The World We Knew

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To The Wolves 00:00 Tools
Hellbound 00:00 Tools
Set Your Sights 00:00 Tools
King of the Ring 00:00 Tools
The Write Off 00:00 Tools
Newsflash 00:00 Tools
Deathroll 00:00 Tools
Living A Lie 00:00 Tools
Ride the Nighthawk 00:00 Tools
Barbarian 00:00 Tools
Vanquish 00:00 Tools
Death Dealer 00:00 Tools
Man Made Monster 00:00 Tools
Animation 00:00 Tools
The Endless 00:00 Tools
Grand Destroyer 00:00 Tools
Saving Hyrule 00:00 Tools
Homewrecker 00:00 Tools
Badge Of Honor 00:00 Tools
Behind The Scene(s) 00:00 Tools
Formulation 00:00 Tools
Extermination 00:00 Tools
Against All Odds 00:00 Tools
Anthropophagus 00:00 Tools
Ground Zero 00:00 Tools
Unforgettable 00:00 Tools
Secrets Don't Make Friends 00:00 Tools
Sacrifice 00:00 Tools
White Night 00:00 Tools
Annihilation 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (ft. Alex Erian) 00:00 Tools
Backlash 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero 00:00 Tools
Judgment Day (ft. Gary Michel) 00:00 Tools
Lonely Hearts Killer 00:00 Tools
Judgment Day 00:00 Tools
Passion 00:00 Tools
Lovers are Lunatics 00:00 Tools
Apocalypse (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Sleepwalker (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Apocalypse 00:00 Tools
Sleepwalker 00:00 Tools
The Execution 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (Hopeless Hero (ft.Alex Erian) (New!) 00:00 Tools
Ghosts and Gods 00:00 Tools
Living Legend (MMXII) 00:00 Tools
01_the_world_we_knew_animation 00:00 Tools
Death Dealer (Curl Up Remix) 00:00 Tools
Judgement Day 00:00 Tools
Grand Destroyer (New!) 00:00 Tools
02_the_world_we_knew_man_made_monster 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (ft. Alex Erian Of Despised Icon) 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (feat. Alex Erian of Despised Icon) 00:00 Tools
03_the_world_we_knew_badge_of_honor 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (ft.Alex Erian Of Despised Icon) 00:00 Tools
05_the_world_we_knew_formulation 00:00 Tools
08_the_world_we_knew_white_night 00:00 Tools
Judgment Day (feat. Gary Michel) 00:00 Tools
Badge Of Courage 00:00 Tools
09_the_world_we_knew_saving_hyrule 00:00 Tools
04_the_world_we_knew_behind_the_scene(s) 00:00 Tools
07_the_world_we_knew_anthropophagus 00:00 Tools
06_the_world_we_knew_homewrecker 00:00 Tools
10_the_world_we_knew_unforgettable 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (feat. Alex Erian) 00:00 Tools
Ghosts & Gods 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (feat. Alex Erian from Despised Icon) 00:00 Tools
My Second-Rate Mistress 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero (Ft. Alex Erian @ Despised Icon) 00:00 Tools
11_the_world_we_knew_annihilation 00:00 Tools
Behind The Scene 00:00 Tools
Judgment Day (feat. Gary Michel of From the Pawn) 00:00 Tools
My Second Rate Mistress 00:00 Tools
Kings & Queens 00:00 Tools
Hopeless Hero [ft. Alex Erian Of Despised Icon 2011] 00:00 Tools
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Hailing from Long Island, NY The World We Knew has been making raw and relentless metal with a hardcore aggression for the past six years. With their upcoming full-length “Death Dealer” (and first for new label The BlkHeart Group) the band have solidified their sound with elements of classic metal solos and even some rock style riffage within and occasional melodies. Vocalist Frank says “This is the first album that ALL members contributing to the writing and it is definitely our calling card. The songs are more well thought out and we wanted to make sure listeners walked away humming the riffs or choruses. Melody has always been an important part of TWWK.” Rounded out by Tim (guitar), Justin (guitar), Jesse (bass) and Jorge (drums) the band is proud working class (the title track of the album was actually inspired by Frank’s recent temp job playing a killer clown in a haunted house) and quick to point out that nothing was handed to them. Frank says “A lot of the album is about sticking up for yourself and overcoming the ‘you can’t do this’ attitude that is prevalent where we come from. Very few bands from here ever make a name outside of their town and it’s because they don’t put themselves out there or listen to all the naysayers tell them that they can’t do it. For the past six years, we just played shows regardless of what types of bands were on the bill or if we had to book our own tours and had no nice van or place to crash.” This attitude helped them in the long run, getting the attention of Seventh Dagger Records who released their debut album “Exordium” in 2007 and Jamey Jasta’s Stillborn Records who released their sophomore full-length “To The Wolves” in 2009. Speaking on the Jasta relationship Frank says “Aside from Jason and Alex at BlkHeart, Jamey and Seventh Dagger were the only industry that has shown us love. We actually ran across Jamey while we opened for his side project “Jasta” in Delaware. We didn’t speak then but a few months later, I got an e-mail in my inbox from him asking us about where we were putting out our next album. Jamey really schooled us to the industry and how to get things done.” Touring relentlessly, armed with an energetic live show, The World We Knew have been to the west coast 10 times in 3 years and done countless east coast tours. Some bands they have shared the road and stages with include Hatebreed, Winds Of Plague, Chimaira, Bury Your Dead, Despised Icon, Molotov Solution, Sleeping Giant, Betrayal and many more. The band will hit the road again in August, new tour dates at: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.