Tim Halperin

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Forever Starts Today 00:00 Tools
Survivor 00:00 Tools
Light Up 00:00 Tools
All I Need 01:38 Tools
Always Be My Baby 03:33 Tools
You Make My Dreams 03:33 Tools
With You 00:00 Tools
Only Love 00:00 Tools
Dance 04:36 Tools
Memories On The Ground 04:44 Tools
Stay (Rihanna Cover) 04:00 Tools
I Wanna Fall In Love 03:35 Tools
The Last Song 04:17 Tools
White 03:33 Tools
Dear Sophie 04:08 Tools
She Sets Me Free 03:33 Tools
Something Beautiful 04:36 Tools
The Reason 04:36 Tools
Warpath 03:42 Tools
Work for It 03:34 Tools
All You Got 03:27 Tools
Lean On (Acoustic) 04:04 Tools
She Runs 03:25 Tools
Holding This Rope 03:31 Tools
Dance - Acoustic 04:04 Tools
Under That Christmas Spell 03:34 Tools
I Gotta Know 03:21 Tools
Pretty Girls 03:29 Tools
Bullet 04:06 Tools
Let it Go 04:31 Tools
You Are the Moon 03:57 Tools
Take a Walk (As Made Famous by Passion Pit) 03:37 Tools
Losing You 03:46 Tools
Hey 17 04:24 Tools
Where I'm Going 04:36 Tools
What I Want 03:40 Tools
Weightless 03:46 Tools
Crash Course To Hollywood 03:41 Tools
New York 04:02 Tools
Stuck In The Middle 04:36 Tools
Forever Starts Today (Acoustic) 03:46 Tools
Love on Top 03:46 Tools
Love That Lasts 04:24 Tools
From This Day On 04:04 Tools
Nice To Be Free 04:04 Tools
We Can Make It 04:04 Tools
Just Can't Get You 04:04 Tools
Tell Me What You Need 03:25 Tools
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 03:25 Tools
Jolene 03:13 Tools
Heal This Broken Heart 03:17 Tools
Heart Tells Your Head 03:46 Tools
The Criminal 03:46 Tools
The Last Song - Acoustic Version 04:24 Tools
Think I'm In Love 03:42 Tools
Truth 03:46 Tools
Innocence 03:46 Tools
Maybe This Christmas 03:46 Tools
If You Just Stay 03:50 Tools
The Boys of Summer 03:50 Tools
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons Cover 03:25 Tools
Cross That Line 03:24 Tools
Miracle 03:50 Tools
Mary Did You Know 03:42 Tools
Stay 03:25 Tools
Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover) - Kidd Kraddick Radio Performance 02:54 Tools
The Last Song (Acoustic) 04:15 Tools
I Believe 04:00 Tools
Last Man Standing 01:30 Tools
Something Like Olivia (John Mayer cover) 03:01 Tools
Too Close (Alex Clare Cover) 03:49 Tools
American Fame 01:30 Tools
Get Loud 01:30 Tools
I’ll Be Home For Christmas 03:39 Tools
Feels Like Christmas 04:37 Tools
The Last Song (Acoustic Radio Performance) 03:39 Tools
We Fight Back 02:53 Tools
01 She Runs MP3 03:26 Tools
Paradise 05:06 Tools
Unraveling 03:34 Tools
Call Me Crazy 03:18 Tools
When a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge Cover) - Kidd Kraddick Radio Performance 01:39 Tools
I Wanna Fall In Love (Acoustic) 03:59 Tools
Heartbeat - The Fray cover 03:45 Tools
Memories on the Ground - Acoustic Version 04:37 Tools
03 Let It Go MP3 04:32 Tools
I Wanna Fall in Love - Acoustic Version 03:59 Tools
The Luckiest 04:40 Tools
Radioactive (As Made Famous by Imagine Dragons) - Imagine Dragons Cover 03:25 Tools
Where I'm Going - Acoustic Version 04:50 Tools
Break For It 04:50 Tools
I Believe (iTunes Exclusive) 04:01 Tools
I'll Be Home For Christmas (With Hayley Orrantia) 04:37 Tools
Where I'm Going (Acoustic) 05:06 Tools
Rolling in the Deep (Radio Performance) 02:53 Tools
Memories on the Ground (Acoustic) 04:37 Tools
I'll Be Home For Christmas 01:38 Tools
Dance (Acoustic) 01:38 Tools
American Fame (iTunes Exclusive) 03:45 Tools
Shining Like The Stars (Proceeds Benefit the Kidd's Kids Walt Disney World Trip) 03:18 Tools
Heartbeat (The Fray cover) 04:37 Tools
It Will Rain (Bruno Mars Cover) 04:20 Tools
All of Me 03:34 Tools
Rangers Baseball - Parody Of "Thrift Shop" By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Wanz 01:34 Tools
When a Man Loves a Woman (Kidd Kraddick Performance) 01:38 Tools
Merry Christmas 03:34 Tools
Queen of California - John Mayer Cover 03:25 Tools
It's Too Late 03:41 Tools
Mary, Did You Know? 03:21 Tools
Magic - As Made Famous by Coldplay 03:34 Tools
Hey 17 (feat. Trip Lee) 03:34 Tools
Washed By The Water 04:18 Tools
It Will Rain 04:19 Tools
Texas Christmas 03:34 Tools
It Will Rain MP3 04:18 Tools
The Last Song (Acoustic Version) 04:23 Tools
Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover) (Kidd Kraddick Radio Performance) 02:53 Tools
You Da One (Rihanna Cover) 03:42 Tools
Tim Halperin - Take A Walk (originally by Passion Pit) 03:36 Tools
Dallas Christmas 03:34 Tools
Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover) [Kidd Kraddick Radio Performance] 01:30 Tools
Christmas 05:10 Tools
Die In Your Arms - Justin Bieber cover 03:34 Tools
Wide Awake - Katy Perry cover 03:39 Tools
I Don't Want To Grow Up 03:05 Tools
Boyfriend (Justin Bieber Cover) 02:54 Tools
Memories on the Ground (Acoustic Version) 04:37 Tools
I Wanna Fall in Love (Acoustic Version) 03:59 Tools
