Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
A Day With Andrew 02:52 Tools
Burned Again 03:59 Tools
Run 02:45 Tools
Straight Jackers 02:20 Tools
Radio 03:08 Tools
Your Voice 03:37 Tools
What It's Like 01:42 Tools
Fix Me 02:56 Tools
No New York 02:39 Tools
Ain't Got Enough 02:37 Tools
Like An Itch 03:33 Tools
Hold Tight 03:21 Tools
I Wanna Know You 02:43 Tools
Soon Enough 02:07 Tools
It's Unanimous 02:55 Tools
Everybody's Got It 02:56 Tools
It's Unanimous (Ow!-Ow!) 03:00 Tools
He Looks Good 02:26 Tools
Yes 02:11 Tools
Stay 05:01 Tools
What you gon' do? 03:23 Tools
Night-time lovin 03:06 Tools
What You Gon' Do 03:24 Tools
Radio (new) 03:08 Tools
Its Unanimous 03:08 Tools
It's unanimous Ow!-Ow 03:08 Tools
Radio [Video Rip] 03:08 Tools
Everbody's Got It 03:08 Tools
04 Straight Jackers 03:08 Tools
Stiffed 03:08 Tools
Nighttime Lovin' 03:08 Tools
10 No New York 03:33 Tools
13 I Wanna Know You 03:08 Tools
08 Ain't Got Enough 03:33 Tools
07 Your Voice 03:33 Tools
12 Soon Enough 03:33 Tools
03 A Day With Andrew 03:33 Tools
05 What It's Like 03:33 Tools
15 Hold Tight 03:33 Tools
Stiffed - It's Unanimous 03:33 Tools
What is Like 03:33 Tools
09 Like an Itch 03:33 Tools
11 Fix Me 03:33 Tools
01 Run 03:33 Tools
06 Burned Again 03:33 Tools
Radio (High Quality) 03:33 Tools
14 Radio 03:33 Tools
Stiffed - 06 burned again sbv 03:33 Tools
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Stiffed was a Philly PA based punk rock band started circa 2002 and ended 2007 with lead singer Santi White (now of Santigold). Their initial EP Sex Sells was released in 2003, and a debut album Burned Again was released in 2005 and was produced by Darryl Jennifer of Bad Brains for the Outlook Music Company label. When Santi went on to release more electronic pop solo material, her initial effort was produced by fellow Stiffed member John White aka Johnny Rodeo of Shitake Monkey. Other Stiffed bandmembers were guitarist Matt Schleck, bassist Chis Shar and drummers included Branden King and Philly punk legend Chuck Treece a former pro-skater and member of McRad, who has also toured with Urge Overkill and Bad Brains. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.