Silver Columns

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Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Brow Beaten 04:34 Tools
Cavalier 03:43 Tools
Always On 03:38 Tools
Columns 04:44 Tools
Yes And Dance 03:07 Tools
To Wake You 03:14 Tools
Warm Welcome 04:02 Tools
It Is Still You 01:38 Tools
Heart Murmurs 04:17 Tools
Way Out 04:05 Tools
Always On (Caribou Remix) 08:56 Tools
Brow Beaten - Joe Goddard Remix 05:38 Tools
Brow Beaten (Joe Goddard Remix) 05:38 Tools
Cavalier (Time & Space Machine Remix) 05:38 Tools
Brow Beaten (Moonlight Matters Remix) 05:20 Tools
Cavalier (Astronomer Remix) 05:05 Tools
Yes, and Dance - Silver Columns Remix 05:05 Tools
Yes and Dance (Silver Columns Remix) 05:32 Tools
Yes, and dance (weirdo police refix) 05:32 Tools
Always On - Caribou Remix 08:52 Tools
Brow Beaten (Disco of Doom Remix) 05:20 Tools
Cavalier - Astronomer Remix 05:05 Tools
Brow Beaten (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound remix) 07:42 Tools
Yes, and Dance - Weirdo Police Refix 07:42 Tools
Always On - Found Remix - Bonus Track 05:15 Tools
Brow Beaten (A JD Twitch Optimo remix) 06:14 Tools
Cavalier - Time & Space Machine Remix 08:04 Tools
Always on (Jensen Sportag Remix) 00:30 Tools
Always On - Beat Connection Remix 05:45 Tools
Always On - Juiceboxxx Remix 06:26 Tools
Yes, and dance (silver columns remix) 05:32 Tools
Brow Beaten - Silver Columns 04:34 Tools
Brow Beaten - A JD Twitch Optimo Remix 06:15 Tools
Brow Beaten (Kings Of Town Remix) 06:56 Tools
Always On (Beat Connection Remix) 06:15 Tools
Brow Beaten - Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix 07:43 Tools
Silver Columns - Brow Beaten - Kings Of Town Remix 07:43 Tools
Brow Beaten (James Yuill remix) 04:04 Tools
Silver Columns - Brow Beaten - Original 04:33 Tools
'Always On (Caribou Remix)' 04:33 Tools
Brow Beaten - Donovans Remix 04:57 Tools
Brow Beaten - Disco Of Doom Remix 05:18 Tools
Always On (Found Remix - Bonus Track) 05:14 Tools
Brown Beaten 05:18 Tools
Brow Beaten (Donovans Remix) 04:59 Tools
Silver Columns - Brow Beaten - Donovans Remix 04:59 Tools
Brow Beaten (King Of Town Remix) 04:59 Tools
'Cavalier' (Astronomer Remix) 04:59 Tools
Always On (Caribou Remix) I 04:59 Tools
Brow Beaten [Electronic 2010] [] 04:59 Tools
Yes And Dance (Weirdo Police Remix) 04:59 Tools
Always On (Beat Connection Remix) 1 04:59 Tools
Brow Beaten (FOUND's Well Furrowed Brow Remix) 04:59 Tools
Cavalier [Astronomer Remix] 04:59 Tools
Always On (Caribou Remix Radio Edit) 04:59 Tools
Brow Beaten (Joe Goddard Rmx) 04:59 Tools
Warm Welcome [Electronic 2010] [] 04:59 Tools
Brow Beaten - Original Mix 04:34 Tools
Brow Beaten (Joe Goddard Remix) - Silver Columns 05:38 Tools
Always On (Juiceboxxx Remix) 05:38 Tools
Yes, and Dance [Silver Columns Remix] 05:38 Tools
Brow Beaten [Joe Goddard Remix] 05:38 Tools
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Silver Columns is the collaborative effort of Johnny Lynch, aka The Pictish Trail (he of Fence Collective fame) and Adem, fellow folky and bassist in post-rock outfit Fridge. The two have combined to make music with instruments they don't know how to use, to fuck with a four-to-the-floor beat and still get people dancing. Having burst into the public conscience with singles Brow Beaten and Yes, and Dance, Silver Columns made their live debut at Fence Records' annual hootenanny, Homegame this year and will continue to appear at festivals and venues throughout the year. With plans to release an album in May, Silver Columns are ones to watch in 2010. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.