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Oh Happy Day 03:54 Tools
Free 03:53 Tools
Walking in Memphis 08:51 Tools
Happiness 04:32 Tools
When the Saints Go Marching In 05:09 Tools
Higher and Higher 03:46 Tools
It's Me Oh Lord 03:44 Tools
Wade in the Water 03:58 Tools
Imagine 05:44 Tools
This Train 02:46 Tools
Didn't It Rain 03:25 Tools
The Time Is Now 04:37 Tools
When All God's Children Get Together 04:37 Tools
Cristmas Coca Cola Song 04:37 Tools
Medley 04:37 Tools
Traditional Medley 03:39 Tools
Ain't No Stopping Us Now 06:17 Tools
Sweeping Through The City 03:39 Tools
Have a Talk With God 03:35 Tools
On The Mountain 03:48 Tools
Who's Gonna Carry You 05:37 Tools
Prove Me Wrong 03:54 Tools
Watchtower 04:01 Tools
Go Down Moses 04:18 Tools
To Gather a Dream 04:27 Tools
Stand by Me 04:27 Tools
Miracle 03:38 Tools
He's God 03:45 Tools
O HappyDay 03:38 Tools
After the tears (I'm gonna make it) 03:45 Tools
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 03:45 Tools
Konckin´ On Heavens´s Door 07:05 Tools
Christmas Coca Cola Song 07:05 Tools
Born Again 07:05 Tools
O Happy Day 08:52 Tools
When the Saints Go Marching In (live) 07:05 Tools
Holding On 08:52 Tools
At the Cross 07:05 Tools
Higher And Higher (Live) 08:52 Tools
Joy (Live) 08:52 Tools
Precious Lord 08:52 Tools
Its Me Oh Lord (live) 03:21 Tools
Faith 00:00 Tools
Gospel Ship 00:00 Tools
Overture 02:56 Tools
after the tears 00:00 Tools
Blessed assurance 00:00 Tools
Amazing Grace 02:56 Tools
I Love to Praise Him 03:06 Tools
Give a little love 03:06 Tools
Oh Happy Day (live) 05:11 Tools
Spiritual 02:21 Tools
Free (live) 02:21 Tools
How i got over 00:00 Tools
I'll Fly away 00:00 Tools
Walking in Memphis (live) 02:21 Tools
Trouble in my way 00:00 Tools
This Train (live) 04:56 Tools
Soon I Will Be Done 00:00 Tools
Ordinary People 05:12 Tools
This Little Light of Mine 00:00 Tools
With Joy We Draw Water 00:00 Tools
Traditional Medley (live) 05:12 Tools
Nobody But You, Lord 03:31 Tools
Move on up 03:31 Tools
When All God's Children Get Together (live) 03:31 Tools
10 - Oh Happy Day 03:31 Tools
Go Where I Send Thee 03:31 Tools
The Time Is Now (live) 03:31 Tools
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (live) 03:31 Tools
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now 03:31 Tools
Ain't no stopp'n us now 03:31 Tools
Lift The Savior Up 03:31 Tools
Spiritual walfare 03:22 Tools
Jesus, We're Depending on You 03:31 Tools
O' Lamb of God 03:31 Tools
He May Not Come When You Want Him 03:31 Tools
Changed 03:31 Tools
So It Goes 03:31 Tools
Elijah Rock 03:31 Tools
Happiness (live) 03:22 Tools
Put your trust in Jesus 03:31 Tools
Standing In The Need Of Prayer 03:31 Tools
I've Got Jesus, And That's Enough 03:31 Tools
Peace in the valley 03:31 Tools
When All Gods Children Get Together 03:31 Tools
04 - Sweeping Through The City 03:31 Tools
Angels Watching Over Me 03:22 Tools
Bye & Bye 03:22 Tools
Bridge over Troubled Water / Still Waters Run Deep 06:31 Tools
Kumbahja 03:22 Tools
Hollyday's Are Comin' 03:22 Tools
Bridge Over Troubled Waters/Still Water Runs Deep 06:22 Tools
Lord, Lift Us Up 06:22 Tools
I'm Going On 06:22 Tools
Joy 06:22 Tools
11 - Happiness 06:22 Tools
05 - When All God's Children Get Together 06:22 Tools
When all God's children 06:22 Tools
Sweeping Trough the City (live) 06:22 Tools
Express Yourself 06:22 Tools
07 - Ain't No Stopping us Now 06:22 Tools
Jesus. we're depending on you 06:22 Tools
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 06:22 Tools
09 - The Time is Now 06:22 Tools
Thank You For The Change 06:22 Tools
12 - Imagine 06:22 Tools
02 - It's Me Oh Lord 06:22 Tools
Spiritual Medley 06:22 Tools
06 - Free 06:22 Tools
he´s god 06:22 Tools
Bye and bye 06:22 Tools
15 - Higher and Higher 06:22 Tools
01 - This Train 06:22 Tools
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A good message, songs sung together, lifting, spiritual and explosive: when voices start to fly and hearts open – that’s gospel. It is expressed most completely when compared worldwide at concerts of the famous and original Harlem Gospel Singers. The majestic, flowing, colourful, silk robes, the powerful choir, carefully selected wonderful solo voices, first-rate musicians on organ, piano, drums, bass and saxophone: the pulsing New York quarter of Harlem – home to more than 400 religious communities and above all cradle of the rich, Afro-American culture – was the inspiration at the beginning of the 90s for establishing the Harlem Gospel Singers. Their typical, contemporary, modern, unmistakable sound is also the result of virtuoso musical excursions into the areas of blues and jazz. With no fear of “worldly influences”, choreographed perfectly towards a strong, dynamic, quick-paced firework of rhythm and passion, the Harlem Gospel Singers have been enthusiastically celebrated at concerts in Madrid, Paris and London, in Milan, Vienna and Berlin. Alone audiences of 300 000 saw the group play during a concert for the pope in Bologna. Including the metropolitan cities of Europe, the group has won the hearts of way over two million people and has triggered a real Gospel comeback – with a wave of more or less able musicians following the barrel. But even greater than their technical perfection, the miracle of this unique, emotional show is seen in the powerful display of beauty and clarity, faith, hope and all-embracing love, which is conveyed to the audience: “At the beginning, they just look at you. Then they start to move their legs and clap their hands. Then they’re up on their feet. And during the show they rush up to the stage as if they’re at a rock concert,” is how Queen Esther Marrow, superstar of the Gospel scene and founder of the Harlem Gospel Singers describes the happenings at concerts. Infectiously enthusiastic, radiating, happy faces, a heavenly musical celebration: a concert by the Harlem Gospel Singers is a rousing, intensive expression of energy-giving love – and this is what remains even once this unique musical happening has come to an end. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.