Robots With Rayguns

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
One More Time 03:06 Tools
Fever 03:06 Tools
Summer Dreams (feat. Keith Masters) 03:24 Tools
Excess 03:12 Tools
Reflex 03:24 Tools
On The Groove 03:24 Tools
Sugarbaby 03:58 Tools
Sweat It Out 04:01 Tools
Rhythm Test 03:24 Tools
Electric Love 03:58 Tools
Feel the Heat 02:50 Tools
RWR FM 03:58 Tools
Get Over U (Feat. She's The Queen) 03:58 Tools
Body Heat 04:01 Tools
Freestylin' 04:34 Tools
Breathless 03:29 Tools
Right Through Me (Feat. Patrick Baker) 03:53 Tools
Down To The Floor 03:59 Tools
Control 03:46 Tools
Hold On 04:34 Tools
Change of Heart 03:53 Tools
Free To Feel 03:06 Tools
Keep It Simple 03:20 Tools
Nomi Malone 03:29 Tools
Close to You 03:59 Tools
The Beat 04:34 Tools
Dirty Mind 03:20 Tools
F.R.E.S.H. - Interlude 04:34 Tools
Feed the Rhythm 00:00 Tools
Wild FM 00:00 Tools
Retrowasted 00:00 Tools
Get over U (Slow Jam) 00:00 Tools
The Distance 04:12 Tools
Need U Tonight (feat. Carl Gershon) 00:00 Tools
Street Talk 03:06 Tools
Bitchin' 03:44 Tools
Sorry 03:29 Tools
Ultrafresh 00:00 Tools
Unicorn (feat. Ghosthouse) 03:06 Tools
Bedroom 03:30 Tools
Touch (feat. The Hair Kid) 04:12 Tools
Spark (feat. TT The Artist) 03:29 Tools
Obsession 04:44 Tools
Tangerine 00:00 Tools
That Sound 03:19 Tools
Memories 00:00 Tools
Area 51 00:00 Tools
Electricity 03:51 Tools
Unicorn (Slow Jam) 00:00 Tools
W.I.L.D. - Interlude 00:00 Tools
Through The Night 03:48 Tools
Electro Isn't Dead 03:51 Tools
Dreaming of You 03:35 Tools
Runaway (Feat Patrick Baker) 03:41 Tools
Passion 03:35 Tools
All the Way 03:38 Tools
Your Love 03:12 Tools
Sexual Tension 03:35 Tools
Get My Way 04:02 Tools
Your Love - Highway Superstar Remix 00:00 Tools
Summer Dreams 00:00 Tools
Gone (feat. BluJ) 03:29 Tools
The Ballad of Sharon Stone 03:12 Tools
Right Through Me 03:53 Tools
runaway 03:38 Tools
Get My Way (Feat Nyoka Ny-D) 04:01 Tools
Careless Whisper 00:00 Tools
Reflex - Original Mix 03:12 Tools
In Your Arms 03:35 Tools
Desire 03:12 Tools
Heartbreaker 03:53 Tools
Illuminate 03:29 Tools
Bfine 03:29 Tools
Your Love (Slow Jam) 03:29 Tools
Right Through Me (Feat Patrick Baker) 00:00 Tools
Your Love (feat. Blu-J) 03:12 Tools
Your Love (Feat Blu-J) 03:12 Tools
Follow Me 03:12 Tools
Feel The Heat - Original Mix 03:12 Tools
Your Love (Highway Superstar Remix) 03:29 Tools
Need U Tonight 03:45 Tools
Hush 00:00 Tools
Break It Down 03:34 Tools
Love Is A Battlefield (Feat Patrick Baker) 04:44 Tools
Love Is A Battlefield 04:43 Tools
The Best Revenge 04:44 Tools
Kiss 02:50 Tools
Savage Summer 02:50 Tools
Say Anything 00:00 Tools
Stranger Danger 03:10 Tools
The Beat - Original Mix 03:34 Tools
Your Love (feat. Blu J) - Original Mix 03:34 Tools
Fever - Original Mix 03:34 Tools
Paradise 03:34 Tools
Control - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Love Is A Battlefield (Quixotic Remix) 04:44 Tools
Your Love (feat. Blu J) 04:12 Tools
Alberto 04:44 Tools
