Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sunshine 03:08 Tools
Dying to Live 03:25 Tools
All Day Dreamer 03:41 Tools
From Nowhere 04:04 Tools
Space is Fake 04:13 Tools
Yesterday's song 04:14 Tools
No sense 02:13 Tools
Money 02:45 Tools
head down 03:12 Tools
Building an army 03:49 Tools
Together 02:32 Tools
The Lost & the Chosen 06:22 Tools
Somebody's Running The Show 04:11 Tools
Poco a Poco 03:15 Tools
Volver A Vivir 00:00 Tools
Going Around 00:00 Tools
En el verano 03:01 Tools
Silent Passenger 02:42 Tools
La leyenda de Custer 03:01 Tools
Herido 03:01 Tools
Viejo oeste 02:32 Tools
Como un tonto 02:32 Tools
Que mal amada estás 02:32 Tools
Eres casado 02:32 Tools
Pon tu manita 02:32 Tools
Proscrito 02:32 Tools
Abrázame y perdóname 02:32 Tools
Triste canción de amor 02:32 Tools
Pateando la piedrita 02:32 Tools
Mercyful Fate 03:12 Tools
Volver a vivir (demo) 02:00 Tools
Eres un encanto 03:56 Tools
American Woman 03:56 Tools
Yesterdays song 03:56 Tools
Yesterday´s Song 04:13 Tools
El Buey 03:22 Tools
One More Time 02:43 Tools
before the sun comes down 02:43 Tools
Bury The Shovel 02:43 Tools
Run, Run, Run 03:52 Tools
Calm Before The Storm 04:01 Tools
I ran the devil's horse? 04:01 Tools
Periodico de Ayer 02:55 Tools
Time 04:01 Tools
Un Minuto Atras 04:01 Tools
Lost And Chosen 05:07 Tools
Waste of time (live) 05:07 Tools
En el estudio 05:07 Tools
American Woman (Edit) 05:07 Tools
Mi delito 05:07 Tools
Quiereme 02:38 Tools
Waste Of Time (Vive Latino) 05:07 Tools
From Nowhere (Demo) 05:07 Tools
Un Minuto Atras (Demo) 05:07 Tools
I'm Only Sleeping 05:07 Tools
Y Volvere / Sin Tu Amor / Hoy / Regresa Ya / Nunca Digas / Sufrir / Lo Que Te Queda 08:47 Tools
Poco a Poco (Demo) 05:07 Tools
Aventurera 02:55 Tools
Vestida de Blanco 02:55 Tools
While You're Away 02:38 Tools
one more time (demo) 02:38 Tools
Lost and the Chosen 02:38 Tools
All For Nothing 02:38 Tools
Amame 02:53 Tools
All Day Dreamer (Demo) 02:55 Tools
Mira Nomas Corazon 03:48 Tools
Perdamonos 03:28 Tools
Cuarto de Ensayo 02:55 Tools
Sunshine (demo) 02:55 Tools
Rondando tu esquina 02:42 Tools
Hojita 02:42 Tools
Arrancame el corazon 03:18 Tools
All For Nothing (Demo) 03:28 Tools
Soy Parrandero 02:42 Tools
Atento A Mi 9 03:28 Tools
Chupando Caña 03:18 Tools
Maracucha 02:42 Tools
let the time 01:39 Tools
All Day Dreamer 2 01:39 Tools
from no where 02:42 Tools
Pista 07 02:42 Tools
la dinastia 02:42 Tools
The Tornadoes 03:18 Tools
Somebody Is Running 02:42 Tools
Juntos los Tres 02:42 Tools
vaquero 02:42 Tools
Togheter 02:42 Tools
I Ran The Devil's Horse 02:42 Tools
Somebody is running (live) 02:42 Tools
Yesterday's Song (Edit) 03:18 Tools
Space Is Fake En Vivo 03:18 Tools
En El Periodico De Ayer 02:39 Tools
Amor Sincero 02:39 Tools
Pista 02 02:39 Tools
Before the Sun Comes Down (Demo) 02:39 Tools
Dying to Live (demo) 02:39 Tools
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Vaquero is a band formed in Monterrey, Mexico in 2004, who draw on styles including indie rock and alternative. The group consists of ex-Zurdok Movimiento (aka Zurdok) bandmates Gerardo "Chetes" Garza (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Maurizio Terracina (bass, guitars, vocals). After a successful stint on the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) showcase, they enlisted the help of drummer Rodrigo Guardiola to complete the new three-piece pop-rock group. In 2005, the band released their self-titled album with hits such as "Dying to Live," "Yesterday's Song," and "Sunshine." The band is in hiatus since 2006. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.