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The Munsta 00:00 Tools
The Munsta (Aero Chord Remix) 00:00 Tools
The Munsta (AlphavibeZ Remix) 00:00 Tools
Gypsy 00:00 Tools
Sonar 00:00 Tools
Full Throttle 00:00 Tools
Baked Not Fried - WRECKVGE & WCKD Edit 00:00 Tools
The Munsta (Nitro Fun Remix) 00:00 Tools
40 Thieves 00:00 Tools
Meant To Be 00:00 Tools
Bleed 00:00 Tools
Run This Shit 00:00 Tools
Find My Way - Brynny Remix 00:00 Tools
Baked Not Fried - Radio Edit 00:00 Tools
Baked Not Fried - WCKD & WRECKVGE Edit 00:00 Tools
Konka 04:51 Tools
Find My Way - Tom Budin Remix 04:51 Tools
Drop It 04:51 Tools
Paradox 05:25 Tools
Fallin' Deep 05:25 Tools
Find My Way 04:51 Tools
Sprungkraft 05:25 Tools
The Munsta - Aero Chord Remix 05:25 Tools
Phantom 05:23 Tools
Keep It Simple 05:23 Tools
Rangkor 05:25 Tools
Forever 05:23 Tools
The Munsta - Original 05:23 Tools
Drama (Fukkk Offf Remix) 05:23 Tools
The Munsta (Aaron Jackson Remix) 05:23 Tools
Fahrenheit - Original Mix 05:25 Tools
Fahrenheit 05:23 Tools
Find My Way - Ryan Riback Remix 05:25 Tools
Blindside 05:25 Tools
Drama - Fukkk Offf Remix 05:25 Tools
Kaali 05:00 Tools
Baked Not Fried 05:25 Tools
Stacked 04:46 Tools
Buzzin 05:15 Tools
Forever (feat. Godwolf) 05:25 Tools
The Munsta (Original Mix) 05:25 Tools
Makassar 05:00 Tools
Meant To Be - J-Trick Remix 05:00 Tools
Phantom - Original 05:25 Tools
Our Way 05:25 Tools
Blindside - Matt Watkins Remix 04:46 Tools
All The People 04:46 Tools
Our Scene 04:46 Tools
Tahari 05:09 Tools
Juggernaut (Original Mix) 04:46 Tools
The Munsta - AlphavibeZ Remix 04:46 Tools
Drama (Dog Tags Remix) 05:09 Tools
Drama (Original Mix) 05:15 Tools
Aftershock (Tremor Re-Work) 05:15 Tools
Acid Monday - Original 05:00 Tools
Kaos 05:00 Tools
40 Thieves - Original 05:15 Tools
Find My Way - Ryan Riback Extended Remix 05:15 Tools
Fahrenheit (Original Mix) 05:00 Tools
The Munsta (Original Mix) - 05:15 Tools
AFTERSHOCK 05:00 Tools
The Munsta (Jauz Remix) 05:00 Tools
Inner Peace 05:00 Tools
Forever (feat. Godwolf) - Reece Low Remix 00:30 Tools
Otis (Original Mix) 05:00 Tools
Baked Not Fried - Original Mix 04:38 Tools
Gypsy (Spenda C 'Totes Not Melbourne Sound' Retwerk) 05:00 Tools
Frontier 02:09 Tools
Acid Monday - Royaal & Venuto Vs Audiophreakz Remix 06:22 Tools
Acid Monday - Jay Karama Remix 05:07 Tools
When The Bass Go (Original Mix) 04:45 Tools
Find My Way (Tom Budin Remix) 05:21 Tools
Frontier (Extended Mix) 05:45 Tools
Keep It Simple - WCKD & WRECKVGE Remix 05:45 Tools
Shakedown 05:13 Tools
Need to Know (Markus Lange and Stereofunk Remix) 05:21 Tools
Find My Way - Ryan Riback Mix 00:00 Tools
When The Bass Go 04:44 Tools
Drama 05:16 Tools
Gypsy (Haber & Damian Kuru Remix) 00:00 Tools
Meant To Be (J-Trick Remix) 00:00 Tools
The Munsta - Nitro Fun Remix 00:00 Tools
Paradox (Original Mix) 05:13 Tools
Blindside (feat. Rachel Costanzo) 02:09 Tools
Need to Know (Markus Lange & Stereofunk Remix) 00:30 Tools
All The People (Original Mix) 04:38 Tools
Gypsy (Original Mix) 04:38 Tools
New World Order 02:09 Tools
Need to Know (Lee Mortimer Remix) 05:21 Tools
Acid Monday - J-Trick Remix 04:55 Tools
Meant To Be (Original Mix) 05:13 Tools
40 Thieves (Original Mix) 04:55 Tools
Need To Know 05:13 Tools
Aftershock (Record Mix) 04:55 Tools
Drop It (Original Mix) 05:13 Tools
Forever - Reece Low Remix 05:13 Tools
Blindside - JaySounds Remix 05:13 Tools
Acid Monday 05:00 Tools