Keep It Simple - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Trigger Warning 00:00 Tools
Body Shake 00:00 Tools
Nothing to Fear 00:00 Tools
Get My Way (feat. Nyoka Ny-D) - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Shook Up 04:14 Tools
Runaway (feat. Patrick Baker) - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Skin tight 04:14 Tools
Fever '14 04:12 Tools
Close To You - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Your Love - Extended House Mix 03:29 Tools
Alberto - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Bedhead 03:44 Tools
Robocop (feat. The Hair Kid) - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Love Is A Battlefield (Feat. Patrick Baker) 04:44 Tools
Memories (feat. Carl Gershon) 04:56 Tools
All The Way (feat. Leon Monroe) 04:56 Tools
Body Motion 04:56 Tools
Stranger Danger - Original Mix 03:44 Tools
Summer Dreams (Feat Keith Masters) 03:44 Tools
Get Over U 35:53 Tools
Spark 03:53 Tools
Spark (Radio Edit) [feat. TT The Artist] 04:12 Tools
She Grooves 03:35 Tools
W.I.L.D. 03:35 Tools
Pop Life 03:35 Tools
Careless Whisper (feat. Dream Shore) 04:56 Tools
Your Love (Extended House Mix) 04:56 Tools
Tuch Me 04:56 Tools
Illuminate (feat. Destenee) 04:01 Tools
Grace Jones 04:14 Tools
Love Is a Battlefield - Quixotic Remix 03:53 Tools
Robocop II 03:53 Tools
Gone 00:00 Tools
Unicorn 35:53 Tools
Robocop (Feat. The Hair Kid) 03:58 Tools
Get Over U (Feat She's The Queen) 04:12 Tools
Heartbeat 04:06 Tools
Get My Way (feat. Nyoka Ny-D) 04:01 Tools
Dynamite 04:01 Tools
The Best Revenge (Feat. Color Theory) 04:01 Tools
Planes of Mind 04:01 Tools
F.R.E.S.H. 04:01 Tools
Area 51 (Feat. Frankmusik) 04:01 Tools
Do It Right 04:01 Tools
Bubblegum 04:01 Tools
Selena 04:12 Tools
Your Love (Silent Gloves Remix) 05:42 Tools
Dopamine (The Power Of Love) 04:35 Tools
Unicorn (Feat Ghosthouse) 04:06 Tools
Introvert's Anthem 04:06 Tools
Illuminati Beat 04:06 Tools
Touch (Feat The Hair Kid) 04:06 Tools
Get My Way (feat. Nyoka Ny D) 04:12 Tools
Touch 03:53 Tools
- Your Love (Feat Blu-J) 03:12 Tools
Birds of Prey 03:12 Tools
Rock My Body 04:35 Tools
Robocop (Feat The Hair Kid) 04:35 Tools
Spark (Feat TT The Artist) 35:53 Tools
Get My Way (Classic Mix) 04:35 Tools
Through The Night (Feat Dana Jean Phoenix) 04:06 Tools
Sugarbaby (TSTR Remix) 04:06 Tools
Dynamite (feat. TT the Artist) 04:06 Tools
Sugarbaby [TSTR Remix] 00:30 Tools
Gone (Feat BluJ) 04:14 Tools
Robocop 03:45 Tools
Bubblegum (Feat. DAYM) 03:45 Tools
Tracy Freeland 03:58 Tools
Through The Night (Instrumental) 04:14 Tools
Need U Tonight (Feat Carl Gershon) 04:14 Tools
Pop Life (Feat. Carl Gershon) 04:14 Tools
Get My Way (Classic Mix) [feat. Nyoka Ny D] 03:58 Tools
Planes Of Mind (Feat. Thought Beings) 03:58 Tools
Do It Right (feat. Dubzy) 03:58 Tools
Birds Of Prey (Feat. Thought Beings) 03:58 Tools
Get My Way - Classic Remix 03:58 Tools
Feel The Heat(Original Mix) 04:14 Tools
Tuch Me (Feat. Dream Shore) 04:14 Tools
