Taragana Pyjarama

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Ocean 05:25 Tools
Girls 04:59 Tools
Sundanese Blonde 05:37 Tools
Ariel 05:37 Tools
Girls (Ricardo Tobar remix) 06:51 Tools
Ocean (Teengirl Fantasy remix) 06:06 Tools
With Me 04:36 Tools
Rar 07:05 Tools
Lo Ng 05:52 Tools
Ballibat 07:08 Tools
Touching 10:03 Tools
Pur 1 05:24 Tools
Beam (feat. Kicki) 04:45 Tools
All Those Weird Things 06:40 Tools
Just Remember This 01:21 Tools
Pinned (Part 1) 03:33 Tools
Tipped Bowls 04:01 Tools
Lore (Merged) 05:20 Tools
Growing Forehead (Sasha Involv3r Remix) 13:21 Tools
Terror Paradise 02:15 Tools
Pinned (Part 2) 05:13 Tools
Growing Forehead (With Kicki Halmos) 04:38 Tools
Four Legged (With Chllngr) 04:51 Tools
Givers 04:51 Tools
Ber 04:51 Tools
Growing Forehead (Sasha Beatless Mix) 04:03 Tools
Buchla 04:03 Tools
Together 04:03 Tools
Growing Forehead feat. Kicki Halmos 00:00 Tools
Growing Forehead 04:38 Tools
Lo Ng (Original Helter Mix) 08:15 Tools
Four Legged feat. CHLLNGR 01:29 Tools
Ber (Round Remix) 01:29 Tools
Together (Kenton Slash Demon Remix) 06:56 Tools
Growing Forehead (feat. Kicki Halmos) 03:20 Tools
Four Legged 04:50 Tools
Ocean (Paxton Fettel's Coastal Sunset Remix) 06:56 Tools
Givers (Sau Poler Remix) 06:56 Tools
Ballibat (Lauer Mix) 07:08 Tools
Lo Ng (Original Mix) 05:52 Tools
Ariel (Olde Gods Remix) 05:52 Tools
Four Legged (feat. CHLLNGR) 04:50 Tools
Buchla (feat. Lontalius) 04:50 Tools
Lo Ng (Live) 07:30 Tools
Ber (IVVVO Remix) 04:20 Tools
Sundanese Blonde (Kilimanjaro remix) 04:20 Tools
Growing Forehead (feat. Kicki Halmos) (Sasha Involv3r Remix) 07:36 Tools
Sudanese Blonde 04:20 Tools
Taragana_Pyjarama-Girls 07:36 Tools
Sudanese Blonde (FCAN Remix) 08:20 Tools
02 Growing Forehead (feat. Kicki Halmos) 04:38 Tools
Ballibat (Wesley Matsell Mix) 06:30 Tools
Ocean (Beachland Edit) 02:57 Tools
Growing Forehead (feat. Kicki Halmos) (Sasha Beatless Remix) 03:45 Tools
Ballibat - Lauer Mix 03:33 Tools
Taragana Pyjarama - Girls 06:35 Tools
Growing Forehead feat. Kicki Halmos (Sasha Involv3r Remix) 06:35 Tools
Ballibat (Wesley Matsell Dub Mix) 03:29 Tools
Pinned, Pt. 1 03:33 Tools
Girls (Original) 03:33 Tools
Pinned, Pt. 2 01:30 Tools
Lo Ng - Original Helter Mix 03:57 Tools
Rgegege 04:26 Tools
01 Taragana Pyjarama-Four Legged_Kompakt CD 101 04:50 Tools
02 Taragana Pyjarama-Growing Forehead_Kompakt CD 101 04:38 Tools
Ballibat - Wesley Matsell Mix 03:57 Tools
03 Taragana Pyjarama-Lo Ng_Kompakt CD 101 05:52 Tools
Beam 04:46 Tools
Rar [NEOTRANCE vk.com/neo_trance] 00:00 Tools
Lo Ng - Live 07:08 Tools
08 Taragana Pyjarama-Ballibat_Kompakt CD 101 07:08 Tools
Ballibat - Wesley Matsell Dub Mix 00:30 Tools
Ocean (Paxton Fettel Coastal Sunset Remix) 06:56 Tools
OCEAN Teengirl Fantasy remix 06:56 Tools
07 Taragana Pyjarama-Tipped Bowls_Kompakt CD 101 03:57 Tools
Pinned (Pt. I) 03:33 Tools
Lo Ng (official video) 00:30 Tools
09 Taragana Pyjarama-Pinned (Part 2)_Kompakt CD 101 05:12 Tools
04 Taragana Pyjarama-All Those Weird Things_Kompakt CD 101 06:40 Tools
10 Taragana Pyjarama-Terror Paradise_Kompakt CD 101 02:14 Tools
05 Taragana Pyjarama-Just Remember This_Kompakt CD 101 01:21 Tools
Slow Me by Eim Ick 00:30 Tools
Ocean | HD 00:30 Tools
06 Taragana Pyjarama-Pinned (Part 1)_Kompakt CD 101 03:33 Tools
Pinned (Pt. II) 05:12 Tools
Beam ft. Kicki Halmos 00:00 Tools
2. RAR mastered 07:04 Tools
Growing Forehead (feat. Kicki Halms) (Sasha Beatless Mix) 04:03 Tools
Growing Forehead (Sasha Beatless Remix) 03:45 Tools
