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2025 00:00 Tools
Idiot (feat. Klayton of Celldweller) 00:00 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. Xina) 00:00 Tools
Rockin' (feat. Zombie Girl) 00:00 Tools
Electro Body Music 00:00 Tools
The Generator 00:00 Tools
My Synths Gone Wild 00:00 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Midnight Enchilada 00:00 Tools
Portamentor 06:10 Tools
Maskin Maschine 04:57 Tools
The Beast 00:00 Tools
Fake Blood 00:00 Tools
Disorder 00:00 Tools
Black Matter 00:00 Tools
SquareHead 08:35 Tools
Metal and Leather 06:14 Tools
ElPhant 07:25 Tools
Save Yourself 02:52 Tools
Filter Springs 05:44 Tools
Mother Nurture 03:01 Tools
So Close 06:48 Tools
Get Light 03:11 Tools
Axes of Love 02:11 Tools
Confident Girls 04:16 Tools
Two Miles 00:00 Tools
Tasty Fruit 03:25 Tools
Circle 02:54 Tools
The Gathering (Hardstylers United Anthem) 05:04 Tools
Girl 05:31 Tools
Elegante 06:54 Tools
Fear Your Face 02:41 Tools
I Wanna Hold Your Hand 03:16 Tools
The Abandoned Sea 03:09 Tools
Idiot - Feat. Klayton Of Celldweller 04:49 Tools
Radio Caroline 03:26 Tools
Steer Me Wrong 05:11 Tools
Get Together 04:37 Tools
The Gathering 03:37 Tools
Baseball Ghosts 03:22 Tools
Be Without 06:33 Tools
John Of God 03:53 Tools
More Quickly 01:55 Tools
Pulse 04:16 Tools
Rockin´ (Feat. Zombie Girl) 04:12 Tools
BuzzR (Bonus Track) 07:39 Tools
Waves 04:32 Tools
No One Has To Know (Original Mix) 06:26 Tools
Crystal Ocean 02:52 Tools
No One Has To Know - Original Mix 06:27 Tools
Take-Away 05:09 Tools
Knives 02:37 Tools
Forecast (Original Mix) 01:28 Tools
Swing 04:14 Tools
Let Me Tell You 05:35 Tools
C'mon Man 00:00 Tools
Sicknote 03:29 Tools
What's Wrong? 03:53 Tools
Rockin' (Instrumental) 06:27 Tools
Somethings 05:06 Tools
Unreal 07:16 Tools
Magic Darts 05:11 Tools
Always On 05:11 Tools
Morning 05:11 Tools
Idiot 04:47 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll - Feat. Xina 04:48 Tools
Everytime 06:02 Tools
Keep It Moving 06:13 Tools
What's Wrong 06:46 Tools
Hammertime 00:00 Tools
Forecast (Kingsman Remix) 06:32 Tools
You Are (Original Mix) 06:40 Tools
Steer Me Wrong (Timbah Remix) 04:32 Tools
Rockin' - Feat. Zombie Girl 04:14 Tools
no one has to know 00:00 Tools
Parrish 07:15 Tools
Take-Away (TOYC Remix) 04:47 Tools
Close (CDBL Remix) 05:50 Tools
Ghosts Of Terror Noir 02:34 Tools
Maybe 02:34 Tools
You Are 06:43 Tools
Now Is Good 06:40 Tools
Close 07:16 Tools
Harlem Ache 04:00 Tools
Part Deux 06:55 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (RIOT 87 Remix) 04:36 Tools
I Hardly Know You 04:36 Tools
Elegante (Original Mix) 06:46 Tools
Those Things You Do 03:44 Tools
Candle 03:01 Tools
Murdercedes 06:46 Tools
Electro Body Music (Trancebody Remix By Sthilmann) 06:37 Tools
In My Head 06:23 Tools
Shade 06:12 Tools
Terror Noir 04:46 Tools
Idiot (feat. Klayton of Celldweller) - Riot 87 Remix 04:54 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. Xina) - Riot 87 Remix 04:37 Tools
Part Deux (Roby Howler Remix) 05:30 Tools
Be Without (Original Mix) 06:29 Tools
Curve Appeal 01:55 Tools
Fell For It 04:00 Tools
Cathy's Clown (Everly Brothers) 02:10 Tools
(-_-) (Adebisi Shank Cover) 03:26 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll 04:46 Tools
Stop Drop And Roll Lms Rmx 08:08 Tools
Wrk 06:45 Tools
Rockin' 04:11 Tools
Los Paradiso 04:11 Tools
Bats 06:45 Tools
Structured 07:39 Tools
CDHR 07:39 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. XINA) (CPR Mix by Copy Paste Repeat) 02:38 Tools
