The Prom Kings

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Blow 05:27 Tools
Alone 03:35 Tools
Bleeding 04:15 Tools
Better Man 03:42 Tools
Angels 03:49 Tools
Down 03:36 Tools
Birthday 03:54 Tools
Fade 05:14 Tools
Lines 03:26 Tools
The One 03:52 Tools
Birthday radio mp3 03:42 Tools
It's All Wrong 04:16 Tools
Unwind 02:21 Tools
Black Gold 04:19 Tools
Jagged 02:48 Tools
Alone_01_Master 03:41 Tools
Blow (As Used in the Film the Island) 04:19 Tools
Poker Face (as made famous by Lady Gaga) 04:19 Tools
Paper Planes ( as made famous by M.I.A.) 04:19 Tools
Bitches Get Down 04:19 Tools
Pocketful Of Sunshine (as made famous by Natasha Bedingfield) 04:19 Tools
The Girls (as made famous by Calvin Harris) 04:19 Tools
Dare (as made famous by Gorillaz) 04:19 Tools
Just Dance (as made famous by Lady Gaga) 04:19 Tools
Birthday radio 04:19 Tools
Day And Night (as made famous by as made famous by Kid Cudi) 04:19 Tools
Love Story (as made famous by Taylor Swift) 04:19 Tools
The Prom Kings - Unwind 04:19 Tools
The Prom Kings - Jagged 02:46 Tools
Beautiful Girls (as made famous by Sean Kingston) 02:46 Tools
You Found Me (as made famous by The Fray) 02:46 Tools
Shoot The Runner (as made famous by Kasabian) 02:46 Tools
Birthday (Radio Edit) 02:46 Tools
One Step At A Time (as made famous by as made famous by Jordin Sparks) 02:46 Tools
Don't Upset The Rhythm (as made famous by Noisettes) 02:46 Tools
Alone_02_Clean 02:46 Tools
Waking up in Vegas (as made famous by Katy Perry) 02:46 Tools
Jai Ho! (as made famous by A. R. Rahman & Pussycat Dolls) 02:46 Tools
The Fear (as made famous by Lily Allen) 02:46 Tools
THE PROM KINGS-Unwind 02:46 Tools
You Have Killed Me (as made famous by Morrissey) 02:46 Tools
Boom Boom Pow (as made famous by Black Eyed Peas) 02:46 Tools
I Kissed A Girl (y as made famous by Kate Perry) 02:46 Tools
THE PROM KINGS-Its All Wrong 02:46 Tools
You Belong With Me ( as made famous by Taylor Swift) 02:46 Tools
The Prom Kings - Its All Wrong 02:46 Tools
Lovebug ( as made famous by Jonas Brothers) 02:46 Tools
Blow (Performed By The Prom Kings) 05:24 Tools
Alone (Amended Version) 02:46 Tools
Good Days Bad Days (as made famous by Kaiser Chiefs) 05:24 Tools
Blow (The Prom Kings) 05:23 Tools
One 03:51 Tools
"Blow" 05:16 Tools
Disturbia (as made famous by Rihanna) 05:16 Tools
If I Were A Boy (as made famous by Beyonce) 05:16 Tools
Gives You Hell (as made famous by The All American Rejects) 05:16 Tools
Line 05:16 Tools
Alone Master 05:16 Tools
Master 05:16 Tools
Right Round (as made famous by Flo Rida) 05:16 Tools
7 Things ( as made famous by Miley Cyrus) 05:16 Tools
Blow (OST The Island ) 05:16 Tools
Alone_01_Master The Prom Kings 05:16 Tools
Down (feat. The Game) 05:16 Tools
The Island Awaits You 05:16 Tools
Ulysses (as made famous by Franz Ferdinand) 05:16 Tools
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The Prom Kings are a rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Their first single, "Alone," started getting played on American rock radio stations in January 2005. Their self-titled debut album was released in August 2005. Their song "Blow" was featured in the movie The Island. The band consists of Fredrik Ramberg (guitar), Renato Lopez (guitar), Josh Heffernan (drums), Mauricio Jacome (bass), and Chris Carney (vocals). They have been signed to independent record label Three Kings DBC. Their lead singer, Chris Carney, was also featured on the show twentyfourseven on MTV. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.