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A Familiar Word 03:13 Tools
Dilemma 05:11 Tools
Pros And Cons 04:51 Tools
Soul Alone 05:03 Tools
Wave 01:12 Tools
Isolated 04:04 Tools
Pressure Wave 03:30 Tools
Relief 04:57 Tools
From Nothing 03:19 Tools
Strategy 03:43 Tools
You 03:48 Tools
Trust 02:55 Tools
Perception 04:47 Tools
The Boys From Dead Soul Road 04:47 Tools
The Broken 20/20 04:47 Tools
Existence Status Zero 04:47 Tools
Adrian 04:47 Tools
Organism 04:47 Tools
Silent Inferno 04:47 Tools
Edge Of Devastation 04:47 Tools
No Surrender 04:47 Tools
The Longing 04:47 Tools
Deadhead 04:47 Tools
The Deadcalm 04:47 Tools
Emotional Psyco Release 05:34 Tools
Free Speech For The Dumb 02:17 Tools
Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles 01:05 Tools
A Familiar World 03:14 Tools
Villa, bil och motorväg 01:17 Tools
Torture Room 05:33 Tools
銀河鉄道999 02:24 Tools
Emotional Psycho Release 02:24 Tools
Blackout 04:46 Tools
Loud Night 02:13 Tools
Bamboo Bomb 00:00 Tools
My Babe 00:00 Tools
Jungle Boy 00:00 Tools
neglected 03:49 Tools
Sickness 06:20 Tools
Damaged 04:26 Tools
Last Blaze 06:02 Tools
the new groove complex 06:20 Tools
Anarchy In The UK 02:02 Tools
Shadow Assassin 06:02 Tools
Torture Room (original mix) 04:26 Tools
Border 04:26 Tools
Shadow Assassin (Original Mix) 05:52 Tools
SELF HATED 03:46 Tools
Du und ich 03:27 Tools
Chaos City 02:30 Tools
Victim Of Desire 02:35 Tools
Assassin 00:56 Tools
Ghost 00:00 Tools
Scamp High 02:25 Tools
Notorious 01:27 Tools
Price Of Violence 01:36 Tools
Ghost Track 00:30 Tools
Salvage 01:43 Tools
銀河鉄道999(銀河鉄道999より) 01:28 Tools
烏合の衆 01:27 Tools
YOUR BORE ME 01:28 Tools
Pros & Cons 04:52 Tools
Maria 02:17 Tools
音で殺せ!! 02:43 Tools
傷だらけの栄光 00:30 Tools
halt die fresse 00:30 Tools
BURNING BOMB 01:27 Tools
Rhomboid 01:40 Tools
You Bore Me 01:40 Tools
DEMONS EXIST 06:02 Tools
Ultimata Nazi-äckel 06:02 Tools
Hi-Octane Blood 03:47 Tools
Satans Jävla Vaktfan 06:32 Tools
Anabolic (Original Mix) 06:30 Tools
Shadow Assassin - Original Mix 06:02 Tools
INDO-CHINA 02:05 Tools
The Wars 07:58 Tools
New Rose 01:40 Tools
Luegen 01:27 Tools
No Escape 06:32 Tools
VIOLENCE & THE EAR 02:16 Tools
Frequency 07:58 Tools
Releif 02:16 Tools
自業自得 04:30 Tools
Damaged (F.E.T.A. Ver) 02:16 Tools
Timewave Zero 02:16 Tools
Bastard 02:16 Tools
PAIN 06:13 Tools
Mechanical Temples 02:08 Tools
Live Fast Die Young 03:19 Tools
feast of knight 03:19 Tools
Ganz allein 03:19 Tools
1000 mal 03:19 Tools
Digital Murderer 04:30 Tools
Yamato No Kokoro Gi 03:03 Tools
bis dieses lied zu ende ist 04:30 Tools
大和の心・義 06:13 Tools
Shadow Assassin (Micromakine Remix) 00:00 Tools
Ginga Tetsudou 999 02:24 Tools
Killabyte 00:00 Tools
嬧壨揝摴999 00:00 Tools
Why 02:24 Tools
ルパン三世 06:13 Tools
Niku Wo Kirasete Hone Wo Tatsu 1025 03:18 Tools
Soulalone 02:24 Tools
Ultimata Nazi-Ackel 03:03 Tools
Sunday 02:24 Tools
vent frustrate 03:11 Tools
肉を斬らせて骨を断つ1025 06:13 Tools
jigsore 03:11 Tools
Revolution 03:11 Tools
WARS 03:18 Tools
Ten Ni Mukatte Tsuba Wo Hake! 03:03 Tools
Jungle Boy (Scamp) 03:11 Tools
THE OPENING 03:11 Tools
Baby,Make My Day 04:56 Tools
Ginga Tetsudou 999 [Bananarama-I Heard a Rumour] 03:03 Tools
Omaera Soredemo Ningen Ka 03:03 Tools
jap title 03:03 Tools
different space 03:03 Tools
dance of the knight 03:03 Tools
Er wollte gern fliegen 03:03 Tools
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There is more than one band with the name Scamp 1) Scamp was originally the brainchild of guitarist Mads Christensen and drummer Morten Christensen. After releasing their first critically acclaimed EP, "The New Groove Complex", an additional guitarist, Kristian Bruun, and vocalist Mikael Rise was added to the line up, their creative sparring resulting in the EP, "re-draft" which was recorded at Jacob Hansen Studios (Hatesphere, Mnemic, Mercenary) and mixed at ZigZound by Ziggy (Illdisposed, Mercenary, Hatesphere) Released in 2005, it further improved Scamp's position as one of the most respected unsigned bands in the Danish metal scene. Having previously performed with Mnemic and Mercenary, Stonegard, Darkane and Evergrey, Scamp delivers unnervingly tight live sonic assaults on its audience, that, despite the highly technical polymetrics never looses its groove! "Scamp (...) delivered a killer performance, that absolutely ranges in the category of ingenious" (Danish Metal) While having developed their own unique style, Scamp has been described as a mix between Meshuggah, Fear Factory and Chimaira incorporated with intense melodic passages that adds to the atmospheric feal of the music."It can’t get any better. “re-draft” is an album of high quality death with a major twist of atmosphere." (Metal Coven) All in all, Scamp just might be the ambush you never saw coming! The press wrote: "Super aggressive tight riffs and great music, played by super musicians." ( "Crank up the volume to max intensity and I'll bet you can't resist the complex grooves!" (Danish Metal Pages) 2) A Japanese D-Beat band. 3) Swedish hardcore band in the 90's. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.