Idiot (RIOT 87 Remix) 04:53 Tools
Back It Up 06:45 Tools
Idiot (Feat. Celldweller) 07:27 Tools
The Gathering - Hardstylers United Anthem 05:04 Tools
Got2Know 06:48 Tools
Close (Original Mix) 06:48 Tools
Rockinґ (Feat. Zombie Girl) 02:38 Tools
Stop Drop and Roll - Last Men Standing Rmx 08:08 Tools
Forecast (Original) 04:53 Tools
Close - CDBL Remix 05:51 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. XINA) (Alex Lamb Remix) 04:46 Tools
It's You On My Mind 04:53 Tools
Those Things You Do (Original Mix) 06:36 Tools
Out On the Floor (Squarehead Remix) 06:29 Tools
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 02:35 Tools
Crossover 02:35 Tools
The Gathering (DJ Thera & Wavolizer Remix) 06:26 Tools
Never Leave You 00:30 Tools
BuzzR 07:40 Tools
Someday 00:30 Tools
Name and Number 00:30 Tools
Dead Reyt 06:53 Tools
Ignorance 06:53 Tools
Bats (Francois Le Roy & Nanni Remix) 07:30 Tools
Two Miles(HOW FAST MAKE БЛЕАТЬ!) 00:00 Tools
See The World 07:44 Tools
Idiot (Wyke remix) 07:44 Tools
Vishen 07:30 Tools
Cathy's Clown (Everly Brothers cover) 07:44 Tools
Bats (Jack Fell Down Remix) 05:53 Tools
After The Sun 05:53 Tools
Harlem Ache - Original Mix 06:47 Tools
Part Deux - Roby Howler Remix 05:31 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll feat XINA (Andy Harding Remix) 05:01 Tools
Plays (On & On) 07:17 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll (Andy Harding Remix) 05:00 Tools
The Generator (Beat Modulator) 05:53 Tools
No One Has To Know (Original Mix;) 06:26 Tools
Part Deux (Original Mix) 06:56 Tools
Harkin' On 03:32 Tools
Those Things You Do - Original Mix 06:36 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll feat XINA (Perplex vs DNA Remix) 06:47 Tools
Squarehead - Stop Drop & Roll (Andy Harding Remix) 06:26 Tools
Idiot(Remix by EveryStyler feat Paul Udarov, final version) 04:52 Tools
Idiot feat. Klayton from Celldweller (Album Version) 04:49 Tools
Bats - Francois Le Roy & Nanni Remix 07:31 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (Celldweller Remix) 01:29 Tools
Idiot (Lars Hausmann Trance Mix) 04:49 Tools
Wrk (Original Mix) 06:12 Tools
Idiot (Romantic Mix by GReeNOX) 04:08 Tools
I Love You 03:28 Tools
One In a Million 01:29 Tools
Aerodynamical Artistic Man 04:08 Tools
Parrish (Original Mix) 07:01 Tools
TNH 04:08 Tools
Elevation - Original Mix 06:45 Tools
Move Your Body 06:20 Tools
Fantasy Groove (Original Mix) 06:20 Tools
Idiot Feat. Klayton 04:49 Tools
Citamenic 04:49 Tools
On The Line 06:20 Tools
Fantasy Groove (Falcon Lake Remix) 06:20 Tools
Dead Reyt - Original Mix 04:49 Tools
Elevation 06:14 Tools
Two Miles (HFM) 00:00 Tools
Fell For It - Original Mix 06:14 Tools
Lockup 06:05 Tools
Bats (Francois Le Roy, Nanni Remix) 07:27 Tools
Stop Drop and Roll (Last Men Standing rmx) 08:06 Tools
Idiot (feat. Klayton of Celldweller) (Riot 87 Remix) 00:00 Tools
Got2Know - Original Mix 07:27 Tools
ZB402 06:05 Tools
Down so Low 06:05 Tools
Bats - Jack Fell Down Remix 05:53 Tools
Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks - Under Our Spell (Remix) 06:30 Tools
The Gathering - DJ Thera & Wavolizer Remix 06:27 Tools
Fantasy Groove 06:22 Tools
Raindrops 05:28 Tools
Vishen - Original Mix 06:22 Tools
Involution 06:22 Tools
Fantasy Groove - Falcon Lake Remix 06:22 Tools
Rockin (Feat Zombie Girl) 04:11 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. Xina) (Riot 87 Remix) 04:11 Tools