Sundanese Blonde (original mix) 05:37 Tools
Live at Bakken 02:13 Tools
Nothing Hype 02:13 Tools
Tsugi Podcast 203 : Taragana Pyjarama 03:45 Tools
Taragana Pyjarama - Sundanese Blonde 03:45 Tools
Growing Forehead feat. Kicki Halmos (Sasha Beatless Mix) 03:46 Tools
Beam (feat. Kicki Halmos) 03:46 Tools
Growing Forehead Feat. Kicki Halmos (Sasha Beatless Remix) 03:46 Tools
Taragana Pyjarama december mix 03:46 Tools
Growing Forehead (ft. Kicki Halmos) 04:38 Tools
Ocean (original mix) 04:38 Tools
Ballibat (Here Today Sessions) 04:38 Tools
Growing Forehead (feat. Kicki Halmos) (Sasha Beatless Mix) 04:38 Tools
Buchla feat. Lontalius 04:03 Tools
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We really don‘t know what they put into Danish water, but something‘s gotta be responsible for all that freeform talent pouring out of that country. Think of WhoMadeWho, Jatoma, When Saints Go Machine or Kenton Slash Demon, all sharing a keen sense for structural complexity made accessible through emotion and pure boldness. These guys freed their minds a while ago, so the asses seemingly followed suit and now constantly demand to be shaken. With two of those acts already signed to Kompakt and the other two being staff favorites since their first acoustic blurps, it was just a question of time until we would discover another totally unique producer from Denmark. Enters Taragana Pyjarama, a project whose music is as refined as it is chaotic, described by some as a fairytale with a bassline. Young Nick Eriksen wasn‘t exactly what you would call a Wunderkind, recalling his past as the slightly matured producer he is today: „I played in some bands, but everyone was way better than me at string instruments, so I started playing drums instead. Two years in I became really bored... my teacher wanted us to learn notes and stuff. I hated it and started just slacking...“ - only to immediatly start producing his own music after finishing school, he should also add. Nick went on to tour Europe, remixed the likes of Delphic, Delorean or Miami Horror and graced John Talabot‘s vibrant Hivern label. His breakthrough debut EP as Taragana Pyjarama was released in 2011 on the esteemed Fools House imprint. That‘s also where Michael Mayer (among others like James Holden, Trentemøller or Brodinski) found and charted „Ocean“, the radiant third track from the EP almost made to measure for the tastes of Kompakt‘s labelhead. Insider media like Pitchfork, Tsugi Mag,or Gaffa quickly got wind of the unfolding hype and called the upcoming hippetronics icon„one to watch“: „If Taragana Pyjarama‘s EP is any indication of things to come, you can count us as ,highly anticipating‘ what comes next!“ – XLR8R Which takes us to the present, where Kompakt prepares to release „Tipped Bowls“, Taragana Pyjarama‘s highly anticipated debut album, a record that never backs off from a tangly path through the deep Scandinavian woods, which coincidentally seem to be in quite a tropical mood. Just take a listen and you‘ll be immersed in a richly vegetated environment caught in permanent evolution. You‘ll find virtual wolfes howling joyously at a brightly colored moon and many a track begging to be played backwards for a beamy message of love. With a bit of patience, you can even hear the riddims of a lost city‘s marching band drumming away: it‘s probably made up by a bunch of freaky sylvan ghosts... and you know how much those like to dance. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.