Tyler James

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Your Woman 04:03 Tools
Worry About You 03:37 Tools
Stay Humble 04:16 Tools
Why Do I Do? 04:19 Tools
Foolish 03:55 Tools
Single Tear 04:05 Tools
Higher Love 03:42 Tools
All I Got 04:44 Tools
don't leave 03:41 Tools
Same Old Song 01:30 Tools
Why Do I Do? - Radio Edit 03:44 Tools
No Comedown 01:30 Tools
Sign Your Name 02:02 Tools
Prisoner In The Rain 03:26 Tools
Long Day 04:28 Tools
Down to the Garden 04:00 Tools
Friendly Fire 01:30 Tools
Soapbox Shakedown 03:48 Tools
Drunk All Night 03:43 Tools
Heart Shaped Hole 04:04 Tools
The Only One 04:11 Tools
Intro - Rainy Days 01:10 Tools
Baby Don't Care 01:30 Tools
Dead Or Alive 04:26 Tools
One Place Left To Go 03:57 Tools
Just For Always 03:52 Tools
Gone Are The Days 03:15 Tools
Procrastination 04:02 Tools
Nothing Will Last 04:36 Tools
Written in Stone 03:08 Tools
Hand of Cards 01:30 Tools
Sweet Relief 04:46 Tools
Brave 03:51 Tools
Speak Up 04:12 Tools
Tried To Measure 03:48 Tools
Best For Me 05:15 Tools
On My Own 04:12 Tools
I Don't Give a Damn 01:30 Tools
A Sailor's Tune 04:03 Tools
It Took The Fire 02:52 Tools
One More Chance 04:09 Tools
Running Out 03:45 Tools
Coattails to Tennessee 03:41 Tools
Sentimental Christmas 03:52 Tools
come off cold 03:26 Tools
For My Generation 03:43 Tools
My Time (Acoustic Version) 02:56 Tools
Nothing 04:42 Tools
Single Tear (SBTV Version) 04:02 Tools
Would I Lie to You 01:30 Tools
Worry About You (feat. Kano) 03:29 Tools
Moving To NY City 03:22 Tools
Why Do I Do (Lucas 12" Mix) 00:00 Tools
Temptation 03:15 Tools
Dreams In Your Head 03:15 Tools
Foolish (Bimbo Jones Edit) 03:09 Tools
Worry About You Ft. Kano 03:29 Tools
My Time 02:56 Tools
Foolish - Acoustic Version 03:56 Tools
A Place For Us 04:02 Tools
Long For The Days 00:00 Tools
My Time - Acoustic Version 02:57 Tools
Foolish (Bimbo Jones mix) 05:54 Tools
Shenandoah 03:40 Tools
Why Do I Do? (Radio Edit) 03:43 Tools
Why Do I Do? - Grant Nelson Club Remix 06:04 Tools
Best for Me (feat. Amy Winehouse) 00:00 Tools
A Place For Us - Original Version 04:02 Tools
I Could Never Be Your Woman 03:39 Tools
Shiver Me Timbers 03:44 Tools
Your Woman - Radio Edit 03:46 Tools
Nothing - Acoustic 03:27 Tools
Worry About You (Radio Rip) 03:44 Tools
Single Tear - S-X Remix 03:52 Tools
Mama Hold Your Head Up 05:18 Tools
Nothing (Acoustic) 03:26 Tools
Why Do I Do? - Ruff & Jam Remix 07:10 Tools
Rainy Days (Intro) 01:12 Tools
Worry About You - Mike Delinquent Remix 04:44 Tools
hidden track 07:10 Tools
Foolish (bimbo Jones Remix) 05:54 Tools
Single Tear (Popkong Remix) 01:30 Tools
Single Tear (High Rankin Remix) 01:30 Tools
Worry About You (Mike Delinquent Remix) 04:43 Tools
Single Tear (feat. Dot Rotten) [S-X Remix] 01:30 Tools
Worry About You - DJ Wonder Remix 03:55 Tools
Your Woman - Acoustic Version 04:28 Tools
Call My Name 01:30 Tools
Best For Me feat. Amy Winehouse 03:55 Tools
Worry About You (CDQ) 03:55 Tools
Single Tear (Shooty Baker ReTwerk) 00:00 Tools
Paper Heart 01:30 Tools
Single Tear - Popkong Remix 03:33 Tools
Hustle 03:33 Tools
Worry About You (Steve Smart & Westfunk Remix Club Edit) 04:41 Tools
everytime i think 03:33 Tools