Electric Body Music (Freak Edit) 05:18 Tools
Forecast 03:55 Tools
On The Line (Checan's Neck on it RMX) 04:23 Tools
Stop drop and roll 04:40 Tools
Idiot (Fake Remix by Alavan Twalve) 02:55 Tools
Stop Drop And Roll (Last Men Standing Remix) 02:55 Tools
Rockin' (Feat Zombie Girl) 04:12 Tools
Keep It Moving EP Preview 04:12 Tools
Hot Like Jam 02:16 Tools
No One Has To Know (snippet) 00:00 Tools
Idiot (RIOT 87 Remix Instrumental) 04:53 Tools
Rockin' - Instrumental 04:12 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll 00:00 Tools
Elegante//Now Is Good (5AND7001) 00:00 Tools
Idiot (Lars Hausmann Remix) 06:20 Tools
Diddy Kong 05:31 Tools
Idiot (Remix by EverStyler feat. Paul Udarov) 04:49 Tools
On The Line 02:16 Tools
Walk On (Neil Young Cover) 02:18 Tools
Sea Baths 02:18 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. XINA) (Perplex vs DNA Remix) 02:18 Tools
Forecast - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Rockin 02:18 Tools
I Dream at Night 06:30 Tools
Curve Appeal - Original Mix 06:49 Tools
Idiot (feat. Klayton from CELLDWELLER) 02:38 Tools
Idiot (Idiotik Remix by Afterglow) 02:38 Tools
Be Without (WOLFEP018) 00:00 Tools
No One Has To Know ( Original Mix ) 00:00 Tools
Idiot (It's Up To Mix by Nitrobenzodiazepine) 03:44 Tools
You Are (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music] 04:47 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll feat XINA (Andy Harding Remix) 05:02 Tools
Everything 03:44 Tools
Cathy's Clown 02:10 Tools
Idiot (Feat. Klayton) 04:49 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll (Alex Lamb Remix) 04:46 Tools
King Of Birds 05:24 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. XINA) (Andy Harding Remix) 05:00 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll (CPR Mix by Copy Paste Repeat) 02:38 Tools
Attention to Detail 06:46 Tools
Someday - Original Mix 02:38 Tools
Harlem Ache (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Squarehead (Live At The R.A.G 02:38 Tools
Bats (Original Mix) 06:36 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll - Instrumental 04:47 Tools
Idiot (Dead Errant Soul Remix) 02:38 Tools
Those Things You Do (Original Mix) 04:53 Tools
Got 2 Know 04:53 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (RIOT 87 Remix Instrumental) 04:36 Tools
Squarehead, 'More Quickly' 04:53 Tools
Idiot feat. Klayton of Celldweller (Ringtone) 04:53 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll feat XINA (Alex Lamb Remix) 04:46 Tools
Under Our Spell (Squarehead Remix) 04:46 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll (feat. XINA) 04:46 Tools
Idiot (Remix By EveryStyler Feat. Paul Udarov) 04:59 Tools
Welcome to Cloudsdale 04:46 Tools
My Synth's Gone Wild 04:59 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll (Feat. XINA) (CPR Mix by Copy Paste Repeat) 04:59 Tools
Best night ever 04:59 Tools
Material Girl 03:59 Tools
MURDERCEDES B1 06:47 Tools
Tricks Up My Sleeve (Squarehead Remix) 06:46 Tools
Girl EP (Preview) 5ANDSEVEN 00:00 Tools
How long? 00:00 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (Feat XINA) 04:46 Tools
Idiot (Romantic Mix) 04:46 Tools
Future as Nature 04:46 Tools
Something to say 04:46 Tools
Are we any different? 04:46 Tools
Insecure 04:46 Tools
Handmedown 04:46 Tools
Curve Appeal (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Stop, Drop & Roll (feat. Xina) [Riot 87 Remix] 04:36 Tools
Stop Drop & Roll (Perplex vs DNA Remix) 06:46 Tools
