Steel Pole Bath Tub

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Train to Miami 04:45 Tools
Soul Cannon 04:37 Tools
Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride 05:24 Tools
Borstal 04:47 Tools
Exhale 04:09 Tools
Bozeman 02:52 Tools
Chemical Warfare 03:31 Tools
Down All the Days 03:42 Tools
Thumbnail 04:47 Tools
Carbon 03:58 Tools
Sister 03:26 Tools
One Thick Second 01:44 Tools
Quark 03:14 Tools
594 04:05 Tools
Mercurochrome 05:10 Tools
Pirate 5 04:08 Tools
WAXL 02:58 Tools
Wonders of Dust 02:11 Tools
Myrna Loy 03:13 Tools
Misty Mt. Blowtorch 03:33 Tools
The Scarlet 05:15 Tools
Pause 03:31 Tools
Bee Sting 05:13 Tools
A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo 03:28 Tools
Black Eye Fixer 04:11 Tools
What I Need 03:37 Tools
The 500 Club 04:59 Tools
Time to Die 03:40 Tools
I Am Sam I Am 02:46 Tools
Spoon House 01:23 Tools
Action Man Theme 03:58 Tools
Home Is a Rope 02:41 Tools
Swerve 03:15 Tools
Twist 03:52 Tools
Hey Bo Diddley 02:55 Tools
Teenage Middle Finger 01:23 Tools
Christina 08:47 Tools
Thru the Windshield of Love 01:58 Tools
Population 2 03:23 Tools
Tear it Apart 02:50 Tools
Heaven on Dirt 06:40 Tools
Paranoid 02:25 Tools
The Conversation 05:30 Tools
Hot Water Into Steam 01:57 Tools
Every Thing 03:43 Tools
3 of Cups 03:48 Tools
Spun 03:12 Tools
Ray 06:07 Tools
The Living End 03:24 Tools
The Ghost 02:35 Tools
Slip 02:29 Tools
The Good Times 01:43 Tools
Re-Juvenilated 01:12 Tools
Steel Pole Bathtub 06:40 Tools
The River 04:47 Tools
Hey You 06:14 Tools
Kinder Party 05:10 Tools
Jack Aloha 02:26 Tools
My Best Friend's a Girl 01:33 Tools
Speakerphone 04:33 Tools
Decline 03:49 Tools
Kansas City 05:03 Tools
Friday 06:56 Tools
Hit It 03:42 Tools
The Wasp Jar 05:02 Tools
Glad Ass 01:34 Tools
Cherry Tomato 03:48 Tools
I Dreamed I Dream 05:26 Tools
Park Night 02:24 Tools
Four Barrels 03:46 Tools
Old Man Bar 01:47 Tools
Arizona Garbage Truck 03:53 Tools
Lime - Away 05:35 Tools
We Walk 00:00 Tools
H2O 2 01:41 Tools
Kung Fu Love 09:41 Tools
What Can You Say 04:03 Tools
Plate, Glass 03:40 Tools
Rain Song 03:25 Tools
I Want It Now 01:24 Tools
Surrender 04:24 Tools
Lime-away 05:35 Tools
Stories 03:05 Tools
H20 2 01:42 Tools
Alice Pt. 1 05:18 Tools
The Seventh Hour of the Seventh Day 05:18 Tools
Re-Juvenated 01:12 Tools
Alice Pt. 2 05:08 Tools
Bonus Track 03:23 Tools
Venus in Furs 04:48 Tools
Bale O' Hay 00:00 Tools
4 barrels 01:24 Tools
untitled 00:00 Tools
Welcome Aboard, It's Love 03:09 Tools
Season of Reason 00:00 Tools
the charm 03:23 Tools
Iggenbotzen the Cat / Chandeliers 03:09 Tools
This Town 04:43 Tools
Auf Wiedersehen 03:41 Tools
Headline News 03:23 Tools
secret bonus track 2 26:07 Tools
european son 03:45 Tools
secret bonus track 1 03:24 Tools
Voodoo Chile 05:16 Tools
My Best Friends A Girl 01:42 Tools
Pirate 5 - BBQ Applause 04:08 Tools
Bonus 00:00 Tools
Spoon House- Action Man Theme 01:24 Tools
Fout Barrels 01:23 Tools
Chemica 03:31 Tools
[Untitled Track] 01:42 Tools
Paranoid (Black Sabbath) 01:23 Tools
Hey Bo Diddly 01:42 Tools
Train To Miami (OST Left 4 Dead) 04:45 Tools
500 Club 04:45 Tools
Steel Pole Bath Tub - The Ghost 04:45 Tools
Wonder of Dust 00:00 Tools
I Dreamed I Dream (cover Sonic Youth) 05:26 Tools
I Dreamed I Dream (Sonic Youth cover) 05:26 Tools
[silence] 05:19 Tools
Bonus Track 1 03:23 Tools
Chemical Warfare (Dead Kennedys cover) 05:19 Tools
Living End 03:25 Tools
Mecurochromes 06:08 Tools
Alice 05:19 Tools
Surrender - Turntable Classics #2 26:07 Tools
Bonus Track 2 26:07 Tools
pseudoephedrine hydrodchloride 26:07 Tools
I Dreamed, I Dream 26:07 Tools
Untitled 1 06:08 Tools
Untitled 2 05:32 Tools
Chemical Warfare (Dead Kennedys) 05:32 Tools
The Ray 06:08 Tools
Down All the Days (The Pogues Cover) 06:08 Tools
Tokyo 06:08 Tools
Bozeman [Instrumental] 06:08 Tools
large 05:32 Tools
01 Auf Wiedersehen 06:08 Tools