The Munsta [Monstercat Release] 05:00 Tools
Phantom (Original Mix) 05:13 Tools
Baked Not Fried (WRECKVGE & WCKD Edit) 00:00 Tools
Baked Not Fried (Radio Edit) 05:16 Tools
Meant To Be - Sunset Child Remix 00:00 Tools
Fahrenheit (Regoton & Deficio Remix) 00:00 Tools
Konka (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
The Munsta (SpikedGrin Remix) 00:00 Tools
Forever (feat. Godwolf) - Dave Winnel Remix 00:00 Tools
Makassar (Original Mix) 05:42 Tools
The Munsta (Aero Chord Remix) cut 04:38 Tools
Need to Know-3 - Fukkk Offf Edit 04:50 Tools
Otis 05:16 Tools
Phantom (Original) 04:38 Tools
Baked Not Fried (WCKD & WRECKVGE Edit) 05:16 Tools
Juggernaut 04:38 Tools
The Munsta (CERA Remix) 04:38 Tools
SCNDL - Drama (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
The Munsta (Corsaro Remix) 04:38 Tools
Drama-2 - Dog Tags Remix 04:55 Tools
Run This Sh!t 05:16 Tools
Find My Way (Brynny Remix) 04:38 Tools
Gyspy 04:38 Tools
Aftershock (Radio Record) 05:16 Tools
Drama - Original Mix 05:16 Tools
Forever (feat. Godwolf) (Reece Low Remix) 04:55 Tools
Aftershock (Record Mix) @ 04:38 Tools
Wave Your Hands (Original Mix) 06:22 Tools
Find My Way (Original Mix) 05:16 Tools
Need to Know - Lee Mortimer Remix 05:16 Tools
Stereotypes (Orignal Mix) 06:22 Tools
Ass Up 06:22 Tools
The Munsta (AB THE THIEF REMIX) 05:16 Tools
The Munsta (Aero Chord Remix) [PREMIERE] 05:16 Tools
Wave your hands 05:16 Tools
The Munsta (CrushR Remix) 06:22 Tools
Munsta 05:16 Tools
Meant to Be - A-Tonez Remix 05:16 Tools
Gypsy - Radio Edit 06:22 Tools
Need to Know-1 - Original Mix 06:22 Tools
Spark Up (Original Mix) 05:45 Tools
Baked Not Fried (WCKD & WRECKVGE Remix) 06:22 Tools
Buzzin (feat. Nicci) 00:00 Tools
Find My Way (Tom Budin Extended Remix) 06:22 Tools
Bounce Generation (SCNDL Remix) TEASER 05:45 Tools
Acid Monday (Royaal & Venuto vs Audiophreakz Remix) 06:22 Tools
Drama-1 - Fukkk Offf Remix 04:55 Tools
Konka (Original Mix) [OUT NOW] 00:00 Tools
Find My Way (Ryan Riback Remix) 05:22 Tools
Gypsy (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) 04:25 Tools
Find My Way - Radio Edit 04:25 Tools
Konka (Original Mix) [] 04:50 Tools
Baked Not Fried (Original Mix) 04:50 Tools
Acid Monday (J-Trick Remix) 04:55 Tools
Need to Know (Fukkk Offf Edit) 04:55 Tools
The Munsta (SpikedGrin Remix) (320 Kbps) 04:55 Tools
Find My Way - Extended Mix 04:55 Tools
Need to Know-2 - Markus Lange & Stereofunk Remix 05:22 Tools
The Munsta (MRVLZ Remix) 04:55 Tools
Find My Way (Ryan Riback Mix) 04:55 Tools
The Munsta (Nitro Fun Remix)[ ] 04:55 Tools
SCNDL Thank You Mixtape 04:55 Tools
#STM_AVG Gypsy (Spenda C 'Totes Not Melbourne Sound' Retwerk) 04:55 Tools
The Munsta (Aaron Jackson Remix)*Monstercat* 05:22 Tools
Otis (ORIGINAL MIX) (Teaser) 05:22 Tools
Long Night - SCNDL (Aus) Remix 04:50 Tools
Gypsy (Spenda C Retwerk) 04:50 Tools
Farenheit 05:42 Tools
Drop It @ 05:22 Tools
Juggernaut (Original Mix) (JUICY MUSIC) 00:00 Tools
AFTRDRK 05:42 Tools
Blindside - Raffa Remix 04:50 Tools
Henry Fong X SCNDL - Ass Up (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] 04:50 Tools
Fahrenheit (Original Mix) [Dutch House] [2014] [public27380885] 05:42 Tools
Aftershock (Tremor Re-Work) @ 05:42 Tools
The Munsta [TEASER] 05:42 Tools
4T 05:42 Tools
Need to Know-1 05:42 Tools
Konka (Original Mix).(AGRMusic) 04:50 Tools
Drama__Fukkk Offf Remix 04:50 Tools
The Munsta (Jauz Remix) FINAL 04:50 Tools
Shunkan Sentimental 04:50 Tools
