The Notations

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
What More Can I Say 00:00 Tools
A New Day 03:10 Tools
I'm Still Here 03:58 Tools
Superpeople 03:47 Tools
Super People 03:48 Tools
I Can't Stop 02:46 Tools
Lonely People 02:38 Tools
It Only Hurts For A Little While 03:11 Tools
At The Crossroads 03:06 Tools
Trying My Best To Find Her 02:46 Tools
I Don't Want To Be Late 03:45 Tools
Just You and Me 02:56 Tools
Now I Know How It Feels 02:46 Tools
That Girl 02:28 Tools
Think before you stop 02:48 Tools
I've Been Trying 02:53 Tools
This Time I'm For Real 02:57 Tools
Take It Slow 04:07 Tools
Leading lady 02:57 Tools
Don't Wanna Be Late 02:57 Tools
Gonna Get Ready 02:57 Tools
Young Girl 03:40 Tools
Make Me Twice The Man 03:40 Tools
I Don't Wanna Be Late 01:55 Tools
I'M LOSING 03:01 Tools
There I Go 03:31 Tools
Since You've Been Gone 03:24 Tools
What More Can I Say (Cyclical Version) 01:55 Tools
you should know 01:55 Tools
Make Believin' 00:44 Tools
Need Your Love 02:56 Tools
The Chopper 02:47 Tools
Everything's All Right 02:51 Tools
Everyting's Alright 02:54 Tools
It's Alright (This Feeling) 02:53 Tools
It's Alright (This Feeling) - Original 02:55 Tools
It's All Right 02:58 Tools
Make Me Twice The Man - Original 02:58 Tools
It's All Right [This Feeling] 02:57 Tools
Superpeople / Notations 03:46 Tools
Make Believin 02:56 Tools
The Notations - Superpeople 02:56 Tools
Superpeople - Original 03:47 Tools
I'm For Real 03:54 Tools
I'm Losing - Original 03:00 Tools
Superpeople [ 1975 ] 03:00 Tools
Daddy's Home 03:00 Tools
Promise 02:57 Tools
I'm Loosing 03:01 Tools
Be Thankful 03:01 Tools
It Only Hurts For A Little Time 03:54 Tools
There I Go - Original 04:10 Tools
Take It Slow - Original 04:10 Tools
Everything's Alright 03:59 Tools
Theme of Laura (TGS 2000 b-side) 04:10 Tools
Since You've Been Gone - Original 03:21 Tools
I'm Still Here [Midday Music] 03:59 Tools
Superpeople - 03:59 Tools
It Only Hurts For A Little While - Original 03:59 Tools
Superpeople ['Player's Ball'] 03:51 Tools
Make Believin' - Original 02:59 Tools
I'm so Proud 02:59 Tools
It's All Right [This Feeling] [Album Version] 02:58 Tools
What a night for love 02:58 Tools
Bills Breakup Homes - Original 03:21 Tools
Just Your Love 03:01 Tools
I'm Still Here (1971 single) 03:21 Tools
Super People (Bonus Track) 03:37 Tools
It's Alright 02:53 Tools
Take It Slow [Album Version] 04:11 Tools
do you have the time 02:53 Tools
Make Me Twice The Man [Album Version] 03:37 Tools
Bill breakup homes 03:37 Tools
Straussmania 04:11 Tools
I'm Losing [Album Version] 03:01 Tools
Since You've Been Gone [Album Version] 03:22 Tools
What More Can I Say (Cyclical Version) (Al Ex88) 03:22 Tools
You're Hurting Me, Baby 03:22 Tools
It Only Hurts For A Little While [Album Version] 03:54 Tools
Louie Louie 03:54 Tools
Bills Break Up Homes [Album Version] 03:22 Tools
I Need Your Love 04:53 Tools
Make Believin' [Album Version] 03:00 Tools
There I Go [Album Version] 03:31 Tools
Everything's Alright (Beverly 1555) Amarillo, Tx. 1968 03:31 Tools
Think Before You Stop [Album Version] 03:14 Tools
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The Notations comprised of: Clifford Curry, LaSalle Matthews, Bobby Thomas and Jimmy Stroud. The Notations were an R & B vocal group from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. The original group members were Clifford Curry, LaSalle Matthews, Bobby Thomas and Jimmy Stroud (replaced by Walter Jones in 1973). The Notations featured an optimistic upbeat sound and made an impact during the 70's. The group was formed in the late 60's and recorded unsuccessfully for a few local labels before achieving a hit nationally on the Twinight label with 'I'm Still Here' (number 26 R & B). They were signed by Curtom Records in 1975 to the company's Gemigo subsidiary and had hits with 'It Only Hurts For A Little While' (number 27 R & B) and 'It's Alright (This Feeling)' (number 42 R & B). The Notations left Curtom in 1977, and three of the members (Curry, Matthews and Thomas) made one more single, 'Judy Blue Eyes', for Mercury, before breaking up in 1978. In the U.K. the group will be best remembered for the single 'Super People' on Gemigo Records. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.