Introvert's Anthem (feat. Cazwell) 04:14 Tools
Love You Like A Love Song (Feat Dana Jean Phoenix) 04:01 Tools
Love, Always 00:00 Tools
Sorry (Feat Dream Shore) 03:45 Tools
Your Love [Highway Superstar remix] 27:08 Tools
Massive Love (Robots With Rayguns vs. Nicki Minaj) 04:01 Tools
RWR FM 003 27:08 Tools
Your love [feat. Blu-J] 03:12 Tools
Get over u [feat. She's the Queen] 03:12 Tools
Summer dreams [feat. Keith Masters] 03:12 Tools
Touch [feat. The Hair Kid] 03:12 Tools
Unicorn [Feat. Ghosthouse] 00:00 Tools
Beaches 00:00 Tools
Reflex(Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
09 Sugarbaby 03:58 Tools
Right Through Me [Feat. Patrick Baker] 03:12 Tools
Style (Robots With Rayguns Remix) 03:12 Tools
Fever(Original Mix) 03:12 Tools
Your Love (feat. Blu J)(Original Mix) 03:12 Tools
Runaway [feat. Patrick Baker] 27:08 Tools
Get my way [feat. Nyoka Ny-D] 03:53 Tools
Sorry (feat. Dream Shore) 03:46 Tools
Sorry [feat. Dream Shore] 27:08 Tools
Get My Way (feat. Nyoka Ny-D)(Original Mix) 27:08 Tools
Robocop [feat. The Hair Kid] 03:45 Tools
The Sound Of Your Heart 27:08 Tools
The Beat(Original Mix) 27:08 Tools
15 Illuminati Beat 27:08 Tools
Spark (Radio Edit) 35:53 Tools
Pharrell - Happy (Robots With Rayguns Remix) 27:08 Tools
Your love [extended house mix] 00:00 Tools
I Wish (Robots With Rayguns Remix) 27:08 Tools
Gone (feat. Blu J) 27:08 Tools
Feel Good 00:00 Tools
Your Love (Swagbot Remix) 03:58 Tools
Tracy Freeland (TSTR Remix) 03:46 Tools
Runaway (feat. Patrick Baker)(Original Mix) 03:46 Tools
Your Love(Highway Superstar Remix) 03:46 Tools
Rhythm Test (New Single Available Now) 03:46 Tools
Keep It Simple(Original Mix) 03:46 Tools
Tonight 03:45 Tools
Let It Loose 03:45 Tools
Control(Original Mix) 03:45 Tools
Tracy Freeland [TSTR Remix] 03:46 Tools
Roboteque 35:53 Tools
Sorry feat. Dream Shore 35:53 Tools
Close To You(Original Mix) 35:53 Tools
Dreaming 00:00 Tools
Stranger Danger(Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Memories(feat Carl Gershon) 00:00 Tools
Alberto(Original Mix) 03:53 Tools
Your Love(Extended House Mix) 03:53 Tools
F.R.E.S.H. (interlude) 03:53 Tools
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Robots With Rayguns was born in 2008, when Lucas Patrick Smith (Gravemachine) combined his love for Synthpop, New Wave, and modern Electro, and turned it into an outlet for producing catchy, hook-driven pop tracks. After the commercial release of Gravemachine's 'Prosper Park', Lucas took a hiatus from the dark, industrial soundscape to focus on his other musical passion - dancefloor-worthy electropop inspired by the analougue synthpop he grew up listening to. 2009 was spent honing his production skills by remixing the likes of Yaz, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, and Fear of Tigers. RWR started getting blog notice for his remixes of popular artists such as Nightwaves, Chromeo, Lady Gaga, and Lily Allen. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.