(-_-) 06:46 Tools
Idiot (Weak Mind Revision By Detective Fingerling) 06:46 Tools
Work For The Man 03:11 Tools
(-_-) (Adebisi Shank) 03:11 Tools
Lifted 03:11 Tools
Feelah 03:11 Tools
Idiot (Callan Maart Remix) 03:11 Tools
Idiot (Pandemonium Mix by Jecin George) 03:11 Tools
Forecast - Kingsman Rmx 04:36 Tools
Fake Blood (SINGLE) 03:11 Tools
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1) Squarehead is an alias of Sebastian Komor, under which he makes original electronic music and remixes other artists. As Squarehead, he has released multiple singles and an album, "voltage controlled body music", under Celldweller's FiXT label. 2) Squarehead are a 3 piece garage pop band from Dublin, Ireland. In 2011, they released their debut album, "Yeah Nothing" on Richter Collective. http://www.myspace.com/squareheadmusic http://squarehead.bandcamp.com/ 3) One of Sheffield’s finest young producers, Squarehead, AKA Oliver Ledger, has worked hard to rise through the ranks as swiftly as he has over the last few years. Making his name initially as a DJ Ledger has proven himself more than capable of keeping even the largest crowds moving. Working his way up through the independent promotion companies, he is now a firm Sheffield stalwart playing at different venues on all three days of the recent Tramlines festival. Supporting the likes of Eats Everything, B.Traits, Maya Jane Coles, Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, Breach and Citizen and moving from garage, to house, to disco with ease, he is a firm favourite of most Sheffield clubs. With his first release, his ‘Move Your Body’ EP, Squarehead proved himself immediately as a promising new talent. With clear influences from the Sheffield bassline and grime scene, he transformed these familiar sounds in to something halfway between a UK Bass sound and something resembling the deep garage-tinged house music of Detroit and other pioneering US cities. Independently releasing ‘Move Your Body’ through Bandcamp, it wasn’t long before he was noticed and snapped up by increasingly prominent labels. In just two years Ledger has had releases on Wolf Music, Sounds of Sumo, Bad Taste Records and more recently his own imprint 5ANDSEVEN. Providing both the artwork and management for the label, as well as his own tracks, Ledger is proving to be a jack-of-all-trades, whilst clearly mastering more than most people would. Founded in July 2012, 5ANDSEVEN’s first release, a free 4-track E.P from Squarehead provided an insight in to the label’s direction. Their most recent release, Squarehead’s ‘Elegante / Now Is Good’ has received support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dirtybird main man Justin Martin, and the inimitable Groove Armada. As well as his own productions, Squarehead has recently been called in on remix duties for some big names, remixing Viers’ ‘Your Body,’ Ex Presidents’ ‘You Got Me’ and ‘Ride My Junk’ for one of this year’s biggest names: Waze and Odyssey. He also has a forthcoming remix for Lulu James that promises to be a firm favourite of DJs later this year. Recieving support from some of the biggest DJs on the radio, including another Sheffield legend; Toddla T, as well as Annie Mac, B.Traits, T.Williams and Skream, the hype over Ledger is only growing, and he’s proving himself to be an artist it would be silly to ignore. https://www.facebook.com/Squareheaduk?fref=ts Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.