Where I'm Going (Acoustic Version) 04:50 Tools
Take a Walk (Passion Pit Cover) 03:36 Tools
Soar (Theme to Kidd's Kids 2014 Walt Disney World Trip) 05:10 Tools
Too Close (Alex Clare Cover) - Instrumental Version 03:49 Tools
I Need Your Love (As Made Famous by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding) 03:52 Tools
Last Song 04:19 Tools
Hey 17 feat. Trip Lee 03:49 Tools
Mary 04:50 Tools
The Last Song (I'll Write For You) 00:00 Tools
04 Mary Did You Know 03:49 Tools
The Luckiest (In Memory of Kidd Kraddick) 03:49 Tools
It Will Rain (Bruno Mars Cover) - Instrumental 04:19 Tools
Streetcorner Symphony (Come on Over) 01:38 Tools
When a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge Cover) (Kidd Kraddick Radio Performance) 01:38 Tools
You Shine 03:21 Tools
Back Home 01:38 Tools
Merry Christmas - Instrumental 03:35 Tools
She Sets Me Free (Unplugged Live) 04:16 Tools
I'll Be Home For Christmas (feat Hayley Orrantia) 04:19 Tools
05 Miracle 04:16 Tools
Wide Awake (As Made Famous by Katy Perry) - Katy Perry cover 03:39 Tools
02 I'll Be Home For Christmas (feat Hayley Orrantia) 04:16 Tools
What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction Cover) 03:40 Tools
It Will Rain (Bruno Mars Cover) (Instrumental) 04:19 Tools
Dreaming with a Broken Heart (As Made Famous by John Mayer) - John Mayer Cover 04:19 Tools
Queen of California (As Made Famous by John Mayer) - John Mayer Cover 04:19 Tools
03 Maybe This Christmas 05:10 Tools
Merry Christmas (Instrumental) 03:34 Tools
Streetcorner Symphony 04:19 Tools
All of Me - (Instrumental Version) 04:19 Tools
Come On Over 04:19 Tools
Mirrors (Justin Timberlake Cover) 05:10 Tools
Mirrors (As Made Famous by Justin Timberlake) 05:10 Tools
Forever Starts Today - Instrumental 03:21 Tools
Magic (As Made Famous By Coldplay) 03:39 Tools
Rangers Baseball (Parody Of "Thrift Shop" By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Wanz) 01:33 Tools
One Thing 03:12 Tools
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall - Cover 03:21 Tools
Awkward at the Clubs 03:21 Tools
Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover) 03:21 Tools
Magic 03:21 Tools
Mirrors 05:12 Tools
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Tim Halperin (born May 27, 1987 in Omaha, Nebraska, US is an American singer songwriter and was one of the semi-finalists (top 24) for American Idol Season 10 (2011). He auditioned for Idol in Los Angeles, California. Tim Halperin enrolled in piano lessons at age six and spent his adolescent years writing music and performing with various bands including a worship team at his church. By the time Tim enrolled at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, he was ready to make his debut as a singer songwriter. In January 2008, Tim released his debut single, You Are the Moon. His music was featured on several XM radio stations, and he made a guest appearance on NBC’s Kansas City Live. Tim’s fans encouraged him with overwhelming support, prompting his concert tour through the Midwest. In October of 2009, Ourstage.com named Tim’s single, Make or Break, a Critic’s Choice, and in 2010, MTV’s The Real World featured two of Tim’s original songs on national television. Since then, his continuous-shot music video for “She Runs” has gone viral on YouTube, and Tim has shared the stage with artists including John McLaughlin, Matt Wertz, Andy Davis, the Ying Yang Twins, and Green River Ordinance. Tim has recently partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure as a part of TCU’s “Frogs for the Cure” initiative. In an effort to increase breast cancer awareness and raise financial support for breast cancer research, Tim wrote an original song called “We Fight Back,” with the iTunes proceeds going to Komen. Tim was also featured in the inspirational “We Fight Back” music video, which serves as a tribute to breast cancer survivors all over the nation. In the early months of 2011, Tim found a new fanbase with his successful run on 'American Idol', getting to the live portion of the show and the Top 24 with stand-out performances at the piano. With solid roots, a genuine love for music, and proven ability, Halperin will continue to make his mark on the music industry. In September 2011, Tim released his first full-length album entitled "Rise and Fall." The album reached #1 in the Singer/Songwriter category of album sales and #25 overall album sales on iTunes. You can buy "Rise and Fall" by following this link: http://bit.ly/timhalperincd. Halperin’s fans can expect much more from the budding star as he continues to apply his musicality and lyrical creativity in fresh and innovative ways. Although his future may be unknown, one thing is certain: Halperin’s story has only begun. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.