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Hot Blood 03:44 Tools
Baby Got Shot 02:41 Tools
Shaped Like a Gun 03:20 Tools
Way Out West 02:53 Tools
Pretty Please 02:50 Tools
Junk For Fashion 05:01 Tools
Into The Pink 04:05 Tools
Lovely Isn't Love 02:40 Tools
Song That Ended Your Career 04:24 Tools
John Beverly 03:50 Tools
Hey, Come On 03:00 Tools
Old Junk For Fashion 04:08 Tools
Postcard Blues 02:53 Tools
Monkey, I'm Your Man 02:37 Tools
Prick The Sun 03:27 Tools
Big Skies, Black Rainbows 04:12 Tools
So What 03:22 Tools
Oh My 03:45 Tools
Bang Bang 02:38 Tools
Depression Is A Fashion 01:51 Tools
Me & Keith 04:19 Tools
Submissionary 02:25 Tools
Sympathy Was Dead 02:50 Tools
Desert 03:15 Tools
Killing Floor (Get Down on It) 03:01 Tools
Kiss Yourself 03:46 Tools
Size Of A Desert 03:16 Tools
All the Saints 03:20 Tools
Me and Yr Sister 03:12 Tools
Camellia 04:06 Tools
Devil in Miss Jones 03:31 Tools
Ether 03:03 Tools
Dirty Goodbyes 03:48 Tools
White Grrls 03:28 Tools
I, Pistol 03:48 Tools
Rememberer 04:17 Tools
Real 03:47 Tools
It's Alright, It's Okay (Jesus Told Me So) 02:51 Tools
I Say So 04:08 Tools
Everyday Shoes 03:55 Tools
Silver Queen 02:17 Tools
Pony Express 02:45 Tools
Ever Rent a Heart? 02:45 Tools
Pilot Park 00:00 Tools
Six White Horses 03:52 Tools
Sick Like Me 04:09 Tools
It's Alright, It's Okay, Jesus Told Me So 00:00 Tools
Dr. Strangelove 02:03 Tools
The List 01:40 Tools
LBH 01:43 Tools
It's Alright, It's Okay (Jesus 00:00 Tools
Criminals and Beauty Queens 04:54 Tools
***** **** 02:30 Tools
Way Out West [radio] 03:02 Tools
Fuxia 03:02 Tools
Zoe 03:30 Tools
Bambina In Nero 03:30 Tools
Top of the Mountain 00:00 Tools
Lovely Isn´t Love 02:41 Tools
Mormorio Mucoso 02:41 Tools
Bevimi 02:41 Tools
Monkey I´m Your Man 02:37 Tools
Fiato Adolescenziale 02:41 Tools
***** **** (Pilot Park) 02:30 Tools
Sara 02:37 Tools
Nella Schiuma 02:37 Tools
Memo Box 02:37 Tools
Killing Floor 03:02 Tools
Baby Got Shot* 02:41 Tools
Hey, Come In 02:37 Tools
Blu Ninive 02:37 Tools
Omnia 2241 02:37 Tools
Postcard Blues (UK version) 02:29 Tools
Top of the Mountain (4 Track Demo) 03:02 Tools
Monkey, I'm Your Man (1999) 02:39 Tools
White Grrls (Demo) 02:39 Tools
Camellia (feat. Emily Kokal) 02:39 Tools
It's Alright, It's OK (Jesus Told Me So) 02:51 Tools
Never Ever Ever 02:39 Tools
Top Of The Mountain (4Track Demo) 02:39 Tools
Out Of The White 02:39 Tools
White Girls 02:39 Tools
it's alright, it's okay 02:39 Tools
Blinding Light 02:39 Tools
Baby Got Shot (live) 02:39 Tools
Corporal Visions 02:39 Tools
New Messages 02:39 Tools
Pretty Please (1999) 02:52 Tools
Untitled 02:52 Tools
Verbena - Sick Like Me 02:52 Tools
Shaped Lile A Gun 02:52 Tools
line in track 6 02:52 Tools
Leaving My Cares 02:52 Tools
Secret Ladder 02:52 Tools
Writing Letters 02:52 Tools
i pistol 02:51 Tools
The Song That Ended Your Caree 02:51 Tools
Demo - 4 - Kalifornia 02:52 Tools
Remember 02:51 Tools
O Guiding Night 02:51 Tools
Schonheit Ist Nicht Liebe 02:51 Tools
It's Alright, It's Okay (Jesus Told Me So) (live) 02:51 Tools
Stubbornness 02:51 Tools
The Song That Ended Your Carrer 02:51 Tools
it's alright, it's ok (jesus t 02:51 Tools
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Wearing their animosity on their sleeve, Birmingham, AL-based Verbena bear more than a slight resemblance to Nirvana with their gritty, aggressive rock and singer/guitarist Scott Bondy's soul-bearing vocals. Bondy began playing with Les Nuby (drums) and Daniel Johnston (bassist) when the three were in high school in the early '90s. Ann Marie Griffin (singer/guitarist) joined the trio, called Shallow, and shared songwriting duties with Bondy. Nuby left the group and was replaced by original Remy Zero drummer Louis Schefano. The band renamed itself Verbena and released the EP, Pilot Park, on Merge. Nuby rejoined the band a year later. Verbena's debut full-length, Souls for Sale, attracted attention from Capitol and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, who agreed to produce the band's major-label debut, Into the Pink. In 1999, Johnston left the band, making Verbena a trio once again. It would be another four years until Verbena would rise again. In 2003, Nuby, Bondy, and Daviston resumed schedule with Capitol for their third album. Tinkering with more of a blues oriented worldbeat sound, Verbena issued La Musica Negra in May 2003. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.