The Detroit Escalator Co.

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Force 08:55 Tools
Folding Space 03:15 Tools
Abstract Forward Motion (As a Mission) 03:41 Tools
The Inverted Man (Dreaming) 02:50 Tools
Gratiot 04:17 Tools
Gathering Light 04:16 Tools
Manual Transmission 04:09 Tools
Ghana 03:04 Tools
Shifting Gears 08:03 Tools
City Lights 03:59 Tools
Freeway 02:38 Tools
Float 03:55 Tools
Point Of Entry 05:12 Tools
The Inverted Man (Falling) 03:48 Tools
Terminal (dtw) 02:29 Tools
Duat 01:33 Tools
Sil Lum Tao 05:37 Tools
Scram 03:50 Tools
Sistrum 00:57 Tools
Prana 04:20 Tools
gari 01:01 Tools
Fate (As a Chasm) 05:40 Tools
Climb 05:24 Tools
Mandala/Toronto 05:49 Tools
No2 02:38 Tools
Gathering Memory 05:47 Tools
Fractal (In) 02:38 Tools
Mandela/Toronto 05:50 Tools
Faith (As Rain) 04:25 Tools
The Inverted Man falling 03:48 Tools
The Inverted Man 03:47 Tools
Psalm 07:22 Tools
ORANGE 05:31 Tools
Tai Chi And Traffic Lights 04:47 Tools
Twilight Finding 05:00 Tools
Fractual (in) 02:38 Tools
Theta 04:47 Tools
Stitch 03:12 Tools
Plumb 06:24 Tools
Crystalized 04:45 Tools
NO² 03:40 Tools
Triangle 00:00 Tools
Flail 04:19 Tools
Twilight Finding (reprise) 03:55 Tools
No 2 03:35 Tools
Tai Chi & Traffic Lights 04:47 Tools
Tai Chi And Traffic Light 04:47 Tools
03:38 Tools
Nebulae 00:00 Tools
Prism 03:38 Tools
delta 03:38 Tools
No. 2 03:38 Tools
Abstract Forward Motion (Soundprank Nostalgic Bootleg Edit) 03:38 Tools
Terminal 03:38 Tools
Mandala-Toronto 00:00 Tools
Ä 03:38 Tools
Alpha 03:38 Tools
Nebulae (extra track) 03:38 Tools
No” 03:40 Tools
NOІ 03:40 Tools
Fractal 03:40 Tools
Plumb (Extra Track) 03:40 Tools
Fate (As A Charm) 03:40 Tools
twlight finding 03:40 Tools
Gathering Memories 03:40 Tools
The Detroit Escalator Co. - Stitch 03:40 Tools
Inverted Man (Dreaming) 03:40 Tools
mandala - toronto 03:40 Tools
Mandalatoronto 03:40 Tools
Folding Space (Feat. Neil Ollivierra) 03:40 Tools
Δ 03:40 Tools
? 03:40 Tools
01 - Gratiot 04:17 Tools
05 - Tai Chi And Traffic Lights 03:40 Tools
Abstract Forward Motion [As A 03:40 Tools
NO.2 03:40 Tools
Mandela/Toronto (feat. Neil Ollivierra) 03:40 Tools
Faith 03:40 Tools
06 - Freeway 03:40 Tools
04 - the inverted man (falling) 03:40 Tools
06 - Gathering Memory 01:32 Tools
Gratriot 04:17 Tools
01 - Folding Space 01:32 Tools
- Duat -- Black Buildings / EP (2000) -- 01:32 Tools
14 - Prana 01:32 Tools
03 - manual transmission 01:32 Tools
08 - Gathering Light 01:32 Tools
Gathering Light (extra vocals remix) 01:32 Tools
03 - Force 01:32 Tools
17 - gari 01:32 Tools
07 - City Lights 01:32 Tools
10 - the inverted man (dreaming) 01:32 Tools
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Neil Ollivierra is the Detroit Escalator Co., whose cosmic down-tempo landscapes paint detailed audio pictures of his native Detroit. From his role in the first wave in Detroit and taking part in Transmat, Derrick May's label, Ollivierra saw techno evolve from its earliest stages. Ollivierra's novel -Reality Slap focused on his early days in the scene and adventures as a young socialite and part of Transmat. Though demand for the book was high, it was never legally published, as Ollivierra never sought to make money off his efforts. (The only way to get a copy of the thick book was through a photocopy of the original or through a website that Ollivierra maintained and has since taken down.) In 1996 he released Soundtrack (313) on Ferox, an album that captures the essence of Detroit through sound bites that Ollivierra collected by riding his bike around the city. The album captured in sound what Ollivierra wrote about in -Reality Slap: His exploration of Detroit as a melodic, powerful, and vulnerable city. Despite the praise of his first album, it wasn't until three years later that Ollivierra resurfaced with the track "Plumb" on the Transmat compilation Time:Space. In 2000, Ollivierra left his position at Transmat to focus on his music and painting. His sophomore album, Black Buildings, was issued the same year on Peacefrog records. The album, originally planned for a fall 2000 release, was pushed back further due to glitches in the cover artwork, also done by Ollivierra. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.