Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Motherland Ostenvegr 00:00 Tools
Hrimfaxi 00:00 Tools
The Midnightforest of the Runes 00:00 Tools
Come, Dreadful Ygg 00:00 Tools
Grim Woods 00:00 Tools
Skinfaxi 00:00 Tools
graveforests and their shadows 00:00 Tools
Graveforests And Their Shadows - Motherland Ostenvegr (10:28) 11:06 Tools
The Midnightforest Of The Run 00:00 Tools
Graveforests and Their Shadows (Full Album) 00:00 Tools
Motherland Ostenvegr (Un) 00:00 Tools
Come,Dreadful Ygg 00:00 Tools
Graveforests And Their Shadows - Grim Woods (11:37) 01:00 Tools
Graveforests And Their Shadows - The Midnightforest Of The Runes (4:27) 10:55 Tools
06 - Skinfaxi 04:01 Tools
06.Skinfaxi 04:01 Tools
01.Hrimfaxi (Final Master) 01:10 Tools
05.Grim Woods (Final Master) 11:43 Tools
02.Motherland Ostenvegr (Final Master) 10:31 Tools
Graveforests And Their Shadows - Skinfaxi (3:59) 10:31 Tools
Walknut - Skinfaxi 04:01 Tools
06.Skinfaxi (Final Master) 04:01 Tools
03.Come, Dreadful Ygg (Final Master) 10:55 Tools
05 - Grim woods 11:43 Tools
Walknut / Grim Woods 11:43 Tools
Walknut / Motherland Ostenvegr 11:43 Tools
04.The Midnight Forest And The Runes (Final Master) 04:30 Tools
01 Hrimfaxi 01:10 Tools
Graveforests And Their Shadows - Come, Dreadful Ygg (10:50) 11:06 Tools
Walknut - Come, Dreadful Ygg 01:10 Tools
04 - The midnightforest of the runes 04:30 Tools
Walknut / Skinfaxi 04:30 Tools
Walknut 10:31 Tools
Skinfaxi (instumental) 01:00 Tools
The Midnigtforest of The Runes 04:30 Tools
Come, Dreadful Ygg* 12:03 Tools
03 Come, Dreadful Ygg 10:55 Tools
02 Motherland Ostenvegr 10:31 Tools
04.The Midnight Forest And The Runes 10:31 Tools
Walknut / Hrimfaxi 10:31 Tools
Motherland Ostenvegr (Вам никогда не понять почему мне нравится эта песня...) 10:31 Tools
04-The Midnightforest Of The Runes 04:30 Tools
Skinfaxi <3 01:00 Tools
Walknut / The Midnightforest Of The Rune 01:00 Tools
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Walknut is an atmospheric black metal band from Moscow, Russia that formed in 2006, including members of Temnozor, Forest and Nitberg. They released their debut full-length, "Graveforests and Their Shadows" through Stellar Winter Records on April 24, 2007. They claim their musical style is influenced by northern nature and mysticism. The name "Walknut" was derived from Valknutr, the modern name for an old Norse symbol that consists of three interlocked triangles and appears on Scandinavian rune stones in connection with Odin. Their song "Motherland Ostenvegr" is a free download on Stellar Winter's website. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.