The Giant Leap

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Somebody Else 02:52 Tools
All In My Head 03:59 Tools
Beautiful Goodbye 03:11 Tools
Remember 02:39 Tools
Like The First Time 03:37 Tools
Story of My Life 04:28 Tools
Best Time of Your Life 04:20 Tools
War Of Love 03:44 Tools
Unbreakable 03:52 Tools
Another Day Rising 04:08 Tools
All the Reasons 04:13 Tools
Messing With My Mind 03:18 Tools
Live My Life 03:15 Tools
Something You Need 03:14 Tools
One Shot 03:44 Tools
Open All Night 04:05 Tools
Save Me 04:21 Tools
Something To Believe 03:24 Tools
Alive 04:11 Tools
Heaven Ain't Here 02:55 Tools
I Don’t Wanna Drive Alone 03:40 Tools
I can't wait for tomorrow 04:43 Tools
I Don't Wanna Drive Alone 03:41 Tools
I Can’t Wait For Tomorrow 04:42 Tools
Take Me Home 03:11 Tools
Heaven Ain’t Here 02:54 Tools
The Best Time of Your Life 04:27 Tools
Hidden Track 03:11 Tools
[Untitled] 03:11 Tools
The Way You Dream 03:11 Tools
The Best Time Of Our Lives 04:25 Tools
My culture 04:25 Tools
Racing Away 05:53 Tools
The Giant Leap - Beautiful Goodbye 05:53 Tools
Beatiful Goodbye 03:10 Tools
The Giant Leap - All In My Head 03:10 Tools
The Giant Leap - I Dont Wanna Drive Alone 03:10 Tools
The Giant Leap - The Best Time Of Your Life 03:10 Tools
Heaven ain't there 03:10 Tools
Raita 12 03:10 Tools
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The Giant Leap is a melodic rock band that was established in the summer of 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. Vocalist and songwriter Sebastian Rejman was the bands founding member alongside with piano player/songwriter Petri Somer and drummer/producer Sami Lehto. Sebastian and Pete had been writing songs for a couple of years together and playing every gig they got their hands on. Sami had been doing all kinds of different projects as a producer and a drummer. In July of 2005 Sebu and Pete invited Sami to come and check out an aqoustic gig in Helsinki, Kaivohuone. After a lot of songs,shots of vodka and none rehearsed choruses, Sami was asked to join the band. The guys started to write songs and make demos. When everything started to look finished, the guys went to visit a couple of record companies. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.