Foolish (Remix) 00:00 Tools
Why Do I Do (Radio Edit) 03:50 Tools
Why Do I Do? (Grant Nelson Club Remix) 06:03 Tools
Foolish (With My Hands Held High) - "Re-Rub" Remix 04:09 Tools
Constance Of Becoming 04:41 Tools
Single Tear - High Rankin Remix 04:23 Tools
Why do I do Original Mix 04:24 Tools
Why Do I Do? (Live at Whitfield Street) 03:22 Tools
Worry About You - Steve Smart & Westfunk Remix Club Edit 04:41 Tools
Why Do I Do? - Live at Whitfield Street 03:56 Tools
Tyler James - Why Do I Do 04:41 Tools
Dreams In Your Head - Everytime I think 04:41 Tools
I Don't Give A Damn 00:24 Tools
Foolish (Acoustic Version) 03:56 Tools
As Youth 03:56 Tools
Your Woman (Radio Edit) 03:45 Tools
Scarecrow Blues 03:56 Tools
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay 03:20 Tools
My Time (Mushtaq Version) 02:57 Tools
Best for Me ft. Amy Winehouse 05:15 Tools
Just Around The Corner 05:15 Tools
3. Your Woman 04:02 Tools
Worry About You (feat. Kano) [DJ Wonder Remix] 03:54 Tools
4. Foolish 03:55 Tools
Foolish (Original) 03:58 Tools
Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) 03:09 Tools
Absolutely! 03:31 Tools
I Could Never Be Your Woman (White town cover) 03:45 Tools
Foolish (Damien Mendis Remix) 03:45 Tools
Foolish (With My Hands Held High) Re-Rub Remix 03:45 Tools
10. Procrastination 04:02 Tools
Tyler James - Foolish 04:02 Tools
Worry About You featuring Kano 03:37 Tools
Why Do I Do? (Ruff & Jam Remix) 07:09 Tools
I'll Be There [The Jackson 5] 02:07 Tools
Worry About You (ft. Kano) 03:29 Tools
Why Do I Do (Lucas 12 Mix) 04:29 Tools
Why Do I Do (Grant Nelson Remix) 04:29 Tools
Best for Me (With Amy Winehouse) 05:15 Tools
Why Do I Do? [Radio Edit] 03:43 Tools
Your Women 00:00 Tools
Moving to New York City 00:00 Tools
Absolutely 00:00 Tools
1. Rainy Days (Intro) 01:11 Tools
2. Promised Land (2009) 01:11 Tools
Foolish (With My Hands Held High) 04:09 Tools
Single Tear (S-X Mix) (feat. Dot Rotten) 03:49 Tools
11. Speak Up 04:13 Tools
6. Drunk All Night 03:44 Tools
Single Tear (SX Remix) (feat. Dot Rotten) 03:49 Tools
5. Long Day 04:28 Tools
Do You Get Lonely 04:28 Tools
1. Constance of Becoming (2007) 04:28 Tools
Forever 04:28 Tools
Foolish (With My Hands Held High) ["Re-Rub" Remix] 04:28 Tools
Nothing [acoustic] 03:26 Tools
Foolish (Bimbo Jones) (Full Mix) 03:26 Tools
Ashputtel 13:53 Tools
Foolish (With My Hands Held High) (Re-Rub Remix) 04:09 Tools
I can never be your Woman 04:09 Tools
Higher Love [Steve Winwood] 01:57 Tools
8. One Place Left To Go 03:58 Tools
12. Best For Me 05:16 Tools
8. Come Off Cold (2006) 03:48 Tools
7. Dead or Alive 04:26 Tools
4. Like A Brother (2005) 04:26 Tools
Run My Way 04:26 Tools
Your Woman (acoustic) 04:55 Tools
The Shoreline 00:00 Tools
Worry About You [Explicit] 03:01 Tools
Like A Brother 00:00 Tools
Bohemian Rhapsody 00:00 Tools
Worry about You feat. Kano 01:19 Tools
Rainy Days 01:12 Tools
14. On My Own 04:12 Tools
7. For My Generation (2007) 04:55 Tools
Mama, Hold Your Head Up 04:55 Tools
Worry About You [vk.com/ukmusic] 04:55 Tools
Old Brass Billy 04:55 Tools
Sycamore Tree 04:55 Tools
Higher Love (Live) 02:07 Tools
Higher Love (The Voice Performance) 01:54 Tools
Best For Me (ft. Amy Winehouse) 05:17 Tools
