Sebastian Lind

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Never Let Go 03:56 Tools
Another You 03:23 Tools
Break 04:07 Tools
Still Here 03:39 Tools
Run Away 03:39 Tools
Choose Love 04:27 Tools
Get You 03:25 Tools
Fake 04:07 Tools
Bring Back the Beat 04:07 Tools
My Heart 04:44 Tools
Wait And See 03:48 Tools
Around Me 04:23 Tools
Woods 04:28 Tools
I Will Follow 04:56 Tools
Get You - Original 03:29 Tools
What Are You Waiting For 02:48 Tools
Unseen 04:36 Tools
Stay 04:25 Tools
Stop These Feet 04:07 Tools
I Can Sleep 06:50 Tools
I'm Alive 03:24 Tools
Stay (Rasmus Hedegaard Remix - Stella Polaris Edit) 03:16 Tools
Waiting for Something 03:16 Tools
Stay - Rasmus Hedegaard Remix - Stella Polaris Edit 03:18 Tools
Keep Me Near 03:07 Tools
Plastic World 04:10 Tools
Cecilie 04:25 Tools
Love Will Follow 06:02 Tools
Death Monologue 06:03 Tools
Feel Happy 05:04 Tools
Back For You 02:43 Tools
Clublove 03:10 Tools
Break It 03:03 Tools
Change 01:56 Tools
Messed Up 04:15 Tools
Lonely King (Part 1) 03:27 Tools
Truth 04:10 Tools
Behind Your Back 03:02 Tools
Tunes 03:43 Tools
Until I Die, Pt. 1 02:38 Tools
Lonely King (Part 2) 02:39 Tools
Physical Closure 03:48 Tools
Stay (Janus Dyg Mix) 04:25 Tools
Get You - Traum:a Remix Extended 03:44 Tools
Soon I´ll Be Gone 03:44 Tools
Stay (Stella Polaris Edit) - Rasmus Hedegaard Remix 03:16 Tools
All For Nothing 04:26 Tools
Another You (Lou Van Remix) 06:37 Tools
On The Cover 03:47 Tools
Lonely King, Pt. 1 03:26 Tools
Lonely King, Pt. 2 02:39 Tools
Get You (Traum:a Remix Extended) 03:26 Tools
Burn The Love 03:26 Tools
Never let go (Robot Koch Remix) 00:00 Tools
Unreal 02:38 Tools
Attacked By Beauty 00:00 Tools
Unseen Feat. Yoav 02:38 Tools
Animal 02:38 Tools
Moon 02:38 Tools
Destiny 02:38 Tools
Until I Die, Pt. 2 04:59 Tools
Hungry 04:59 Tools
Fake (Album Version) 04:09 Tools
Bring Back The Beat (Album Version) 04:01 Tools
Get You - Traum:a Remix Edit 03:44 Tools
I Will Never 05:20 Tools
Soon I'll Be Gone 03:44 Tools
Get You (Traum:a Remix) 03:44 Tools
Suit and tie (Justin Timberlake Cover) 00:00 Tools
Color 04:59 Tools
Get You (Traum:a Remix Edit) 00:00 Tools
Sebastian Lind - Another You 03:25 Tools
Still Here (Unplugged) 04:02 Tools
Plastic World (Album Version) 03:07 Tools
Stay (Album Version) 04:25 Tools
Unseen (Feat. Yoav) 02:38 Tools
Get You (Original) 03:30 Tools
Keep Me Near (Album Version) 03:07 Tools
Another You (TVKiller Remix) DC 06:04 Tools
Get You (Album Version) 03:22 Tools
Stay (Rasmus Hedegaard Remix) [Stella Polaris edit] 00:30 Tools
Lonely King (Part 1) (Album Version) 03:27 Tools
Break It (Album Version) 03:03 Tools
Death Monologue (Album Version) 06:04 Tools
Truth (Album Version) 04:09 Tools
Behind Your Back (Album Version) 03:02 Tools
Tunes (Album Version) 03:43 Tools
Lonely King (Part 2) (Album Version) 02:40 Tools
Back For You (Album Version) 02:44 Tools
Love Will Follow (Album Version) 06:02 Tools
Clublove (Album Version) 03:11 Tools
Unseen (Album Version) 02:42 Tools
Change (Album Version) 01:56 Tools
Feel Happy (Album Version) 05:04 Tools
Get You (live) 04:06 Tools
Soon Iґll Be Gone 04:06 Tools
Never Let Go (Jonas Lagoni Dub) 04:06 Tools
Waiting For Something (Album Version) 03:40 Tools
All For Nothing (Album Version) 03:40 Tools
Messed up (Album Version) 04:15 Tools
Physical Closure (Album Version) 03:49 Tools
My Heart (Unplugged) 03:40 Tools
Until I Die - Part I 03:40 Tools
My body in the cold 03:40 Tools
On The Cover (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Burn The Love (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Unseen (ft. Yoav) 03:49 Tools
04_Woods 03:49 Tools
b. Never Let Go 03:49 Tools
Lonely King Pt. 2 00:00 Tools
Attacked By Beauty (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Suit And Tie 03:47 Tools
Fake (Marxen Remix) 03:42 Tools
Never Let Go (Official Music Video) 00:00 Tools
Stay Rasmus Hedegaard Remix - Stella Polaris Edit 00:00 Tools
U never let it go 03:42 Tools
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Sebastian Lind Hansen (b. August 28, 1988) is a Danish singer-songwriter from Skagen, Denmark. He released his first single "Stop These Feet", on September 24, 2011 and toured with Mads Langer on the first half of his 2009-10 tour, as supporting act. He released his first album Sebastian Lind, on May 17, 2010, and released an EP called I Will Follow on September 26, 2011 and Messed Up Happy Kid on 2013. These albums gained success in Denmark, Norway and Germany. In April 2012 he supported Marit Larsen on her tour in Germany for five concerts. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.