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Enigmatic noise rock trio Steel Pole Bath Tub crafted a grungy, droning, offbeat sound from a palette of fuzzed-out bass riffs, blasts of guitar feedback, and tape loops, plus a raft of alternately kitschy and disturbing dialogue samples from vintage TV shows and movies. Additionally, the band had a penchant for deconstructive covers of rock classics, some of which appeared only on 7" singles. Critics were split on the effectiveness of their often repetitive compositions, with some praising their originality and others bemoaning a lack of consistent songwriting polish. A highly unlikely bet for commercial success, Steel Pole Bath Tub nonetheless managed to score a major-label contract (albeit briefly) during the alternative rock feeding frenzy of the mid-'90s. Steel Pole Bath Tub was founded in Bozeman, MT, in 1986 by guitarist/vocalist Mike Morasky and bassist/vocalist Dale Flattum. After moving to Seattle, they joined up with drummer Darren Mor-X (born Darren Morey), a veteran of the local early-'80s hardcore band Mr. Epp (which featured future members of Green River and Mudhoney). Taking their name from a feature in a true-crime magazine (a Clue-type combination of murder weapon and location), the trio relocated once again, this time to San Francisco. Steel Pole Bath Tub landed a deal with the Bay Area indie label Boner, which was also home to the Melvins in their pre-Atlantic days. The band's debut album, Butterfly Love, appeared in 1989, and was followed in 1990 by the Lurch EP (both were later combined on a CD issue). These early releases established the band's fascination with pop-culture references and TV dialogue snippets, and led to several Bay Area side projects: Morasky teamed with Boner label head Tom Flynn in Duh (aka Death's Ugly Head), and the whole group worked with Jello Biafra under the name Tumor Circus. Fans and critics tended to agree that Steel Pole Bath Tub really began to hit their stride on 1991's Tulip and its follow-up, 1993's The Miracle of Sound in Motion. During the same period, Morasky and Flattum teamed up (under the aliases C.C. Nova and Bumblebee) in an electronics-oriented side project called Milk Cult, which gave their interest in sampling a whole new outlet. 1994 brought a new Steel Pole Bath Tub EP, Some Cocktail Suggestions, which would prove to be their final work for Boner. Slash Records -- at the time a subsidiary of Warner, though they would shortly switch affiliations to London -- offered the band a major-label contract, perhaps swayed by similar jumps from Steel Pole influences the Butthole Surfers and labelmates the Melvins. Steel Pole Bath Tub's major-label debut, Scars From Falling Down, was released in 1995. Due to copyright concerns, their trademark dialogue samples had to be held in check, which placed more focus on the band's music itself. In 1996, they set about recording a follow-up, initially hoping to cover the Cars' debut album in its entirety. Slash, unimpressed with the postmodern prank and the demos of new material that accompanied three Cars covers, promptly dropped the band from its roster. Caught in limbo, Steel Pole Bath Tub gradually drifted into oblivion. The bandmembers remained active, though -- in 1997, Milk Cult received a grant from the French government to join an artists' collective in Marseilles, where they recorded an album that would be released in 2000 as Project M-13. Morasky subsequently went to New Zealand as a special effects technician on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, while Flattum retired to North Carolina to pursue the visual arts while working for a software company. Morasky (now calling himself Agent Nova) and Mor-X reunited as Novex in 2002, pursuing a style similar to Milk Cult on their debut, Kleptophonica. Meanwhile, Steel Pole Bath Tub finally recovered the rights to their lost major-label follow-up, and issued the material in 2002 on the 0 to 1 label as Unlistenable (the title a quote from Slash executives' response to the tapes). The group briefly reunited that year to perform at the Beyond the Pale festival, and made another ereunion appearance in PDX in 2008. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.