Paradox @ 04:50 Tools
Find My Way - Tom Budin Extended Remix 04:50 Tools
Paradox (Original Mix) [TEASER] 04:50 Tools
The Munsta (Aero Chord Remix) [Trap] [2014] [public27380885] 04:50 Tools
One moment 04:50 Tools
Buzzin (Original mix) 04:50 Tools
Aftershock (Tremor Re-Work) [up by Nicksher] 04:50 Tools
The Munsta (Sickmix) 04:50 Tools
AFTERSHOCK (Tremor Re-Work) 22.07.14 04:50 Tools
40 thieves [TEASER] (Out NOW) 04:50 Tools
Meant to Be (A-Tonez Remix) 04:50 Tools
The Munsta (Рингтон) 04:50 Tools
Drama__Original Mix 05:16 Tools
All The People(Original Mix) 05:16 Tools
Drama-1 05:25 Tools
Drama (Original Mix)// 05:25 Tools
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If time has taught us one thing, it is that Melbourne duo SCNDL deals in consistent dance floor destruction – no apologies or vowels required. The creative union of Tom Grant and Adam Amuso, SCNDL’s bouncy yet highly-tuned peak time tendencies have made them a breakout force to be reckoned with on the global dance music radar in 2014. By the time their sophpmore hit “Gypsy” had scaled the Beatport electro house top 15 and put them in the good books with the likes of Porter Robinson and Dada Life, SCNDL were one of the definitive stories of ascension to emerge from Melbourne, Australia, ground zero for the eponymous Melbourne Bounce contagion that’s caused a revolution in Australian clubland and is now legitimately airbourne and spreading virus-like on a planetary level. A remix for breakout US star MAKJ’s ‘Hold Up’ saw the duo infect the Beatport Electro House top 20 once again, immediately leading to them being placed on watch lists with some of EDM’s sharpest tastemakers. ‘Bleed’ with fellow Aussie Timmy Trumpet emerged on North American imprint Monstercat in 2013, scaling the heights of the Beatport main chart (where it peaked at 12), and conclusively establishing their scientifically-engineered bass lines at world best practice level. With support accumulating from the likes of Tommy Trash, Chuckie, TJR, Tocadisco, Lazy Rich, Henry Fong and MAKJ, the duo ended 2013 with DJs and dance junkies alike craving their refined club getup amid a sustained international bounce blitzkrieg that’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. So much so, gargantuan pop name Flo Rida came knocking, the result a re-imagining of his single ‘How I Feel’ as a driving Melbourne Bounce juggernaut which is bound to signal their arrival on the world stage with a definitive sonic boom. Meanwhile back on home soil the duo simultaneously held down three spots in the ARIA club chart top 10, confirming their ability to dominate the club landscape on the home front while engaged in expeditionary assaults further afield offshore. In 2014, the word at camp SCNDL remains affirmative action on a global scale, with iconic club mega brand Pacha inviting them to curate their own regular night at their burgeoning Sydney outpost and designing a large-scale mega production uniquely around them. There’ll also be an incoming single release with Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music imprint, new single ’40 Thieves,’ and even a rumoured European and UK release for ‘Bleed’. This is the unapologetic face of low-end favoring dance music. Hold the vowels, take the plunge and prepare for the hell-borne sound of Melbourne. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.