 04:07 Tools
End Titles 05:59 Tools
Arriving in Manila 03:17 Tools
Lenka's Theme 05:59 Tools
Le passage - Rosloc'hen 05:59 Tools
Goodnight And God Bless - instrumental Bonus Track 03:59 Tools
Le passage 03:59 Tools
Café Moravia 07:14 Tools
The Assassination 05:59 Tools
Dusk 00:39 Tools
The Repairman 07:14 Tools
Oscar and Mai 04:35 Tools
A Death In The Family 04:35 Tools
The Darkroom 07:14 Tools
The Island - Roskañvel 07:14 Tools
The Last Stand 05:59 Tools
Life & Death (feat. Emiliana Torrini) 04:28 Tools
Ma-Unan (feat. Madelyn Anne) [Ar Faou] 05:59 Tools
The Hardest Party (Feat. Pamela Hute) [Archive Remix] (Bonus Track) 00:59 Tools
First Shower 00:59 Tools
Followed 02:04 Tools
Panic Attack 05:59 Tools
Hold the Run 01:58 Tools
A Decoded Message 05:59 Tools
The Reward 05:59 Tools
Everlast (Nebaon) (Feat. Madelyn Ann) (Bonus Track) 03:15 Tools
Alfred Santos 03:15 Tools
Goodnight And God Bless - Instrumental 00:39 Tools
The Money Box 01:30 Tools
Kraozon 01:30 Tools
To the Hearts of Angels 01:30 Tools
The Robbery 01:30 Tools
Leaving Metro Manila 04:14 Tools
Vadorlust 05:59 Tools
The Locket 01:20 Tools
AudioTrack 03 03:15 Tools
Waiting 01:20 Tools
La forêt - Landevenneg 05:59 Tools
Intro - Where We Went Free 05:59 Tools
Stardust 05:59 Tools
Lañveog 05:59 Tools
Ma / Unan - Ar faou 05:59 Tools
Intro 05:59 Tools
Terenez - Argol 05:59 Tools
The Hardest Party (feat. Pamela Hute) [Archive Remix] - Bonus Track 05:59 Tools
Dulce Et Decorum 05:59 Tools
Flasinetar 05:59 Tools
Running Up That Hill (Gant Ma C'helljen) [feat. Madelyn Ann] 05:59 Tools
Everlast (Nebaon) [feat. Madelyn Ann] - Bonus Track 07:14 Tools
Pen Insular 07:14 Tools
Trez bihan - Terrug 07:14 Tools
Aulne - Pont-ar-veuzenn-kimerc'h 07:14 Tools
Ma-Unan - Ar Faou 05:59 Tools
Dangerbeats 07:14 Tools
La forêt 05:59 Tools
Brest By Night 05:59 Tools
La fôret - Landevenneg 05:59 Tools
Bab's Theme 05:59 Tools
Finis Terrae (Original Demo) 05:59 Tools
How Soon Is Now 05:59 Tools
1st Ski 05:59 Tools
Loop - ARCHIVE Remix 05:59 Tools
The Hardest Party (Anonymous Bob Remix) 05:59 Tools
Deadwood (Live Demo) 05:59 Tools
The Hardest Party (feat. Pamela Hute) [Archive Remix] 05:59 Tools
Nightclub Manila 05:59 Tools
Terrace, Taxi, Algeria 05:59 Tools
La pointe - Kameled 05:59 Tools
La fôret - Live at Landevennec 04:18 Tools
Night Call 05:59 Tools
2nd Race 05:59 Tools
Blue Is The New Black 05:59 Tools
A Race Against Time 05:59 Tools
Alone 05:59 Tools
Sad/Happy (Original Demo) 05:59 Tools
Waterproof (Demo) 05:59 Tools
Sheriff Of Lagatjar - La Lucha Libre Remix 05:59 Tools
The Ice Is Going To Break (Soundtrack) 05:59 Tools
I´m Waiting for the Man 05:59 Tools
Running up That Hill - Gant Ma C´helljen 05:59 Tools
1st Race 05:59 Tools
Back in the Fr 05:59 Tools
La fôret 05:52 Tools
Waiting for the Man (feat. Christian Geisselmann) 05:59 Tools
Good Luck Sam 05:59 Tools
Good Luck Algeria 05:59 Tools
Terenez 05:59 Tools
Mothers & Fathers 05:59 Tools
