Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Johnny Remember Me 02:50 Tools
stone is very very cold 02:52 Tools
Seasons In The Sun 03:30 Tools
Free Now To Roam 03:01 Tools
Rosemary's Baby (Lullaby Part 1) 02:37 Tools
Down From Dover 03:46 Tools
There's No Blood In Bone 02:55 Tools
Big Red Balloon 04:13 Tools
Terry 03:19 Tools
Our Own Way 02:56 Tools
Endless Sleep 02:33 Tools
The Little Bird 02:05 Tools
This Little Bird 02:05 Tools
Madame Psychosis 03:09 Tools
Whipping Sigils 03:09 Tools
River of Sleep 03:09 Tools
Too Late 03:09 Tools
The Ever Constant Sea 02:34 Tools
The Sickness Unto Death 02:34 Tools
Dark Desires 03:09 Tools
The Veil 03:09 Tools
Séance 03:27 Tools
Vanitas 03:27 Tools
The Sphinx 03:27 Tools
Hazel Motes 04:31 Tools
I Got You Babe 03:09 Tools
Electric Witchery 03:09 Tools
Possessed by Heavy Metal 03:09 Tools
Shocker 03:27 Tools
Too Wild to Live (Too Young to Die) 03:27 Tools
Rosemary's Baby (Lullaby Pt. 1) 02:37 Tools
Zott Lee 02:37 Tools
Big Red Balloon (single version) 04:18 Tools
Never Enough/Sisters of the Moon 03:27 Tools
Stone Is Very Very Cold (Single Version) 04:18 Tools
Superstar 03:27 Tools
The Dream 04:55 Tools
The Vision 02:30 Tools
The Temptress 04:10 Tools
Lullaby (Rosemary's Baby Theme) 02:37 Tools
The Pawn 04:17 Tools
LAMA 03:31 Tools
Time Waves 08:52 Tools
Rosemary's Baby (Lullaby, Pt. 1) 02:37 Tools
Soft Moments 12:51 Tools
Never Enough 12:51 Tools
Dixie 03:45 Tools
Seems To Me 03:20 Tools
Sisters of the Moon 03:20 Tools
4-B 04:37 Tools
Lullaby 02:37 Tools
More 06:28 Tools
12 rosemary's baby (lullaby part 1) 02:37 Tools
Maniac 02:37 Tools
Ozymandias 02:37 Tools
Safe 04:28 Tools
Conquer the Skies 04:28 Tools
Mom 03:54 Tools
Игра с судьбой 03:34 Tools
Seance 05:31 Tools
Straight to Hell 03:18 Tools
Silent Towers 03:18 Tools
Rosemary's Baby (Lullaby Part I) 00:00 Tools
Rosemary's Baby 03:18 Tools
Bring the Old Man 07:48 Tools
Johnny 02:52 Tools
Stone Is Very Very Cold - Single Version 02:52 Tools
President 03:02 Tools
No Blood In Bone 00:00 Tools
Remember Me 03:02 Tools
Never Enough / Sisters Of The Moon 04:16 Tools
A Perfect Moment 04:39 Tools
Rosemary's Baby Lullaby Part 1 03:31 Tools
La meg ta deg med 04:16 Tools
Louise 03:40 Tools
I'm the King 02:40 Tools
(untitled) 01:55 Tools
Forest 04:07 Tools
Skuespill 05:31 Tools
Intro 03:31 Tools
Home 04:48 Tools
Don't Resist 06:01 Tools
Fading Away 07:21 Tools
Big Red Balloon - Single Version 04:19 Tools
Guided Highways 06:13 Tools
Rosemary`s Baby (Lullaby Part 1) 04:32 Tools
Seasons In The Sun 03:31 Tools
Look Out 04:32 Tools
Lystseilas 04:14 Tools
Gi opp 03:55 Tools
rosemary's baby (lullaby part 04:16 Tools
Fant deg 04:07 Tools
Just A Matter Of Time 05:31 Tools
Frem og tilbake 03:55 Tools
Pust av liv 04:30 Tools
I.R.A.P. 00:45 Tools
Jimi Tenor | FM4 Update 03:40 Tools
Break The Speed Of Light 02:06 Tools
Bak tallene 03:31 Tools
Big Red Ballon 04:14 Tools
GTP - Vanity Part 04:33 Tools
Капля за каплей 04:14 Tools
Rosemary's Baby (Lullaby, Part 1) 04:14 Tools
Fabric Of Slowmotion - Original Mix 04:30 Tools
Big Red Baloon 03:55 Tools
QWACK 03:55 Tools
006 (06) Mano Negra - The Rebe 03:55 Tools
Johnny, Remember Me 03:55 Tools
A1 The Vision 02:39 Tools
Når de spiller din sang 04:34 Tools
A2 The Dream 05:15 Tools
into the Spell 04:07 Tools
Don't Waste Your Time 04:07 Tools
A Vitória é Nossa 04:07 Tools
A4 The Pawn 04:34 Tools
seasons_in_the_sun 03:31 Tools
Grind Softly 03:31 Tools
Bug-Eyed 01:57 Tools
johnny_remember_me 03:31 Tools
[Untitled Hidden Track] 03:31 Tools
Into The Groove - Extended Mix 06:32 Tools
There's No Blood in Bones 02:55 Tools
A3 The Temptress 04:33 Tools
B2 Soft Moments 13:45 Tools
B1 Time Waves 09:21 Tools
Born Golden 09:21 Tools
Vanntett alibi 00:45 Tools
Theres No Blood In Bone 02:55 Tools
For a Good Time Call 02:55 Tools
U-Haul 01:57 Tools
Fire 09:21 Tools
A voz da língua lusa 09:21 Tools
Caffeine Junkie x THECRIMSONBLADE 00:45 Tools
theres_no_blood_in_bone 00:45 Tools
spell 00:45 Tools
Encantamento rmx 00:45 Tools
Hot Chip 00:45 Tools
DELIRIUM (Night Skate) 01:57 Tools
our_own_way 01:57 Tools
Kitchen's Closing (Intro) 00:36 Tools
01 - Johnny Remember Me 00:36 Tools
Made In Heaven 00:36 Tools
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There are four artists that use this name: 1.) A collaboration between Rose McDowall and Boyd Rice. The duo cover a number of songs from the 1960's and 70's, often modifying the lyrics to make them darker. 2.) An alternative rock act comprising Chanin Floyd (bass), Tim Beckman (guitar), and Garrett Shavlik (drums). They released a single album, "Mississippi" in 1994. 3.) SPELL (formerly known as STRYKER) are a progressive traditional heavy metal power-trio from Vancouver, BC, taking influence from bands like Judas Priest and early Scorpions and delivering an original foreboding heaviness. In a musical climate obsessed with genres and scenes, SPELL build on the rich musical traditions of the 70's and 80's without adhering to the conventions of any single style. 4.) Spell are Kristen Roos and PrOphecy Sun. They create intense sonic washes created solely from vocals combined with beats from the future / past. Vancouver witch-wave duo Kristen Roos and Prophecy Sun, collectively known as Spell, conjure sensations like Rorschach tests, with which we can only grope at meanings, and frisk with postmodernism that brims with fragmentation and prior truths, while eschewing pretension. Their debut release, Lull, has been made with the intention of representing the live sound of Spell. All of the tracks were recorded in one take. There is no post-production, aside from equalization and mastering. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.