The Bandgeek Mafia

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Consequences 03:32 Tools
My So Called Deepest Fall 03:09 Tools
With Me Tonight 03:37 Tools
Just Friends 04:12 Tools
Facelift 03:56 Tools
Blockhead Show 04:06 Tools
It's Still Bleeding 03:36 Tools
Introduction 01:46 Tools
Just Friends (Acoustic) 03:27 Tools
The Anthem 04:17 Tools
Chica Go! 03:34 Tools
Take It All Away 02:49 Tools
Revealing The Unseen 03:32 Tools
Your Kingdom? My Home! 04:15 Tools
No Disguise 03:28 Tools
About Beasts and Lovers 03:42 Tools
Time's Ripe 03:43 Tools
Wannabe 02:19 Tools
A Great Reminder 03:54 Tools
Breakdown 03:35 Tools
Addicted 03:43 Tools
Ease The Pain (By Facing It) 04:07 Tools
About Beasts & Lovers 03:42 Tools
Just Friends - Acoustic 03:28 Tools
Insanity 04:48 Tools
Flyweights 03:26 Tools
THE BANDGEEK MAFIA / Consequences 03:42 Tools
Waste Away 04:26 Tools
Freefall 03:11 Tools
Back on Track 03:31 Tools
Poetry In Flames 02:24 Tools
Ease The Pain 04:07 Tools
Your Kingdom? My Home! (Acoustic) 03:33 Tools
Fragile Moments 03:38 Tools
Ease The Pain - By Facing It 04:08 Tools
It's Still Bleeding - Live 04:02 Tools
Time's Ripe - Live 03:54 Tools
Introduction (Album Version) 01:46 Tools
Breakdown - Live 03:36 Tools
A Great Reminder (feat. Ariane) 03:54 Tools
Cheer Up Emo Kid 03:54 Tools
Just Friends - Acoustic Version 03:53 Tools
Time s Ripe 03:43 Tools
Chica-go 03:54 Tools
THE BANDGEEK MAFIA / With Me Tonight 03:43 Tools
It's Still Bleeding (Live) 04:02 Tools
Chicago 03:34 Tools
Time´s ripe 03:43 Tools
01chicago 03:43 Tools
Free Fall 03:43 Tools
Chica-go! 03:43 Tools
Your kingdom my Home 04:15 Tools
Time's Ripe (Live) 03:53 Tools
My so-called Deepest Fall 03:53 Tools
THE BANDGEEK MAFIA / Just Friends 03:53 Tools
The Bandgeek Mafia - Just Friends (Acoustic) 03:53 Tools
Your Kingdom, My Home 03:53 Tools
THE BANDGEEK MAFIA - My So Called Deepest Fall 03:53 Tools
The Bandgeek Mafia - Just Friends 03:53 Tools
THE BANDGEEK MAFIA / Facelift 03:53 Tools
Breakdown (Live) 03:36 Tools
I'm Better Than You 03:36 Tools
The Bandgeek Mafia / Revealing The Unseen 03:53 Tools
The Bandgeek Mafia / A Great Reminder 03:53 Tools
Your Kingdom? My Home! (Acoustic Version) 03:53 Tools
Chica Go 03:36 Tools
About Beasts And Lovers [Explicit] 03:36 Tools
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The Bandgeek Mafia is a young rising Skacoreband from Trier, Germany. With their mixture between Ska, Emo, Punk and Hardcore these Guys know how to rock the crowd. After the release of their EP in 2004, they are going to release their first album In spring 2007. “You have to have the ability to cry and laugh at the same moment – only then you are able to understand our music.“ Sticking to this motto, the band called THE BANDGEEK MAFIA declared war to the narrow-minded reality of musical philosophy. To give Ska music a completely new and extraordinary interesting shape, however unusual it may be on the first glimpse. They cleverly combine sticking melodies, powerful riffs, excellent brass and aggressive shouts and can in that way uplift themselves from a lot of bands coming from that genre. Though mixing ska music with emo elements seems to be capital sin for some guys, THE BANDGEEK MAFIA proves strikingly that such a fusion arrests one’s attention and intoxicates. The Selftitled EP (Released 2005 DIY) being promoted as a free download in the web attracted 15.000 users to get a copy. „The Bandgeek Mafia“ already played over 150 concerts in the last 4 years across Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium & Switzerland and supported Bands like MAD CADDIES, LESS THAN JAKE, MXPX, SLIGHTLY STOOPID, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, PEPPER, THE MOVEMENT, RANTANPLAN, THE DRAFT, FU MANCHU, WATERDOWN, ITCHY POOPZKID and many more! They were on tour till August 2006 when they recorded the first full length album, including 12 new songs at the Farida Studios near Bremen(GER) with Producer Uli Wortmann. The Debut Album “PAINT YOUR TARGET” was released in April and June 2007 on LONG BEACH RECORDS EUROPE/808 RECORDS – LEECH REDDA MUSIC SWITZERLAND & ASHCAN RECORDS LUXEMBOURG/FRANCE! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.