Everlast (Nebaon) [feat. Madelyn Ann] 05:59 Tools
The Island 05:59 Tools
Le passage (Rosloc'hen) 05:59 Tools
Ma / Unan 05:59 Tools
Ma-Unan 05:51 Tools
A Walk in the Snow 06:16 Tools
Prélude (To the End) 01:29 Tools
Life Death (feat. Emiliana Torrini) 05:51 Tools
Come Back 05:51 Tools
Loop (Archive Remix) 05:59 Tools
Last Exit Brest by night 06:16 Tools
Pick Your God Or Devil (ost Forces Speciales) 00:00 Tools
Life Death (feat. Dave Pen Emiliana Torrini) 05:51 Tools
Untogether End Theme 05:51 Tools
Life & Death 05:51 Tools
The Island (feat. Dave Penn) [Roskañvel] 05:51 Tools
D. A. D. O. E. S. 05:51 Tools
Crackhead 05:51 Tools
The Beach 05:51 Tools
Transition Part 1 05:51 Tools
Terenez (Argol) 05:51 Tools
Closer 05:51 Tools
People Can't Get Here 05:51 Tools
Getting To Know 05:51 Tools
La forêt (Landevenneg) 04:18 Tools
Misty 04:18 Tools
Collapsing Light 05:52 Tools
Lenka’s Theme 04:18 Tools
Infra Rouge 05:52 Tools
Transition Part 2 05:52 Tools
Running up That Hill (Gant Ma C´helljen) 04:18 Tools
Usls51682202 04:18 Tools
La pointe 04:18 Tools
Trez bihan (Terrug) 04:18 Tools
Aulne (Pont-ar-Veuzenn-Kimerc'h) 04:18 Tools
Everlast (Nebaon) [feat. Madelyn Ann] (Bonus Track) 04:18 Tools
Trez bihan 04:18 Tools
Happy - Sad 04:18 Tools
Aulne 04:18 Tools
Souvenir (OMD cover) 04:18 Tools
MANHUNTER 2015 04:18 Tools
Intro (Where We Went Free) 04:18 Tools
I'm Waiting for the Man (feat. Christian Geisselmann) 04:18 Tools
The Island (Roskañvel) 04:18 Tools
The Hardest Party - Anonymous Bob Remix 04:18 Tools
Goodnight God Bless 04:18 Tools
Disco Ouessant live France Bleu xmas 2008 04:18 Tools
La pointe (Kameled) 04:18 Tools
Transition Part 3 04:18 Tools
Ma Unan (Ar faou) 04:18 Tools
The Ice Is Going to Break 07:45 Tools
Goodnight 02:37 Tools
Loop2 02:37 Tools
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English born guitarist/songwriter, started writing imaginary filmscores on grandmother's piano as soon as the age of 5. At 16 started gigging with various bands around the northwest, disillusioned and frustrated went to university to study modern languages and moved to France. Within two weeks of being in France joined the group "Beth" and went on to tour, write and record for 7 years playing hundreds of concerts & french festivals including a prestigious friday night slot at "Les Vieilles Charrues" in 1999 just before Death in Vegas and Massive Attack as well as supporting various groups such as: Placebo, The Kills, Yann Tiersen, Swell, Venus, New Model Army, Dionysos, The Delgados Katonoma, Dolly... Beth disbanded in 2003 continued under the name "Moneypenny", called it a day shortly after a triumphant support slot with Placebo in 2004. Now working on Soundtracks and playing them as a live show with a full band (Never Meet Your Heroes) "playing out the imaginary filmscore that's been playing in my head since forever" Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.