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Sköldmön 04:47 Tools
Daydreaming 04:04 Tools
Holy Sleep 03:43 Tools
Ett Berg Av Fasa 05:26 Tools
Kis Kece Lányom 04:21 Tools
...But There Was a Hammer 02:18 Tools
Pessimism 04:11 Tools
Az Idegen Jövö 05:07 Tools
Herrschaft Des Verbrechens 03:09 Tools
Man Will Always Be a Man 03:31 Tools
Várj Meg Vándor 06:19 Tools
A Poison Tree 04:07 Tools
I Cursed Each Tune 03:56 Tools
Halgass 06:16 Tools
These Woods Are Ancient 04:06 Tools
The Smile 05:30 Tools
A Vicei Temetöbe 05:34 Tools
A Jó Lovás Katonának 04:01 Tools
Gammal Visa 02:36 Tools
Den Bergtagna 06:15 Tools
Håll lågan klar! 05:54 Tools
Der Mench Ist Bald Vergessen 04:25 Tools
Tichborne's Elegy 05:05 Tools
The Dying Christian To His soul 04:26 Tools
Anyám Èdesanyám 04:38 Tools
I Am The Pillar 05:19 Tools
As we fall 03:53 Tools
Anyám Édesanyám 04:39 Tools
Min Sångmö 04:38 Tools
God Appears, And God Is Light 04:56 Tools
Epitaph On A Army Of Mercenaries 05:11 Tools
Before Action 04:57 Tools
Ny Nord 07:04 Tools
Epigram CLXIII 05:16 Tools
Folkvisemoll 04:42 Tools
Reach For The Sun 06:24 Tools
Nu Faller Skymningen 03:57 Tools
I See No More Then The Shadows Of Ghosts 04:18 Tools
Skördemannen 04:52 Tools
Sinngedichte 07:18 Tools
Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hosszú Utra Megyek 07:18 Tools
Preghiere 02:01 Tools
You Will Never Be Remembered 05:14 Tools
Hall-lagan-klar! 05:45 Tools
Gengångare 05:51 Tools
O Tysla Ens Im Het 04:56 Tools
Och Stamme Ovänner 06:16 Tools
Anyam edesanyam 07:17 Tools
Halesong 07:17 Tools
Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hósszú Utra Megyek 04:13 Tools
Imperial 04:13 Tools
Rise Again 04:13 Tools
Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hosszu Utra Megyek 04:13 Tools
1975 04:13 Tools
Away Like Water 04:13 Tools
The Triumph of the Machine 04:26 Tools
I Skogen 04:26 Tools
Ironclad 04:57 Tools
Mitt Hat 05:16 Tools
Hemlös 04:57 Tools
Against It All 05:08 Tools
I rörelse 04:56 Tools
Vapenvakt 04:56 Tools
A Jó Lovas Katonának 04:02 Tools
Parables for the Blind 04:56 Tools
Mitt Hat (Fritz Version) 04:59 Tools
Az Idegen Jövő 05:08 Tools
En gång när jag ska dö 04:28 Tools
A Vicei Temetőbe 05:35 Tools
Grafven utan namn 05:35 Tools
Untitled 04:56 Tools
Risen from Ruins 04:02 Tools
Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hosszú Útra Megyek 04:14 Tools
Vargarne tjuta 04:14 Tools
Ve mig! 05:46 Tools
O tysta ensamhet 04:56 Tools
Alas, for Woe! 04:56 Tools
Tomma ögon 04:56 Tools
Håll-lågan-klar! 05:46 Tools
Hatesong 07:18 Tools
Anya'm e'desanya'm 04:39 Tools
I See No More Then The Shadow Of Ghosts 04:19 Tools
Elmegyek, elmegyek, hosszu utr 04:56 Tools
Elmegyek, elmegyek, hosszu' utra megyek 04:14 Tools
Anyám Edesanyám 04:39 Tools
Tichbornes's Elegy 05:06 Tools
Hеll Lеgan Klar! 04:39 Tools
Jag ville 04:27 Tools
04. Och Slamme Ovanner 06:15 Tools
Stormfågel part 1 06:17 Tools
2 04:27 Tools
Stormf ägel - Halgass 06:17 Tools
Min Sеngmц 06:17 Tools
Kiskecelányom 06:17 Tools
A Vicei Temetцbe 05:35 Tools
4 06:17 Tools
Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hosszъ Utra Megyek 04:14 Tools
Anyбm Йdesanyбm 04:39 Tools
Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries 05:11 Tools
A Jу Lovбs Katonбnak 04:02 Tools
Fu faller Skymningen 03:56 Tools
Stormfågel part 2 03:56 Tools
I tysta rum 03:56 Tools
I See No More Than The Shadows Of Ghosts 03:56 Tools
Homage 06:21 Tools
I skärvor av ljus 06:21 Tools
I rцrelse 03:56 Tools
Intro - I skärvor av ljus 05:00 Tools
Tomma цgon 03:56 Tools
Az Idegen Joevoe 03:56 Tools
A vicei temeto"be 03:56 Tools
Håll-Lågan-Klar 05:47 Tools
Skoeldmoen 03:56 Tools
Anyįm Édesanyįm 03:56 Tools
Anyám, édesanyám 03:56 Tools
Holy night 03:56 Tools
Kis Kece Lбnyom 04:22 Tools
Várjmeg Vándor 06:21 Tools
A Vicei Temetφbe 06:21 Tools
The sportsman part 1 05:00 Tools
Jag är en idiot 02:31 Tools
Milrök II 05:00 Tools
Varj Med Vandor 03:56 Tools
Vбrj Meg Vбndor 06:21 Tools
The sportsman part 2 05:00 Tools
Långsam och trött 05:00 Tools
Håll Lågan Klar 05:46 Tools
The Dying Christian To His Soul. 05:46 Tools
Az Idegen Jövo 05:00 Tools
Skцldmцn 05:00 Tools
Az Idegen Jцvц 05:00 Tools
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Stormfågel spread its wings for the first time in the autumn of 2004 as a solo project by Andreas Neidhardt from Sweden;Stormfågel is and has always been about the love of nature, our history, the absence of God and the decline of mankind.This music can be categorized in Experimental/Folk/Industrial genres which has a very traditional aroma. Full story about Stormfågel can be founded by the below links: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.