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Inside Out 00:00 Tools
Inside Out (Radio Mix) 00:00 Tools
I'll Show You (LP Version) 00:00 Tools
Inside Out (LP Version) 00:00 Tools
I'll Show You 00:00 Tools
The Letter 00:00 Tools
Part of Me 00:00 Tools
I'm Learning 00:00 Tools
That's O.K. 00:00 Tools
Hole 00:00 Tools
Fame 00:00 Tools
Strange 00:00 Tools
Stranded 00:00 Tools
Unstoppable Wave 00:00 Tools
Inside Out - Radio Rock Mix 00:00 Tools
Inside Out - Radio Mix 00:00 Tools
Inside Out - LP Version 00:00 Tools
Apology 00:00 Tools
Drifted Away 00:00 Tools
Pow 00:00 Tools
Shine 00:00 Tools
Seventh Stair 00:00 Tools
Inside Out (Radio Rock Mix) 00:00 Tools
Drinker's Hour 00:00 Tools
Just Wakin Up 00:00 Tools
Vonray - Inside Out 00:00 Tools
Edge 00:00 Tools
Just Wakin' Up 00:00 Tools
Face the Fears 00:00 Tools
Inside Out (Unplugged) 00:00 Tools
Ignorant Hearts 00:00 Tools
Loved You All Along 00:00 Tools
I'll Show You - LP Version 00:00 Tools
Now & Then 00:00 Tools
Inside Out -Vonray 00:00 Tools
Inside Out (Smallville) 00:00 Tools
Eyes On The Sky 00:00 Tools
A Need to Care 00:00 Tools
I Still Care 00:00 Tools
Emma 00:00 Tools
Rise 00:00 Tools
Tease Me 00:00 Tools
Inside Out [LP Version] 00:00 Tools
Know My Name (feat. Brett Hestla) 00:00 Tools
Smallville Enhanced Soundtrack - CD1 Track 11 - VonRay - Inside Out 00:00 Tools
Know My Name 00:00 Tools
Inside Out (acoustic) 00:00 Tools
Good Thing 00:00 Tools
Best of Me 00:00 Tools
That's O.K 00:00 Tools
That's O.K. (LP Version) 00:00 Tools
Better off Together 00:00 Tools
Desire 00:00 Tools
Point of View 00:00 Tools
unstoppable_wave 03:53 Tools
Inside Out [the Smallville Unplugged Version] 00:00 Tools
ill_show_you 00:00 Tools
Inside Out - VonRay 00:00 Tools
the_letter 00:00 Tools
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Vonray (formerly known as VonRa or Von Ra) is an Orlando, FL, quintet with a straightforward sound indebted to the arena-ready rock of early Pearl Jam. Discography : - Panes (1997) - Von Ra (1999) - Fame (2001) - Vonray (2003) http://www.myspace.com/vonray Members : The band includes vocalist/guitarist/band namesake Vaughan Rhea; his brother, Dave Rhea on bass; rhythm guitarist Garret Coleman; lead guitarist Todd Hackenburg; and drummer Jeff Irizarry. Growing up in rural Tennessee, Vaughan Rhea's music sensibilities were shaped by LPs in his parents' record collection from songwriting heavyweights like James Taylor, Harry Chapin, and Cat Stevens. Deciding that Nashville already had too many wagons without a hitchable star, Rhea instead moved to Orlando, FL, and began playing the pub circuit as an acoustic solo act. But the soaring vocals and guitar-heavy sound of Pearl Jam's Ten made a huge impression on Rhea, and soon he had made the turn toward a more rocking sound. Vaughan and his brother, Dave, assembled a band, began to gig regionally, and were soon supporting such national acts as Third Eye Blind and Seven Mary Three. In 1997, Vonray released its debut, Panes. It was successful, and two years later the band re-released it, this time with four new songs. Producer Brett Hestla noticed the hoopla around the group, both in Orlando and regionally, and brought them in to record four new songs for an EP. The songs were shopped to the majors, and soon Elektra bit. A summer 2002 tour with fellow musical travelers and Floridians Creed followed, and in April 2003 Elektra released the band's self-titled debut. The LP gained valuable exposure when lead single "Inside Out" was included on the soundtrack to the WB Network's Smallville. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide http://www.myspace.com/vonray Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.