9. You Never Wake Up w/ Kate York (2009) 05:17 Tools
Hollywood 05:17 Tools
13. Running Out 03:46 Tools
3. Shenandoah (2007) 03:46 Tools
Intro: Rainy Days 01:12 Tools
Dont Leave 03:46 Tools
6. Sweet Relief (2008 rehearsal) 03:46 Tools
Foolish (Acoustic) 03:46 Tools
Van Halen 03:46 Tools
5. Shiver Me Timbers (2008 rehearsal) 03:46 Tools
Why Do I Do?(Radio Edit) 04:24 Tools
The Traveling Musicians 08:29 Tools
Clever Elsie 08:01 Tools
Why do I do Grant Nelson Remix 08:01 Tools
Worry About You (zaycev.net) 03:30 Tools
A Place For Us [Original Version] 04:01 Tools
Worry About You ft Kano 03:40 Tools
Why Do I Do (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix) 06:05 Tools
Best For Me (Featuring Amy Winehouse) 05:17 Tools
Worry About You (Featuring Kano) 03:37 Tools
I Tried To Measure 05:17 Tools
Movin to New York City 01:12 Tools
Why Do I 01:12 Tools
Briar Rose 08:23 Tools
What Do I Do 08:23 Tools
It Ain't Over ('till It's Over) 08:23 Tools
Tyler James ft. Kano - Worry About You 03:01 Tools
No Through Road 03:01 Tools
Good Guy Freestyle 03:01 Tools
Track 6 03:01 Tools
Single Tear (S-X Remix) 03:01 Tools
Moving To NYC 03:01 Tools
Worry About You (1Xtra Live Lounge) 03:01 Tools
10. Dreams In Your Head (2003) 03:01 Tools
Scarred 03:01 Tools
Tower 03:01 Tools
The Old Man And His Grandson 01:41 Tools
Untitled 03:01 Tools
My Time (Acoustic) 03:01 Tools
Clever Hans 06:24 Tools
Lily And The Lion 01:41 Tools
Rapunzel 01:41 Tools
Foolish [Original) 01:41 Tools
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There are 3 artists with the name Tyler James. 1. Tyler James, (born 5 January 1982) is a British singer–songwriter from Canning Town, East London. The Single Tear Songfacts reports that James signed to Island Records in 2003 after they heard a demo tape featuring his future debut single, "Why Do I Do?” The song reached #25 on the UK Singles Chart and its follow-up, "Foolish" did even better peaking at #16. His debut album 'The Unlikely Lad' was released only on digital download and did not chart and James slipped off the radar for several years. James was a close friend of Amy Winehouse who he collaborated with on his debut album, he also toured with her. In 2012 he was chosen to audition and eventually became a finalist on the talent show The Voice UK. James auditioned with the song "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding. Judges Jessie J and will.i.am took interest and James eventually opted to join will.i.am's team. His final song was a Higher Love, James performed the James Vincent McMorrow version of "Higher Love" by Stevie Winwood. Alongside singer Bo Bruce, James was announced as the series' runner-up behind Leanne Mitchell. 2. Tyler James is a budding artist coming out of Nashville. His fun, heartfelt acoustic music is beginning to pop up across the country. He is best known for his work as a solo recording artist and as keyboardist in Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. 3. Tyler James Williams (born October 9, 1992) is an American actor and rapper. He released his first Mixtape "Me, My Brother, & A Mic" in 2015. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.